I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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11 jun 2019

I had my jaw wired shut for 2 monthsJaw surgerywired jawwired shutfunnylolstorysomethingelseytsomethingelsesomethingelseanimatedanimationfunny animationanimated storycomedycomedianytWired jawsmile






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brazil Hace 2 meses
haha grape
I'm patato master
I'm patato master Hace 8 días
I litterly laughed at this for 3 minutes
gacha tuber de Cora
gacha tuber de Cora Hace 17 días
Ha ha
eh boo
eh boo Hace 19 días
Penso Hace 3 horas
In the end u still spelling wrong ! 12:24 " Dont forget to Like that smash button " LMAO
Guang Yang
Guang Yang Hace 3 horas
12:25 did he just said like that smash button?!
onebig boi
onebig boi Hace 3 horas
Shelby Sanders
Shelby Sanders Hace 4 horas
My jaw used to lock all the time till I had this device called a butterfly...I think that was the name lol I hated that thing and made my mouth and teeth hurt so made
Camille Alanis
Camille Alanis Hace 4 horas
I’m in love with this maN
Champy Aubrey
Champy Aubrey Hace 4 horas
It was like Gordon Ramsey served it with a bedtime story and a loving kiss!
Raining Thunder
Raining Thunder Hace 4 horas
Fetty Potter anyone?
FDA Approved
FDA Approved Hace 5 horas
Did he just like that smash button? 12:25
Jabba Da hut
Jabba Da hut Hace 5 horas
I’m always sick and can’t eat anything until I’m better again.... SOOOOOOOOOOO. I watch mukbangs and pretend I’m eating the thing the person in the video is eating ;w; 😂
TheGamerLamp Hace 5 horas
Starving Adam is _Cursed_
Best The very
Best The very Hace 5 horas
What if you got both your eyes and jaws covered for months
double trouble2
double trouble2 Hace 5 horas
I had the same thing
synjia playz
synjia playz Hace 6 horas
Y do u look like tony stark
Bendo 57
Bendo 57 Hace 6 horas
First video I see AND I LOVE THIS GUY
Amy Rose
Amy Rose Hace 6 horas
"I would Fu*king eat you!" Me: Same cause I remember eating a chocolate bar and my brother was about to take a piece I grabbed his hand and said i would Fu*king kill you if you touch my goodness
ROBLOX plays
ROBLOX plays Hace 7 horas
My new smile more like my new life
ROBLOX plays
ROBLOX plays Hace 7 horas
R u Asian if u are me too!!!!!!
Lil' Shrek
Lil' Shrek Hace 7 horas
Miral Glances
Miral Glances Hace 8 horas
6:55 OH NO
JaeDolphin .games
JaeDolphin .games Hace 8 horas
This video: 21% about jaw surgery, 2% watching people eating food on yt,and the rest.... *77% about food*
Acid A.J.
Acid A.J. Hace 9 horas
So this will be my life (hopefully) by the end of 2019. I was born with one side of my jaw higher than the other and this is causing my bones grind together and I have all of the animator's symptoms, as well as sleep apnea. I'm going to get my lower jaw moved forward and I right now I'm just waiting for my teeth to straighten, because if dentists can find a reason to give you braces they'll do it. I'm READY. I WANT TO EAT FOOD NORMALLY. I haven't taken a bite out of an apple since I was 7 pls help
Ace Robo Gacha
Ace Robo Gacha Hace 9 horas
😈 🧣 👟 This is Adam 1 like = 1 chocolate milk
Gamercc04 Hace 9 horas
"God's Cylinder" GOD'S CYLINDER
Shania Mccoy
Shania Mccoy Hace 9 horas
Anyone else think he’s cute...??
iFRESHxK1L3R Hace 10 horas
haha this video Is 2 months old
Novina Ramos
Novina Ramos Hace 10 horas
People who get braces for the first time have a mild experience of this. I remember drawing food that I couldn't eat (this was a new phase of mine, I'd never drawn food throw obsessively or much at all before) and looking up pictures of food.
Akela Lantern
Akela Lantern Hace 11 horas
How the hell does this have 7M views
Luka The brat
Luka The brat Hace 11 horas
Good dude. Rn I'm experiencing some extreme pain in my jaw and gums. Also my jaw locks up everytime I chew. I'm getting scared this video is gonna become a reality
Bonzi Buddy
Bonzi Buddy Hace 11 horas
Hey!!!! Just finally got to eat solids after double jaw surgery. 5 weeks and now I'm free, lets gooo!
Mr Tripuler
Mr Tripuler Hace 11 horas
I can't believe 7.2 million people watched this and he still has 2 million subscribers
BlueMøonX Hace 11 horas
Kronik z
Kronik z Hace 11 horas
3:04 he couldn’t breathe cuz he hath no nose which makes him A MOUTH BREATHER!
