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Black Lives Matter.


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2 jun 2020






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Frederic Chen
Frederic Chen Hace un mes
Donate. Sign. Protest. Speak up. SHARE THIS VID. Edit: Ok, that took less than an hour. These "imagine having money" people real quiet now. But seriously ARE YOU KIDDING? $10,000 FUCKING DOLLARS IN LESS THAN AN HOUR. THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH ESvidRS CAN FUNDRAISE IF THEY ALL MADE A VIDEO LIKE THIS. Continue donating, this time to other organizations! Ad revenue is not updated for us until two days after the video is uploaded, I'll post a screenshot of how much this video made and the screenshot of me donating it on twitter @thatmidgetasian Edit Edit: Twitter said I should raise the goal... $20,000 NOW! New video will be up this saturday, but this does NOT mean we should stop speaking up! Edit Edit of the EDIT: $50,000 for the hell of it. But don't feel like you HAVE to donate to NAACP! I've linked a website that has a bunch of other organizations that need YOUR HELP
꧁𑁍ʟᴜɴᴀ Mᴏᴏɴʟɪɢʜᴛ𑁍꧂
Awwww I can’t donate in my country yet.....
AryKrish Sharma
AryKrish Sharma Hace 26 días
ALAL 1234
ALAL 1234 Hace 29 días
Kim SeokSyd :D
Kim SeokSyd :D Hace 29 días
I would donate all my money if I could :( I’m only 13 but I truly believe everything you’ve said, both my parents work in law enforcement, my step dad even had to monitor a protest, and my sister lives in Atlanta so I’ve seen a lot
leithal meme
leithal meme Hace un mes
on the side I see an ad for US Marine Corps
SHINAWDAANERD 1010 Hace 2 días
What if ur 13 and ur not aloud to donate? ;/ Bruh.
Pokemonster1210 Hace 4 días
I'm sorry I can't donate because I'm only 15 who doesn't have a credit card, so I'm just not going to skip the ads
Drago-Chrome - Bedwars and buildbattle
I'm Sry it not possible to donate in this region
A_Sliced_Skull_ Hace 6 días
im sorry but i cant donate i have no money or i would
Housecat Hace 6 días
Dont worry, i already donated but not to the same BLM charity tho
AB Hace 7 días
I love guessing the number it’s at currently and then coming back and being like AHAHA
Marnie the Fat Cat
Marnie the Fat Cat Hace 7 días
“Im not gonna upload anymore videos”
SUCC HOLE Hace 9 días
So no videos until 100,000 then since we hit the 10,00 mark IM 11 SO I HAVE AN EXCUSE
Philipsmemes Hace 9 días
zcmbie Hace 10 días
Him: if you don't donate you're selfish Me a 14 year old: 👁👄👁
cieziemiu Hace 11 días
jake paul WHAT THE HELL
AestheticCola Hace 11 días
jake paul: hippity hoppity this fundraiser is my property
Aijish Rocks
Aijish Rocks Hace 12 días
I heard from JT (good youtuber btw) That jake took someone’s credit (didn’t know who) Found u And well I know who made the fundraiser Edit JT did say the youtuber just didn’t bother looking it up
Johedus Hace 13 días
I was actually about to cry :,(
Addict for Space
Addict for Space Hace 13 días
Black lives matter!!!!
Moonlight_ Wolf62
Moonlight_ Wolf62 Hace 15 días
It’s quadrupled from the goal
Martin E Castro
Martin E Castro Hace 16 días
But im five
Willow Tall
Willow Tall Hace 16 días
@ me being the 1% bc I’m a literal child, cant donate without parents permission, and haveing Racist parents-
a child
a child Hace un día
wait same🤣my mom is kinda racist even tho we are also a minority (asian)
Kel Hace 20 días
Screw you Jake Paul
Thays Lemos
Thays Lemos Hace 20 días
bish, one dolar is $5,25 here and i'm 15 yrs NO WAY
Alex Fernandez
Alex Fernandez Hace 20 días
walter clements
walter clements Hace 20 días
I don't want to donate-
Arthur Cooper
Arthur Cooper Hace 20 días
BIG PIE Hace 21 un día
i feel like such a dickehead for not donating
Olivia Heart
Olivia Heart Hace 21 un día
Hey Frederic or whatever your name is today. I genuinely fkin love your videos but the fact that you would call someone selfish for not donating is not very good to the audience you are speaking to. What if I have a text right under the video that says "Sorry, you cannot donate in your region yet". Or what if I'm just a 12 year old that doesn't have a credit card. What if I don't want to ask my parents for their credit card just to donate because they are in the middle of a divorce and I'm just a shy teen that doesn't want to bother anyone with anything and drag people in my own mess. "Does that mean I'm selfish? Am I really selfish for not donating?" Think about how that could affect someone that takes things way too seriously (like me). I get that the majority of your audience is like 18 or something and have credit cards and can choose what to do with their money without asking for permission from their parents, but you know, not all of them are. Not all of them have enough money in their wallets to give to a charity. Not all of them even mabye have wallets. "No, I am not selfish. See, other people donated, you got to your goal. You don't need me and my stupid ass that won't donate." You see how that could affect someone like me that takes things way too seriously. Why am I even writing this comment? The guy that I'm talking about, the one who called me selfish, he probably won't even see this. Well, what do I know. I'm just a white 12 year old little selfish depressed girl that wants to express how she's feeling. Welp, thank you for reading this, whoever you are, it really means a lot to me, bye
