I got SCAMMED by Wish...

Austin Evans
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Today on Mystery Tech we take another shot at Wish...with some mixed results.
Last time we bought tech from Wish: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-SzkHeDPTLOg.html
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14 sep 2019






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aka Ash4ura
aka Ash4ura Hace 16 horas
Funny thing is I got a wish ad
Christian Ray
Christian Ray Hace un día
4:53 best seven seconds of my life
TTV-NiXN , Hace un día
That controller is an old style xbox controller
alex mogger
alex mogger Hace un día
me *going on wish* taking a break too watch a video thisis in my recommended section and a wish add goes on my phone next time i go on the web
alex mogger
alex mogger Hace un día
wish youre allreadyf**ked
PurpleXD Hace 2 días
lol before the video there was a wish ad
ToXiC X Flame
ToXiC X Flame Hace 2 días
ayyyyy august 22nd gangggg
Remi Carter
Remi Carter Hace 2 días
His mate looks like peters mate out of Spider-Man
How to loose Brain Cells
12:34 White is plus sized
Nazmul Sakib
Nazmul Sakib Hace 3 días
what if my size is black and color is white? -austin 2019
DevonYt123Wolf Hace 3 días
i have that nes!
NewSnow Hace 3 días
Theory: The Senheis are real, but the seller forgot one 0 on the price.
Vortex Hace 4 días
4:19 , pain for every 0 - 17 yr old ear.
Mattiesmasher RBLX
Mattiesmasher RBLX Hace 4 días
The Beats during 2:00 are the headphones I was using to watch this video
Burgurs Hace 4 días
big surprise
Totally Awemazing
Totally Awemazing Hace 5 días
*"my size is black and my colour is white"* Wish for porn movie. . . . Wish granted
Uhhh? Y
Uhhh? Y Hace 7 días
‘I got scammed by wish’ not a surprise, like the vids though
Irrelevant Gamer
Irrelevant Gamer Hace 7 días
I am jealous of that hairline
Sam Benjamin
Sam Benjamin Hace 7 días
grown man getting exited for a mickey mouse tv
Amaan Kagzi
Amaan Kagzi Hace 7 días
Me:clicks on video Also me:get an ad by wish Coincidence,I think not
XxKiller BladexX
XxKiller BladexX Hace 7 días
I got a wish ad during this
OhShindeiru! Hace 9 días
Serves you right
Jackivision Hace 9 días
Ken Fernandez
Ken Fernandez Hace 10 días
Offf... hahaha...
Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson Hace 10 días
Ironically the add before this video was Wish
P Hace 13 días
Viperion Hace 14 días
9:20 A tRuCk FeLl Of ThE bOx
SuperNT Hace 14 días
6:17 is the greatest moment in my life. I’m glad I was alive to witness this
Samuel Soyster
Samuel Soyster Hace 16 días
mind buying me a computer :')
Alex Candelario
Alex Candelario Hace 17 días
YOOOOOOOO no lie i used to have that exact same Mickey mouse tv!
HYP3 101
HYP3 101 Hace 17 días
What if my size is black and my color is white? IMMEDIATELY REALIZES Wait Wait Wait Wait
Pandy Hace 17 días
I have had one of those gameboys with 400 games
Maze Gray
Maze Gray Hace 17 días
did you notice you look like nick eh 30
Williebob 057
Williebob 057 Hace 17 días
Clicks on Wish video, gets two wish ads back to back
foxy Hace 18 días
5:30 song pls
fugthiz fugu
fugthiz fugu Hace 18 días
Royal Fshy
Royal Fshy Hace 18 días
I clicked this vid and immediately got a wish ad..
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Hace 18 días
You should’ve gotten the swords
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh Hace 19 días
Wish, where you wish you hadn't bought the thing once you get it.
Ronnsten Awesome
Ronnsten Awesome Hace 19 días
No kidding, I had that tv when I was like, 5. Back in like 2004vor 6
LaKeba Fondren
LaKeba Fondren Hace 19 días
I bought some thieves oil supposedly from The Young Living brand to the tune of $35. All I got was some kind of cooking oil or mineral oil bottled in a knockoff plastic essential oils bottle with a bad facsimile of an original Young Living label. Basically I bought Thieves from some thieves! Don’t EVER buy anything off of wish!
