I Found a RARE Lamborghini at the Salvage Auto Auction! Should I Buy It?

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I went to my local Copart Salvage Auction to look at a Mercedes E63 AMG S, but I found something way better; a Lamborghini Murcielago!
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9 feb 2019

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Comentarios 2 317
Adobedirt Blues
Adobedirt Blues Hace un hora
State of the art bottom feeder, love it…
Joe Boucher
Joe Boucher Hace 16 días
Burned carbon fiber is nasty stuff. Stay away.
Alister Rebello
Alister Rebello Hace 18 días
16:41 The wheels on that Maserati looks soo cool according to me
eth3rl0rds Hace 20 días
20-40k for salvaged cars? The gods must be crazy...
usmcpound Hace 21 un día
That BMW i3 is fucking ugly.
EMRE TOGRUL Hace 22 días
so cool
Tech Explained
Tech Explained Hace 26 días
All our fam cars are for the auction, our nissian armada is super nice even tho it was pretty neat up its profitable to fix em
UnusualElijah Hace un mes
That ad tho
EXIŁE FORCE Hace un mes
That a porche
david malone
david malone Hace un mes
haha, these vids are turning into a big ass commercial
Ayy Yo
Ayy Yo Hace un mes
Did the 488 owner survive?
Chris Kidd
Chris Kidd Hace un mes
Marko Stefkovski
Marko Stefkovski Hace 2 meses
Where do you find all the money to buy this cars. Is it sponsor behind your youtube channel?
Thomas Beltran
Thomas Beltran Hace 2 meses
Love the auction lot walk throughs and commentary
Colin Dorrans
Colin Dorrans Hace 2 meses
Holy shit ! Do you have your underwear sponcered !
Byron Cutshall
Byron Cutshall Hace 2 meses
The rusted car in question is a Mazda sedan
King Brilliant
King Brilliant Hace 2 meses
Im fairly sure that the Lambo fire was caused by the wanker behind the wheel revving the tits off it over and over again whilst in stationary traffic. Then, once on fire, mistook the exclamations of the people watching what an asshole he was being for adulation and continued to rev the shit out of the engine until it ended up with flashing lights and hoses. you see that all the time on youtube
Quantum Information
Quantum Information Hace 2 meses
Dang The Poor person in that white Ferrari
I could fix that Lambo for $10,000
Anne Marie Caneco
Anne Marie Caneco Hace 2 meses
You should get it
bzdtemp Hace 2 meses
Talking on the phone while driving or just pretending to is not safe at all. Don't do that.
Nasty Fingurz
Nasty Fingurz Hace 2 meses
Unless this guy is fixing to sell them its not worth the headache
Jose Eduardo Ortañez
7:28 Lexus is 350 I guess
cjkatbruno Hace 2 meses
that last car came from the factory zip tied lol
ambread allan
ambread allan Hace 2 meses
Model 3 but seen better days
BS Reborn Phoenix
BS Reborn Phoenix Hace 2 meses
The wheel is a Tesla (only reason i know that is because i plan on buying a tesla)
BS Reborn Phoenix
BS Reborn Phoenix Hace 2 meses
@Patrick why do you say that all the ones there seemed to be in house fires and of course there might be a couple car fires that just happened but every tech company has them everone thought the note 8 was going to start exploding because a couple note 8's did catching fire but there were isolated cases. So who are you to say those tesla cars arnt also isolated occurrences.
Patrick Hace 2 meses
Good luck its going to catch fire
jenis betzke
jenis betzke Hace 2 meses
Somebody died in that 488 but hey, at least the engine is in the back, so some great parts can be saved!!
Ayy Yo
Ayy Yo Hace un mes
Was thinking the same.. looks nasty. No way you could survive that.
Hugh Postma
Hugh Postma Hace 2 meses
ANDREW J FINLAY Hace 3 meses
Jeremy Plummer
Jeremy Plummer Hace 3 meses
Car 2 was a Tesla
Alexis Dunston
Alexis Dunston Hace 4 meses
how much was the lambo
Noah Plays
Noah Plays Hace 4 meses
The car at 8:12 is a tesla model 3
fujitsubo Hace 4 meses
i3's are $$$$$ to repair aluminum chassis frame, with everything else on the body being made from CFRP
fujitsubo Hace 4 meses
that model 3 is fucked three ways to Sunday, possibly the worst and most expensive impact damage location.
Brayden Kaneer
Brayden Kaneer Hace 4 meses
Model 3
Boo Edit
Boo Edit Hace 4 meses
That burnt car that was a Tesla model s
THE WOLF Hace 4 meses
What year murcie is it?and what did it sell for? looking for a parts lp640.. thanks
Kevin g
Kevin g Hace 4 meses
where's the Lamborghini?
david Tgreat
david Tgreat Hace 5 meses
Ugly ass color on that lambo that’s why it burned down.