Layla Favorite
Layla Favorite Hace 21 un día
Jake Paul has the audacity to take this mans credit, ESPECIALLY for something as serious as this??!!!! DOES THAT MAN HAVE A HEART??? (P.S, I can't donate because I'm 12 but I did share this with all my family members that I know)
Ro Del
Ro Del Hace 21 un día
Aliki Mountrou
Aliki Mountrou Hace 21 un día
CookIE Games
CookIE Games Hace 22 días
"I know you have a dollar in your pocket" Me: "I'm really sorry dude. But I'm broke-"
lizz daily
lizz daily Hace 22 días
im not a almost a teen and dont have a credit card but imma make my parents donate at least a dollar so that i could make you proud
Hen 365
Hen 365 Hace 22 días
Puppy Cat101
Puppy Cat101 Hace 22 días
Molotov Cocktail
Molotov Cocktail Hace 22 días
I’m here from Kavos
Sullyz World
Sullyz World Hace 23 días
U should examine your brainwashing. Blm waste of space not even what it was actually stated for all donations go to DNC. Not black lives
Carrot Banshee
Carrot Banshee Hace 23 días
Jake took all the credit for this fundraiser and everyone believes him
Some Guy
Some Guy Hace 23 días
Thank you for helping this. So many people have quit and stopped seeing the bigger picture. This just shows you can surprise yourself with the things you can accomplish. It is deplorable that Jake Paul used your fundraiser and your voice just to help better his dog shit publicity.
Khanya Mthombeni
Khanya Mthombeni Hace 23 días
I almost had a heart attack when he said he's not uploading anymore videos. I'm so sad 'cause I can't donate in my country :''(
LeonRosas Hace 24 días
I take a break from watching ESvid and even your videos then I see on Twitter and Snapchat that " Jake paul stole someone else's fundraiser " And it was you in the thumbnail and a straight went "OH FUCK NO, HE RATHER HAVE NOT TOUCHED MY FAVORITE ASIAN"
Jacalyn Leyden
Jacalyn Leyden Hace 24 días
there is also playlist of ads you can keep running in the background of your devices that raises money to these causes! just in case you can’t donate
Lokai Duerr
Lokai Duerr Hace 24 días
Just gg
Laila Nazmi
Laila Nazmi Hace 24 días
@ThatmidgetAsian thank you for raising awareness 😊it really helps MAY GOD BE WITH YOU AND EVERYONE
gracelle diane
gracelle diane Hace 25 días
me who found this channel two weeks ago: *yay omg wow* me rn: *excuse me but w h a t*
Claudia Welch
Claudia Welch Hace 25 días
Frederic is like my fav sunflower tuber like im highly pissed that jake paul felt the need to take credit from someone, who genuinely cares and wants to help, so that he could get publicity and more subscribers. Yes all the money helps but @jakepaul needs to stop being a narcissist and do something for the blm from his own damn pocket
Marmaduke Hace 25 días
I don't know how to feel On one hand you're blackmailing us On the other hand it's for a good cause
MILAAN LASTER Hace 25 días
Ik you have already reached the goal but until my hands get broke I will send and send and send this to everyone ik and there family's and friends until you get recognized more for what u are trying to do. The reason Jake paul is getting credit is because when he seen that ppl were starting to hate him and dislike him more and more because he Stole money, He did what any other gold digging youtuber would do, They Faked as if they cared maybe drop a tear or two then after scene they are good as new. But when I watch your channel your NOT a gold digging youtuber all jake paul cares about is having a pretty girlfriend, a big house going to thousand dollar places to show off how much money he makes, He's in it for the money and fam he's in it for clout and clickbait He donates and goes to schools and things like that to try and prove he's a good guy but he only does it on camera. Your channel will soon talk over Jake pauls as soon as everyone who's reading this UNSUBSCRIBE to him, It's the only way to get ppl like Jake off of youtube, we need everyone to step in and join us Love to everyone stay safe and stay healthy❤ We are all in this together👍
Safarian Hace 25 días
Ty for the fundraiser
WaifuRat Hace 26 días
What can I do as a minor to help black lives matter?
bboomblie Hace 24 días
@WaifuRat no problem! :D
WaifuRat Hace 25 días
-blink- ok that you so very much! :>
bboomblie Hace 25 días
You could sign petitions, the link is in the description of the video. and/or you can spread awareness on social media, like calling out cops showing unfairness towards black people, like showing supports for the black community, etc. Just show why Black Lives Matter movement really matters!
iiFrxnch_vibezz Hace 26 días
A week and 4 days and there is EXACTLY 43,638 US Dollars. *wow.*
zuwi Hace 26 días
then jake snatches this support to cover up his mistakes
Llamas Love Hamilton
Llamas Love Hamilton Hace 26 días
What if I’m a broke middle schooler who doesn’t get paid ever. 😅
angel manila
angel manila Hace 26 días
listen guys!! if you don’t have money or don’t have a bank account, his message about donating was not directed towards you!!! he’s shaming the people who have the extra money to donate, but choose not to. please stop twisting his words and making him look like the bad guy.
