I made 100 players live in a world that destroys itself...

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I made 100 players survive in a world in Minecraft that slowly destroys itself over time. I coded a custom plugin called 'World eater' for this video, and people did not expect this...
TWITCH (Where this video came from): www.twitch.tv/fundylive
TWITTER (video sneakpeeks): twitter.com/fundylive
Discord: discord.gg/JQhZZBb

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A bunch of songs and tunes
Outro music www.youtube.com/watch?v=IatXU...


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22 may 2020






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Fundy Hace 2 años
Heya! Hope you're staying safe and stuff This video is a bit different than my usual ones, so I really hope you guys enjoyed this one! :D It was recorded live on Twitch, so if you want to be featured in any other videos, or just chill with me, check it out!
Jaelin Hace 2 días
We need a sequel to this
Max Sharma
Max Sharma Hace 17 días
Your 2 Million away from beating the Rock Great Job :D
Abir Dobriyal
Abir Dobriyal Hace un mes
Phoenix the Great
Phoenix the Great Hace 3 meses
PieOfCthulhu Hace 2 años
Mort died a hero AND lived long enough to see himself become the villain.
Daniel Caprian
Daniel Caprian Hace 2 días
@Ma_Ab -3 he was the evil mort from the end season of Rick and Morty
Brostrod Hace 11 días
@Ma_Ab -3 Dr fundy and the mortiverse of madness
Beariee Hace 15 días
The satisfaction of turning 10k to 11k👽👌🏻
Cycro the large planet
His name is dead in french lmao
Pixelcraftian Hace un año
“Nothings gonna get weird” _mort has joined the game_
Amogh Makkad
Amogh Makkad Hace 3 meses
@trashee tru
Apocalypse Drakaina
Apocalypse Drakaina Hace 5 meses
500th like
Quartark Quinfarth
Quartark Quinfarth Hace 10 meses
not well known.
not well known. Hace 10 meses
@trashee old
The Hace 11 meses
Yep, It's getting intense when mort joint
IsAndréSo Hace un año
Mort has the deepest character arc in history
v x3woots v
v x3woots v Hace 5 meses
Chapter 1: Country Bumpkin Chapter 2: Adaption Chapter 3: Betrayal Chapter 4: Beloved Chapter 5: Corruption Chapter 6: Gruesome End
Jaime KRZ
Jaime KRZ Hace 9 meses
GSF (Green StickFigure)
It's wholesome how fundy helps mort_but_smarter (of all players) by reviving him multiple times.
De Infamous
De Infamous Hace un año
Keeping Mort alive is one of the greatest challenges Fundy will ever face
Hiro Hace 2 años
Fundy: subjectively tells mort to kill people Mort: kills people Fundy: NOOOOOOO!
LookOuch Hace 5 meses
@Maril lmao 1 year later also i guess ur right
Maril Hace 5 meses
@LookOuch hes not cheating its a visual bug for newer versions or i guess now older versions where they look like theyre crouching but theyre nkt
hmm the capybara
hmm the capybara Hace 10 meses
@knower lmao
LolZlingPlayz Hace 10 meses
@knower death_but_better
Lord Floppa #ROADTO75
Lord Floppa #ROADTO75 Hace 11 meses
@YTKianPHGaming its death
Bazelgeuse Hace un año
“You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” -Mort_But_Better
DracorPL Hace 3 meses
@Thunder Chief shhhh, that doesn't matter
Thunder Chief
Thunder Chief Hace 4 meses
Mort but smarter was the first mort, he wasn't revived a 4th time
JustSomeGamer Hace un año
2:10 "Oh no the fire is spreading, and I can't do anything to stop it" Fundy: Continues to spread fire
xXZom GamesXx
xXZom GamesXx Hace un año
3:47 *fundy explains to mort that he isn't going to revive him anymore* *Also Fundy:* revives Mort
Pyro Jack
Pyro Jack Hace un año
This is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, how they all worked together in this community :3
artic life
artic life Hace 5 meses
Look at the chat at 0:29...
