I Left My Base Inactive for 1 Year and THIS HAPPENED! 

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How far will my Clash of Clans Base Automatically Upgrade after 1 Year of Inactivity? Judo Sloth Gaming returned to a Level 1 Base after an entire year of being logged out. There was a number of other experiments tested in relation to the returning feature but ultimately I wanted to see how many upgrades would take place after such a long time being inactive. If you want to see when I risked an account by doing this with Only Healers, check out the video below.
I Left My Base Inactive for 100 Days with ONLY HEALERS: • I Left My Base Inactiv...
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17 feb 2023






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@JudoSloth Hace un año
What did you think of the amount of automatic upgrades we received given it was an entire year? Thank you for the support in helping us smash the 2 Million Subscriber goal I Left My Base Inactive for 100 Days with ONLY HEALERS: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-faKAGzS1g3o.html
@mattiasrahm3478 Hace un año
Hi judo you helpt me to do right in clash
@hussainwazier1690 Hace un año
@officialmoai3107 Hace un año
It surprised me.
@minitanqr2291 Hace un año
@Watarmeloncat Hace un año
The reason that you did not see as many upgrades as you expected was because the recourses needed for the upgrades are collected directly from your current collectors which did not have the levels to fund those upgrades. So maybe you can showcase the base after upgrading the collectors ,DS factory and the builder workshop.
@priyanshurawat5580 Hace un año
Bruh can you help me out im logging in after 2 years next month I maxed th 10 and just left at th 11 but its just th 11 and maxed only th 10 so
@forbdden7181 Hace un año
@@priyanshurawat5580 what do you need help with
They upgrade everything, I logged off for 4 years and got a fully max th10
@worldlyconnections Hace un año
@@jupiterthounaojam9414 takes 4 months to get a max 10 😂
@priyanshurawat5580 Hace un año
@@forbdden7181 i left playing coc 2 years ago And i thought lets take it to th11 and see what would happen Only my th is 11 but no th 11 stuffs are places nor i have upgraded my lab but my whole base is th 10 maxed so how much base would be upgraded ??
@ouzlov Hace un año
To Maximize the upgrades by the auto upgrade feature you should max out the resource collectors because all of the loot is coming out by them. The auto upgrade feature will not attack for you only collect the collectors and upgrade what it can
@Hagurmert Hace un año
Yeah, that's what I'm doing with one of my accounts, preparing it up for auto upgrade. (My 8th account) Have gotten all D.E drills to lvl 9 but the collectors are still on their way
@Rayan-ds1sc Hace un año
@@babymind_ 1 reaction on this account🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
@Dartrix8726 Hace un año
Yeah that's what I did to my base
@ProphetRay Hace un año
Yeah that's what he did wrong all resources pumps and Gold Mines should be Maxed out first
@nathankim1580 Hace un año
@@ProphetRay don't forget those gold and elixir storages!
@Jaso Hace un año
*Can I get a co-leader? :v*
@JudoSloth Hace un año
IQ First 😏
@sizuka7755 Hace un año
What are you doing here 5 iq
@Constheking Hace un año
Jaso deserves co
@samukrk9958 Hace un año
@FemaleBody Hace un año
Your videos are so entertaining
@kaylee9296 Hace un año
Judo's editing skill have really peaked a lot since last year.....But one thing is still common and that's the way this man keeps us entertained. Kudos to you judo many more achievements to come buddy! 💫
@BillyBob-dj4kr Hace un año
the jeongyeon pfp :o goated
@TheHenk101 Hace un año
@@BillyBob-dj4kr 😏
@kaylee9296 Hace un año
@@BillyBob-dj4kr ahaha she's my favourite lol
☝th12 and above th12 join new unranked clan For cwl pls
@masterop7823 Hace un año
At this point, I am convinced that somewhere in 2028 judo might upload a video telling he left an account inactive for 5 years 😂 Edit - 😏
@JudoSloth Hace un año
@Ki11ua7_7_7 Hace un año
​@@JudoSloth 😏
@karthik5076 Hace un año
@thacasualgamer0711 Hace un año
@Gannon. Hace un año
@Fungary_WeRN Hace un año
Actually, according to Jaso's video (about auto-upgrade), you actually should max the collectors as well, since it will use half the efficiency of that, so it is really much needed to upgrade. I think.
