I Found a RARE Lamborghini at the Salvage Auto Auction! Should I Buy It?

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I went to my local Copart Salvage Auction to look at a Mercedes E63 AMG S, but I found something way better; a Lamborghini Murcielago!
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9 feb 2019






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Comentarios 2 546
Alexis Dunston Tootsiee
how much was the lambo
Noah_PlaysYt Hace 4 días
The car at 8:12 is a tesla model 3
fujitsubo Hace 7 días
i3's are $$$$$ to repair aluminum chassis frame, with everything else on the body being made from CFRP
fujitsubo Hace 7 días
that model 3 is fucked three ways to Sunday, possibly the worst and most expensive impact damage location.
Brayden Kaneer
Brayden Kaneer Hace 8 días
Model 3
Boo Edit
Boo Edit Hace 9 días
That burnt car that was a Tesla model s
THE WOLF Hace 15 días
What year murcie is it?and what did it sell for? looking for a parts lp640.. thanks
Kevin g
Kevin g Hace 21 un día
where's the Lamborghini?
david Tgreat
david Tgreat Hace 25 días
Ugly ass color on that lambo that’s why it burned down.
Matt Merrill
Matt Merrill Hace 26 días
Video starts about 2:20
Bill OBrien
Bill OBrien Hace 28 días
That looks like my old car- where is it?
dannys boat shop
dannys boat shop Hace un mes
Professionals monitoring me with a girl in my living room
Nathan93Baker Hace un mes
Is it safe to assume that the 488 driver didn't make it?'
Jacob Johnston
Jacob Johnston Hace un mes
Get lambo
Noah Mccallum
Noah Mccallum Hace un mes
That completely burnt car is a model 3
Will Hamilton
Will Hamilton Hace un mes
The 2ng car was a tesla look at the side bumper tesla has that indent from the light
jacob denick
jacob denick Hace un mes
get it
jamex gaza
jamex gaza Hace un mes
buy it!!! but it looks burnt
Frank Castro
Frank Castro Hace un mes
5:30 6:30 and 7:00 how tf did the wheels change?????????😮
Juan Guerrero
Juan Guerrero Hace un mes
I was wondering the same thing
Rocky 123
Rocky 123 Hace un mes
What was wrong with the i8
iwilleatyopussy Hace un mes
Rocky 123 it has a BMW logo
Rocky 123
Rocky 123 Hace un mes
6:10 7:10 the Tesla’s back right weel changed ?
Jeremy Cazares
Jeremy Cazares Hace un mes
Sinesio Coelho
Sinesio Coelho Hace un mes
Que decepção!
Revit UpNow
Revit UpNow Hace un mes
I bet are all those wrecked cars are from rich house wives, gold diggers, and spoiled rich daddy’s girls since they all drive like shit from feeling so entitled to everything including the road
Marius Nyvoll
Marius Nyvoll Hace un mes
Buy it
Johnny Winingham
Johnny Winingham Hace un mes
I love your rs7
Kelly T
Kelly T Hace un mes
Terrible color
Mick Kamman
Mick Kamman Hace un mes
Its a tesla because it got a gab in the front side where the autopilot normally is
Dylan Katch
Dylan Katch Hace un mes
*Tavarish will remember that*
ShadowChilly Hace un mes
8:18 i think its a tesla
Adam Kaminski
Adam Kaminski Hace un mes
Salvage model 3? Thats a Tesla CPO bro
Paul Lorenzini
Paul Lorenzini Hace un mes
is this a comedy?
LotusLambo Hace un mes
Was the lambo a manual? If so, it would be interesting. If not, it needs to be broken for parts.
LucaGaming9 Hace un mes
it is a tesla model s
ZeuS Fantasy
ZeuS Fantasy Hace un mes
5:51 , 6:31 how did the rim on the Tesla just randomly change when the tape got removed😂
Loneygalaxywolf Hace un mes
ZeuS Fantasy there’s a wheel cover for it and he might have put it back
Mustang Man
Mustang Man Hace un mes
the secind car that was on fear was a Tesla model x or s
G10spar001 M3M3S
G10spar001 M3M3S Hace un mes
Quick question Lamborghini Huracan Perfomante or Mclaren 720s or Ferrari FF
La chs
La chs Hace un mes
Its a tesla model s
Sab Gonzalez
Sab Gonzalez Hace un mes
That was dope brotha thanks👍👍
dirigindo caminhão Lima
Visita meu canal abraço
dirigindo caminhão Lima
Nave da hora
ArbitraryLifestyle Hace un mes
That RS7 sounds like crap :-/
Ian Shingleton
Ian Shingleton Hace un mes
Fuck u
DEDS3C CH4NNEL Hace un mes
The intro tho 🤣👌
Jac Sav
Jac Sav Hace un mes
Yes buy it!!!!! I wanna see a rebuild on that car!!
Jack Carlson
Jack Carlson Hace un mes
The 2nd burned car is a Tesla of some sort I could tell by the hole where the indicator goes
JSO Lambert
JSO Lambert Hace un mes
Tesla Model s or 3
Warren Family
Warren Family Hace un mes
Alex Paz
Alex Paz Hace un mes
Anyone else notice the wheels changed on the Tesla?
Ben Montgomery
Ben Montgomery Hace un mes
Maserati would be a nice car to get, i say bid on it
Joey Bryan
Joey Bryan Hace un mes
The car at 8:20 looks like a tesla model 3 with de upgraded rims
Showdown Hace un mes
Hope you left it alone. Even Italians can not drive it!!!!