Arit Grom
Arit Grom Hace 9 meses
casual Hace un año
(SPOILERS, I GUESS) This felt like an entire improv movie/show, beginning to end, with pretty much assigned roles, such as the grave diggers, the music person, the police, and the underground people being a separated society, being welcoming to visitors but are great at defending when needed. There was even side-characters who were also cool! The house builder who asked for more wood, that one guy who went for the elytra and fireworks, Movie, who killed mort, and the person mort was going to kill to show his loyalty to Fundy. Mort initially seemed to be a clueless protagonist, but then went on to be the main antagonist when Fundy gave Mort his armor and weapons. Mort, in the end, was defeated by the underground society, who made quick work of the threat. The cheater was a side antagonist of sorts, causing a small amount of havoc for a small amount of time, but was swiftly taken care of by Fundy. There are also so many small details and questions left. There are 2 morts, one is mort_but_smarter, the other is mort_but_better. They switch around the middle of the story, is mort_but_better an evil version of mort_but_smarter? Or are they the same person? Hard to say, but this was such an experience that I wish I was a part of... Very fun to watch though! Hope another event similar to this happens again soon!! :)
heartrate Hace 2 días
@Mya And family YESSSSSS IT WAS SO AWESOME whats your thoughts if you do plan to?
Mya And family
Mya And family Hace 2 meses
I genuinely want to write a story about this.
Danish Soldier
Danish Soldier Hace 9 meses
Felipe Augusto
Felipe Augusto Hace 9 meses
da heck thats useless
XenialDan Hace un año
That world looks fancy, i'd love to have the seed
Pinto [StormyPlayzYT]
I love the funny community. I wish everyone could do something like this again one day. So wholesome.
BluePh4ntom Hace un año
Idk why, but I feel like Fundy's community is so wholesome
Wyguy5 Hace 4 meses
Wow, these 100 player social experiments are really interesting. There's always some interesting characters and events that emerge
Esther L
Esther L Hace 2 años
i love how once the players realized the world was getting destroyed, they all banded together to skyblock and live above the world, and you can see a community build its own village up from nothing but wood and cobblestone, where each player has their own little house/ area but everyone is still connected through bridges or a couple parkour jumps. you can even see further on in the video that people have started decorating their houses with blocks, flowers, signs etc. i just really love the human instinct to work and live together and make pretty things :)
Masin Hunt
Masin Hunt Hace 2 días
They all killed each other
MintBunHunter Hace 3 meses
@Vodale lore half empty glass of water, half full glass of water. u talk about the same thing, but from the different side.
jayzenstyle Hace un año
@Steven. That's defined as 'selfish altruism'.
Steven. Hace un año
other mc servers: everyones killing and griefing and overall fucking shit up here: making a sky community with only minor killing, and those who do anything wrong, wlel theres a police force.
Vodale lore
Vodale lore Hace un año
Actually it seems to me that they all used each other to increase their own chances of survival. The community fell apart quickly once fundy started favoring certain people over others and soon only a small minority were left who knew they couldn’t attack each other because everyone else had the same power. So it seems to me that human nature is in fact to serve oneself. They just realized not killing each other was the best option for their survival
TheGreatWaffless99 Hace un año
0:57 “We’re just going to be playing normal survival.” Mort_but_smarter: Oh, I don’t think so
Т1000 Youtube
Т1000 Youtube Hace 3 meses
These videos were the stuff in like late 2017-ish. There are so few now, and most focus on showcasing what players came up with.
aug8st Hace 10 meses
fundy is so wholesome and nice, yet he kills like 70% of the server. the people there were probably having a lot of fun lol
Taku The Otaku
Taku The Otaku Hace un año
Fundy please drink water. Your chat is begging, they're pleading-
slushiie Hace un año
this is so cute and wholesome how they all worked together :)
Rifter447 Hace 6 meses
It's just a game kid
Matt15t Hace un año
@🌿wiildflow3r_faiiry its better to not unferstand I mean prankers not like here is you new house but more like haha TNT go brrrrr
@Matt15t I’m Dutch i don’t understand lol
Miłosz Gruźlewski
Miłosz Gruźlewski Hace un año
This betray was sadder(idk english) than titanic
LittleCake Hace 5 meses
It's very cool that the players built an entire society in just a few seconds with their territory and so.
Homecats1 Hace 5 meses
This was so much more wholesome and laidback than most other videos
Kyan75 and friends!
