I Made 300 TINY Players Simulate Civilization in Minecraft

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MARCUSK Hace 3 meses
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Samuelh Heimburger Samuel
Could u pls make another Zombie Apocalyps video pls
Noel Moore
Noel Moore Hace un mes
Can you please talk to me in discord I have a question
Shadow Returns
Shadow Returns Hace un mes
Was wondering if you could upload like twice a month.
KarpHolmes Hace un mes
This was just chess
JavasCraft Hace 2 meses
@•L o n e l y• yes you can!
Inigo Chicano
Inigo Chicano Hace 3 meses
Yellow Tiger was one of the best players. Making a huge sacrifice for the others to live on, killing almost all remaining cellar members at the cost of his own life. May doorseiden live on.
Square Treasure
Square Treasure Hace 12 días
julian avenger
julian avenger Hace 18 días
gaiaBahia Hace 22 días
i'm pretty sure it was dorseidon
The_Gamer_Potato Hace 24 días
Yellow tiger the goat fr
Soup cheese
Soup cheese Hace 26 días
His death was kinda badass ngl
One of the Boyz
One of the Boyz Hace 3 meses
Marko simply cannot die, he's got the biggest plot armor of all history, just by doing his insane yet sane and funny shenanigans.
Lugh Hace 18 días
@Guillermo Feijoo The Zombie Apocalypse one, along with his friend, Scarecrow, the most Iconic character in the series 🤣
Vault 18 star player and Enclave agent
@Guillermo Feijoo Yeah a zombie apocalypse
Guillermo Feijoo
Guillermo Feijoo Hace 23 días
did he also survive another one of these videos?
Vault 18 star player and Enclave agent
His schizo arc is the last thing keeping him alive
Anierin Llyfael
Anierin Llyfael Hace un mes
I just now realized he's the same person that was talking to his horse XD
Inigo Chicano
Inigo Chicano Hace 3 meses
I rooted for the living room nation since the start, when I realized they had the least players out of the other nations I got sad as I thought they'd lose. But to my surprise they somehow pulled through despite the obstacles and hardships they've faced. Truly IMO the best nation there is.
N7x Voss
N7x Voss Hace 7 días
I was rooting for them although Beebag would've probably won again and I thought that would'be been "Fine" or "alright" BUT if it wasn't for wilding's betrayal and joining up with IMO best leader Sailor and even YellowTiger was epic ending for sure!
Amatérské miny filmy
i roted for them because they were communist
Sparkydino Hace 2 meses
I knew they were gonna make a comeback from the start they had the most drive and and they were forced to push themselves sense there lack of players but sailor made it in the end👑
I K Hace 3 meses
It's kind of surprising how the Mellon and Doorseidon cults haven't fought each other and their rooms became allies instead
Fortnite Gamer god
Fortnite Gamer god Hace 28 días
My man commented 3 times to him self… ya sure ya ain’t mirko with that level of insaity
SilverStar Hace 2 meses
SilverStar Hace 2 meses
Twin gods
SilverStar Hace 2 meses
Maybe Doorseidon and melon god are siblings
Endless Hace 3 meses
I was NOT expecting that plot twist. Good job to the 3 person win. Can’t wait for more!
Joshua Cason
Joshua Cason Hace un mes
first of all 4 person win don't forget yellow tiger second of all anime level ending third of all they were all from different teams as well what a show man
Jack Humphries
Jack Humphries Hace 2 meses
The second time Marko won by doing absolutely nothing
Duck god
Duck god Hace 2 meses
Amir BMML Hace 2 meses
Rip the legend Axololt king
NyctoLion Hace 2 meses
@Idkwhattoput lol tbh I don’t rlly care anymore type of ‘in the moment’ thing
Jeff IsAPerson
Jeff IsAPerson Hace 3 meses
I love how you can just feel the discomfort when everyone just creates a cult around Sailor at first. The faint chuckle at times and the tone when he says "I haven't even been voted in"
Vault 18 star player and Enclave agent
You can hear the same thing from Marcusk or however you spell that name when the other team (bedroom I think) started worshipping a mural of him
Andrew Hester
Andrew Hester Hace 2 meses
That ending was totally unexpected and wild! Honestly love that Marko was part of a 3 way victory. He's my favorite
Accident Onion
Accident Onion Hace 3 meses
YellowTiger single handedly sacrificing himself and killing 6 cellar players was the most epic shit I've seen in a minecraft video, my jaw was on the floor
PhoenixKai Knox
PhoenixKai Knox Hace 23 horas
I'm kind of wondering what all was written in that Vibele book. We see the first page and hear the ending, but that's it.
