I Got Hunted By 100 Players in Minecraft!

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100 players chase us down in Minecraft. If they defeat all of us, we have to delete the channel. Hopefully the channel is still around tomorrow.
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22 jul 2020






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Ryan Gibbs
Ryan Gibbs Hace 58 minutos
Nobody: Chanler:Lava friend
Ida Widiarsa
Ida Widiarsa Hace 6 horas
Can u count how much times candler fell into the lava🤣
Canadian Gamer
Canadian Gamer Hace 6 horas
this was 4 months ago and the chnnel aint deleted so they win :)
Joshua Willams
Joshua Willams Hace 18 horas
Take them out baby take them out to dinner
hangming zheng
hangming zheng Hace 21 un hora
7:51 Chandler : yeah now i dont have to be homeless 800.000$ island: im a joke to you?
Sophie Manuge
Sophie Manuge Hace un día
Who made the whole castle and every thing
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera Hace un día
> if a someone you didn’t know sends you a link to a website saying... “look at what they did to your photos...” > you click on the link and it takes you to an odd looking, realistic google website and it tells you to put your username and password. what will you do next??
DeaThWisH 43
DeaThWisH 43 Hace un día
Omg I will never deali you r challel
Sir Irving William Tobias
Dream is the best
Tibinglaut Gaming
Tibinglaut Gaming Hace un día
Chandlers Skills Rate: GTA 5: 10/10 Minecraft:4/10 Among us: 9/10 Fall guys: 7/10 Vlogging: 9/10 Real life challenge: 3/10 Nice video
L&S Herrick
L&S Herrick Hace un día
IcyUncleChris 76
IcyUncleChris 76 Hace un día
i had a friend that told me he didn't like mr beast Emphasis on HAD
Gemma Benson
Gemma Benson Hace un día
Bradley Watts
Bradley Watts Hace 2 días
Everyone: hey dream Dream: We NeEd To DeFeNd ThE cAsTlE! Good idea clay.
Mr. XxExtremememesxX
All those dislikes are haters lol
Neel Hiraskar
Neel Hiraskar Hace 2 días
Play call of duty
Michael Raad
Michael Raad Hace 2 días
This is just like World War Z
J&A Young
J&A Young Hace 2 días
Denmark Millikan
Denmark Millikan Hace 2 días
Did anyone else notice that Karl’s shirt was green screened
روكيت رويال ريال
Nehan The Best
Nehan The Best Hace 2 días
Where is tatto
BrayGoCrazy Hace 2 días
Bro don’t worry you got dream
Jabosit Gaming
Jabosit Gaming Hace 2 días
Non edited comment is better
Freta Freeman
Freta Freeman Hace 2 días
7:57 gobble you up Karl that's weird
Gon freecss
Gon freecss Hace 2 días
Claudia Chapman
Claudia Chapman Hace 3 días
"my nose itches but I'm in a battle." Scratches nose anyway
Oreoman123 Holy
Oreoman123 Holy Hace 3 días
1:45 turn on captions hehe
nicholai Roco
nicholai Roco Hace 3 días
I already subscribed to you so don't delete the channal
Nicole Hunt
Nicole Hunt Hace 3 días
You should do a hunger games for everyone who has won in the past. And the person who wins is the best out of all of them.
Oliver Kim
Oliver Kim Hace 3 días
I love this channel, but I don't like how abruptly every video ends.
HobbitJaffa Hace 3 días
“Please don’t have Karl, PLEASE don’t have Karl” *video has Karl* “God dammit, this is unwatchable”
Eric Hace 4 días
moment of silence for the people who don’t know this channel exists
Druid's Takeaway
Druid's Takeaway Hace 4 días
Manhunt 2.0
Luckett Coronado
Luckett Coronado Hace 4 días
So funny lol
RADROX247 GAMING Hace 4 días
Think of this being live streamed🤯
Richard Espinoza
Richard Espinoza Hace 4 días
🤓 Karl.
Alexander Myteberi
Alexander Myteberi Hace 4 días
The fact that Jimmy posted this vid just shows that they won.
Kristie Janabajal
Kristie Janabajal Hace 4 días
where is the first
Mai Huong Lien
Mai Huong Lien Hace 4 días
When Dream appears the difficulty meter increases for those players LOL.
Ismail and Eyad Gaming TBT
You said when you hit 10 mil you will get a tattoo
Sang Tinh
Sang Tinh Hace 5 días
Why would they kill you guys they love the channel
Ethan Punzalan
Ethan Punzalan Hace 6 días
Karl has a hole in him
jonny snowathan
jonny snowathan Hace 6 días
Well if we are watching this video we know that they won
taha nisar
taha nisar Hace 6 días
Dude risking the channel was some daring
Jeanie Haase
Jeanie Haase Hace 6 días
Me beast: “if chandler dies it’s ok” Me: sure Also me: thinking of it because i remember him only losing.
tusing tusing
tusing tusing Hace 6 días
It's like Brad Pits World war Z Lol
Shradha Joshi
Shradha Joshi Hace 6 días
0:59 Hi
Tiya Kotwani
Tiya Kotwani Hace 6 días
He tells dream to kill anyone in sight ooh I see Karl...
