I Gave MacDoesIt An Extreme Body Makeover

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17 mar 2019

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Comentarios 3 190
Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare Hace 3 meses
I am so thrilled to share this very inspiring episode. :) Who else loves Mac?
PariRooster Hace un mes
Michelle Khare lol,beginning of vid:pill promo Mid of vid ESvid playing and add:same pills same person
mayra martinez
mayra martinez Hace un mes
Can I get extreme make over ?
mayra martinez
mayra martinez Hace un mes
Luke Morgan
Luke Morgan Hace un mes
me next please, i need a push
Julia D. R.
Julia D. R. Hace un mes
I REALLLY LOVE HIS HAPPY POSITIVE PERSONA HE GOT ME SMILING AND CRACKING UP SO HARD 🤣❣but really i got so excited and inspired to work out and get healthyyyyyy
Jeannine Elmasri
Jeannine Elmasri Hace 18 horas
if macdoesit can do it so can we
Mia Hockaday
Mia Hockaday Hace un día
i fucking love mac i’m so hyped to watch this
Briana Nguyen
Briana Nguyen Hace 2 días
Who’s the guy on the far right at 16:39?? He’s a cutie lol
miranda.jeanne Hace 2 días
if someone did this for me i think i would die ngl😂
hi amigo
hi amigo Hace 3 días
The 2 queens in one video. This is crazy
nicole polanco
nicole polanco Hace 4 días
At least he isn’t pre diabetes like me!!
Sahara Plueddemann
Sahara Plueddemann Hace 4 días
He cusses too much
Apple Farm
Apple Farm Hace 5 días
MAAAAACC!! sorry. sorry. my inner fangirl came out
Broadway Forever
Broadway Forever Hace 6 días
seeing both of my kweens hitting that gym bitch I'm only physically active enough to hit that like button
Elaine Adams
Elaine Adams Hace 7 días
Omg I LOVE his videos! My favorite series is "reacting to gay shit because I'm gay"
Elaine Adams
Elaine Adams Hace 7 días
Wait wtf! MAC!!
Hayhay Morgs
Hayhay Morgs Hace 8 días
Oml Im so thankful for this I love macdoesit he is hilarious definitely my favorite and Thai collaboration was needed
Shae Dawkins
Shae Dawkins Hace 8 días
Is no one going to talk about the fact that Mac still has his Christmas tree up?
Kienna Panti
Kienna Panti Hace 10 días
Morgan Adams! She’s so authentic & funny, and I would just love to see her confidence boost
siren Hace 14 días
I live off of ramen
Elizabeth L.
Elizabeth L. Hace 14 días
I'm honestly so mad that he spent $200 a day on food delivery, out of pure laziness, when so many hard-working people can't afford to keep their families fed omfg there's legitimately no excuse for that
Gacha Wolf
Gacha Wolf Hace 17 días
You so need to do this to me
Platano Man
Platano Man Hace 17 días
His name tho mackazeli
jenniferworldwide Hace 18 días
You and Mac have incredible chemistry on screen! You should totally do a Challenge Accepted together.
Anita Borozan
Anita Borozan Hace 18 días
Kimberly Grawe
Kimberly Grawe Hace 19 días
I always find it interesting that when bad mental days happen, people comfort or other people offer to comfort themselves with food. "You deserve to have a cheat day because you went through something painful." Over-eating and emotional eating can be just as harmful to the body and considered a sub-type of eating disorder. But also maybe friends and family could just maybe sit down and listen to what is going on instead of offering "Comfort Food"? Going to the gym to physically work out the frustration or whatever is way more effective, if you don't already have a healthy outlet and is a better coping skill instead of turning to other methods. (drugs, drinking, smoking) Just noting an observation that I've noticed in my own health journey. Every case is different. And there are days that you just cave but its about getting back up and continuing even when you just ate an entire family sized bag of Doritos in under an hour.
owlinadayswork Hace 21 un día
I'm so glad he had such a transformation! So proud of him 🙌💕
Roman Chyshkevych
Roman Chyshkevych Hace 21 un día
Mac's journey resonates with me because his body type and fitness level/ability is closer to mine so this video I felt was most relevant for me so far. It would be interesting to see part 2
Jesus Esparza
Jesus Esparza Hace 21 un día
That wont drop the fat into the teens, at 264lb?
