I have a confession.

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Mythical beasts... I have a confession to make... and it's that today's game involved Link trying to see if he can predict the deepest darkest secrets other ESvidrs are willing to put out on the internet. GMM #1380
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17 sep 2018

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Colleen Ballinger
Colleen Ballinger Hace 5 meses
Bacon is trash.
Rosanna Redman
Rosanna Redman Hace 4 días
Omg my twin
ThatsJustMxddy Gacha
ThatsJustMxddy Gacha Hace 23 días
Colleen Ballinger noooooOoo
Ultra Instinct Shaggy
Bacon is the true definition of trash
Itsilegal 80
Itsilegal 80 Hace 2 meses
Colleen Ballinger I agree
xgracex Hace 3 meses
Jennifer Griel
Jennifer Griel Hace 21 un hora
What if they actually confessed something here. I mean, they probably don’t have anything to confess. But imagine if they did. They do crossdress a lot.
xydoit Hace 22 horas
Capquake can confess she is a furry.
xydoit Hace 22 horas
I didn't wanted to watch it because i thought Rhett confess
Nobody gonna mention that this was the 10th anniversary for gmm....really
Rosanna Redman
Rosanna Redman Hace 4 días
RigityRigity RektSun
I thought rhett was gonna admit he cheated on his wife or slmething
Mario is Here
Mario is Here Hace 10 días
Hartfield Art
Hartfield Art Hace 17 días
I was sooo scared when I saw the title
shirley rae
shirley rae Hace 20 días
Bacon is disgusting
Jostein V. Jordet
Jostein V. Jordet Hace 21 un día
Hey, you say this is wrong? I like pickles
Tomasina and Estella!
Tomasina and Estella! Hace 23 días
If Miranda sings is Colleen Ballinger, then how come she was miranda on the christmas songs video?
Hailey Mew
Hailey Mew Hace 26 días
I dont like the Simpsons
Alex Jung
Alex Jung Hace un mes
I squeejee myself too link
Strictly Anime!
Strictly Anime! Hace un mes
I think rhett was actually letting out his rage because of link not liking anything on this show😂
Fluff Toon
Fluff Toon Hace un mes
Rett: Is she A: a furry Me: gfkjxfyxjufjch I'M ONE OF THOSE
Ally Mills
Ally Mills Hace un mes
I did it because the INTERNET wanted me to do it!
Hannah Truesdale
Hannah Truesdale Hace un mes
I love cupquake!!!!!💜💜💜 Edit: the gopher when she said party animal😭😭😂😂
Randi Matthews
Randi Matthews Hace un mes
yeah i dont like bacon either lolol
Natalie Regling
Natalie Regling Hace un mes
Foo fighters ‼️
Travis Lockwood
Travis Lockwood Hace un mes
is link greying?
Whimsical Fox
Whimsical Fox Hace un mes
Lol Foo Fighters!
Ulysses Fontaine
Ulysses Fontaine Hace un mes
Forgive them fath- wait where's the priest? *Comstock shows up* YOU'RE NOT A REAL PRIEST! *SHOTGUN!*
Teganthetiger 1
Teganthetiger 1 Hace un mes
i have a confession i don’t have a confession
Ashe Hace un mes
btw the fact that its clickbait is literally the joke, why yall mad
Ashe Hace un mes
i love bacon, however people think i'm crazy because i dont like peanut butter haha. (im so sorry, link)
Valeria Delgado
Valeria Delgado Hace un mes
This aired on the tenth anniversary of this channel aw
vananyask1 Hace un mes
I never understood the big deal about leaving Christmas decorations up. One time when I was a kid we took down our Christmas tree in August just to put it back up in December. I didn't care.
Melvin Eitan Macias Cifuentes
Happy ten's years
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson Hace un mes
Katie 9 3/4
Katie 9 3/4 Hace 2 meses
ugh I love Tiff, I remember when that video came out 🤧❤
Sarcasm Hace 2 meses
I usually aim to remove my christmas decorations before June. If I fail to, then there's really no point to take em off just to put them all back anyway.
TaliTV Hace 2 meses
I am vegetarian and I don't like bacon and im a youtuber
Luck310455 Hace 2 meses
I thought that this video was serious 😂😂. My mistake 😂
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin Hace 2 meses
You guys that was some good click bait.
Addison S
Addison S Hace 2 meses
Please do a collaboration with James Charles
Bayleigh Wiggins
Bayleigh Wiggins Hace 2 meses
I hate bacon to
DAZZLER DAZ Hace 2 meses
To be honest if I'd only ever eaten american/streaky bacon I would dislike it too 😎
Ramsher Felix
Ramsher Felix Hace 2 meses
They somehow trademarked "Let's talk about that" which has been said before the invention of the English language.
CEO Ryan
CEO Ryan Hace 2 meses
1:01 Notice that they're subbed to themselves
Harper Clarkson
Harper Clarkson Hace 2 meses
dave grohl who? i only know rhett mclaughlin
Xander Fishy
Xander Fishy Hace 2 meses
*adds 'chocolate urine' to my internet search*
Brett Saunders
Brett Saunders Hace 2 meses
Anyone come here from LTAT?
Vanessa Graves
Vanessa Graves Hace 2 meses
forreal bacon isn't good though
Michelle Emery
Michelle Emery Hace 2 meses
Minna G.
