I'M A DENTIST NOW!? | Dental, Eyeball and Eardrum Surgery (FINAL)

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We come to the end of the surgery games and I'm a Dentist now? I'm not trained for that but I'll do it!!
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Game Link: www.a10.com/puzzle-games/dental-surgery
Outro animation created by the amazingly talented James Farr:
Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here


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25 mar 2015






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Nathanielahand Hace 20 horas
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
I had to get fillings.
Fnaf_gacha Fan
Fnaf_gacha Fan Hace un día
Me at 3 years old watching jacksepticeye: I have no idea what any of this means Me now: .... this is comedy
Alex Morrison
Alex Morrison Hace 2 días
I am getting a tooth pulled in a week and this video did not help with my fear
nimmryan04 Voice Actor
im pretty sure they only do numbing gel to kids and not to adults cuz they are the biggest of bois
Heidi Hartman
Heidi Hartman Hace 3 días
Atleast you have a front tooth (it was a permanent one)
Cute Killer Neko
Cute Killer Neko Hace 3 días
Thiese are 100% accurate
David Burrus
David Burrus Hace 3 días
I have a thing where my right eye's muscle is too strong. Strong enough to wear whenever I point my head down but my eyes are still forwards, makes my eye look up to the right. Its weird. Its creepy. And I made this comment because there's a chance I will have surgery. Wish me luck.
szilvia goncalves
szilvia goncalves Hace 4 días
Sam so cute
Geo Ian
Geo Ian Hace 4 días
I have three artificial teeth and it was free
Hanoka Hace 4 días
My mom just had two cataract surgeries, and even though they numbed her, she said that during the last surgery, she could feel the knife. I hope I don't have to have this surgery, either, Sean.
Hanoka Hace 4 días
Christ this is hard to watch! Sympathy pains for these 2D people
Some One
Some One Hace 5 días
king kazma
king kazma Hace 5 días
Cataracts runs in my fam
Zodiac K
Zodiac K Hace 6 días
The only way I will let someone do the operation on my teeth is if I’m completely put down with Anastasia
Daisy x Bear
Daisy x Bear Hace 7 días
*picks up plasma blade* IM GONNA BE LIKE LUKE SKYWALKER!
Halyn Bollingberg
Halyn Bollingberg Hace 8 días
Oof, yer gonna hate my dentists guts then. She saw that i had a really bad tooth they couldnt really...do anything bout..then she just kinda took a paira larg blue tweezers and ripped out my tooth😄 very painful
Luca Trandafir
Luca Trandafir Hace 9 días
My dentis legit has the dullest anestezic for theeth
captaine bobo
captaine bobo Hace 9 días
Jack teeth are bones
Jay Higgins
Jay Higgins Hace 10 días
My teeth are horible, there clean and all that but they are all crooked the dentist took 3 of my teeth out then I chipped my tooth a year later so now whenever something cold land on my front tooth it sting they put a small fake chip to make look normal but all my teeth are still crooked, and I still have one more tooth they need to take out then a week After that I am getting braces so yeah this is my summer 😁😭😭
Kenny Gemelli
Kenny Gemelli Hace 11 días
7:58 me and jack said the word oh both twice at the same time
flying sysh
flying sysh Hace 12 días
Katherine Obad
Katherine Obad Hace 12 días
Why are you naked on Google 🤤
Xander Tomic
Xander Tomic Hace 12 días
Why would you know
Lydia Buchanan
Lydia Buchanan Hace 13 días
Jack somehow knows more about American Football than me, an American.
fernando perez
fernando perez Hace 14 días
imagine moving your eye during the surgery
BlindingLight Hace 14 días
This video single handedly has persuaded me to brush my teeth better.
Kameelah Watkins
Kameelah Watkins Hace 15 días
Baby cow
Baby cow Hace 17 días
Instead of a broken tooth it was bad and instead of a crown it was spacers still hasn’t grown in but it was the same tooth.
Sovereign's Arc
Sovereign's Arc Hace 18 días
local anaesthetic is never fun
Monica Kent
Monica Kent Hace 18 días
You talk too much I am sitting here yelling at my tv saying COME ONE
Its TKB Hace 19 días
This game gives you anxiety and depression
MiniTofen115 Hace 20 días
Tbh the numbing gel doesn't do SHIT. I still feel the damn needle going into my gums.