Elite Gamer
Elite Gamer Hace 3 meses
"Before he went back into his bucket, he stated 'Axolotl splashes." "Those are some fancy words for a dead man." "Nope, these are." *steps on pressure plate* "DOORSEIDEN WILL LIVE ON!"
Beta Gozaimas
Beta Gozaimas Hace 18 días
That dude was god tier , He didnt just die , He died with glory and sacrificing himself to give other teams a chance of winning even if it wasnt his team
RZVV Hace 20 días
basically allahu akbar
Fawnlingplays Hace 25 días
Prateek#nika Hace un mes
He was brave till the very end
Andy Hoang
Andy Hoang Hace un mes
hopefully Door Doorseiden comes back as a wooper in the up coming minecraft pokémon
Mr.Inconspicuous. Hace 3 meses
How staged do you want this to be? :Marcusk: Yes.
The Cultured College Student
At least there's a Plot not like others Civilization Videos
Vault 18 star player and Enclave agent
I mean if it makes it more fun to watch then I’m all for it. But honestly only bits of it really seemed staged. Like yellow tiger not being killed right away and the tnt explosion actually killing everyone except beebag
Aubriana Milner
Aubriana Milner Hace 28 días
I was on this and the ending was staged, but the rest was accurate
Juans Lore
Juans Lore Hace 28 días
People want the PLOT not how natural the story is, so it really doesn't matter how staged it is.
RedstoneProfi01 Hace un mes
There are way more staged videos on youtube And after all its just for entertainment
Check Mate •u•
Check Mate •u• Hace 3 meses
I can't believe our guy Marko was chilling this whole time with his lovely horse! I didn't expect the ending but it was worth it! I love the last animation and the people who survived at last! Actually I love everyone who participated here! Marko, Jolly both are a living meme 😆👏 and I love the way Marko was pulled with his horse
LumityShipper6655 Hace 2 meses
This is the best civilization video by you yet, keep making them! It’s great! DOORSEIDON WILL LIVE ON!
Rex Royulada
Rex Royulada Hace 21 un día
"DORSEIDEN WILL LIVE ON!!!" as he sacrificed himself was an absolute icing on the cake. It was so epic with its lore and tribulations.
Ostan5000 Hace 3 meses
Honestly, I think the Living Room nation was probably the best nation in this entire video. First of all, their leader Sailor was probably the best leader out of all of the others. Not only was he willing to establish a good and proper communist ideology, but he was very brave, and always fought alongside his army. They also got quite brutally handed the short end of the stick, as almost 3 quarters of their entire team was wiped out, and the only way they could thrive was if they teamed up with a nation that was ruled unrighteously by a puppet leader of two very corrupt mercenaries. I think that because their nation faced the most hardship, it encouraged them to actually work together, and thrive in their battles alongside the Cellar nation. That was until very tragically the Living Room nation was attacked and dismantled by their allies the Cellar nation due to their tragic misperception, and misinformation about Communism. What's truly incredible though is that despite everything, Sailor managed to survive everything that was thrown at him, including when he was pushed off the roof of the house. Truly a great nation with a great leader that didn't get the respect it deserved. Glory to The Living Room Nation!
Frank Zee
Frank Zee Hace 18 días
I agree, leaders usually use their wealth to flex on others, I like good people 😃
Rex Royulada
Rex Royulada Hace 21 un día
I absolutely agree to this, Living room team was an absolute underdog that rose above all odds thrown at it using the strong bond and trust between the entire team.
Alex Flynn
Alex Flynn Hace 23 días
Ya know what, I kinda agree with the leader part, but the kitchen team had the best civilisation.😊
Average custodes
Average custodes Hace 25 días
Nah, communism sucks.
Aubriana Milner
Aubriana Milner Hace 28 días
I was Moon10a on the living room one and the guy spawned in a ton of creepers, that’s why half of us were wiped out so early on
Jana Emad
Jana Emad Hace 3 meses
This whole video is a master piece from beginning to the alliances to traitors to the "last words" to the plot twist everything was PERFECT
Songjae Oh
Songjae Oh Hace 2 meses
Something that always annoys me in this type of video is how people who have been shown to be CLEARLY DANGEROUS REVOLUTIONARIES from other videos from the same channel, literally nobody suspects them. Nice to see the players actually adapting to the new info for once :)
Ness Hace 2 meses
I love the running gag of Marko being absolutely screw loose.