IM_A_GIRL AF Hace 12 horas
Demonetization has a nice butt
LucidLili Hace 12 horas
Bruh I have this has problem! My doctor is considering surgery, but I've only been dealing with this for 2 frickn years there gonna wait if/ when it gets worse. Oof
Skye Hoover
Skye Hoover Hace 12 horas
You say it was hell, even though your character is a devil
Sara Gee
Sara Gee Hace 13 horas
“I will f*cking eat you” replays 7:12 7:12 7:12 7:12 Costs 1 like
Courtenay Griffin
Courtenay Griffin Hace 13 horas
He needs his Chocolate MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Icee Crystal
Icee Crystal Hace 13 horas
fuckin food wars type shit on that God's Cylinder like
Steven Universe New Character Clips
Why is it so quiet
Idk Why u ask me
Idk Why u ask me Hace 13 horas
Tomato soup is pretty nasty
Yensen Chamorro
Yensen Chamorro Hace 14 horas
Why don't you add glasses to your character if you wear glasses in real life
yeET_1Oo Hace 14 horas
ESvidr: *Grinds teeth* ESvidr:
zizi muiakka
zizi muiakka Hace 14 horas
zizi muiakka
zizi muiakka Hace 14 horas
Gffddfffggf cy he
As Odd As An Oddish
As Odd As An Oddish Hace 14 horas
It was like gordon ramsey himself served it up with a bedtime story and a LOVING KIASS
Stilest 101
Stilest 101 Hace 15 horas
YungTokyo Hace 15 horas
I’m supposed to get surgery next summer 😂
Scotv4z Hace 16 horas
I am iron man Adam: I am grape
Aventureros de maravilla
*Microwaves be like*
spinal topaz
spinal topaz Hace 17 horas
If markiplyer and Tony stark had a kid
fifi 7890
fifi 7890 Hace 17 horas
me: scrolling through comments adam: likes the only comment about marvel ps: i know my english is broken
Adam's Playworld
Adam's Playworld Hace 17 horas
We Love Everything
We Love Everything Hace 17 horas
How old were you when this happened? 😁
Javier0305 Hace 18 horas
"What would you do for a million dollars?" "Probably suck di-" I died at that part xD
Plush vids Studios
Plush vids Studios Hace 18 horas
What’s wrong with boosted drinks
epicz gaming X
epicz gaming X Hace 19 horas
The real drinks he had to drink when he was on a liquid base diet were boost shakes I’ve had them before and they are gross
TNT gamerz
TNT gamerz Hace 19 horas
when you pulled out your hamburger at the living room.. poor dogs outside: 6:20
Алексей Александрович
"But yeah, I mean it wasn't that big of a deal" sounded just like russian "БЛЯ, I meant ....." and it fits in great with a context of demonitisation)))
GreedyDevil's Playground
Pusheen Verch
Pusheen Verch Hace 20 horas
Adam: I want chocolate milk Nurse: leaves Adam: cri
Ymmanouell AMUL
Ymmanouell AMUL Hace 21 un hora
like that smash button?
Just Alex
Just Alex Hace 21 un hora
Adam looks like tony stark
Asuna Griffin
Asuna Griffin Hace 22 horas
g r a p e
The Fun Games co.
The Fun Games co. Hace 23 horas
Hi grape
yxjgkxdwpqln Hace 23 horas
I’ve watched like 2 videos from this man (from the actual channel not including collabs) so does like he have an obsession with bananas or something?
Theblue_LightningWolf9 Obey-shingoose
I just noticed you said like the smash button instead of, smash the like button! OoF!
ok dezi
ok dezi Hace un día
and still to this day. adam has not gotten his chocolate milk.
Lion 1 and Lion 2
Lion 1 and Lion 2 Hace un día
Adam do you still eat tomato soup?
Jordan Helden
Jordan Helden Hace un día
Tomato's are evil👿👿👿👿👿
Sophie Chipman
Sophie Chipman Hace un día
I have smiling in photos
emily hammon
emily hammon Hace un día
6:38 gets me every time i love that part
Trixie Fireheart
Trixie Fireheart Hace un día
I like Boost drinks but having to drink it for two months, I would grow sick of it-
Kim Jisoo, hit me with that Ddu-du ddu-du
why tf is this in my recommendation. _and why tf am i just finding this guy?_
ForeverPotion Daniel
Adam: It was literally just tomato soup from a bOx- COLD AS HELL! But it tasted as if Gordon Ramsay himSELF served it up with a bedtime story and a loving KIASSS! Me: weird flex but ok
Val Vanessa
Val Vanessa Hace un día
U look like Harry Potter
Mustafa Judeh
Mustafa Judeh Hace un día
Mustafa Judeh
Mustafa Judeh Hace un día
Dat Asian Kid
Dat Asian Kid Hace un día
Ensure was better
Kyler Klein
Kyler Klein Hace un día
Dont forget to like that smash button everyone
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