Jörgen Gabrielsson
Give me that benz😍
Ben Kröner
Ben Kröner Hace un mes
Rebuild the E63s
YouTube guy 35
YouTube guy 35 Hace un mes
Am I the only person who thinks that a Tesla model 3 looks so perfect from one angel but then looks like a piece of trash from another
Mythical Gaming
Mythical Gaming Hace un mes
Don’t get the lambo but get the undercarriage panamera
Krista Dibble
Krista Dibble Hace un mes
Man you should have got that 99 Lexus RX300 lol
Country is the way of life 2002
You should do a motorcycles
Moto-Medics Hace un mes
Yea compete with tav
40 ROLL Hace un mes
burnt car at 8:15 is a nissan
Giga bang Dragon
Giga bang Dragon Hace un mes
8:00 I think that is a brz or gt86 or frs
pancakeninja27 Hace un mes
Man like t
Man like t Hace un mes
Or Mercedes c63 507 edition
Man like t
Man like t Hace un mes
U should rebuild a Range Rover sport svr
pierce yu
pierce yu Hace un mes
Tavarish is shaking
Happy123lol Hace un mes
It was a Tesla model s I cook tell by the finder
Dylan Dude
Dylan Dude Hace un mes
Definitely buy that Lamborghini Murcielago, it would be so fun to rebuild!
Dawn Hace un mes
16:28 my dream car...im so sad to see it in a copart lot.
tsaunders so lit
tsaunders so lit Hace un mes
That second burned car is a Tesla
luca god wars
luca god wars Hace un mes
the second burned car is a tesla, i am 100% shure
H Barnes
H Barnes Hace un mes
nissan altima
Kaine Taylor
Kaine Taylor Hace un mes
😂😂 he acctually said it like mercyalargo😂😂 oh dear
Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales Hace un mes
+please hide fast m You mean Murciélago?
please hide fast m
please hide fast m Hace un mes
Learn how to spell mercalago
Nick Moore
Nick Moore Hace un mes
Thien's Gaming Channel
Low Boy
Low Boy Hace un mes
At 8:20 that was a Tesla you could tell by the missing logo in the front fender
Teddy Miller
Teddy Miller Hace un mes
Bruhhh buy that I8!!!
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin Hace un mes
The Ferrari was wrecked in Sarasota, owner killed. Hit by a guy pulling an illegal U.
LordJakobe Hace un mes
+Kevin Martin Damn thats really crazy and sad to hear. Thanks for the info!
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin Hace un mes
Look up: Fatal Ferrari crash Sarasota. My brother knew the guy. He was hauling ass when the Acura driver u turned in front of him. The car went airborne and almost decapitated the driver. You’ll see pictures of the car.
LordJakobe Hace un mes
Wow really? how you know all that.
Flies2FLL Hace un mes
Fuck you asshole!
Chubbs Anthony
Chubbs Anthony Hace un mes
Lambo starts @14:24
Kermit De kikker
Kermit De kikker Hace un mes
That is tesla model s
Nina Bachmann Tosti
Its a tesla
Nick Skwarlo
Nick Skwarlo Hace un mes
she says
Péter Répássy
Péter Répássy Hace un mes
Second burned car is a tesla
powercargo94996 Hace un mes
MassiveTrackHunter Hace un mes
Never trust a trickle charger. Put that thing outside the house. A friend's dad's barn burned to the ground because of a Tender attached to his truck battery. Lost a tractor, mowers, truck, some pets living inside and the whole building. Really sad, over something as simple as a charger. Move it outside and sleep easy.
Jermaine Magee
Jermaine Magee Hace un mes
Which salvage auction were you at and do u need a certificate or any license to go to a salvage yard
Barbara McM
Barbara McM Hace un mes
Really interesting. Thx
Casey N.
Casey N. Hace un mes
Sam, you should get an i3. It would be so cool for you to pick up one for 14-16k and maybe soup it up a bit!
Casey N.
Casey N. Hace un mes
That second burn car you showed us was a burnt up model 3.
lowell hale
lowell hale Hace un mes
Samcrac buy the Lambo !! It would make for an awesome series !
Travelingman 1980
Travelingman 1980 Hace un mes
In the States you have plenty of salvage exotics, in Australia the salvage cars are boring and expensive.
Julio Gomez
Julio Gomez Hace un mes
Hi can u tell me how much this people change after u win auction ?thank you
M a c r o s s
M a c r o s s Hace un mes
B u y i t .
Pheezy420 REEFER
Pheezy420 REEFER Hace un mes
How much is that Lexus RX 300 with the Audi TT....I wouldn’t mind buying that thing reliable little cross over
Calash10 Hace 2 meses
Madern Hace 2 meses
5:54 6:16 the tesla magically changes wheels!? 7:06 again!?
Dr Chunky Biscuit
Dr Chunky Biscuit Hace 2 meses
Why does The Grinch sound like Marge Simpson?
Killerboy79 _TSM
Killerboy79 _TSM Hace 2 meses
But the Lamborghini
Alex FireFox
Alex FireFox Hace 2 meses
The car at 8:00 is a Tesla model S
Jalen Logan-Redding
Jalen Logan-Redding Hace 2 meses
I would say yes, get the lambo but what about the bmw i8 I front of the 488, but you should get the Maserati and customize it for performance
mark vietti
mark vietti Hace 2 meses
just fast forward two minutes into video to avoid spam,,
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