Kinatically Hace 3 meses
Was so fun being part of this... The event was awesome! Looking forwards to being part of another wonderful event! Maybe this time I won't die that soon :')
GhostSquid Hace 3 meses
Incredible map! Can’t wait to see what’s next!
Alexander Ticonuwu
Alexander Ticonuwu Hace 3 meses
You know, I was wondering why the last stretch of the video still had 1 in the member counts for three teams when there were supposedly only two teams left. Damn clever foreshadowing.
randomando Hace un mes
It's amazing how the whole of garden team forgot that HighVillager had promised to distribute the loot back to them in his speech and Leizurely got elected as leader promising the same thing
The Olive oil man.
The Olive oil man. Hace un mes
One of the best, if not the best player event I've watched. Possibly only beaten out by the dimensions event OR the 1000 player prison event. That scene where the one guy killed the other super important guy with a punch was insane, but the plot twist in this video almost surpassed it. 10/10, mate.
Rage Raptor
Rage Raptor Hace 28 días
23:20 she’s a very smart leader. Despite being threatened still used her rivals to her advantage rather than turning on them out of pride and risking everything in their nation
RhythmOSauce Hace 3 meses
Marko is like the Gordon Freeman of this series, the right man in the wrong place who can make all the differance in the world
TheDiamondBlock Official / Itz_Craftz8
Honestly, this was the best video I have watched in a long time. I was very entertained. Good job man, looking forward for new vids.
Ethan Wheeler
Ethan Wheeler Hace un mes
35:50 Now that's what I call going out with a bang! Well done Yellow Tiger! Certified GOAT moment
Necropro Gaming
Necropro Gaming Hace 3 meses
Wilding, Sailor and Marco are people I’m sure will have amazing character arcs through the next few events. Good luck!
Joshua Cason
Joshua Cason Hace un mes
same with yellow tiger
Liam Cordova
Liam Cordova Hace 3 meses
Marco is the most packed with personality
Underplayer Hace 3 meses
One of the most exciting and high effort civ videos I’ve ever seen
Aarav gaming
Aarav gaming Hace un día
Waiting for next part
BringItON4 Drago
BringItON4 Drago Hace 2 meses
this is hands down the best ending to a civilization event I have ever seen
The Intense Guy
The Intense Guy Hace un mes
“Wilding, I won’t forget this!” I feel like a war just started between these two.
Ethan Paredes
Ethan Paredes Hace 3 meses
I didn't expect Wildling to have a character Arc like wow...
Anth-Rax Hace un mes
cameron stumpf
cameron stumpf Hace 2 meses
all hail beebag
cameron stumpf
cameron stumpf Hace 2 meses
so sad
Lewis Higgins
Lewis Higgins Hace 2 meses
Stalechite Hace 2 meses
@Wilson Chong pro123 this entire genre of (100 players in civilization) is literally all about roleplay
Nebaiot Lemma
Nebaiot Lemma Hace 2 meses
wow, the cinematography, the editing, the acting, it was all perfect. this is by far the most dramatic minecraft video ive ever seen
thenzen Hace un mes
are we not gonna talk about ever conversation is literally scripted
eat pant
eat pant Hace 2 meses
35:51 - 36:07 this right here is single-handedly the GREATEST part of the event and you can't prove me wrong.
randomando Hace un mes
Even better was the way YellowTiger said it
Cole F
Cole F Hace 2 meses
i really enjoyed this great content! on the other hand though..ive seen social expirement videos that are mostly staged so i have a hard time trusting something with such a solid story, incredible climax and perfect speaches yk? if its all real then bro...best social experiment video ever!
Talking Ben
Talking Ben Hace 3 meses
I’m so happy sailor survived and that end was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen man, ur content is great although this is literally the first video I’ve watched coming from you I’m gunna sub and check out more of you. I loved the living room Society since the very beginning.
