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Wanna be a real racer? The only thing you need is a Demolitia Racing hat. It's guaranteed to make you 300% faster so you can get that big win!!! (some stats have been altered to sell more hats) www.bunkerbranding.com/products/demolitia-racing-hat
Some of you will probably be disappointed that I won't personally be racing Nightmare. It's for safety reasons. I don't yet have enough time behind the wheel to feel confident in a 750hp full on race truck in the toughest offroad race in the world. The guys that will be driving it are the owners of Tribe 16, the race truck shop that built Nightmare.
All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!


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9 feb 2019

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Vladimir Pakhomov
Vladimir Pakhomov Hace 9 horas
What the song at 10:16?
TJ STAPLES Hace un día
What video editing software do you use?
Tony Young
Tony Young Hace un día
yup, called it.. knew he didnt sale nightmare... figured king of hammer. but thought he'd be the passenger in the race 😎
tom cat squad
tom cat squad Hace 2 días
Chave ss
jimbo111589 Hace 2 días
Daynjur Dave
Sally MamaKitty
Sally MamaKitty Hace 2 días
My husband took a picture of the ‘64 Galaxy by Triple Nickle Racing at the San Francisco auto show in 2017. He just showed to me on his phone. He agrees- it’s an awesome car!!! 😆
Darryl Drax
Darryl Drax Hace 3 días
Glad your truck. Is there 😉🙏✌💞🐶💞👍👌😊
michael wiedemeier
michael wiedemeier Hace 4 días
That's a thunder bird
TNT_OUTDOORS Hace 4 días
You should start a racing team like one for each state or like a couple across the country if you do plzzzzz set a sponsorship with me I already race and I’ll use all my stuff just sponsor to travel
Magnus Hace 5 días
1964 Ford Galaxy. You're welcome.
#TeamLoboVape Hace 5 días
Get flex fit, the regular pulls my hair lol
Daniel Kapsner
Daniel Kapsner Hace 6 días
30 degrees is freezing huh? It was just -30 here in MN a couple weeks ago.
Enzo Prosciutto
Enzo Prosciutto Hace 6 días
What do u get out of this besides a beat up truck after the race?
Fishie Fish
Fishie Fish Hace 6 días
I’ve seen the car at 5:05 before! Saw it at at a gas station in California one time. I took a picture of it cuz it was awesome.
Fishie Fish
Fishie Fish Hace 6 días
It’s a Ford Galaxie to answer Matt’s question. “Galaxia de la Baja”
Fishie Fish
Fishie Fish Hace 6 días
It’s got more stickers on it now, haha.
Jason Cox
Jason Cox Hace 6 días
Matt your hats are too big or my head is too small. Love ya but I bought the DEMO hat with the fixed band and i can tuck my ears into it. Can you make some hats like 511 does??? Please?
Vinny Gullotta
Vinny Gullotta Hace 6 días
13:15 in you can see my Jeep, it's the JK with the snorkel about 1/3 of the video from the left. I'm basically famous now!
MrTaylorMusic Hace 6 días
I’m annoyed because I stopped getting your videos in my feed... never had to search for them before but I was like... hey I haven’t seen a OTR or DR in at least 2 weeks...
ADAM WAITE Hace 6 días
Congrads on your first trip to KOH!
C10 Lova
C10 Lova Hace 7 días
Matt that’s one badass ford galaxy
Dalton Bussler
Dalton Bussler Hace 7 días
A ford galaxie
MoDAssassin Hace 7 días
Its a falcon or a galaxy one of the two.
coqueta137 Hace 7 días
That makes sense why you keept the ultra 4 panel's
Kyle Ginsel
Kyle Ginsel Hace 7 días
12:56 16:52
Sam the Sham
Sam the Sham Hace 7 días
Hammer Town looks like the happiest place on earth.