Minna G. Hace 2 meses
i searched are rhett and link gay and i got this (i didn't actually think they were gay i know they have children -.-)
Kitty Phyrie
Kitty Phyrie Hace 2 meses
I hate bacon too
Parker V2
Parker V2 Hace 2 meses
I love this video!
Morgan Maynard
Morgan Maynard Hace 2 meses
Papa Xan
Papa Xan Hace 3 meses
Harry Todhunter
Harry Todhunter Hace 3 meses
Its really wierd that Link is actually called Charles Lincoln Neal,III
Danishta Reddy
Danishta Reddy Hace 3 meses
I wanted it so bad to be comedy video and it is... i love Rhett and Link so much
Plague of Sharks
Plague of Sharks Hace 3 meses
I-I....I don’t like bacon...
Little Meat
Little Meat Hace 3 meses
When D. Was slit the throats of a pig for the rush I died it was so funny
Matthew Huang
Matthew Huang Hace 3 meses
This technically isn't clickbait, because they actually did confess something
Corbin Colvin
Corbin Colvin Hace 3 meses
Rhett monologue was awesome actually
The Skylan Show
The Skylan Show Hace 3 meses
I was looking for a furry episode of GMM (I am one) then I came across this..
Matthew Music
Matthew Music Hace 3 meses
0:57 PLEASE *please do a song using does notes! It sounded soooo good!*
jimbobbyrnes Hace 3 meses
is party animal just another word for slut? or am i missing something
_airx_ Hace 3 meses
I squeegee myself too!
JMAN Hace 3 meses
I thought I was the only person that squeegee'd themselves off with their hands so the towel doesn't get as wet.
senak risthfon
senak risthfon Hace 3 meses
I do the squeegee thing
SweetCherry Hace 3 meses
Bacon should die. Oh wait...
puddy_in_the_hall Hace 3 meses
8:51 I think you mean *panus*
Samantha Hayward-Brown
we still love you Rhett, despite your American accent
Andrea Vlogs
Andrea Vlogs Hace 3 meses
I also hate bacon it's so gross😤
Lay Chip
Lay Chip Hace 3 meses
It’s not technically click bait
Ceci Kittens
Ceci Kittens Hace 3 meses
I hate bacen too😐
Inside the Casino
Inside the Casino Hace 3 meses
I have a confession.... I record videos at casinos.
Chromic Hace 3 meses
i once had my christmas decorations until late march
Egyptian Priest
Egyptian Priest Hace 3 meses
zan 46 3018 hmmm
- ZombieSlayer -
- ZombieSlayer - Hace 3 meses
Lavander Zone
Lavander Zone Hace 4 meses
Low key though he was coming out.... I’m sorry.
maile zenner
maile zenner Hace 4 meses
Well I know she didn't slit the throat of a pig because I'm still alive
Pariza Meer
Pariza Meer Hace 4 meses
I just realized that this video was posted on the GMM 10 year anniversary September 17
washed out
washed out Hace 4 meses
they were just *too goofy*
Reece Herman
Reece Herman Hace 4 meses
I knew it because of the other click bait video they are really similar
salma Hace 4 meses
Pug Ninja
Pug Ninja Hace 4 meses
I do the same thing Link does! I do it so my towel doesn’t get as wet
Harasen Hace 4 meses
Oh boy, ya little clickbait buddies. You made me click! lol
ashish r
ashish r Hace 4 meses
8:42 Rhett wish comes true today omg she's actually on the show
Crazylegs Hace 4 meses
Rachel B
Rachel B Hace 4 meses
Can we please start a support group for people that hate bacon? Because honestly I feel so hated 😂
Tim bOB
Tim bOB Hace 4 meses
U had the opportunity to remix an usher song 🤦🏾‍♂️
Qwerty Bear.
Qwerty Bear. Hace 4 meses
I was gonna make a Foo Fighters joke, then you did, so yeah.
Carter Riddle
Carter Riddle Hace 4 meses
Rhett sang foo fighters. I can now die saying ive lived a full life
Jessica Ruth
Jessica Ruth Hace 4 meses
That doesn't shock me, you don't have to like bacon
Have 200
Have 200 Hace 4 meses
Me:(just got click baited) My computer: (in the garbage)
Ashley Hace 4 meses
Ugh yes another person that doesn't like Bacon
NamrednE 125
NamrednE 125 Hace 4 meses
Finally, found someone that also squeegees their body with their hands before reaching for the towel. Good to know I'm not alone.
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland Hace 4 meses
Bacon is shit
Tony Turtle
Tony Turtle Hace 4 meses
we've left are Christmas tree up for 2 years in a row.
Livv Lush
Livv Lush Hace 4 meses
Bacon is not good. Even the smell of bacon makes me want to leave the room and go to one that doesn't smell like bacon. Don't get me wrong, I have friends who like bacon and they're nice and everything, I just really hate bacon.
Hellomylovelies Hace 4 meses
I personally love the American accent
King Cherry Blossom
King Cherry Blossom Hace 4 meses
I’m not Allowed to go get on instagram
King Cherry Blossom
King Cherry Blossom Hace 4 meses
Cracked Oreo
Cracked Oreo Hace 4 meses
I like bacon but I still think it's super overrated. It's not that great. Not great enough to put on every other food in existence. It's good by itself. You don't need to put it on anything else. Except maybe burgers if that's what you're into. But not sweet stuff like ice cream or donuts. That's messed up
Iris J
Iris J Hace 4 meses
You didn’t post the confession :(
brown cousins
brown cousins Hace 4 meses
For number 1
brown cousins
brown cousins Hace 4 meses
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