Sailor's Bounty
Sailor's Bounty Hace 3 meses
I cannot thank Marcus enough for the opportunity from this. It was a lot of fun and can’t wait to do more 😄😄😄
Joshua Cason
Joshua Cason Hace un mes
that ending was legendary did yellow tiger come up with that plan only he could've know about the truth behind the doormat that final battle was amazing (all hail the glorious leader and long live doorsieden)
Adrian David
Adrian David Hace 2 meses
All hail our glorious leader sailor
SilverStar Hace 2 meses
You are the legend in the video, and Wilding was the main character having his own character development arc, both of you and the guy that exploded himself with the enemies where the stars of this video
RabZy Hace 2 meses
Our glorious leader
The Poki Player
The Poki Player Hace 2 meses
I loved u man, I hope you get good fortune in the future events too
N7x Voss
N7x Voss Hace 8 días
I started watching these type of Minecraft videos after I found out a bout SpeedSilver. I didn't think this video would be as good as SpeedSilver's story telling of the events. But I must say this was pretty dope video!
Little Demongirl
Little Demongirl Hace 29 días
I don’t know if this is staged or not but I don’t care cause I haven’t been able to stop rewatching this and I think the story and conflict with all the characters are amazing and can’t wait for the next one!
Spicy Peppercini
Spicy Peppercini Hace 3 meses
I'm so happy that Marko and Sailor lived, they were my favorites from the start, and Marko was my favorite from the zombies one I believe, where he became king of his own land with mr.scarecrow...LONG LIVE DOORSEIDON AND REST IN PEACE TIGER
Desirae Hewitt
Desirae Hewitt Hace 18 horas
LET'S GO ✨✨✨✨✨
Ninja ni Markus
Ninja ni Markus Hace 3 meses
i like how marko was just chilling with his horse while yellow tiger did one of the most epic sacrifice ive seen in a game
Bruh What
Bruh What Hace un mes
best way to survive is to be a little insane
gojidrake54 Hace 2 meses
Looking forward to seeing how adventure in Pixelmon works out
YCC Hace 3 meses
gotta love how nojus was actually 2 players since it went from 2 to zero with only nojus dying
Yalkın Hace 3 meses
That map looks awesome. Do you have a download link?
ilipog Hace 3 meses
this was in my recomended and im so glad it was the acting and animation was god tier and the story was instresting also fist time ive seen these staged cant wait for the pixelmon 1
SonnyBoi Hace 3 meses
I cannot begin to express my happiness for a good ending that doesn’t involve a dictator. Wildling, you absolute god. I praise your bravery for finally putting an end to the beebag dictations.
Fperes Hace un mes
@cameron stumpf LOL
cameron stumpf
cameron stumpf Hace 2 meses
Azure Quill
Azure Quill Hace un mes
Yo @MARCUSK I have a recommendation for your next Civilizations Video after the Pokémon one. Maybe a D&D inspired one, each nation being a different D&D Race with buffs around those ideas? This mixed with them being able to find special items around different D&D Classes or bosses would make for some very interesting fights
XAX4Games Hace 24 días
Marko does nothing and wins, and we love him for it.
StayFrxsty Hace un mes
Man Yellow Tiger went full on Wilbur Soot on the cellar team, that was a magnificent sacrifice for his team
Wrats Hace un mes
Marko always has a good time living on his own its like he has too much plot armor
Tremy Hace 2 meses
Everyone here being amazed by those 3 guys, and here I am amazed how YellowTiger killed cellars with those TNT's, he knew he was going to die, so he took them down with him, and he also hided the Axolotl. The True Warrior.
Declan McAlvany
Declan McAlvany Hace un mes
Literally such a good idea and such a good video! AND THE MAP IS DUCKING GORGEOUS!
InkWolfOnline Hace 3 meses
I love Minecraft animation, and absolutely enjoyed that ending
Disco Studios
Disco Studios Hace 3 meses
It would have been halarious if everyone else died and Marko said “ oh I guess I won”
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Wilding, Sailor and Marco are people I’m sure will have amazing character arcs through the next few events. Good luck!
RedFnafZilla Hace 3 meses
@I'm a jejemon TBH
I'm a jejemon
I'm a jejemon Hace 3 meses
You forgot YellowTiger he sacrifice himself against Beebag
Normandy5260 Hace 3 meses
Wow, that was amazing! Good job on the video.
kenotical Hace 2 meses
Holy CRAP! Im not gonna lie THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST CIVILIZATION IDES I'VE EVER WATCHED ON YOU TUBE!!! As a internet surfer i was entirely immersed in the video. I literally watched this video 3 times before commenting. Along with the ending... it as to good. You got my sub!
