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I got tired of this modern world so I decided to leave it all behind & go live in the woods forever. The first 1000 people to click the link will get a one month trial of Skillshare: skl.sh/garrettwatts07211

Stick around to answer the question at the end cause I sure do wanna know what your _______ _____ is!

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Thank you for watching the things that I make and I love you.


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15 oct 2021






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Billy the clown
Billy the clown Hace 13 horas
my comfort movie is deffo sweeney todd.
Brandi Smith
Brandi Smith Hace 23 horas
My comfort movie would have to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Followed by Prisoner of Azkaban, Order of the Phoenix, Deathly Hollows part 2, Philosophers Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Goblet of fire, Deathly Hollows part 1
Ember Draper
Ember Draper Hace un día
Me watching Garrett's mouth to see hes singing your song 🎵 🥰😍
Asron Hace 2 días
My personal movie/movies is probably also the Harry Potter movies ✨
xSugar Plum
xSugar Plum Hace 5 días
Actually no agnostic explicitly means a person who believes in nothing. If you believe in something, anything, you are not agnostic.
Penny The Angelic Sweetheart
Guess that's also him not taken shane moving away very well.
Ichel Osoria
Ichel Osoria Hace 8 días
My comfort movie is Coraline 😂
nevaeh Clark
nevaeh Clark Hace 8 días
They got his cat 💀
Raven Debaere
Raven Debaere Hace 8 días
Your videos are a big confort to me but other than that i love the fantastic mr. Fox and the secrets of kells :)
Cadence Kuhns
Cadence Kuhns Hace 9 días
Comfort Show: Adventure Time
drywall-face Hace 10 días
If there's a moth within an 80 foot radius of me, I will scream and arm myself with fabreeze- vs garret is ACTIVELY trying to physically place himself inside an abandoned trailer. Beyond
sadnmad Hace 10 días
damn ngl this song on 27:25 is really beautiful
Emilinaline Hace 10 días
My comfort movie is Tommy Boy
Haley Jones
Haley Jones Hace 10 días
My comfort movie is labyrinth it is such a good movie.
Autumn S
Autumn S Hace 11 días
miss Belle
miss Belle Hace 11 días
You should collab with a camping channel and go on a propper (safe) camping trip. I also hope whoever owns that land finds your cute little spider grave XD my comfort movie is tangled and how to train your dragon
Shelby Bedford
Shelby Bedford Hace 11 días
Confer movie is probably inside and the fact that he sang one of bo’s songs made me cry a little
MK-AKA-Morgan Hace 11 días
My comfort movie is Mulan 💖💖💖
Aubri Texeira
Aubri Texeira Hace 12 días
my comfort movies are pride & prejudice and the wedding planner
cshep Hace 12 días
My comfort movie is fantastic mr fox!
Saralette Hace 12 días
when he called the ground the floor
StopListenThink Hace 12 días
Hi 👋 The Adele video brought me over here 👈🏼
Viviana N
Viviana N Hace 14 días
Your videos bring so much joy to my heart! Thank you!! My comfort movie is any classic disney movie
Bikinizucchini Halo
Bikinizucchini Halo Hace 15 días
My comfort would be like fox and the hound 😆 and also like any Scooby Doo movieee
Tati Kay
Tati Kay Hace 15 días
My comfort movie is Princess and The Frog, I just watched it last night. Makes me feel like love is real..
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Hace 15 días
Your Name is such a comfort movie for me and honestly any Harry Potter movie
leaf mint
leaf mint Hace 16 días
It's lowkey bothering me that that plastic spider coffin is gonna be in the ground for a few millennia now.
babytrash04 Hace 16 días
my comfort movies are like what a girl wants, sleepover, spy kids movies, dirty dancing lol
babytrash04 Hace 16 días
i don't know where to is nature lmao
hayley way
hayley way Hace 17 días
No because what if you did actually die and the police discover your last words “how was the blade reboot?!”