Nathaniel Fernandez
Nathaniel Fernandez Hace 22 días
You need to do this for me cause I'm 14 and I'm overweight and I'm trying to workout
Nemoakaski123 Hace 23 días
Funny thing is. When he said I wanna dounut and stuff you'll eat it and be like wtf. I started eating veggies and fruits a lot more and making meals and when I craved that stuff after a week or two I ate it and was like the sweets are too sweet and eating McDonald's is gross.... Wtf happened lol. Go Mac so awesome
멜로우 Moon Skipper
Brain: If Mac did it I can do it Body: You sure? Brain: *pulls out knife* Y. E. S.
Alien Isabel
Alien Isabel Hace 23 días
Eurytheme Hace 24 días
11:57 when you do two situps
Trin Hace 24 días
These videos are truly inspiring, you take these friends and family that are at there most vulnerable and help them build their confidence through not only working out but also changing their life and internal views. I love it!
Ana Rossi
Ana Rossi Hace 25 días
Suscribed! I love Mac so I’ll love you girl... I’m watching all your videos now ❤️
Rhys Balasuit
Rhys Balasuit Hace 26 días
pause at 9:53
سعم S3M
سعم S3M Hace 26 días
Eating 5 times a week Is that fitness I can’t breath 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
Acrylic Jem
Acrylic Jem Hace 26 días
Workouts suck but are necessary but I'm with mac planks suck
Alexi Marti
Alexi Marti Hace 27 días
I weigh more than Mac in his before. I believe I'm in the 300s area and I... I feel really disgusted with myself. I feel trapped in my body. My eating habits are atrocious, (sometimes I'll eat heavily and there are days where I don't eat at all or only once a day...its broken...) even though I never eat out, 95% of the time, I eat home cooked food. I'm unemployed and have no way of getting any exercise and when I go out and try to do anything, I'm always laughed at and it breaks me down and makes me never want to leave my home again... im 23 and it's getting awful for me. I'm trying to find a job still... I honestly don't know what to do with myself... I'm happy for Mac and I'm glad he was able to help himself with the push of a great friend.
OriLOK2 Hace 28 días
I love Mac thank you so much for giving him this. He looks much more comfortable moving and much happier.
JammerFactsBoy34 Hace 28 días
Mac is my favorite
Makito Anderson
Makito Anderson Hace 28 días
I’ve been a Mac subscriber for over 2 years now, and I never saw this video when it was out! And I cried. I admire Mac so much and can relate to him with his insecurity with his weight. If Mac can do it, so can I ♥️👌🏽
Spaceis Sable
Spaceis Sable Hace 29 días
What an amazing human 😭😂🥰
Starberry Sweetee
Starberry Sweetee Hace 29 días
Okay but this relationship makes me so goddamn happy oh my goodness ❤️❤️❤️
Bloody Moonlight
Bloody Moonlight Hace 29 días
Is anyone else weirded out by "Lunch : 5:00 PM." That's when I usually eat dinner!
Isabella BlackAngel
why is no one vegan here?
Person You don't know
My phone buffered right at 22:42 😂😭
alexiscribs Hace un mes
علي علي
علي علي Hace un mes
Madeline Chang
Madeline Chang Hace un mes
Didi Lol
Didi Lol Hace un mes
Mac is my zodiac sign
"i Don't feel the 5 inches " Mac-2019
Rycipher TUBE
Rycipher TUBE Hace un mes
he’s so vibrant and happy for himself it makes him so attractive because he’s so much more confident. i’d be straight for him if he wasn’t gay.
Angelica O.H
Angelica O.H Hace un mes
He looks so good
chucku00 Hace un mes
Mac :"I don't feel the five inches." OMFG !
Laura Is Temporary
Laura Is Temporary Hace un mes
katelynicorn Hace un mes
i think it would be really interesting to see one of these for someone who is underweight
Abel Sdradi
Abel Sdradi Hace un mes
I really love Mac... i really do! best vibes friend!!!!
Katherine Gonzalez
Katherine Gonzalez Hace un mes
Is it me or he got whiter? In the before and after.
Akilah Worley
Akilah Worley Hace un mes
MAC your journey definitely has inspired me on my weight loss journey! Thank you!
Jamaican Kid
Jamaican Kid Hace un mes
We love a fit Queen🤴🏾
Beamer Boy
Beamer Boy Hace un mes
Uhggg I love Mac
braxen b
braxen b Hace un mes
Gosh I love mac so much
Aleena Razzaq
Aleena Razzaq Hace un mes
i love mac omds motivating me to get off my ass and stop acting like im too busy to work out
Valerie Lopez
Valerie Lopez Hace un mes
Isaac Hague
Isaac Hague Hace un mes
the intro is me lmao
MissGeorgiex1 Hace un mes
17:49 is me all the time omg
Crofregernish Hace un mes
Ugh I want to do something like this but all the trainers here seem to lie about experience 😭 I am starting with fitness abilities of COPD and going too fast worsens my symptoms soooo much. Would love to see someone with cardio limitations on here
Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson Hace un mes
this....this just makes me soooo proud of Mac bc he deserves all good things and he did this so well and just really inspired me but boi you better take care of yourself better!!!!!!!!!
the unknown
the unknown Hace un mes
Omg I need this
nothinmulch Hace un mes
If you're spending 200 dollars a day on food you could just pay someone to cook for you some healthy food. Like, I'm not a chef but for $200 a day I would be, damn!