Mikala Myrick
Mikala Myrick Hace 20 días
my question is how the heck do people not blink with their eyes helps open like that
Enslaved Moisture
Enslaved Moisture Hace 21 un día
2:43 same here. I have 6 caps on my teeth and only one was actually needed. My current dentist is better, though. He’s even waiting for my 2 loose teeth (they’re loose because I wiggle my teeth for no reason, I clench my teeth a lot, and when they’re just a little loose, I go on and eat crunchy food that makes it worse) to “remove themselves” so he can give me the braces I’ve needed for so long. 8:50 I just realized that my uncle might’ve named his dog after Septiceyesam o.o Also, my username on roblox is septiceyesam + some numbers that I will not say. And no, it’s not 69 or 420 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Edit #2: I was right. He named his dog Sam because that’s what he wants to name his son if he ever has one, and he wants to name his son Sam because of septiceyesam ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Edit #3: 17:39 yes, it does happen. When I was little, I went somewhere and they did something and had to put me to sleep. Eventually i wake up with a drop of drool on my lip and the nurses, my mom, and my grandma all sitting there trying not to laugh at me. Later, when we’re going home, they tell me I was snoring so loud that other nurses came in and checked out. I was so embarrassed.
#Augustus Hace 21 un día
My dentist pulled out my tooth without anything to numb the pain so it hurt like hell when he ripped it out of my face
Vincent Rinella
Vincent Rinella Hace 23 días
I hade a ct scan once they basically used cloroform without telling me that was traumatic
Xander Tomic
Xander Tomic Hace 12 días
I woke up just befor they started the scan and freeked
Xander Tomic
Xander Tomic Hace 12 días
Vincent Rinella I had that after I fucked up my head running into a lamp post
Hellfire 2007
Hellfire 2007 Hace 23 días
i could resist the anesthetic gas in one of my surgeries while they said i was gonna be asleep after 10 seconds i was still awake after 5 minutes.
Meg Watrin
Meg Watrin Hace 23 días
This one was the only surgery video that made me fringe
Matthew Allred
Matthew Allred Hace 24 días
Teeth are bones silly jack 0:28
Government Of Shreks Swamp
The wierd floating things in ur eye are called floaters
desven2008 Hace 24 días
I feel the same way ;-; Don’t worry :3
Kaitlyn B
Kaitlyn B Hace 24 días
I had two teeth removed and it HURT!!
Gacha life Centre
Gacha life Centre Hace 25 días
When 2015 jacksepticeye compares your terth with his mic
Shay_thegay 0:
Shay_thegay 0: Hace 25 días
I had a tooth out in year 4, it was so painful after the anasthetic wore off
Taylor Bozarth
Taylor Bozarth Hace 26 días
X marks the spot to tear everything out of your eyeball
Jaren Diekemper
Jaren Diekemper Hace 26 días
:9:17 Three minutes later: FBI OPEN UP!!!
Iil Josh
Iil Josh Hace 26 días
Sean you forgot the song is copy write claimed
[insert name please]
[insert name please] Hace 26 días
Fun fact I actually got all my top teeth removed when I was 4 .-.
Grace Huber
Grace Huber Hace 26 días
Any time something that hast to be abut surgery my legs hurt and idk why
Grace Huber
Grace Huber Hace 26 días
Ok naw I can fell it all ofer agin I had some thing like the toth surgery I had 3 go
LadyLight88 Hace 26 días
Septiceye Sam: *Is an eye.* Jack: Cover your eye, Sam!
Jack B
Jack B Hace 26 días
Jack: The lens turns to jelly?! Eye Surgeons: Always has been.
Corey Millar
Corey Millar Hace 26 días
Me watching this after having eye surgery '-'
Cubey Hace 27 días
Irish sounds
Diamond Dweller54
Diamond Dweller54 Hace 28 días
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Hace 28 días
Imagine being done with surgery and the doc say HOLY CRAP WE HAD FIVE SECONDS LEFT
Derpy Diamond Gaming
Derpy Diamond Gaming Hace 28 días
This part killed me 0:15
Em0 Boi
Em0 Boi Hace 28 días
Yeah, I got a tooth removed, and the dentist sucked, so the y actually broke a tooth and I couldn't feel it but I could hear it and OMG IT WAS SO GROSS.
Ethan OWEN-GRIFFITHS Hace 29 días
My god I can relate , the dentists in ireland are terrible
J.I. Pistachio
J.I. Pistachio Hace 29 días
Yah they jab needles in my mouth too
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