I Grew Up in a Family of Dwarfs

Peet Montzingo
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ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS! Well.. some. I got sidetracked a lot lol.


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19 ene 2021






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Peet Montzingo
Peet Montzingo Hace un año
i really got carried away editing this lmao o well enjoy
GHOST Hace un año
he looks like the main character of a quirky animated movie
dirtylaundry00_ Hace un año
i swear this guy has the most interesting life: he lives right across from the cecil hotel, has a family of dwarfs, is awesome at playing the trombone, and has a great relationship with his mom.
Luis Viana
Luis Viana Hace un año
I can only imagine the amount of weirdness people throw at him because of prejudice and misinformation. He’s lovely
The fact that he looks exactly like his mom
Mila Roberts
Mila Roberts Hace un año
Both my parents have Fairbank's disease. Which basically means they don't grow as tall as every one else but it isn't drawism.
Mary Music and Vlogs
I’m 4’9 so when people ask me why I’m short I always ask, “why are you average height?” They usually leave me alone after that 😂
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith Hace un año
I’m less confused by him not being a dwarf in his family and more confused about him being a ginger with blue eyes. Dude got all the recessive genes. Oh and you’re relationship with your mom is amazing
iKeto 🥑
iKeto 🥑 Hace un año
I'm an old asian lady and I don't know how I got here but want to say you're doing good for vlogging and you seem sweet. I think you have a lot to offer in terms of entertainment for ESvid. Good luck to you here and keep it going. Your mom raised you well
Mary Wangen
Mary Wangen Hace un año
Dwarf Mom here with 2 kids with dwarfism, 3 without. Good job dude👍Seriously!😁
Princess Lei Viloria
He looks like that guy from hotel transylvania with a voice like Tom Holland
NaturalNat Hace un año
Kinda doubt you’ll see this comment, but try not to let some of these very judgmental comments get to you. Just continue to embrace and be proud of who you are.
Amanda Billings
Amanda Billings Hace un año
Can I just say: you sir are a sweetheart, your family is awesome, your mom is absolutely lovely and her love for and patience with you is precious (and she needs to upload a Smokey eye tutorial for me please), and your videos are just so wholesome and uplifting ❤️❤️❤️
Krys Ivory
Krys Ivory Hace un año
Your mom is so strong,
Jenny Barrera
Omg he has such a interesting perspective being in a family of all dwarves. The way he describes his upbringing is so positive, I love that.😄
Mattie Dobson
Mattie Dobson Hace un año
I like the fact he thought he was different because he wasnt a dwarf. This video proves that we are all equals as humans. What an inspiration this family is 🙂
Rayyan Asif
Rayyan Asif Hace un año
He has red hair and blue eyes, that's a rare combination man.
Лев Фефелов
Лев Фефелов Hace 14 días
In Terry Pratchett's books, in the cycle about the guard, there was a character, a red-haired two-meter kid who grew up among dwarves. You can safely say that there are books about you.
Amanda W
Amanda W Hace un año
Peet... your mom is hilarious. You're amazing ignore the haters. I adore the bond you have with your mom.
Anna Magill
Anna Magill Hace un año
He is literally like so rare. Because, one: he had a 75% chance of being a dwarf but wasn't, and two: he has red hair blue eyes the rarest combination in the world.
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