JayTheTimeLord Hace 19 días
1:21 made me laugh loud enough to alert the members of my family
Levi Loring
Levi Loring Hace 19 días
Vacoh Hace 19 días
If u want really good headphone that’s cheap get JBL I think it’s tune 110 The bass and sound quality are insane sound like your in car for 20$
cyberpyrofox Hace 20 días
Im pretty sure that xbox controller is an original xbox one controller. In the original runs of the one controllers they didnt have aux out. It was through the hdmi mini port on the bottom through a puck like on the 360 controllers. So it could be part of the original run.
C Gallant
C Gallant Hace 20 días
Why do you have your PC backwards ?
C Gallant
C Gallant Hace 20 días
I Love the and it Should be on every thing or it Should have a adapter¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡l!!!!!!!!!!
C Gallant
C Gallant Hace 20 días
I just saw theses air pod knock of called white pods there 79.99 i think there soooo bad they Should be on wish!!¡!!!!!!!!!!l¡!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
ColeYourStuff Hace 20 días
ColeYourStuff Hace 20 días
n- nuts milk?
Jump island 206
Jump island 206 Hace 21 un día
Author has taught me how to fix computers I thank you for that
Tom - Cartoon
Tom - Cartoon Hace 21 un día
The wish laptop has only 64GB which is not great for saving big files
B C Hace 21 un día
Video about wish Wish ads: its free real estate
KalylleTabern Hace 21 un día
Use code CHRZJBLZ it’s 75% off🥺
STADY_lemon_OG Hace 21 un día
Lol there was a but hole plug
HazardousFromage Hace 20 días
Inappropriate. I am emailing your mother and your school
Dee Puri
Dee Puri Hace 21 un día
We got a 50 dollar drone on wish and it is very very good
Sam Malson
Sam Malson Hace 22 días
1:12 thats mad
MR s!n
MR s!n Hace 22 días
I got a wish ad this
Campbell Sergison
Campbell Sergison Hace 22 días
i swear i log onto wish to see if i can find something cool but no i find a masterbator
JamesBacha Hace 22 días
You have to use the select button you tool.
FilipN Hace 22 días
I bought hoverboard for 20 bucks and i got only a bag for it xdd
Cincimation Hace 22 días
I got a wish ad before this. Strange
Zach Neal
Zach Neal Hace 22 días
what keyboard is he using?
ThanosJerky Hace 22 días
Where did you plug in the leds on the case you used cause I have the same case and i don’t know where to plug it in
Truplushes Hace 23 días
We have the same birthday !
gabriel Kimber-Hernandez
he used the real xbox controller instead of the real one
H2Woah Hace 23 días
Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay Hace 23 días
Except for those look like DB9 connecters on the "NES" controllers, which is what the Atari 2600 used, as well and the Sega Master System and Genesis.
PurpZillx Hace 23 días
I dont think anyone noticed the power bank was a box mod vape 💨😂😂😂😂🤷🏼‍♂️
Ingram Caulk
Ingram Caulk Hace 24 días
I got a wish ad before this
Joshua Chopade
Joshua Chopade Hace 24 días
A truck fell off the box or something.😂 9:20
Dev Reasantz
Dev Reasantz Hace 24 días
Xboxes are fake af on wish or ps4
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan Hace 24 días
I have the same birthday as Austin I am honoured
Nameless inc
Nameless inc Hace 24 días
9:20 a truck fell off the box?
Boeufno Hace 24 días
Lmao I got a wish ad on this video.
Fab Palacios
Fab Palacios Hace 24 días
My friend has that Mickey Mouse TV too lol if you play for hours in that tv your eyes are going to see different colors on stuff
mr RETARDGAMER Hace 24 días
I wish to Have ps4 pro (Wish gave fake ps4 pro) (me: F$@& I Want ps4 Pro Not gs4 pro)
Tortizi Hace 24 días
Bruh i just got a wish ad
Oscar Karlsson
Oscar Karlsson Hace 25 días
That is a 550ti
Mati Brz
Mati Brz Hace 25 días
Who just got a wish ad before the video even started
Braiden Missal
Braiden Missal Hace 25 días
I have that tv somewhere, XD
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