Kyan75 and friends! Hace 3 meses
the way fundy interacts with people is so wholesome makes good event guy
Quizzle Hace 10 meses
I love how this is a social experiment yet he keeps bringing people back to life…lol
Infinite Cat Gamer :D
Infinite Cat Gamer :D Hace 11 días
I wanna see something like this again and join it. It looks so much fun!! :))
BlobbyDBob Hace un año
You need to make more of these, they look so fun to play and watch
TWJoe Hace un año
The lore in this simple world is way way intense than others
Anarxh Hace un año
Can't we just talk about how someone in chat said "My internet commuted suicide"
Imperial Plays
Imperial Plays Hace 2 años
Every other ESvidr that does 100 players: *Tries to kill them.* Fundy after reviving mort for the 184th time: *”mort, this is the last time I’m reviving you.”*
Marc Perez
Marc Perez Hace un año
@Imperial Plays lol, and we do have to tell that fundy community it's more friendly than "other" youtuber communitys, example: Skeppy
mort Hace un año
Habz- Games and stuff
@Kermit It was Mort_but_better the first one was,Mort_but_smarter
Kermit Hace un año
Mort was hacking And used Fake crouch He got the effects Of crouching But was at running speed while crouching So He should've Gotten Banned at the start so Technically we were watching a Manipulative Hacker Most of the video
MagentaMovie Hace 2 años
*cough* Wilbur Soot *cough*
Ace Covers
Ace Covers Hace 5 meses
Mort is one of the most fascinating characters synthesized in any modern media
CreeperLuke Hace un año
"It's sad how the citizens in this video, just end up like WilburSoot, who blew up his own nation because they want to be a villian."
sietsejohannes Hace 2 meses
Nice idea, but I would have liked to see it play out fairly with a final battle for last man standing and without so many interventions from the narrator.
Riverdog Deyna
Riverdog Deyna Hace 5 meses
I would like to point out that we actually saw two different morts in this video. The original was mort_but_smarter, but the one that fundy had killing people was mort_but_better. Interesting.
Leoliat Hace 2 años
I love how they built a community at the top in like minutes
Cooper Chilcott
Cooper Chilcott Hace 6 meses
Legend of Zelda Skyward sword
Christos Animates
Christos Animates Hace un año
Yeah, a lot of it was cut out but it's still a lot.
Mateusz Szulecki
Mateusz Szulecki Hace 2 años
And at the bottom
boo Hace un año
Skeppy’s 100 players: childish Fundy’s 100 players: wholesome with a touch of chaos Wilbur’s 100 players: communists, capitalists, pet owner, chaos in general
Легальный Лего Фан — мыслим творчески
Omg the ending was like I watched a great film all this time and the nostalgic music in the end made that moment so full I can't describe it. Thank you for that feeling Fundy ❤️
Silversforest Hace un año
I really like the look of the village it reminds me of like a colorful trading village with tents and colorful flags.
Epicgamer69 Hace 8 meses
I love how Mort is just a random kid that just got Fundy's attention
Hewo Husky!
Hewo Husky! Hace un año
Mort: Was I A good Guy? God: *You were the Greatest Guy.*
gaming saadshield
gaming saadshield Hace 5 meses
bruh fundy loves steves i think
thecoolboy Hace 5 meses
The script is Mort: was I a good guy God: no God:I'm told you were the best
olivia grace
olivia grace Hace 6 meses
no one is good but God
olivia grace
olivia grace Hace 6 meses
@Hewo Husky! only God is good
olivia grace
olivia grace Hace 6 meses
@Hewo Husky! For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16💚
scoot Hace 5 meses
kinda weird thing but when fundy said "a full stomach is a good stomach" i teared up a bit. currently struggling with eating and ate a lot today, massive guilt clouding my whole day until i watched this. made me feel better, love you fundy ♡
Keenan Stollov
Keenan Stollov Hace 9 meses
You should make bedrock unremovable by the mod after it replaces the bottom layers of the world, so that the people still down there can live there
GoLoveBe Kids
GoLoveBe Kids Hace un año
You should definitely do another one like this! It would be so fun! Well if I’m awake that is… 😃
Mug And Blue
Mug And Blue Hace 4 meses
You should do this again! It was fun to watch!