@besibs9726 Hace un año
Yeah He also said that even if you havent logged in for 10 years you will get the same amount of auto collect you get from 3 months
@ChrisPtoes27 Hace un año
Rip one year
@vern2k653 Hace 11 meses
I just came back after a year or 2 and all my th9 stuff is maxed out so that's pretty cool. I'm lookin for a clan too!
@rikispiral7936 Hace un año
New subscriber and returning player, I've been enjoying the content you've got up, even if older videos are outdated here and there. I've just been taking what I've seen in your older videos and applying the current state of the game to them, so it's still very enjoyable to watch and rewatch them, especially at work where I can just play them in the background. Looking forward to seeing more videos!!
@Grim_Player Hace un año
5:21 ☠️🤣 that made me laugh so hard
@ekamsingh1640 Hace un año
The fact that the server doesnt upgrade your base until you login means that the Base isnt loaded in the server, it just runs a calculation which then translates to the amount of upgrades it makes, is kinda smart.
@JudoSloth Hace un año
Yep, interesting when you word it like that
@notjaxon09 Hace un año
I just recovered my og account that i used to play on as a kid, and i went through this exact same thing, i had left it inactive for over 2 years and found that i had nearly gotten max town hall nine. Thanks for the content, i really enjoy watching your videos, keep up the good work!
@Lavoslav69 Hace un año
I'm so happy this video finally released
@JudoSloth Hace un año
Enjoy Leon!
@georgekouvelis6155 Hace un año
Μe too
@braincube013 Hace 11 meses
It’s kinda crazy how mobile games like supercell get away with insane pay to win things, and ESvidrs willingly give them even more money, so that the devs never change.
@chidoshonhiwa3727 Hace un año
Hello Judo Sloth! I am new to this channel and wanted to thank you for your AMAZING content I really enjoy them! Thank you for helping me complete hard CoC challenges with your tutorials. Thank you Judo :)
@JudoSloth Hace un año
Thank you for the support, glad you enjoy the challenge tutorials
@kingpatty4628 Hace 8 meses
I left my base for 3 years now. My TH was at level 10. half of my base was max out which include my resource buildings, barracks, and laboratory as a top priority. other buildings were 1-2 levels away from getting maxed. This makes wanna return to the game to see how much it got an auto-upgrade.
@carromking5509 Hace un año
Judo you never disappoint us by your content.Your video just make my day better🤧🤧
@JudoSloth Hace un año
Thanks glad you enjoy the videos!
☝th12 and above th12 join new unranked clan For cwl pls
@ayushbarai8875 Hace un año
Whenever I watch your videos, I learn a new thing almost every video. Thanks for all the effort you put in your videos judo. I'm a complete f2p but if I were to make purchases, I'll definitely use code judo 😅
@JudoSloth Hace un año
Appreciate your support, glad the videos help
@Star2opYT Hace un año
This video took 1 year , Thanks for your patience judo LOVE THE CONTENT
@epicwithjonnyboi Hace un año
It would be interesting to see this done again with a max lab to see how high it would level up troops 👀
@themarine6803 Hace un año
We were waiting a year for this masterpiece but its never too late
@JudoSloth Hace un año
Thanks buddy enjoy!