Thomas 1227
Thomas 1227 Hace 7 días
You should race next year
Myron Disher
Myron Disher Hace 7 días
Hey Matt if keep saying dont tell mere she going to fine out and your going to be in big trouble
Seth Watts
Seth Watts Hace 7 días
The car was a 1967 ford falcon
Theawesomeg Hace 7 días
New wrap looks awesome but I liked the orange and black better
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown Hace 7 días
esvid.net/video/vídeo-PIn7tiOcacI.html. All 12 hours of the 2019 King of Hammers
Jason Moyle
Jason Moyle Hace 7 días
You're out in the middle of the californian desert in the middle of the day and you think its cold?
Jason Moyle
Jason Moyle Hace 7 días
BF Goodrich are crap use Cooper or Nitto tyres.
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes Hace 7 días
I knew you weren’t sad enough when it left ! I had in the back of my mind it would show up at this race!!!! So stocked ! Cant wait to see the video !
Robert P
Robert P Hace 7 días
For the past 3 years I was stationed at NAWS China Lake which is less than 2 hours away from this race and you waited until the year after I left to go!?!?!?!
ik04 Hace 7 días
1964 Ford Galaxy. My Mom had one.
Not J
Not J Hace 8 días
10:28 Tell that idiot to take his hand off the roll bar.
Sever Warfare
Sever Warfare Hace 8 días
I miss racing circle dirt track...
bullseye0169 Hace 8 días
Not totally sure but that looks like a Ford Galaxy 500. Someone back me up here, I’m fairly sore that’s what it was at least. Great video as always Matt.
Juggo fortytwo
Juggo fortytwo Hace 8 días
Didn't show the Minnesotans in shorts and t-shirts?
Mario Mejia
Mario Mejia Hace 8 días
May The Force Be With Matt 🌟🌟.
Mario Mejia
Mario Mejia Hace 8 días
Thanks for teaching us something Matt, this is interesting 🌟😛.
Edwin Feldman
Edwin Feldman Hace 8 días
Awesome event "DECEPTION" Matt & Danger Dave. Looks like a great time. Good luck Nitemare. BTW 63' Ford galaxy
HendricksonJonathan Hace 8 días
That car was a Ford fairnlane or a Ford Galaxy it was late 60's to the very early 70's, I hope that this helps maybe mention me?
Luuk Heerdink
Luuk Heerdink Hace 8 días
You shouldve sold it
Donald Hayes
Donald Hayes Hace 8 días
Man, I was there Thurs and Fri. Missed ya.
Bravesfn 82
Bravesfn 82 Hace 8 días
Wish yall could have hooked up with S3 powersports while yall were there. They are a great race team and world class atv/utv company here in Louisiana.
bitkarek Hace 8 días
thats like one Dakar stage...
Andre Forrester
Andre Forrester Hace 8 días
So king of hammers is moterstrom
oneeyedude20 Hace 8 días
Why the hell would you let someone else race and destroy your truck? Screw that
hunter gibson
hunter gibson Hace 8 días
Lol says he’s in a rzr but really is in a general
amorton94 Hace 8 días
Man that looks so awesome!!
Scott Stcyr
Scott Stcyr Hace 8 días
Nightmare in action @ 36:09, esvid.net/video/vídeo-PIn7tiOcacI.html
Owen Vickers
Owen Vickers Hace 8 días
I want to say it's a Ford galaxie.
crankysports Hace 8 días
I got so much more excited when you said you didn't sell your ultra 4 truck :)
Mav Rutt
Mav Rutt Hace 8 días
its a ford falcon
Don Lucero
Don Lucero Hace 8 días
Demolitia Flat Track Racing... I can get behind that for sure!!
Liss Hace 8 días
Русские есть?
Upshift Z71
Upshift Z71 Hace 8 días
"I knew it!!"?
Daniel Codsen
Daniel Codsen Hace 8 días
I know what thing your doing and I thought you had forgotten about the Marine graduation congratulations to each and every one of them
John Henry
John Henry Hace 8 días
It’s a ford galaxie
Dakota Fouste
Dakota Fouste Hace 8 días
O H Hace 8 días
called it
6ix 9ine
6ix 9ine Hace 8 días
Привет я из России!!!