liv lauvray
liv lauvray Hace 6 días
I love Karl
Shailee Vose
Shailee Vose Hace 6 días
Mike's XD
Mike's XD Hace 6 días
Gaming are more Mcculloch McCulloch
Why did. Have this disliked don’t worry now I have it liked 😂
Tysen Cook
Tysen Cook Hace 7 días
9:59 my man didn't even say subscribe
Itzy Orangie gacha
Itzy Orangie gacha Hace 7 días
If he told them they would stay still for like 7 hours
Khalvin Lhouis
Khalvin Lhouis Hace 7 días
Poor dream
Kayla Wyszynski
Kayla Wyszynski Hace 7 días
Kayla Wyszynski
Kayla Wyszynski Hace 7 días
Kayla Wyszynski
Kayla Wyszynski Hace 7 días
Gosha XF
Gosha XF Hace 7 días
When dream appeared i got releaved
Izzy Roskosch
Izzy Roskosch Hace 7 días
imagine getting killed by chandler that would be embarrassing AF. rip that dudes reputation
CorruptedBaconBoi Oof
Are the 100 players haters because they wanna kill you guys so you need to delete your channel...
Marcus Misterio
Marcus Misterio Hace 7 días
I didn't Skipp the Ads MR.Beast the Best Chandler Suckss
Addie Heinemann
Addie Heinemann Hace 7 días
no one Jimmy: "if i fall im screwed"
Mason Shoff
Mason Shoff Hace 7 días
Mrbeast- kill everything dream- kills Karl
squackle89 Hace 7 días
plot twist: they made sure that one of them survived, so they didn’t have to delete the channel
Luke Butler
Luke Butler Hace 7 días
Good vid
M Hace 7 días
Lemon Hace 8 días
Dream is their bodyguard
silas belcher guy
silas belcher guy Hace 8 días
Dream is the holy defender
suren s
suren s Hace 8 días
This is just like World War Z
jesse white
jesse white Hace 8 días
Eugene Yu
Eugene Yu Hace 8 días
imagine if the beast gang was a team in minecraft campionships LOL
Abenezer Schmidt
Abenezer Schmidt Hace 8 días
I like how mr beasts videos start instantly not any long boring intros.
Peirce Pacol
Peirce Pacol Hace 9 días
Mr. Beast: "Dream, defend Karl at all costs." Dream: "It's time to use 2% of my power."
Devin Woebbeking
Devin Woebbeking Hace 9 días
MrBeast: "I love how Dream knows what he's doing and we're just like hur-dur-dur"
James Ross
James Ross Hace 9 días
1:45 turn captions on xD
Brentnall Hace 9 días
This remind me of World War Z when the zombies climbing over the wall.
A.T.G Archie The Gamer Boy
0:58 How did dream is there?
Jared Z Cyr
Jared Z Cyr Hace 10 días
Mr beast: kill everyone in site. Dream: kills carl
Phan Thanh Trung
Phan Thanh Trung Hace 10 días
"Remember boys, we cannot afford to die" My man can afford everything in the world but not dying in minecraft. He's a legend.
Tuna Çavuş
Tuna Çavuş Hace 10 días
Well i didnt know these many people wanted mr beast to delete his channel...
beastslayer 15
beastslayer 15 Hace 10 días
Mr beast endgame
beastslayer 15
beastslayer 15 Hace 10 días
If you're watching this video you know the result 😂😂😂😂
Sizus _16
Sizus _16 Hace 10 días
AND THANK YOU 4 WATCHING THIS VIDEO SUS .....mmmmm jimmy? Who is sus? Blu or red?
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Hace 10 días
Me watching this on 2020 bc of quarantine Jimmy: "If we lose im gonna delete this channel" (Me checks the date) Me: phew
Geoff Zuo
Geoff Zuo Hace 8 días
Fernando Velasco
Fernando Velasco Hace 9 días
Manas Singh
Manas Singh Hace 10 días
Chandler when falls in "aa i am melting " 😂😂😂😂😂
Julian Vergara
Julian Vergara Hace 10 días
ps dreem saved this do better
Aaron Adelyn Liu
Aaron Adelyn Liu Hace 10 días
You guys should have techno too
Ann S
Ann S Hace 10 días
Chandler dying 5 times was the most Chandler thing to do.
Matthew He
Matthew He Hace 10 días
this doesnt make sense fans are killing them for them to deleat the chanal
Caramel 4ter
Caramel 4ter Hace 10 días
So ummmm where’s the tattoo????
Zajebani Kraljevi
Zajebani Kraljevi Hace 11 días
5:02 chandler cheated xd
Eber Hanicio
Eber Hanicio Hace 4 días
He died and went to go with Karl since he was only one left and it was a long way so he just flew
Luis Ventura
Luis Ventura Hace 11 días
"my nose itches but I'm in a battle." Scratches nose anyway
janella mendoza
janella mendoza Hace 11 días
tatto tatto tatto tatto
Let’sdothis Hace 11 días
Dream was like lol what’s plot armor *Was the only one of the crew who didn’t die*
Parrapa The Rapper
Parrapa The Rapper Hace 11 días
Chandler: I’m meltinnng. Also chandler: Take out the throne! Me: is that what u call ur flying monkeys?
My Game Master
My Game Master Hace 11 días
You should've told them that if they caught you you would delete the channel in the beginning. That way nobody would chase you
Joel Ramcharran
Joel Ramcharran Hace 11 días
what version do you guys use
James Webb
James Webb Hace 11 días
dream : ye ok ill go down and defend the castle jimmy : ye sure we dont care if you die :D
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