@mattdamon2084 Hace un año
1:10 supercell after few months, okay judo we understand your problem 😂😂👏 barracks gone😳
@Dragon_Kuboom Hace un año
Holy, is it actually already 1 years?? Nah i'm kidding, I know it's already 1 years. Keep up the fantastic job Judo 😀🎉
@JudoSloth Hace un año
Thanks buddy. Actually I released the TH1-14 video a while after it was made because I was moving offices at the time but it sure has been 💪🏻
@AdityaSingh-tf9rl Hace un año
Judo according to the June 2020 patch notes, your game auto upgrades via half the resources gained from your collectors, and since you only had level 1 collectors, it's pretty obvious why the upgrades were so less, ig you know what to do now 😉
@fouadsaade4721 Hace un año
Thanks Judo for making our day better ❤❤
@mrriouz9519 Hace un año
time's really fast. your video is always entertaining and educating, can't believe it's already a year since that video uploaded
@JudoSloth Hace un año
@divyanshkumar8549 Hace un año
@@JudoSloth hello I am watching your videos from the time you first started pushing trophies . Big fan from India
@sapphirepw5434 Hace un año
I haven't played this game for a year now I just came back and it's nice to see that your videos are still high quality
@croakinglizard2156 Hace un año
I love this concept for a video judo, 1 year in the making! great video
@JudoSloth Hace un año
You’re welcome glad you liked it
@DrippyGoku812 Hace un año
There seems to be a weird order in which the auto upgrade upgrades stuff, now I might be wrong but I am pretty sure that it has a merit system where the higher leveled something is, the less merit it has and the less upgraded it will be, I did something similar where I left my account inactive for 5 months and My barbarian king was level 42, while my queen was level 48 ( 50 is max for town hall 11) and my king was upgraded to level 48 and queen to 49, I am pretty sure the buildings themselves have a merit system as well and that the auto upgrade usually prioritise the buildings that will have the most impact and be the most helpful to the returning players, for e.g something like a canon is lower in the system and importance while walls/collecters are higher.
@akshat_2951 Hace un año
This series is super fun Judo ! Also any leaks on the Builder Base redesign ?
@narendra0039 Hace un año
Judo can you request to supercell to use us heroes at least in CWL when they are on upgrades to add more fun in game. Please judo please... 🙏. BTW your videos are insane 🔥🔥
@JudoSloth Hace un año
They’ve already said they won’t unfortunately
@davidpaul9961 Hace un año
I appreciate the quick info pop-ups. Great addition to the video!
@jaggerave Hace un año
Man I love a new freshly baked judo sloth video at a weekend ❤
@Nargiza1984 Hace un año
I legit learned about this yesterday ( after coming back to Clash of Clans ) And now you release this video, perfect timing
@johnlyons8981 Hace un año
@judosloth.....if your resource collectors were upgraded to higher levels it might have upgraded more or to higher levels. Take into account how much loot it gains/collects at a time. Maxing them then waiting another year might be interesting
@Exotic_Gaming Hace un año
I knew this video would have come BTW you are insane. I will always support you. This is my promise!! 👍👍Big shoutout to you Judo
@johnwick-ic8zh Hace un año
Judo video always make my day love your videos 👍
@JudoSloth Hace un año
Thanks John
@nicole9307 Hace 3 meses
i just come back after 3 hours of shopping and i get suprised again by another judo video perfect timing again
@robertchaar4383 Hace un año
Editing on this vid was really good. Love your videos!
I thought it could be the same but yeah, nice experiments judo! Love your videos 😉
@Bio191 Hace un año
Loved the editing on this one 😂. Great work!
@kenirving5240 Hace un año
I have recently (3 months) abandoned the game completely. It is such a relief, a real millstone put to rest. I’ll never go back and I’m thankful for that.
@Devil_Black789 Hace un año
Amazing video as always Judo keep up the good work!
@JudoSloth Hace un año
@atinnegi685 Hace un año
Yaa judo, you are back again. It makes me happy 😁
@JudoSloth Hace un año
Enjoy the video!