Daequan Hendricks
Daequan Hendricks Hace un mes
37:09 these story’s always have the perfect ending
TNR Wilson
TNR Wilson Hace un mes
I don't even care if these are scripted on some parts they are just so good! I love them been on a binge for a couple days now! I wanna join in so badly
Doomsoul909 Hace 3 meses
tiny war, like all tiny things, is adorable. watching violence and politics has never made me so happy.
Doggy Likes dogs
Doggy Likes dogs Hace 3 meses
I just like how that 1 guy just slept through an entire war.
Basil Harpham
Basil Harpham Hace 3 meses
Kinda impressive how few Living room players died during the inter room wars
Corbin Cohen
Corbin Cohen Hace 18 horas
i know what you did... we know what you did... all of us know what you did... remember who you affected... Letting your fan base go like that... Intent might have been unclear... New players won't know what you did... Killing your fan base isn't that cool... ÇÆPĪÞTªŁ§
Fatkidgames Hace 3 meses
Would not have expected 1. The 3 person Victory 2. The betrayal at the end 3. That nutter from blue during the zombie event (turns out his name marko) was still alive 👍 dude. Why youtubers that more often interact with their viewers even if they are or aren't in any events are my favourite.
Fatkidgames Hace 2 meses
@Aika good point
Aika Hace 2 meses
its 4 person victory actually without yellow tiger sacrifice they lost
Anthropos Hace 3 meses
Strange that the guys name is Marko and the channels name is Marcus.
I'm a jejemon
I'm a jejemon Hace 3 meses
We love Marko
Fatkidgames Hace 3 meses
@Small Floppa if your gonna look at the comments before the video then yeah I hope your trolling because nobody that stupid to not expect spoilers in the comments from people who watched then commented
Hemeks Hace un mes
"How much acting do you want in the voice chats.." "Yes"
Super Kid
Super Kid Hace un mes
What if there was 16 teams separated into the 16 personalities type. Like there would be a team of INFPs, a team of ISTJs, etc?
King Ice
King Ice Hace un mes
"The Living Room will survive!" And he was right.
Faith Scarred
Faith Scarred Hace un mes
I will admit it. I repeatedly watched the part where YellowTiger sacrificed himself. It was great!
Gaga Hace 2 meses
Holy cow this is great ep. I love mark keeps surviving till the end but hail glorious leader and the trio 😆 DOORSEIDON WILL LIVE ON !!!!!🔥
Sideways Cheems
Sideways Cheems Hace 29 días
Leizurly: Oh god its a raid! Its a raid! Marcusk: syncs its perfectly with the beat of the music
Matteo Chiarelli
Matteo Chiarelli Hace 23 días
Great vid. I really enjoyed it but 90% of the people participating sounded like NPC’s😂.
Chris p. Bacon
Chris p. Bacon Hace 2 meses
Damn I didn't expect the plot twist Wilding got the main character vibe
Bowlore Hace 3 meses
Glad to see that Marko returned, he was my favourite in the Zombie Video, what a ending! Cant wait to see whats next.
SilverStar Hace 2 meses
@Axell15 The Wisp Master very minor spoiler lol
Dickel Brix Jhon Lague
Same marko is a easily favorite character to love
Axell15 The Wisp Master
Minor spoiler: Pixelmon is next
the CRUNK CREW Hace 3 meses
@Yamen Ashour really? Thats a lot of civilization events ._.
Yamen Ashour
Yamen Ashour Hace 3 meses
DeeDeeFNC Hace 25 días
I was rooting for them the entire time 😁
JustJax Hace 19 días
Am so glad ur channel is doing well.Have been here since the among us days.
R T Hace 2 meses
Do we even need to ask if the teams will band together? We all know what’s gonna happen
fwhagads Hace 2 meses
just love that(Tree-King) Marko survived the massacre of his nation and came down with Mr. Horse.
chouwa Hace 3 meses
honestly was expecting a “while the players are trying to survive the raid, we have another kind of raid. raid shadow legends”
randomando Hace un mes
My thoughts exactly
BlastDEnd Hace 3 meses
That got me thinking bro
Hyper Malware
Hyper Malware Hace 3 meses
HOW HAVE I NOT FOUND THIS CHANNEL BEFORE!? The ending made me wanna see the next one and you got my sub right from the get-go
Saw the call Of the wild
Imagine the owner of the houses face when he comes back.