Sweety Psycho
Sweety Psycho Hace 2 meses
I've been watching Fundy for a while and I'm 100% confident that he will be the person who starts "The hunger games". With Wilbur and Mr. Beast)
Dil Hace 4 meses
"We should probably give them some food." *Continues to throw stacks of spider eyes*
Hwale Hace 5 meses
*Rest In Piece Mort* He will be missed along with his *several other* Mort_Is counterparts
SoupstR Hace un año
Alternative title: Fundy forces everyone to basically finish Minecraft before world gets eaten by god
MeG3oRite Hace 2 años
I got excited, anxious, depressed, hyped, and stupid at the same time after watching this video. This was surprisingly entertaining.
Ginata Bg
Ginata Bg Hace 2 años
@Mystari It really does :)
Driggydrug Hace 2 años
Epic Squiddy
Epic Squiddy Hace 2 años
MeG3oRite YOOO I always get stupid
Saverian Nathan
Saverian Nathan Hace 2 años
Until 12:38
Herobro Hace un año
Now all we know how really Mort's hearth is, and its corrupted by power, dizimating all the porposes and basic rules that he lived following, turning him into what he was afraid of being, the defenicion of monster...
Jelly Muirtrat
Jelly Muirtrat Hace 9 meses
“That means if you die, you don’t come back.” 5 minutes later. “Should we revive mort? I’m reviving him.”
Marcel 2174
Marcel 2174 Hace un año
Mort is like this weird side character in a video game that takes over the major role of the villain, destroying the former villain itself
Lilly L
Lilly L Hace un año
This is the first Fundy video I watched, and now I watch it everytime I feel lonely.
fruitful Hace 2 años
The Mort Saga: 1:00 : The Saga Begins 1:27 - 1:40 : The First Death and Rebirth 1:43 : The Fake Promise 3:39 : Death Once More 3:49 : Revival and Gifts 4:25 : The First Kill- wait mort died 5:03 : Mort is revived and lives with the police 7:59 : Two Dead Morts 13:20 : The Rampage Begins 14:26 -15:49 : The Rampage 15:50 : Mort has been defeated, once and for all. [Edit: i've been updating this for better timestamps]
leo Hace un año
mort is awesome yes
MOA Hace un año
The Noob Empire
The Noob Empire Hace un año
And 3:22 - The First Police Officer of the Sky
The Noob Empire
The Noob Empire Hace un año
You missed 2:00 : The Grand Fire
black dimond 🖤
black dimond 🖤 Hace 2 años
You deserve credit
Smile-coat Hace un año
I have watched this fifteen times and I LOVE IT!!! It’s so entertaining
Gustavo Monteiro
Gustavo Monteiro Hace un año
I come here just to remember these times... Really good times...
IFoundABox Hace un año
Mort timestamps 1:00 he joins 1:29 1st death and revival 3:06 2nd death 3:49 2nd revival 4:30 Mort gets assassinated 5:38 Mort gets revived and joins the police force. I missed the death here 13:22 Mort revival but again 14:29 Mort claims his first victim (I think) and his second and third 15:50, Mort dies.
TheViccerBoy Hace un año
you should make a server where the reach of where you can walk or whatever you call it expands by 5 blocks every 30 min
F4ZOLO Hace 2 años
every time you revive Mort, his mind was corrupted by the forces of darkness, until he went crazy
dexter does stuff (on holiday right now)
No. He became evil the moment he gained items
F4ZOLO Hace un año
@Noblesse '蒼桜-くん' Sapphire lindo
Noblesse '蒼桜-くん' Sapphire
Idk why I made this, but here you go, inspird from your comment, sorry for my bad English tho lol -He brought me back to life, again and again, it felt dark and empty, but the voice remained, louder and angrier, corrupting my sanity. He gave me the order. "Kill everyone" he said. I felt myself running, lunging at everyone. The sword in my hand, tore into everyone in sight, against my will. But it was only for a moment. I fell, someone pushed me from the world above. In the air, as time felt to slow down, I stared blankly at the remnants of the battle. Falling into the underworld, I saw people already waiting for me there, waiting for my death. Is this the end? I pray, I beg, that they will free me from this curse. I swung my sword once more, in the final battle, carrying out his final orders for me, before finally swords and arrows pierced through my body. For a moment, all was peaceful. Just for a moment, the voices were drowned in the warmth of the light that shone on me. I whisper my last words "Thank you".-
Source Hace un año
So mort is a darksouls character?