Colton Ray
Colton Ray Hace 8 días
1963-64 Ford Galaxie if you haven't found out yet
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas Hace 8 días
It is a ford farlane.
AUstin LEach
AUstin LEach Hace 8 días
Matt is such a big puss for not racing. But at the same time I’m glad because he would look like a damn fool. This is as far as Matt will ever get to racing
Santa skip
Santa skip Hace 8 días
Matt you need to make a hat that has both the demolisha logo and tribe 16 racing logo on it
chang dang
chang dang Hace 8 días
pls subscribe ro pewdiepie
AZIROC Hace 8 días
I'm sure I missed it, but what happened to the VetRanch videos? Seems like the series that got you this far has been forgotten about.
Sam Eutsler
Sam Eutsler Hace 8 días
It looks like a 72 firebird Matt
joshua moore
joshua moore Hace 8 días
"We don't have a racing team" Well not yet that is...
Brendan Leach
Brendan Leach Hace 8 días
I dont think those jeeps have factory warranties anymore
ЖЕКА Босс Hace 8 días
Тут есть русскоговорящие люди?
ЖЕКА Босс Hace 8 días
Hello is Russia,good luck bro!
MT Paradise
MT Paradise Hace 8 días
Matt, what’s your P.O. Box so I can mail you something awesome?
Donavan Degon
Donavan Degon Hace 8 días
How's the Bronco coming along
Yam Goblin
Yam Goblin Hace 8 días
That was a ford galaxy Matt
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper Hace 8 días
It looks like a 1965 Ford Galaxy to me
Technopanda 101
Technopanda 101 Hace 8 días
Should’ve named the ultra4 the nightmere lol
flibjabber Hace 8 días
So disappointed you aren't driving it yourself. 😭
Dylan Willis
Dylan Willis Hace 8 días
I think it was a falcon
ventedleper 39 tyler
I have the same trailer
David Young
David Young Hace 9 días
Thaddiator 56
Thaddiator 56 Hace 9 días
Race to wifi.
Josiah Gallion
Josiah Gallion Hace 9 días
That looked like a Ford Galaxie
Jim Riddle
Jim Riddle Hace 9 días
That was a 1964 ford.
K C Hace 9 días
I see they qualified 48th but aren’t on the race results page? What happened?
RedNeck Dreams
RedNeck Dreams Hace 9 días
It’s a ford galaxy
Steph Harris
Steph Harris Hace 9 días
LOVE. Love! Love! The hat! Best 18 minutes plus I spent today.
Devastator Doom
Devastator Doom Hace 9 días
You sneaky son of bi## I thought he sold the Nightmare who thought the same
Gibby 13
Gibby 13 Hace 9 días
I only have one THICC shirt... I gain weight and loose weight all year so I can wear it at least 3 months out of the year... Come get it ladies! The other 9 months.... well let’s s not talk about it, but what I’m saying is I need more THICC shirts! It helps us big boys get the ladies! Get on it bunker! Love ya!
Victor Torres
Victor Torres Hace 9 días
Ford falcon
Joejoeington Mcjoe
Joejoeington Mcjoe Hace 9 días
No Name
No Name Hace 9 días
Get a Rezevain tank it's cool u could also get the military edition and shoot it its completely bullet proof
Austyn M.
Austyn M. Hace 9 días
He’s going to see those military recruits graduate tomorrow
William Davis
William Davis Hace 9 días
I thought the truck was gone but it looks awesome what they did too
itswicho upunkMf
itswicho upunkMf Hace 9 días
Bro it's a ford falcon or Galaxie
Holden Robinson
Holden Robinson Hace 9 días
as matts brother always says BUILD IT STRONGER
K - mander
K - mander Hace 9 días
Demolition racing the strongest racing team because we race bullets not cars
miltate Hace 9 días
That is freaking awesome 😎
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