E Bear
E Bear Hace 3 meses
Why are your civilization videos always the most exciting?
DR.SKILLZ77 [MG] PL Hace 3 meses
10:30 if Nemuisenpai decided for whatever reason to run for president in my country after holding this speech I would vote for them 100%
Bi bob
Bi bob Hace 3 meses
Finally I was rooting for living room from the start. I always like the team that dies first
Lars Gut
Lars Gut Hace 2 meses
I have a GREAT Idea for a video. Population simulation, where each teams start with few players and can have children and they just need to remake evolution. In the end as usual theyll battle the other POPULATION.
Just Some Guy On His Phone
Ngl I personally dont like how OP the basement team is with how god their natural loot is since it seems like a pretty unfair advantage compared to the other teams
VIP_George Hace 3 meses
Has anyone noticed that when the guy fell in the fish tank 1 player was removed meaning they thought he died but then when he made it out alive they put the 1 player more
PortugueseNoob Hace 3 meses
That was probably the best 100 players event I've ever watched! Would love to be in one of you're civilizations events!
Galen Moran
Galen Moran Hace un mes
I was gonna say that but you already did
master vomit
master vomit Hace 3 meses
U mean 300 players
Now that is a beautiful twist ending. Down with dictators! xD
GrwNowen Hace 3 meses
As soon as I head cult I was rooting for them then pledged my loyalty when I heard the Soviet Union
MeliodasPlays Hace 3 meses
just based off the ending this man could make an entire minecraft animation series tht iwll be interesting
Beaver Jedi
Beaver Jedi Hace un mes
Okay, we've got a cool video idea, now how scripted do you want it to be? ... *Yes.*
Project Alpha
Project Alpha Hace 3 meses
Too be completely honest if I was a part of an event like this I’d probably gather at least some iron armour and tools before leaving my team and going into hiding. I’m good as a solo or duo. I’m not good at pvp and would much rather hide away farming and brewing instead.
Project Alpha
Project Alpha Hace 2 meses
Like you’ve got many others who have been in civilisation experiments before and know pvp and then you’ve us peaceful players who’d rather trade than fight. Like sure if two civilisations went to war in an experiment I’d come out of hiding and help by just mining forever. I like mining And if another team took over all I’d do is start mining for them instead but not out of fear. Just so I can spend more time in the experiment.
VJ 14 GAMING Hace 3 meses
I'd either go into hiding from everyone getting tools myself, abandoning my team to help our teams alliance or, pretty much be a kamikaze and hold off players attacking the team while the rest run.
Da Mouse
Da Mouse Hace 3 meses
I would just drift around trading with different nations
hunter17835 Hace 3 meses
Ditto, I'd just hide from everyone else and let them all kill each other.
Project Alpha
Project Alpha Hace 3 meses
I could say less about friends though as one played Bedwars with me over headset constantly shouting at the enemy teams “COME AT ME BRO, COME TAKE ME ON!” or “FOR THE LOLS BRO, LETS DO THIS!”
Carson dickey
Carson dickey Hace 3 meses
I’m very happy that the glorious leader lived.
Lilu Hace 3 meses
I’m starting a Marko religion because I love Marko! This is second time I’ve seen him win in a 100 day civilization simulation in Minecraft!
Den Lake
Den Lake Hace un mes
I was excited to watch this and turns out the whole thing is just staged. I was questioning it, but when the garden incident with the stairs happened I knew it was staged. No way you walk up the stairs and not see that
Den Lake
Den Lake Hace un mes
A lot of the talking sounded so forced and everything
Telekin Animations
Telekin Animations Hace 3 meses
was rooting for cellar, and they kinda won at the end with wilding, sailor and marko
ItsMeMarko Hace 3 meses
Great vid! A lot of interesting character arcs this episode. Loved the Doormat guy Also was a great journey helping with recording and playing in the event, looking forward to the next one :)
Pan Gołomb
Pan Gołomb Hace 3 meses
In the next civilization event I want to see one of the nation being the cult of Marco
P1k4chu Hace 3 meses
All hail king marko and best character *chefs kiss
Vrxny Tzy69
Vrxny Tzy69 Hace 3 meses
Yo it's Marko😂🤣 How your scarecrow Doing? 😂🤣
Marc2.2.2.2 Hace 3 meses
Wait a minute, the legend itself