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The video is about radio rebel
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


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21 may 2020






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Comentarios 80
hyper jay
hyper jay Hace 9 horas
Hall ye Just another day watching Danny....naked in bed 😁
Bragz 69
Bragz 69 Hace 9 horas
Who are you and why are you on Amanda’s channel
ipurple bunny
ipurple bunny Hace 10 horas
Do lemonade mouth
Elizabeth Onionzzz
Elizabeth Onionzzz Hace 11 horas
DrMontrays Hace 10 horas
Moan for me
Just a frog
Just a frog Hace 12 horas
22:17 whenever Debby Ryan has to look guilty for a scene she always ends up looking like a toddler-
TheSpirit RainbowWater
jess myzelf
jess myzelf Hace 12 horas
Is the picture in the background danny drinking a glass of milk? 🧐
Brianna High
Brianna High Hace 13 horas
The girl in white when terra said she’s radio rebel 😂😂😂😂😂
He put my stuff in jello again!
2:37 that’s the most vine energy I’ve seen in a ESvid video
HipUsername Hace 13 horas
Your mint Greg hoodies are completely out of stock. Fix it, NOW
audrey beuter
audrey beuter Hace 13 horas
7:31 yeah that my gym teacher. he usually plays candy crush while we're warming up
Megan Aylward
Megan Aylward Hace 13 horas
Please do Zapped, hooo boy it’s something
Ashleigh Charrette
Ashleigh Charrette Hace 13 horas
watch Dadknapped. I always loved that movie but I also thought it was super weird.
Jeff Biddle
Jeff Biddle Hace 13 horas
It’s Tiffany blue
Skeleton Sketches
Skeleton Sketches Hace 14 horas
Disney Channel movies like this lied to me about high school. No one in Highschool is that happy.
Calliope Park
Calliope Park Hace 14 horas
I'm RaDiO rEbEl
ur mom
ur mom Hace 14 horas
THE VINE GUY i love you dude
sokerisade Hace 14 horas
i don’t understand why it would be so bad for gavin to date tara. like, it’s a good thing that her step dad owns that radio station. if gavin’s band ever want their songs to become famous, it’s a huge plus to have connections to the local radio station.
The Madison Zone
The Madison Zone Hace 14 horas
9:27 you look like the people in the horror movie Truth Or Dare.😂😱👻
orange juice man
orange juice man Hace 14 horas
Im RaDiO rEbEl
Grace Dudas
Grace Dudas Hace 15 horas
So zombies
The Madison Zone
The Madison Zone Hace 15 horas
I want that Hoodie so bad❤👏🏼🌊 that is going on my wishlist.
jesse parsons
jesse parsons Hace 15 horas
22:12 had me cracking tf up.
Amelia Douglas
Amelia Douglas Hace 15 horas
You should do a movie review on Barbie princess charm school. It’s on Netflix, it’s really bad, but it’s really funny
Red and Blue Flower
Red and Blue Flower Hace 15 horas
I forgot that I was watching this video, and am now watching it. I stopped the video at 2:36 , and thus began the video at 2:36 . I love this man and his channel.
Jasmine Wolfram
Jasmine Wolfram Hace 16 horas
why can't I stop watching this??
Landen Hace 16 horas
At least now when they make shows about teenagers they actually interview ane do some research on how we act
Magdalena Sylvestre Begnis
You should review Starstruck !
Prabhnoor Kaur
Prabhnoor Kaur Hace 17 horas
Anyone getting Wattpad vibes?
Caleb Crouch
Caleb Crouch Hace 17 horas
Can you react to danny berks videos where he goes and gets bitten by bullet ants. He outdid coyote peterson to say the least lol.
I can’t think of a good Name
I have NEVER seen those kinds of radio vans ANYWHERE in Seattle. I’ve lived there my whole life.
Olga Rigoni
Olga Rigoni Hace 17 horas
If my HS had this radio rebel bullshit, it would end up like Carrie.
Korekiyo shinguji
Korekiyo shinguji Hace 17 horas
When Gavin’s friend said ‘move on’ I was like He’s trying to not get a F, damn
Luke Lavis
Luke Lavis Hace 17 horas
She somehow reminds me of Elle
Daisy Paws
Daisy Paws Hace 17 horas
Watch the live action ATLA
Bianca Garcia
Bianca Garcia Hace 18 horas
There are some strange Disney movies out there. Here’s a few: zapped, 16 wishes, Frienamies, How To build a better boy, bad hair day and invisible sisters
Pixels 0w0
Pixels 0w0 Hace 19 horas
Pixels 0w0
Pixels 0w0 Hace 19 horas
Pixels 0w0
Pixels 0w0 Hace 19 horas
Pixels 0w0
Pixels 0w0 Hace 19 horas
Elaina McCoulskey
Elaina McCoulskey Hace 19 horas
Bruh y’all remember food boy????