@thacasualgamer0711 Hace un año
We gotta appreciate Judo for spending hundreds of his own money to make this content for us and slowly becoming the Mrbeast of Clash
@tot.tot.tot. Hace un año
Even tho I've stopped playing COC i still love to watch Judo's video's ❤️
@supertoxictoast1 Hace un año
The spell factory joke at 2:43 is extremely well done, had a good laugh at it!
In my coc, loading screen problem app is not running, are you also facing it Or if u know give me advice🤜🤛
hi judo rly love your videos keep up the good work❤
@charliereynolds Hace un año
I may be an interesting case study for you, Judo. I recently came back to the game after about 6 years out, and I'm pretty sure I got a LOT of levels - especially on Heroes. I'm not sure how to determine exactly what I got, but if you're interested let me know and I can try and dig out some very old screencaps :) Edit: yep, got at least 20 levels on both BK and AQ!
@Kyle.180 Hace un año
I lov when you make these types of videos and lov seeing the auto upgrade feature
@Orinthal15 Hace un año
I have come back to clash last month after not playing for 8 years and ypur videos have helped alot
@aadithyamahesh2963 Hace un año
Judo,ur sense of humor nd memez tho🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 *TRUE LEGEND* 🔥🔥🔥
@PapaChewieSurfs Hace un año
Pretty disappointing return, for being a year inactive. But as others said, perhaps it is due to collectors. I vote to max them out and leave base inactive for 3 months. See how much "more" you can get in only a quarter of the time.
@JeuxAleatoires_B Hace un año
I think you should leave it for another year and compare the two progresses that have been made ! Keep it up, love your content !
@augustinetan5065 Hace un año
Finally time flies, can't believe its been a yrs
@JudoSloth Hace un año
@zayankashif4588 Hace un año
Congrats On 2.31m Subs! Keep Up The Great Work Of Entertaining Us🙃🙃 BTW How Much Time Does THE base Has To be Inactive To Start Auto Upgrade Process?
@paulff7998 Hace un año
1 year time flys Love you judo 👍
@jealouduroja Hace un año
I'm so glad judo that this video was released i've been waiting for 1year
@EmreYey Hace un año
@Ayuxh_ Hace un año
Guys u should upgrade ur collectors to max level, as the progression is 50% of the loot collected (if u were active) So higher the collectors level more the upgrades 😊
@cubation9254 Hace un año
Waited a year,its finally time
@JudoSloth Hace un año
@devis8050 Hace un año
@srijanshiwang Hace 9 meses
One year really!! You are putting great efforts judo to entertain us. Thank you
@uniqgarlanz9535 Hace un año
Max out everything things in this base and say the cost 🤣🤣🤣 Judo: I am broke when I do this 🤣
@saloom3216 Hace un año
7:20 Hi Judi how are you doing😂😂
@binayasapkota9659 Hace un año
Definitely he deserve one like per person. Good luck my friend 😘
@clasherjey4199 Hace 10 meses
this is what the most heart breaking, My man Judo may I request to you?, I one of old gamer of COC and leave the game, tryed playing other games, but still I always missed the game I loved at all, but even though I wanted to comeback, I can't do start and sacrifice time to build a new one cause it was the foundation and the algorithm of the game, my point is my old account are banned permanently cause of account selling, I regret it though I didn't really mean to sell it, I want to back in this game but if it's COC developers can give back of one's player account of just selling an account I mean almost of the other game they letting players sell their account if they wanted, please "I want to take again my COC account and play it again", Judo help us back to the game we loved.
@Mejigarvaru Hace un año
A video that relieves the tiredness of the whole day Thank you JUDO BRO LOVE FROM INDIA 🇮🇳😍❤️👍
@nonames3885 Hace un año
geez i forgot about this wow its rlly BEEN A YTEAR tu for the content judo
@ubt325 Hace un año
Thank you for bringing us so amazing and interesting videos my brother... Love you Six thousand.❤️
@bomtron1889 Hace 10 meses
Your edits are the best and very funny, love to see them.
