I HID in PrestonPlayz TESLA for 24 HOURS! - Challenge

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I HID in PrestonPlayz TESLA for 24 HOURS! - Challenge with Brianna 👊
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🡆 Keith - bit.ly/2T9spqX
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Brianna Hace un mes
Subscribe and to help me find the next way to prank Preston!
Jenna Shirley
Jenna Shirley Hace un día
I'm her sister
Rolando Castillo
Rolando Castillo Hace 2 días
No dlcmj No fjjhj No fjllliu gjj no yhnkk. No figura nada Que yo cmbhvf. No gnomos que djj. Died physically ihhg this ill galgos funniest fight with hjojkll was the name number and the answer was that cheyj is my guilty pleasure No me quiero imaginar que humano yo me amo tuyo gusta mucho
Sofia Salcedo
Sofia Salcedo Hace 4 días
love ya bri!!!!!❤❤:)
Dragon Master
Dragon Master Hace 7 días
Poo on him
Hussein Omar
Hussein Omar Hace 9 días
@Elva leiva j
yvonejoy agor
yvonejoy agor Hace 4 horas
sister brianna you should prank kuya preston that you lost your memory
Bloom Life
Bloom Life Hace 23 horas
Why is everything bended in Preston‘s house?
Anneke Hace 23 horas
Hi Brianna I think maybe you shode make him stay in the bake garden for 48 hours
Autumn Randall-Weese
I’m the son
Skarrven Hace un día
Brianna are you surePreston is definitely going to find you so you should be very quiet with Keith no I was saying
Fernando Gomez
Fernando Gomez Hace 2 días
Fernando Gomez
Fernando Gomez Hace 2 días
You are dum take the stuff af
Nethophah Simmons
Nethophah Simmons Hace 2 días
Mał Cin
Mał Cin Hace 2 días
U should prank Preston by that you broke his computer! MHAHAHA I get more or throw eggs at him when his at his office (im evil)
Elvia Viera
Elvia Viera Hace 2 días
You can do 24 hours at Walmart
Michelle Herzog
Michelle Herzog Hace 3 días
Keith my birthday is November 14
FaZe Nate
FaZe Nate Hace 3 días
Yall act?
xxHolliwallixx Dat boy
Nooooo oh no honey
bonnie dixon
bonnie dixon Hace 3 días
I think u should prank him by making him go to sleep then drawing a moustache on his face made out of the fire logo
Jaxon Latorre-Stevens
ProMcGamer none
ProMcGamer none Hace 3 días
keith is 1 day up on my birthday woo!
Cassandra Berry
Cassandra Berry Hace 3 días
This video is so much better than any other video you made
Jeff Hellinger
Jeff Hellinger Hace 4 días
Manaada Sangaf
Manaada Sangaf Hace 4 días
Hi l love you so much and comment down below what is your favourite animal
Ian Miller
Ian Miller Hace 4 días
I love you Bri
Lea Smith
Lea Smith Hace 4 días
Hey Keith my birthday is November 9th
leonie christopher
leonie christopher Hace 4 días
Life of Catherine
Life of Catherine Hace 5 días
Why wasn’t this the full 24 hours?
pacoperez16 Hace 5 días
Family Repiller
Family Repiller Hace 5 días
Ur out of the car
Jenny Cole
Jenny Cole Hace 5 días
I l💖ve it make more make more
Alex Hyper
Alex Hyper Hace 6 días
It is not 24 hours if you get out
Avery Napolitano
Avery Napolitano Hace 6 días
Dodododododododododododododododododododododoododododododododoodododo d. Weeeeeeeeeee
Rachel Hooper
Rachel Hooper Hace 6 días
SlotDrop Marc
SlotDrop Marc Hace 6 días
Does anyone have a connection at Tesla? My S has been in the shop, no joke, for over 9 months. I was involved in an accident, and they keep telling me "parts are on back-order." I get the run around from the shop and Tesla. Ive been driving a loaner car that Tesla, which is NOT a Tesla, and its ridiculous.
Angel Mendez
Angel Mendez Hace 7 días
Luca Bianchi
Luca Bianchi Hace 8 días
Bri Ur My fav youtuber
Ms chopsticks
Ms chopsticks Hace 8 días
Kieth with his spy skills lol
Luz Maria Galvan
Luz Maria Galvan Hace 8 días
Bri your really funny 🤣🤣
MsFairyAsh Hace 8 días
At least leave Keith out of the next video
pilar barrera
pilar barrera Hace 8 días
KimAnn Perng
KimAnn Perng Hace 9 días
Kieth put November 16 and my actual birthday is on November 16
Carolyn Johnston
Carolyn Johnston Hace 9 días
Me: mommy! My phone broke!! Mom: how in the world did you do that!? Me: I smashed subscribe button! Do it before I eat you!
Rowane Madden
Rowane Madden Hace 9 días
Can you make a part two please
Anna Cabrera
Anna Cabrera Hace 9 días
i bet preston heard him and is writing that to trick him
zackarie mcewen
zackarie mcewen Hace 9 días
hi brianna
Aronas Trumpis
Aronas Trumpis Hace 9 días
Brianna how can you be in a car or something for 24 hours without going to the toilet!?
Adelynn Corn
Adelynn Corn Hace 10 días
Bri Shhhhhhh.... Bri again I SAID SHUT UP
Lucie LaFrance
Lucie LaFrance Hace 10 días
can you please do a part two of hiding in prestons house because i really liked the other one
A CC Hace 10 días
I neeeeeeeeeeed your head Keath pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A CC Hace 10 días
Brianaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh jeasssssssssssssssse you lied!!!!!! I think sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo r-r-r-r-right heheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... I beleaven Keath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nadeem Khan
Nadeem Khan Hace 11 días
My birthday is November 16
Darkknite666 Hace 11 días
Wow this is so fake there is no way he did not hear her talking in the back and some random person filming him this was scripted
Lily Kiendel
Lily Kiendel Hace 6 días
@Daniella Oduwole well said👍
Daniella Oduwole
Daniella Oduwole Hace 11 días
Stop if you don't like Brianna's videos don't watch them .You are one of those people who always say these mean things and and watches the youtuber all the time just to post mean things about them. Oh and just so you know Brianna does these videos on her husbands channel and there are bloopers. There roleplaying but you could have said it nicely
Robyn Miranda
Robyn Miranda Hace 11 días
Me Keith have the same bday hehe
Amy Steffen
Amy Steffen Hace 11 días
Hi Bri😸
Amy Steffen
Amy Steffen Hace 11 días
Ryan Kehl
Ryan Kehl Hace 11 días
My birthday is November 16 too
Marion Hace 11 días
Don’t do that
David Wearing
David Wearing Hace 12 días
Kid:I smashed my iPad Mum:how Kid: I smashed the like button !!!
LEGO PASA GR Hace 12 días
Do you have tesla? What? The tesla cars wants a lot of money to buy that. Where did you find all this money?
Avery Napolitano
Avery Napolitano Hace 6 días
ahmed chebbo
ahmed chebbo Hace 12 días
Hi i a fan
jewell Brown
jewell Brown Hace 12 días
bri prank prewston again!!
Enzo Dayo
Enzo Dayo Hace 13 días
Janasia Wallace
Janasia Wallace Hace 13 días
I love your Videos so much BRi
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