Lily Blasius
Lily Blasius Hace 27 días
I did a protest.
DodgerCam2020 Hace 27 días
i never thought id say this but i'm unsubscribing, does nobody realise that hes literally black mailing us??! and almost forcing us to pay?
Yes Please
Yes Please Hace 26 días
Grow tf up
Random internet User
Random internet User Hace 27 días
Sonal -
Sonal - Hace 28 días
Jake paul removed his tweet?
Crescent Transit 54 Studios
Yup realizing he got caught
Captain Zest
Captain Zest Hace 28 días
Hurt my feelings cause I don't have a credit card and can't legally own one but im crying so imma steal my moms credit card
okow tina
okow tina Hace 28 días
"if you don't donate, you are selfish.." me a 13 year old that cant donate anything: what...
A Hace 26 días
okow tina
okow tina Hace 28 días
Zimi789YT Hace 28 días
Mumbles 🔌
Mumbles 🔌 Hace 28 días
Had to donate. No; not because I'm some super #BLM activist and have been giving the protests across our country my undivided attention - I wouldn't be telling the truth if I told you that. No; I'm donating because, you're right - I do have at LEAST a dollar in my pocket or bank account; this is something happening in my country that I should be contributing to, in some way. And anyone else reading this that hasn't donated and was thinking of buying a soda or a snack or whatever later - you can afford this, too. All lives don't matter until #BlackLivesMatter
Ycuglu Hace 28 días
im so sorry i didn't donate, i didnt have money for now.. but i signed a petition.
Pikachu ;p
Pikachu ;p Hace 28 días
I can’t donate because I’m a minor... I would love to though
Pikachu ;p
Pikachu ;p Hace 21 un día
@A thank you
A Hace 26 días
Hailey Albarran
Hailey Albarran Hace 28 días
Jake Paul is being petty 👀
Jonathan Wu
Jonathan Wu Hace 28 días
Who's here after hearing Jake Paul stole credit from his fundraiser?
T10GOLDENGaming Hace 28 días
Bruh the only dislikes are the brainwashed jake paul fans who think jake paul made this
yeetz reem
yeetz reem Hace 28 días
i cant donate from uae it says i cant
Cassie CasCas
Cassie CasCas Hace 28 días
$43K guys. This is amazing.
Malia Rose
Malia Rose Hace 28 días
i’m not old enough... my mom won’t let me do i just signed a petition 😓
A Hace 26 días
Daisy Perez
Daisy Perez Hace 28 días
I'm sorry, I'm too young to have a bank account, but I do sign a lot of petitions
moqujin Hace 28 días
Fuck Jake Paul
Tristan Spearman
Tristan Spearman Hace 28 días
3k dislikes that’s jake entire fan base
Happy Holocaust
Happy Holocaust Hace 28 días
This is kinda just some cheap click bait ngl
olliexd zr
olliexd zr Hace 28 días
Fuck jake Paul he will never change
Slimpthesimp Hace 28 días
Idk what happened to Jake Paul why is everyone hating on him?!
Slimpthesimp Hace 28 días
@FriedJalapeno -_- oh okay thanks! damn Jake Paul is a bastard
FriedJalapeno -_-
FriedJalapeno -_- Hace 28 días
He took credit for this fundraiser. He took credit for the money *thatmidgetasian* raised
Alex Le ._.
Alex Le ._. Hace 29 días
I am a 12 year old I mean I would try to donate but I don't see how. I mean I can ask a parent??
A Hace 26 días
Sally Axel
Sally Axel Hace 29 días
Jake Paul stole this fundraiser
Hello! I am tired
Hello! I am tired Hace 29 días
If you can’t donate, there is also a ESvid video that runs ads and all the money is donated! (To an organization for blm) I’ve already done this and I’ll keep doing it! Im also going to be donating when I’m allowed to. I’m trying my best to do what I can to help. Here’s the link! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-bCgLa25fDHM.html it’s a video by Zoe Amira!
Maddi.cosentino Hace 29 días
sami playz
sami playz Hace 29 días
1:32 take note
fishy burrito army
fishy burrito army Hace 29 días
when jake paul uses the same fundraiser to get out of jail
Kiwi Avocado
Kiwi Avocado Hace 29 días
Jake Paul is RUDEEEE
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