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So I animated a thing about a thing that happened that one time in my life. :)
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16 jun 2018






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CypherDen Hace un año
I change the names of the people in my story time videos because I do NOT want a witch hunt. I'm telling my stories NOT because I want justice or I'm angry. Trust me on that. I'm telling them so you guys can learn from my mistakes. PLEASE do not send hate on to other people because of a hunch. :( I appreciate that you guys want to defend me, and if I need help I'll yell. But ya girl's got it. I want OUR community to be a positive one. I love you guys sooooo much.
Høñèy Bløßßøm Gãmer
Wait cypher what's the animation
Sherwin Rejano
Sherwin Rejano Hace 18 días
( TДT)
gassmask american
gassmask american Hace un mes
I know who your talking about
ælien Hace un mes
I totally understand but i just want to see the video
Soibam Richard Singh
I love you to
callyn maxey
callyn maxey Hace 10 horas
Anyone else strolling through the comments trying to figure out who the celebrity is
Tiger Ox
Tiger Ox Hace 10 horas
U use Instagram?
Demon_ gamer
Demon_ gamer Hace 4 días
Can you do an animation for a song
Presto McGario
Presto McGario Hace 5 días
Susan seems like a Karen wait
It's Dalia&Genesis
It's Dalia&Genesis Hace 7 días
I feelya
Sksksk and i oop and i oop
i feel like "Susan" is Jinx Monsoon for some reason mostly because i was searching up Cartoons and Vodka by JInx Monsoon and dis vid showed up plus u drew her as a ginger/red head and Jinx is a red head/ginger
kuramasan Hace 9 días
I thought it was going to be they agreed to pay you $20k but then didn’t. Omfg! THIS IS HORRID!
Guadalupe Mendez
Guadalupe Mendez Hace 14 días
Benny_does_stuff Hace 18 días
U didnt even give them 20,000
Kayla French-McClendon
2020 any one?
Pam Pittman
Pam Pittman Hace 19 días
I swear I stopped to look at the mini animations and I saw my hero acidemia
Big Boy Animates
Big Boy Animates Hace 19 días
H*ckin susan
Retarded Rants
Retarded Rants Hace 21 un día
Cough fake
Colin Hanlon
Colin Hanlon Hace 23 días
I have come to a conclusion that it is(not 100% sure but)I think it’s Racheal McAdams.
Too lazy to put a picture
No, it wasn't Jinkx Monsoon. Don't attack her if you were thinking it was her.
Sky Monk
Sky Monk Hace 25 días
Was is marget Robbie?
Sam Madonia
Sam Madonia Hace 25 días
I love how I found this video when I was searching for Cartoons and Vodka. And the irony of that song and this video...
Not vscauce It’s savage
how about a new keyboard cause amazon employee STOLE My APEX STEEL SERIES PRO 200$ AHHHHHH I got a refund
cat studios :D
cat studios :D Hace 26 días
Really nice :3
HaliQuinn Hace 26 días
Could it possibly be Cartoons & Vodka by Jinx Monsoon?
Poketube Hace 27 días
I respect dens decision not to say the name of Susan but I rly wanna know
*Lily Tea
*Lily Tea Hace 28 días
let me guess, you animated parts of the cartoons and vodka music video?
Mr Picard
Mr Picard Hace un mes
PSST, I am pretty sure it's about Rose Leslie.
Hammerbeam Hace un mes
Big mistake. All artist should supply the contract. Not the whole contract
Ultimate star
Ultimate star Hace un mes
Isso seria mais que 100.000 mil reais!
A Potato
A Potato Hace un mes
I think it's joe :3
Asui JC
Asui JC Hace un mes
Fricken Susan
Liam Henderson
Liam Henderson Hace un mes
Next work for Susan then make a cartoon with drugs violence and nudedy then last and but not Last cursing with them breaking the fourth wall yelling now Susan is beeep
griffin martin
griffin martin Hace un mes
they did post it on youtube sorry den
Sridhar Dande
Sridhar Dande Hace un mes
Vighnesh Shivagunde
0:00 did I hear pigass?
Cookie AC
Cookie AC Hace un mes
Its cartoons and vodka the song (its amazing)
weckar Hace un mes
So $20,000 is just a number you just pulled out of a hat?
Juke squad money
Juke squad money Hace un mes
Is it complex.alpacas
Lola Beth
Lola Beth Hace 2 meses
All the comments I see are from like a year ago
Joseph Mellado
Joseph Mellado Hace 2 meses
well now we know why you were dumb enough to fall for it. You like Post Malone
j and c
j and c Hace 2 meses
katherine langford or rose leslie
Tutorial Team
Tutorial Team Hace 2 meses
do you have the animations URL or is that against the contract
Emotional Jams
Emotional Jams Hace 2 meses
When you search cartoons and vodka this is the third thing to pop up lol
Leonardo_Dicaprio Obsessed xx
Stop saying it's NOT jinkx monsoon STOP SAYING ITS HER JUST BACK OFF
Friggen Fricks.
ROXAS Cruz Hace 2 meses
Contract equals... Yore soul!!!!!!