Ahmad K
Ahmad K Hace 2 años
Wise words
:] Hace un año
this is, safe to say, my most favourite fundy video up until now
SpeedoThreeSixty Hace un año
Alternative title: "So I made 100 players join my hardcore skybase PvP server..."
a hacker
a hacker Hace 2 meses
Mort is a legend and will never be forgetted
RedKnight Hace 6 meses
The true social experiment was the friends we made along the way.
DatOneCommie IronGEAR
that plot-twist when the brb dinner guy actually survived.
Lovelina Jocson Era: 2022
Official Plot-twist: Noone Won
cool sonicsoul
cool sonicsoul Hace 5 meses
@GemGirl2009 yeah it sucks
GemGirl2009 Hace 5 meses
Fucking hell. Didn’t even click the comments and saw this. Smh
cool sonicsoul
cool sonicsoul Hace 5 meses
very cool thanks for spoiling it immediately
Victorius Hace 5 meses
moms burger
RedEyedSlimeBoi Hace 7 meses
Mort felt like Anakin Skywalker and Fundy felt like Emperor Palpatine with Mort's seduction into chaos and submission to Fundy
Kittentale Gamer
Kittentale Gamer Hace un año
After seeing this, I kinda wish Fundy made society
zenny Hace un año
I feel bad for the people who think someone killed them when they really fell out of the void
KING BOB Hace 9 meses
This is my favorite video you made probably cuz you made everyone in it seem like they had some kind of personality I really liked this vid.
The Capybara
The Capybara Hace 2 años
The Sky City - The most lively place in the whole world. A true civilization, built by people, for people. Original Lands - The land where life began. Mostly nobody lives there. The Bedrock/Void Town - A place for people who want to live a more *quiet life* than The *noisy bizarre* Sky City. The Sky City's occupations The Sky Police Force - The defenders of the Law, they'll kill anybody, who commits any crime. The Coffin Dancers - Will respectfully dance whenever anybody dies The Music Man - He makes music Characters Fundy - The creator of this abomination of a world, he can give items, summon The Sky Police, revive players, etc. mort - Originally a member of The Police Force, but he was corrupted by his power. Movie541 - Killed mort, but was killed by The Sky Police later. Shap_po - The absolute madlad, who built a house on the edge of the world. Dyoraj - Mom burgers are the best. stofzuigermwoann - The first Sky Police Force member. XPF_BriTe - The first Coffin Dancer. GOIRISH - Possibly, a creator of The Bedrock Town.
bikeholics Hace un año
Dude, u forgot Shap_po was the person who tried to steal Music Man's identity
Foxy the pirate
Foxy the pirate Hace un año
A Golden
A Golden Hace 2 años
As someone who needs to work on focusing on writing I may write a short story Idk referencing your post bc I bored :/ (I thought maybe I might tell you)
Mr. Reddish man, person
Also shap_po: the most wanted criminal in the police force and hacking
Toastyyx_ 👑🎗
Toastyyx_ 👑🎗 Hace 2 años
Yo someone make this a fukin movie please-
Flare Hace un año
16:34 is no one gonna talk about how that “welp” went perfectly with the music?
Jayceminecraft11 Vlogs
The true social experiment.. was the friends we made along the way
Vinijoncrafts Hace un año
that was one of the best videos of your channel! pls do more content like that!
Cooler Wscar
Cooler Wscar Hace un año
George_but_better/faster and MortNotFound are two very respectable persons
Bottle Gaming
Bottle Gaming Hace 2 años
Guy: *kills Mort* Fundy: *sends out an entire killsquad*
WeakieDave Desk
WeakieDave Desk Hace 2 años
@I am in your closet human creepers
TheSourPenguin Hace 2 años
duongsonha Knut
duongsonha Knut Hace un año
I like that Goirish (first citizen of floor gang), Xeuron (music man) and 4 others joined her and all killed Mort.
Samurai Sista
Samurai Sista Hace un año
This video literally says "I was raised by my father, Wilbur Soot."
Cool Guy
Cool Guy Hace un año
16:16. That guys jumps off and they immediately start building a railing.