Julia Buonincontro
Julia Buonincontro Hace 19 horas
Newbie to the channel: who’s Greg?
Ťeam KP
Ťeam KP Hace 20 horas
2:39 😂😂😂😭
• Cherry Bløssom •
I don’t get my music taken away from me because listen to my pencil sharpener
Phil the Necrophile
Phil the Necrophile Hace 20 horas
I do, actually, run into my friends (full-speed) at school and shoulder into them like I’m going to tackle when I greet them. Sign of affection. ❤️❤️
Yellow Tin-Can
Yellow Tin-Can Hace 20 horas
Danny’s little acting and green screen bits make his videos so much more better
Ally Harview
Ally Harview Hace 20 horas
isnt danny gonzalez that little old man. like the actor?
Cherrī The Bunny
Cherrī The Bunny Hace 20 horas
Schools host dances and proms for freedom purposes and it makes school more fun
Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann Hace 20 horas
Danny has to watch bad hair day next
Matt Cowan
Matt Cowan Hace 20 horas
lol radio stations in socal used to come to our high school during lunch a few times a year
Lucy Kingston
Lucy Kingston Hace 21 un hora
“Or else your future will be radio silent” ...did the principal just...threaten to kill...one of her students?
Kelta Barnett
Kelta Barnett Hace 21 un hora
Please watch FoodBoy- the best Disney channel movie ever created
OppressedFN Hace 21 un hora
Why are you wearing quality toothpaste
Brilee Slodysko
Brilee Slodysko Hace 21 un hora
Watching him review Radio Rebel reminds me of Lemonade Mouth (which he should totally review) and is bringing back so many memories 😂
xthepotatowolfx Hace 21 un hora
The plot would make more sense if it was a middle school instead of a high school
Lucy Kingston
Lucy Kingston Hace 21 un hora
Nobody: Danny: tErA
Crystal Wolf
Crystal Wolf Hace 21 un hora
I want to know what the context of the picture at 00:50 is
Mama Mao The Mienshao
Mama Mao The Mienshao Hace 21 un hora
the kid that wears a suit to my school every day is also my cousin
milki simson
milki simson Hace 21 un hora
0:00 : what he says: what's up Greg I hope you're having a great day! What he's supposed to say: what's up Greg I hope you're having a Greg-tastic day! get the pun?
Light yellow Dreamer
Light yellow Dreamer Hace 21 un hora
Please react to return to oz on Disney like omg it’s so weird and scary for Disney
TheDogOnline Games
TheDogOnline Games Hace 22 horas
Just got the joke about the UPS because they like put the packages so badly they’re all damaged
millstei Hace 22 horas
"I advise you to turn yourself in or your future will be radio silent." wtf-
Mariana Hidden
Mariana Hidden Hace 22 horas
7:31 my P.E classes were like that actually
kyra’s world
kyra’s world Hace 22 horas
Plot twist Tara has a crush on her stepdad that’s why she was so nervous around in and she used Gavin as an excuse so people wouldn’t know
fuck you goat man
fuck you goat man Hace 22 horas
6:59 who tf wears a lace bra during gym class
Eve McInnes
Eve McInnes Hace 22 horas
Covid-19 is radio rebel
romi diaz
romi diaz Hace 22 horas
Awkward Twat
Awkward Twat Hace 23 horas
Yall I need to confess. I am radio rebel.
Thekla Vasiliou
Thekla Vasiliou Hace 23 horas
this video haunts me. i watched about half the day it was uploaded and now it’s always next on autoplay, first on my homepage and youtube always tries to make me watch it. tbh i don’t remember why i clicked off but i’m gonna watch it so youtube shuts up
Danielle DeMars
Danielle DeMars Hace un día
yo-im-soup Hace un día
"That's such an aggressive way to greet your friends at school, just run up and push them." Oh trust me, high school students have greeted each other in worse ways
Catherine Copeland
Catherine Copeland Hace un día
watch Quints it is by far the worst Disney channel original movie
Dolan Dork
Dolan Dork Hace un día
Casey Chapone
Casey Chapone Hace un día
What if Danny made a shirt with G G R E on it That would be great
Judson Richburg
Judson Richburg Hace un día
Do descendants next.
s s
s s Hace un día
NO i’m radio rebel 😏
Potato !
Potato ! Hace un día
I remember watching this movie and it made me sad i don't know why tho I just remember being sad for like a week straight after watching this movie
Midnight Awakens
Midnight Awakens Hace un día
It’s funny because teenagers DO run up on each other in the halls as a way to greet each other.
When she said “vibe it, really really dig on it” I said “breathe it, love it” I’ve seen the Scales video too many times
CatKat Hace un día
legit i watched Radio Rebel recently and i get this in my recommended...
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