I'm not a monster 2 - Poppy Playtime Animation (Can't I even dream?)

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✔ JubyPhonic - Can't I Even Dream

✦ Music: Fumii
✦ Illustration/Movie: Inago
✦ Original: www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm6606692

✦ Vocals/Mix/Video: JubyPhonic

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13 dic 2021






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LazyQuack_Animationz Hace 21 un día
I love this art style so much!!! I hope to see more of it in videos in the future!
Роман Шмадченко
Incredible!! The plot and music are tearing to tears at the same time. It seems that the girl decided to sacrifice herself so that her friend would not suffer the same fate as other children.
Fatimə Mirzəliyeva
İt's soo cool and good! I love it 🥰🌹
{ Bluebell }ブルーベル
Your version of the story is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The art, The way they made the toys in Playtime Co. , Everything's there without any single matter left out! I'm very impressed and I hope you continue to do these since these deserve lots of attention by people. Wonderful masterpiece!
Seriously, this is the best animation I've ever watched, they just reflected emotions very well with pictures. It would be great if the 3rd of this animated series came out. I am looking forward to the continuation. It helped a lot to reflect the emotion in the video in his music. Good music selection.
Sorry, do excuse the look of absolute awe on my face and the pure love for this in my heart. That was THE MOST AMAZING ANIMATIC I'VE EVER SEEN!
DieselFeshisel Hace 21 un día
I swear this is amazing, your drawings are so good, I love the way u drew orphan Poppy’s hair 🤯 my mind is truly blown to know someone this good at drawing exists ❤️❤️❤️
This gives me such The Promised Neverland vibes I love it so much-
さと Hace 14 días
I know nothing about the game, but the way you are able to tell this story without any dialog and with just the art of animation just is amazing! Just the facial expressions can tell everything about the characters and how they're feeling, like the boy at the end feeling betrayed because he doesn't know the truth.
It got me in tears. I wasn't ready to watch it. But I want to say is the animation of this video is so perfect and well done. @GH'S your video really impresses me. 10/10 well done to your work. What I'm thinking is this video could an anime show for Poppy. I haven't Poppy Playtime. But it makes me to play it. But I'm hype to play it soon and I already subscribed your channel. And again, well done with the video.
This looks an awful lot like…
Zaronadria Hace un día
Beautiful, i actually got a tear for watching it, kids being made into the toys, and Poppy saved the boy for being turned into a toy, (somehow i can't stop watch this),
Krabs :3
This is legendary. The ending is absolutely heart breaking, the fact that the boy thought the girl betrayed him and left for a new family while the girl sacrificed herself despite knowing that this will make the boy hate her and cause her endless pain is just tragic
Yki_Tan Hace 28 días
Пж проду, спасибо автор чан🙏
와..진짜 파피플레이타임 팬애니중에 제일 절망을 깊고도 가장 슬프게 표현한 영상이 아닌가 싶습니다.. 1편에서도 허기워기 과거 씬보고 파피가 나쁜 친군가 했는데 결국 파피도 자신의 소중한 사람을 지키려는 한 소녀였다는 스토리를 보고 눈물 쏟았어요.. 비록 알고리즘으로 보았지만 애니메이션 보면서 우는것도 오랜만이네요..좋은 영상 정말 감사합니다!! 영상 분위기에 집어 삼켜질정도로 집중해서 보는것도 오랜만이였어요!! :)
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