Socially Awkward Life Is Great
23:36 ooo sexy queen alert!!!
Socially Awkward Life Is Great
MAC YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. STRONG. WONDERFUL. YOU CAN DO THIS. WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU. YOU ARE A QUEEN AND YOU WILL DO THIS!!!!! You are an amazing inspiration and you never fail to make me smile. I believe that you can do this. You make me believe in myself. I love you❤️❤️❤️
Harperfierrohere Hace un mes
yes matt!!! get that self help boiii!
wild Hace un mes
dude I literally cried happy tears i'm so proud of him and i'm happy he's happy cause he honestly deserves it 🥰🥰
demonsandlords Hace un mes
Proud of you Mac for not cheating!!!! End strong!!! 👏👏👏👏
Kelly McGuire
Kelly McGuire Hace un mes
I’m not crying you’re crying. Congrats Mac!! So so so proud of you!!! Keep it up!!!
Heidi G
Heidi G Hace un mes
Why have I not seen this earlier?!?!
Cyan Hace un mes
GOO MAAACCC!!!!! 😍😍😍
oliviabagley Hace un mes
I love mac
Hay What's up
Hay What's up Hace un mes
Omg I love him 😍
Bridget the Swagg Master
I am ready to get transformed
Austin Chavezzz
Austin Chavezzz Hace un mes
Wow. Im working on an extreme makeover myself lol... on my own tho. No professional help.... which i could probably use lol
SOPHie CeB Hace un mes
Jayleigh Official
Jayleigh Official Hace un mes
Herminic Delgado
Herminic Delgado Hace un mes
I want Shane Dawson to do the challenge
Dounia Bedboudi
Dounia Bedboudi Hace un mes
Thank you Michelle💜💜💜💜
Dounia Bedboudi
Dounia Bedboudi Hace un mes
Oh my god maaaaaaaaaaaac
Ishi Hace un mes
The collab we never thought we needed
Audreyyy Hace un mes
Bruhhh i'm literally so proud of him😤😭💖
Hailey F
Hailey F Hace un mes
I love him 😂! Never clicked a video so fast! Love you girl❤️
Carra Flood
Carra Flood Hace un mes
I really hope Mac keeps up the good schedule. I was actually concerned before this video so I hope he tries to stick to good healthy schedule 👍🏼
Eve Kohley
Eve Kohley Hace un mes
This is an entire reality TV program. I hope you're getting paid because damn this is quality materual & even the ads too.
Eve Kohley
Eve Kohley Hace un mes
God damn, _Mac_ is an InFLuENCeR????!
green eggs and sam
green eggs and sam Hace un mes
1:22 ahaha unlike a certain scandalous beauty guru
Aubreanna Lynne
Aubreanna Lynne Hace un mes
I seen Mac does it and didn’t hesitate to click
Allison Nicole
Allison Nicole Hace un mes
this is the first time seeing mac this vulnerable... i’m so proud of him .
Tayla Edwards
Tayla Edwards Hace un mes
Jason nash
DatJoyBlue Hace un mes
This was awesome. I love Mac! I would love to have done this so I can lose weight too. Sometimes I hate my body, and it shows. I hope that maybe I will commit to something like this, but I have no idea where to start. But Mac makes me think that it's possible. So, here's to hoping I get off my ass and try something new to help myself. 🤞🏾
Top Compilations
Top Compilations Hace un mes
THIS video inspired me so much, like I’m not fat at all but I definitely not appreciate or like my body so yeah I started eating so much healthier and going to start working out. I know the comment doesn’t have sense but idk just wanted to right something.
Raymond Mendoza
Raymond Mendoza Hace un mes
Love you Mac love love
Bi Lollipop
Bi Lollipop Hace un mes
Okay, I’ve been watching Mac for over two years (I think, or just about) and I know he doesn’t bother to put decorations away. BUT HE HAS A DAMN CHRISTMAS TREE IN *MARCH*
shinec tasker
shinec tasker Hace un mes
Why does he look like the boy version of peaches
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