Matt Merrill
Matt Merrill Hace 5 meses
Video starts about 2:20
Bill OBrien
Bill OBrien Hace 5 meses
That looks like my old car- where is it?
Danny Ev
Danny Ev Hace 5 meses
Professionals monitoring me with a girl in my living room
Nathan93Baker Hace 5 meses
Is it safe to assume that the 488 driver didn't make it?'
Nathan93Baker to assume yes, never know though. didn't see any blood
Jacob Johnston
Jacob Johnston Hace 5 meses
Get lambo
Noah Mccallum
Noah Mccallum Hace 5 meses
That completely burnt car is a model 3
Will Hamilton
Will Hamilton Hace 5 meses
The 2ng car was a tesla look at the side bumper tesla has that indent from the light
jacob denick
jacob denick Hace 5 meses
get it
nexty 3
nexty 3 Hace 5 meses
buy it!!! but it looks burnt
Frank Castro
Frank Castro Hace 5 meses
5:30 6:30 and 7:00 how tf did the wheels change?????????😮
Juan Guerrero
Juan Guerrero Hace 5 meses
I was wondering the same thing
Rocky 123
Rocky 123 Hace 5 meses
What was wrong with the i8
iwilleatyopussy Hace 5 meses
Rocky 123 it has a BMW logo
Rocky 123
Rocky 123 Hace 5 meses
6:10 7:10 the Tesla’s back right weel changed ?
gregs1020 Hace 3 meses
they put the aero wheel cover on it when they un-taped the doors so he could look inside. the cover was probably inside the car at 6:10
Jeremy Cazares
Jeremy Cazares Hace 5 meses
Sinesio Coelho
Sinesio Coelho Hace 5 meses
Que decepção!
Revit UpNow
Revit UpNow Hace 5 meses
I bet are all those wrecked cars are from rich house wives, gold diggers, and spoiled rich daddy’s girls since they all drive like shit from feeling so entitled to everything including the road
Marius Nyvoll
Marius Nyvoll Hace 5 meses
Buy it
Johnny Winingham
Johnny Winingham Hace 5 meses
I love your rs7
Kelly T
Kelly T Hace 5 meses
Terrible color
Mick Kamman
Mick Kamman Hace 5 meses
Its a tesla because it got a gab in the front side where the autopilot normally is
ShadowChilly Hace 5 meses
8:18 i think its a tesla
Adam Kaminski
Adam Kaminski Hace 5 meses
Salvage model 3? Thats a Tesla CPO bro
Paul Lorenzini
Paul Lorenzini Hace 5 meses
is this a comedy?
LotusLambo Hace 5 meses
Was the lambo a manual? If so, it would be interesting. If not, it needs to be broken for parts.
LucaGaming9 Hace 5 meses
it is a tesla model s
ZeuS Fantasy
ZeuS Fantasy Hace 5 meses
5:51 , 6:31 how did the rim on the Tesla just randomly change when the tape got removed😂
Loneygalaxywolf Hace 5 meses
ZeuS Fantasy there’s a wheel cover for it and he might have put it back
Mustang Man
Mustang Man Hace 5 meses
the secind car that was on fear was a Tesla model x or s
G10spar001 M3M3S
G10spar001 M3M3S Hace 5 meses
Quick question Lamborghini Huracan Perfomante or Mclaren 720s or Ferrari FF
La chs
La chs Hace 5 meses
Its a tesla model s
Sab Gonzalez
Sab Gonzalez Hace 5 meses
That was dope brotha thanks👍👍
Visita meu canal abraço
Nave da hora
ArbitraryLifestyle Hace 5 meses
That RS7 sounds like crap :-/
Ian Shingleton
Ian Shingleton Hace 5 meses
Fuck u
DEDS3C CH4NNEL Hace 5 meses
The intro tho 🤣👌
Jac Sav
Jac Sav Hace 5 meses
Yes buy it!!!!! I wanna see a rebuild on that car!!
Jack Carlson
Jack Carlson Hace 5 meses
The 2nd burned car is a Tesla of some sort I could tell by the hole where the indicator goes
JSO Lambert
JSO Lambert Hace 5 meses
Tesla Model s or 3
Warren Family
Warren Family Hace 5 meses
Alex Paz
Alex Paz Hace 5 meses
Anyone else notice the wheels changed on the Tesla?
Ben Montgomery
Ben Montgomery Hace 5 meses
Maserati would be a nice car to get, i say bid on it
Joey Bryan
Joey Bryan Hace 5 meses
The car at 8:20 looks like a tesla model 3 with de upgraded rims
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