Queen Alice
Queen Alice Hace 2 meses
Why do people think it's cartoons and vodka? Honest to God I just want to know how you got there...
Queen Alice
Queen Alice Hace 2 meses
Ya know I use to mix mayo and ketchup together and call it may-chup now imagine how ripped off I felt when I found out about MAYO-CHUP
AdamPurpleYT Hace 2 meses
Susan. ..SUSAN.....SUSAN.....................THE RIPPER.
Dapper Frog
Dapper Frog Hace 3 meses
What animation? Can you give a link?
Mohammed Mirza
Mohammed Mirza Hace 3 meses
Just sue her
gamer girl1732
gamer girl1732 Hace 3 meses
What if I bought stuff or watched it...... I wana know so I can BURN THEM AND HUNT TGEM DOWN AND KET MY CAT RIPP OFF THERE FACE
Scratchy Wolf
Scratchy Wolf Hace 3 meses
This video says there are bad peeps on the internet and you shouldn't trust em
Orchid Wry
Orchid Wry Hace 3 meses
Guys even if we found the identity of that person, LEAVE THEM ALONE. This animation is about not vengeance but rather having a better option not part taking jobs that will rob you. Sending the person death threats or hate mail will not fix anything, to top it all will send you in jail. Let's try to be a better person than the exploiter.
Orchid Wry
Orchid Wry Hace 29 días
Cypher said it herself.
Cream Bastard
Cream Bastard Hace un mes
Fuck that
Alexis Prinsloo
Alexis Prinsloo Hace 3 meses
That’s so unfair!! >:(
MJTuxx Studios
MJTuxx Studios Hace 3 meses
cypherden: about uhh… post notes? good, nuff me:ohhh… I KNOW WHO THAT IS
anonymous1hahaa Hace 3 meses
Contracts were invented by The Devil! 🔥📝😈🔥
Skyward Toonie
Skyward Toonie Hace 3 meses
You should’ve secretly put a few frames saying you made it- unless Susan would notice
Mighty Minotaur
Mighty Minotaur Hace 3 meses
I’m suspecting that Susan is Pam from the office
StuckByARailroadCrossing ?
Wiz with the crtl z mug for
Amanda Bellissimo
Amanda Bellissimo Hace 3 meses
Isn’t that jinx monsoon ?
AWeirdBerry Hace 3 meses
No, it isn’t. I don’t think we’ll ever know honestly.
Iloveapples491 Hace 3 meses
Man den used most of his art for us
Fox Lover Gacha
Fox Lover Gacha Hace 3 meses
Den: i got ripped off 20k! Me: i got ripped off 25 cents...
GeoToni13 Hace 3 meses
whoever Susan was/is I hope Karma bites them in the butt. Sucks that "celebrities" do this to people. Especially if they're fans of said celeb, it makes it so much worse.
Pipercraft Hace 3 meses
Yellow Xo
Yellow Xo Hace 3 meses
Vibe check plz den
Lifegoeson100 Hace 3 meses
Sunita Sharma
Sunita Sharma Hace 3 meses
Is that sia's "Genius" music?
AWeirdBerry Hace 3 meses
Not likely, I don’t think she’s on a ongoing TV show.
Lan Nguyen
Lan Nguyen Hace 4 meses
Oofers dis vid gud :P
The Mysterious Stranger That doesn’t exist
When I make animation and someone asks me to make something that could potentially make a lot of money, I would be making the contract. 1. I would receive at least 25% of profit from any factor that was the outcome of my service. 2. I would receive the credit of my animation. 3. I would be given the time to complete the work of it and receive acceptable profit of my work.
The Mysterious Stranger That doesn’t exist
I was looking up a song called cartoons and vodka, and I found this.
AWeirdBerry Hace 3 meses
It’s because many people accuse that song of being the one she got ripped-off of. But Den confirmed that isn’t the song she is talking about.
Garen Edbrooke
Garen Edbrooke Hace 4 meses
It is called the flying nimbus
Weeb Sexual
Weeb Sexual Hace 4 meses
Why were people accusing Jinx?
Makenzie Ward
Makenzie Ward Hace 4 meses
Milo Hace 4 meses
Is this suppose to be jinkx, i was just searching for jinkx music videos and this weirdly popped up hmm
AWeirdBerry Hace 3 meses
Not likely, Den commented that it isn’t.
Ashley Rosales
Ashley Rosales Hace 4 meses
{Margad • Margad}
{Margad • Margad} Hace 4 meses
Is anyone else scrolling in the comments to see if Susan commented?
Vera Jones
Vera Jones Hace 4 meses
I love your art how did you find your style
Tavian Holloman
Tavian Holloman Hace 4 meses
Fake !$?
evie lunn
evie lunn Hace 4 meses
in the background i would've secretly added my name lol
Vassili Gonzalez
Vassili Gonzalez Hace 4 meses
1 like = 1 🌯 for CypherDen. Press F in the chat to mourn the loss of $20,000 that could have been given to CypherDen
Mad Max
Mad Max Hace 4 meses
Waaaaaaa 😦
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