Amy Fitzpatrick
Amy Fitzpatrick Hace 18 días
🎶 If I were à boy 🎶🎶 I'd ask you to marry me X My comfort movie is best friends with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart 💕
Alexandria Knight
Alexandria Knight Hace 18 días
I love you so much ♥️ the tiny skeleton drag got me good😂 my comfort movie is Benchwarmers lately, it was Ace Ventura When Nature Calls😊 I hope you have a great day and a better night, my friend♥️
Reina Montalbo
Reina Montalbo Hace 18 días
I love you so much Garrett you are incredible!!!!! Also my comfort movies would have to be Guardians of the Galaxy and 12 Dates of Christmas 🎄
JackieWarner13 Hace 19 días
Lumberjack Garrett
Daisy BTS
Daisy BTS Hace 19 días
Harry Potter and twilight all the movies also baby Driver
Manu Noel
Manu Noel Hace 19 días
Garrett be careful! It could be a hunting ground or shooting range
Manu Noel
Manu Noel Hace 19 días
There's probably a body or bed bugs 😨
Comics Fan
Comics Fan Hace 19 días
Why did that spider burial make me cry??
Sunflower Jade
Sunflower Jade Hace 19 días
Wow this is the first video I’ve seen of just yours. I always REALLY loved seeing you in Shane’s videos. You are HILARIOUS and I couldn’t relate more to running into the wild because of the chaos. I kinda did that and realized myself that I need to do modern life better and be more grateful 🥴😂❤️
kayla konopka
kayla konopka Hace 20 días
Garrett cures my depression
Dallas Scott
Dallas Scott Hace 20 días
If feel if I lead 12 would find this entertaining. I’m not 10 anymore.
Nexus Hace 20 días
I still wanna know why Garrett is good with a whip. I WANT THE ANSWER!
laurie sturdevant
laurie sturdevant Hace 21 un día
The thumbnail. I could stare at it for hours. Minutes at least. Beautiful.
El Coel
El Coel Hace 21 un día
Is anyone else screaming at Garrett to go home
Kendall Hace 21 un día
✨Howls moving castle✨
maryk Hace 21 un día
is sweet boys coming back 🥲
Juliet Fanning
Juliet Fanning Hace 22 días
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, Lost in translation, My neighbor Totoro
Emerson Jay
Emerson Jay Hace 22 días
Garrett over here talking about zombies in the woods, and all I can think is, "That sounds like a bear, sir, please get back in your jeep!" And as for comfort movies, I'd have to say The Secret of NIMH, The Avengers, and Spirited Away!
Quiet Ellie
Quiet Ellie Hace 22 días
I'm glad you made it out of the woods and back home safe!! Still thinking of going back for that abandoned trailer or checking out the hut? 😂 My comfort movie is Howls Moving Castle, 50 First Dates is my favorite non anime movie!! That and Terminal.. And Cast Away.. Not that I think you'll see this post weeks later. But oh well!! 😂 Love you! Keep being you but please stay safe! Also stop scaring us with those branches and trucks hitting you.. LOL
Erin Kelley
Erin Kelley Hace 22 días
I LOVE 50 First Dates! It never gets old.
crocsanddocs Hace 22 días
Legally blonde is my comfort movie
Skylar Lawson
Skylar Lawson Hace 22 días
I LOVED this video. Thanks for making my day better. My comfort movies are Hot Rod and Our Idiot Brother.
Marissa Lynn
Marissa Lynn Hace 23 días
My comfort person
Explosive Cosplays
Explosive Cosplays Hace 23 días
why is no one talking about the fact that he called the drive through worker " my friend" HES SO SWEET TO PEOPLE also my comfort movie is Holes
mastema Hace 23 días
Sweet boys is my comfort movie but also sound of music and elf!!
Dev Hace 23 días
someone get this man help
alizzle37 Hace 24 días
The fact you actually did this despite knowing you could die or get caught is so funny
alizzle37 Hace 24 días
I’ve never related to anything more
Alexandra Shell
Alexandra Shell Hace 24 días
Erica Taylor
Erica Taylor Hace 24 días
You’re the best!!! 50 First Dates is my favorite movie!!
Rose Hace 24 días
Rewatching this because I just got fired for talking about politics at work!!! Woooo laugh thru the tears
Erin O'Brien
Erin O'Brien Hace 25 días
Rugrats go to Paris the movie
brittany blanco
brittany blanco Hace 25 días
Do a vlog getting ur hair cut 💈
Rose Hace 25 días
Are lobsters immortal I’m ducking dead
Fire Wolf
Fire Wolf Hace 25 días
I love you so much Garrett lol
Ali Asgar
Ali Asgar Hace 25 días
mine is v for vendetta
A Wrkr
A Wrkr Hace 25 días
Pride and Predijuce (2005) it the movie that puts me in actual peace. Lovely lovely lovely
MillyMollyMandy1999 Hace 25 días
My comfort movie is a series. I must’ve watched Big Bang Theory 100 times now.
Mama Luigi
Mama Luigi Hace 25 días
Blair Witch who?