@viggojoerin9065 Hace un año
really loved your vid as always amazing content
@flintbrantley7903 Hace un año
I love this type of content! I just made a new account to th12 and I let in inactive for almost 4 months now!
@JudoSloth Hace un año
Nice. Enjoy the feature Flint, it’s cool to play through
@Ju1c3yFru1t Hace un año
Is it just me or did judo get a lot more talkative then he was 2 years ago?
@aloneshy517 Hace un año
''Welcome back to the channel then guys im your host Judo Sloth.'' made me feel old, such a good intro.
@n4umcho Hace un año
Funny how today I tried to find my old phone to login my old rushed TH 12 account to see if everything was upgraded to max. Thank you for sparing me some time Judo!
@AlexHughes-fc9dz Hace un año
im pretty sure logging out for 2 years is the same affect as 90 days, great videos aways here to watch them
@Goofboi Hace un año
You were absolutely correct !!! 2 Mil Subs + and the journey still continues.
@JudoSloth Hace un año
Thanks bud!
@raahimkhan9552 Hace un año
JUDO the auto upgrade depends upon the level of your collectors and mines, since yours were level 1, the progress was very slow.
@YansiBaharai Hace un año
Judo's videos are not just informative but funny and entertaining to watch at the same time.
@issacyen6502 Hace un año
Judo: All of the other defences are level one Viewers: Sees a level 2 air defence
@ken13recordzzz Hace un año
Hello Judo! This is me with my new acc. My gmail acc was been disabled by google because a hacker tried to ban my account and it affected all my social media and my games. My ESvid also and especially my Clash of Clans. Well the acc that was disabled was my verification back up and now there's no way to recover my Clas of Clans. I was town hall 13 and I had so much memories on it! I even remember playing it overnight with my cousins! Well here I am just watching your video and still coping up!💖
@davelovespizza676 Hace un año
i actually waited 1 year for this video im hyped
@iamapplegod Hace un año
@jayem8138 Hace 9 meses
I think you should max out all production resources before leaving it for an entire year since your account will depend on how many it can produce on its own
@samved3387 Hace un año
Hi Judo lots of love from India I think you should upgrade all collectors,storages factories and barracks to max and then leave it then maybe it can provide maximum value. ❤️
@GodIsGood185 Hace 9 meses
Lol in 2 months got nother 11k subs, congrats Judo!
@megachad9349 Hace 6 meses
Thanks for clearing the baracks thing up i actually thought i was mad for thinking that there was more than 1 Baracks
Just watched Jaso video, absolutely got me including you
@furkansaytan4973 Hace un año
Thank you Judo i like your videos!
@jakejossy5175 Hace un mes
I stopped playing in 2018 at th9... I came back this year almost everything was max upgrade beside storages,tesla, traps. It even upgrading my originally level 13 king ( I believe) to level 29. Even bought the queen for me too
I actually recently recovered an account which was around more than a year old and many things were upgraded and I had to attack my own base similarly as you had to , it was a town hall 10 account
love your videos keep up the good work 👍
@Nxrth464 Hace 9 meses
2:44 I’m laughing really flipped hard right now
@aaravaggarwal1381 Hace un año
Judo keep making great content like this again, and try to leave an account for maybe 2 years and see what happens
@rexhyde1942 Hace un año
@garyesaga8893 Hace un año
The Longest wait is finally over!!!🤩🤩🤩
@khadkaronik5937 Hace 10 días
I also accidentally left my rushed base and then got it after 2 years and I found out it had auto upgraded I was so confused at first but then I watched judo sloths video and then learned that it had auto upgraded thanks judo for your educational videos
@omerafif6830 Hace un año
3:00 judo beast😂😂😂😂
@uniquegamer1808 Hace un año
Judo always have a new content.
@Nickxmw Hace un año
"Welcome back to the channel then guys" forever iconic
The 1 vs 5 Clan War!
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