Nathaniel Polaris
Nathaniel Polaris Hace 11 meses
Tim Foster
Tim Foster Hace 4 meses
At around 11:11 you can see that shap_po is using a hack called “no slow” lol, hes running while sneaking.
idiotic guy
idiotic guy Hace un año
The "Auto Destruction World Story" Era 1. The start/0:24 Era 2. The World Eater is discovered by the survivors/1:22 Era 3. The civilization start/1:58 Era 4. The Great Fire/1:58 - 2:36 Era 5. PvP enable/2:52 Era 6. The police force/3:08 Era 7. The first betrayal/ 4:30 - 5:00 Era 8. New hopes/5:11 - 11:35 Era 9. Discovery of the underground people/7:05 Era 10. The Great Police Massacre/11:36 - 12:42 Era 11. The underground gang/12:56 Era 12. mort_but_better's revenge/13:20 Era 13. The genocide starts/14:21 - 15:50 Era 14. The new start/15:50 PS: man, that was hard to do, but i liked where it ended... welp, enjoy the timestamps :)
ARgamer Hace 5 meses
Pin it!
pbilk1 Hace 5 meses
Thanks! This is great! 😊
Tarak Taras
Tarak Taras Hace 5 meses
btw if you translate mort to frence but leave the rest then it's:death_but_better
The Noob Empire
The Noob Empire Hace un año
@Foxy- 101 Astronima. Coffin dance.
Foxy- 101
Foxy- 101 Hace un año
@idiotic guy thank you.
Grace Yao
Grace Yao Hace 10 meses
I'm so used to wilbur's streams that this peace seems stressfull
Apocalypse Drakaina
Apocalypse Drakaina Hace 5 meses
You destroyed their underground world, for that I will never forgive you.
pixlblox9099 the Jolteon
Mort went from average citizen to world massacrer.
K-Vee AudioJack
K-Vee AudioJack Hace un año
Fundy finally follows in his father's footsteps
Cold A. F.
Cold A. F. Hace 2 años
i love how the sky base was mostly a peaceful, thriving community, but occasionally someone would randomly decide to become a serial killer
*sleepover goals*
-Solidwater Hace 2 años
I want a multiplayer server like that sky base.
saraesperanza ricoortiz
I love everytime he say "Buddy".
John Johnson
John Johnson Hace 4 meses
Alternative title: Fundy Recreates Society
Brie Go!
Brie Go! Hace un año
I really liked this video where you just messed with a bunch of players, can you do it more often?
Plains Biome Productions
I clicked on this video with the thought “how long will it take the players to self destruct?”
Lighty Hace 2 años
Peeps: *join* Fundy: "This world shall not exist as the fate decided" Peeps: *intense chaos, blood gore panic and destruction* Fundy: "Oh look at them! How wholesome!" omg I've never had this much attention thank you guys!
Jotaro sans
Jotaro sans Hace 2 años
and mort reviving
Plasuma Hace 2 años
True, I was actually so damn nervous 😂
AmDirt Hace 2 años
He must have imagined much worse
Eric Campese
Eric Campese Hace 2 años
hqkiri Hace 5 meses
this is so wholesome except for the world getting eaten and mort dying
Potato God
Potato God Hace un año
14:40 in chat someone says “I’m spectating in you how do I leave” Help this man they are still in the world
Foxpro300 Hace 17 días
i love how people are compering this to an actual story, then again i am working on something that is based off this vid so i'm not innocent lol
Hydra gamedev
Hydra gamedev Hace 4 meses
Fundy is an omnipotent chaos god who may resurrect you or deliberately screw you over at random
Assassin from Teufort
Fire: **appeared** Fundy: **adds more fire** Fundy: oh no fire!
the Mousies
the Mousies Hace un año
“oH nO” “sPrEaDiNg So FaSt!”
allisa negron
allisa negron Hace 2 años
i ried
allisa negron
allisa negron Hace 2 años
allisa negron
allisa negron Hace 2 años
Rumor Hace 10 meses
Mort went from protagonist to antagonist
Wyvex Hace un año
Island people: immediately die to Mort Ground people: tear Mort to pieces without even having armor
DeathRobot10K Hace 11 meses
“Everyone is in hardcore” mort: “LETS SEE ABOUT THAT OLD MAN”
Collin Brooks
Collin Brooks Hace 4 meses
10:54 who did it better: MatPat: I called it, Music man! Fundy: hey buddy, music maannn!
Deushcwargern Hace 2 años
Fundy: It’s a chill place there is nothing weird. A flying island in the background: Am I a joke to you
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