Roni Normandia
Roni Normandia Hace 25 días
My comfort movies are inside out, it chapter 1 and Sweeny Todd
jay noob
jay noob Hace 25 días
Garrett: I don’t suffer from a lack of things! Me: but are they RELEVANT things🤔
Anna Skarin
Anna Skarin Hace 25 días
Also, Harry Potter is my comfort movie hehe
Anna Skarin
Anna Skarin Hace 25 días
If you just saw Garrett out in the woods looking this like you’d never guess he has such a nice bubbly funny personality lol.
mastema Hace 26 días
garret when is sweet boys coming back helppp
Spider-Fran Hace 26 días
my comfort movies are lupin iii the first and the spongebob movie (2004)
Ciarra Davis
Ciarra Davis Hace 26 días
Butterfly effect.
Spider-Fran Hace 26 días
hi i just wanted to let you know you should lock up your lupin figures. they’re mine now.
Gracie Wagner
Gracie Wagner Hace 26 días
my comfort movies: princess and the frog mamma mia! black panther guardians of the galaxy avengers: age of ultron 10 things I hate about you descendants (specifically the first one) lemonade mouth
Jaden Chavez
Jaden Chavez Hace 26 días
my comfort movie is mulan!!! like seriously i watch it at least once a week lol
iloverollypollies Hace 26 días
i dont have a comfort movie, but one of my comfort shows is dexter, ps. my best friends comfort movie is shrek specifically shrek 2
Barbara Ford
Barbara Ford Hace 26 días
Im 3 weeks late but had to say love this vid and my comfort movies are Milo amd Otis and The American President 🤣🤣 My mom would put on M&O when i was having a bad day. Didnt find out about all the puppy and kitten murders until adulthood. Idk why American President...i was always fascinated by DC and that is such a gentle movie. Now of course i cnt watch anythjng politics related bc USA is a hellscape. Also all the Harry Potters. Bc of course. But FUCK JK FOREVER #translivesmatter
SaVaNNah tUrEmAN
SaVaNNah tUrEmAN Hace 26 días
my comfort movie is definitely Beetlejuice or princess and the frog
alex grimes
alex grimes Hace 26 días
“i don’t know where is nature” omg i love him 😭😂
Adrian Dennis
Adrian Dennis Hace 26 días
My comfort movie is either hocus pocus, luca, or the nightmare before Christmas They all bring me comfort in their own way 😌
Katja Koskelin
Katja Koskelin Hace 26 días
Garrett is my favourite looney cousin. What a shame we're not related.
MLE Hace 26 días
My comfort movie is, funnily enough, Spirited Away! I just adore that movie
Skye Domotor
Skye Domotor Hace 27 días
You brought my comfort movie with you to the woods! 🥺
Miss Mack
Miss Mack Hace 27 días
Not me watching Garrett’s videos over and over until he uploads again
bennihaha87 Hace 27 días
The gray in Garrets beard 😍😍😍😍
Bloomingdustyrose Hace 27 días
My comfort movie is The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore haha What are the odds 🥰
Beeinary Hace 27 días
My comfort movie is Perks of being a wallflower and Heathers :)
Cassie Goodrich
Cassie Goodrich Hace 27 días
Gran torino and the secret garden from the 90's
lizard_jizz Hace 27 días
my comfort movie is literally any monster high movie cause im just cool like that
L Lane
L Lane Hace 27 días
You should do a road trip - the road trip that Oprah and Gayle did - that could be your inspiration. The sweet boys could go camping across the country stopping at haunted places and searching for ghosts!!!! That would be a season!
Addie Benavides
Addie Benavides Hace 27 días
13 going to 30 is my comfort movie, Also, love you
sidewinders Hace 27 días
My comfort movie is: - Sleeping Beauty - Robin Hood - Harry Potter 3 - Sound of Music - Little Women (1994)
Chaotic Good
Chaotic Good Hace 25 días
Snowbird Hace 27 días
"AND MY HOGWARTS BROKE!!" i love u, garrett 😹😹🧡🧡
OK K0!
OK K0! Hace 27 días
Robert Knight
Robert Knight Hace 28 días
"No phone, no lights, no motor car, not a single luxury. Like Robinson Caruso, it's primitive as can be!" I suggest you move to Gilligan's Island. You would definitely make the perfect Gilligan if they ever did another reboot (like they did in the 90s).
TheWarrrenator Hace 28 días
Just move to Joshua Tree like all the other LA hipsters.
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