I Learned To Juggle A Soccer Ball

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"Never give up!"
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22 oct 2019






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Raquel Jaen
Raquel Jaen Hace 3 horas
The Not Normal Girl Kimberly
I play soccer and I can’t even do 2 😂 I can only do it on my knees
Alan Kampos
Alan Kampos Hace 8 días
I can do 100 no Kap
Dorian Hace 9 días
“Juggling a soccer ball” not quite the same ring as keepie uppies
Gaddiel Amparo
Gaddiel Amparo Hace 9 días
Hi Gadiel
Spartanmomo Hace 11 días
1:10 when I last longer than 20 seconds in bed
Nicholas Tamayo
Nicholas Tamayo Hace 11 días
Now try freestyle futbol
Jei Boss
Jei Boss Hace 12 días
Wtf is a soccer ball😐 it’s called football
KC Girl
KC Girl Hace 13 días
Who here has made it to 100 juggles 🙋‍♀️
F34R DbZz
F34R DbZz Hace 13 días
You did great
Ojberretta Berretta
Ojberretta Berretta Hace 14 días
lol the only dominicans who know to play FUTBOL are the ones in europe
xmenkiller Hace 14 días
no bullies we all started from the start like him
Oscar Manzano
Oscar Manzano Hace 15 días
Good job man !! Keep it going (:
Chriz Whiteboy
Chriz Whiteboy Hace 15 días
Who else is cringing while watching this
SU Playz
SU Playz Hace 16 días
I get so triggered when people call it SOCCER. It's football, dude. -_-
Yousef al saleh Football/soccer
Dude. I’m 10 and I can juggle more than 20 times. But keep going! Practice makes perfect
Luis Soltero
Luis Soltero Hace 17 días
It’s easy and finally
Markito Hace 18 días
Every body talking about “I’m cringing and I play soccer” I’m cringing when you guys call it soccer
Gabriele Lesky
Gabriele Lesky Hace un día
Beckytube MB
Beckytube MB Hace 17 días
Markito well you are watching an American video with many American people viewing so....duh
sean boyyy!
sean boyyy! Hace 21 un día
This gave me depression
Yoinks Fugl
Yoinks Fugl Hace 21 un día
Demonetize this vile filth
Beatriz Chavez
Beatriz Chavez Hace 21 un día
I only clicked cause it was Gadiel! Lol
Bomi Komolafe
Bomi Komolafe Hace 22 días
Those 8 minutes were hard to watch 😬😅...
Benjamin Wright
Benjamin Wright Hace 22 días
He’s doing pretty good for a guy that just started
elmeromerochuy Hace 22 días
1:20 he defied physics
FellafelFlaff Hace 23 días
If you can't hit the ball up yourself, send the ball to the god damned wall and use the momentum of the bounce-back to hit it up.
Goal Scorer
Goal Scorer Hace 23 días
Any other soccer players get really frustrated watching this?
TH3 KiiD
TH3 KiiD Hace 23 días
Melissa A
Melissa A Hace 23 días
Only watching because Gadiel was in the thumbnail.
Iona Thomson
Iona Thomson Hace 23 días
It’s easier if you use two feet
Zachary Conger
Zachary Conger Hace 24 días
This was genuinely funny
Intelligence and Atheism
Or "football" as we call it in English.
Dhiraj Singh
Dhiraj Singh Hace 24 días
Soccer ball ??? Can't u just say FOOT Ball
Ttv Samuraijak
Ttv Samuraijak Hace 24 días
Juggling is so fricking easy
Lunar Elevates
Lunar Elevates Hace 24 días
As somebody who is actually 10 and does more juggles than him, this is so hard to watch.
David Nazaryan
David Nazaryan Hace 24 días
I’ve played soccer for 8 years and can’t juggle more than 20
Insane Baller
Insane Baller Hace 22 días
So youre trash
Podin Hace 24 días
Well he is better than me
Sahamäl Retärd
Sahamäl Retärd Hace 24 días
Hana Hawa
Hana Hawa Hace 24 días
It is called football.
Briley Rupp
Briley Rupp Hace 25 días
Tips. Relax you body. If you use just your feet use your laces. Don’t try to kick the ball up with your legs. . It’s small movements with you ankle. Just small flicks. Get back spin on the ball and it will be easier. Also it’s easier to use two feet. Once you can balance and it’s easier to control
Oblivious Playz
Oblivious Playz Hace 25 días
It is called football
Louis Robertson
Louis Robertson Hace 25 días
Diego Angulo Alfaro
Diego Angulo Alfaro Hace 25 días
As a latino, I have to say, this is hugely disappointing
rodneeking85 Hace 25 días
I feel like this dude and I could be friends lol
Michal Krejčí
Michal Krejčí Hace 25 días
Americans : Soccer /Pikachu sniff face/ Every country : football
Kyle Attard
Kyle Attard Hace 25 días
can imagine people from europe rn (like me)
Antivaxxkaren Hace 25 días
Why is there the fifa walkout music at the end?
Rohit kumar
Rohit kumar Hace 25 días
Its damn hilarious. MIND BODY connection :-D Even the wall gave up supporting the bounce at one stage
Katriona Clucas
Katriona Clucas Hace 25 días
foolikooli Hace 25 días
He matches the wall lmao
foolikooli Hace 15 horas
Lmao I meant his shirt it’s orange and matches the orange line 😂 lmao I did not clarify my bad but these comments were funny
Beckytube MB
Beckytube MB Hace un día
Adnan Haki how else is he matching the wall?
Adnan Haki
Adnan Haki Hace un día
Racist is Judging someone by their skin color
Adnan Haki
Adnan Haki Hace un día
How is that racist
Beckytube MB
Beckytube MB Hace 17 días
foolikooli a little racist but ok?
Random videos
Random videos Hace 25 días
I died 7:22
Azneey Hace 10 días
Random videos ok ill show up in your funeral bro
Random videos
Random videos Hace 25 días
This is the amount of times he tried 👇🏾
megostoma Hace 25 días
Honestly I'm not even mad that I spent 9 minutes of my morning watching Gadiel kicking a ball.
SACC Hace 25 días
The guy with the gray shirt aint got a good body, but damn those legs are muscular
Jeannie Ford
Jeannie Ford Hace 25 días
This was honestly really adorable
Finko YT
Finko YT Hace 25 días
how many brits screaming ITS FOOTBALL
Abi E H-D
Abi E H-D Hace 25 días
In England they are called keepy ups
Shells Hace 25 días
Before watching the video. Theres no way he's getting more than 7
peshmerge44 Hace 25 días
Downvoted because you muricans insist on calling it soccer
Anas Alamin
Anas Alamin Hace 25 días
Looks like YOU can't do whatever you set your mind up to
Big Brother
Big Brother Hace 25 días
Watch this make me feel better
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