I Made a Giant Dorito Burrito • Tasty

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"I definitely overfilled it." Watch Alix make a giant Dorito burrito!
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Nachos falling down (ends on blue)
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Nachos falling down
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12 ene 2019

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Comentarios 3 069
Joud Imad
Joud Imad Hace 3 horas
like= team nacho cheese comment= team cool ranch
Mahnoor Suleman
Mahnoor Suleman Hace 3 horas
When ALIX said that any time of powder I was legitimately thinking that means we can even use BABY POWDER🤣🤣
Filip Borromini
Filip Borromini Hace 4 horas
#teampringles sorry non sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️
dolphins fan 1972
dolphins fan 1972 Hace 13 horas
Person in video: Says any kind of powder. Me: puts cocaine.
The Banana Hippie
The Banana Hippie Hace 18 horas
1:46 what about cocaine can I put some in it?
YamiAlex224 Hace 21 un hora
I don't think I have had cool ranch since I never liked ranch since it made me sick
Kaavya Dasgupta
Kaavya Dasgupta Hace un día
Alix: You can use onion powder, chilly powder, garlic powder, any powder Me:So I can use cocoa powder?
Mr Sonelf
Mr Sonelf Hace un día
Alvin is shaking!!!
Mariah Francois
Mariah Francois Hace un día
I can eat this whole thing in a blink an not fell fat
Mind Bender
Mind Bender Hace 2 días
I had to go to Chipolte and have them add the doritos prior to "rolling" ... yum!!!
Mind Bender
Mind Bender Hace 2 días
Huge food... must be brunch everyday you're studio cooks - love it!!!!😁😎🎆
Ganjar Puji Widodo
Ganjar Puji Widodo Hace 2 días
Thicc gurl, thicc burrito Perfeccto
Skeeter Fischer
Skeeter Fischer Hace 2 días
Dude rocking VanossGaming merch my guys. (No homo). (Not homophobic)
Jus_ Gacha
Jus_ Gacha Hace 2 días
Christin S
Christin S Hace 3 días
Team nacho cheese always!
yamarachui Hace 3 días
3:36 Alex made a heart
ICY BERG Hace 3 días
Alix is fine tho damnnn
Siobhan Going
Siobhan Going Hace 3 días
They’re both wrong #teamthaisweetchilli
Sphranx Hace 3 días
Matt stonie’s burrito is better
Onlymetoday Hace 3 días
8:44 is all the bottoms after pride ❤️🏳️‍🌈
Bloodiamondeyes Hace 4 días
i think this is the same size of the burritozilla that Matt Stonie eats. his might be slightly bigger.
Camryn Coelho
Camryn Coelho Hace 5 días
she looks tired while cooking
Barnea Andreea
Barnea Andreea Hace 5 días
This video is soooooooo yumm
Isaiah Exius
Isaiah Exius Hace 5 días
that guy takes big bites
Javanee 7
Javanee 7 Hace 7 días
Where’s team spicy chilly I’m
Will Perez
Will Perez Hace 7 días
I just want to smoke a fat blunt and cook with Alix and then go in on the master piece we made
Mxrken .unique
Mxrken .unique Hace 7 días
My top 4 tasty producers are Rie Alix Kiano Alvin
Marlow Hace 6 días
+hannah and alexis
Sleepypalms Computer
#TEAMCOOLRANCH! all the way id be still happy with a mini dorito borrito it looks so good! good luck! ❤ Also any kind of powder?? Dont use baby powder. :P
Accios Potatoes
Accios Potatoes Hace 7 días
Alix, jokes are nacho forte
Lily Mills
Lily Mills Hace 8 días
use gun powder yummm
Payal Saha
Payal Saha Hace 9 días
Her voice is similar to Emma Chamberlain
Sumanth Sridhar
Sumanth Sridhar Hace 10 días
1:45 can I use powdered sugar
nightbot Hace 10 días
Nacho cheese
Brielle Horton
Brielle Horton Hace 11 días
I like buffalo dipped ranch Doritos
blues Hace 12 días
*matt stonie* wants to know your location
Stephanie Delgado
Stephanie Delgado Hace 12 días
Me watching this while hungry but trying to convince myself to get food bc I’m lazy 😑😂and watching this did the perfect thing
Emre J.Aydogan
Emre J.Aydogan Hace 12 días
I want to buy a box of assorted chocolates and it’s 5am in the morning
Emily Shrier
Emily Shrier Hace 13 días
When she put the blended chipotle in the ranch it made a heart shape aw
Lori W Bahadur
Lori W Bahadur Hace 13 días
A Whole cow, Mexican Adobe BBQ. I hope you have your own pit!
Lay And Lee squad
Lay And Lee squad Hace 13 días
If you say any powder can it be baby powder
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
Proudito...smh Alix but cant stay mad at ms.thickems
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
Easier if it was stretched out with a real giant tortilla
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
Bootleg Making It Big
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
Alix is Alvin with then girl Snapchat filter on
Platinum Music
Platinum Music Hace 13 días
Favourite tasty producers: Alix Rie Andrew Alvin 😊☺️
DiamondBoy Hace 2 días
Kayleigh ASMR my bad I just realized somethin.
Platinum Music
Platinum Music Hace 2 días
DiamondBoy so why in the video did Kelsey say “tasty producer alix”
Platinum Music
Platinum Music Hace 2 días
DiamondBoy you know what I mean
DiamondBoy Hace 2 días
I think you mean cooks. Producers are like one people who make the video.
Itzgacha Gurl
Itzgacha Gurl Hace 3 días
Kayleigh ASMR Alexis? I love her she’s super funny
Bryan Arevalo
Bryan Arevalo Hace 13 días
Who serves a burrito like that? A wet burrito has a tomato base sauce... Not cream and a salad ontop LOL
ruqayyah A
ruqayyah A Hace 14 días
1:06 Who else kept rewinding it to see her say ‘toppito’ again?
Julianne Ferranco
Julianne Ferranco Hace 14 días
I freakin’ thought Alex was holding a fish on the thumbnail
Family Hang
Family Hang Hace 12 días
Sammie V.E.
Sammie V.E. Hace 14 días
Thinking about making this right now, but then I remembered it’s 3am and I’m too lazy to even get up!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Puppy Hace 14 días
Any kind of powder?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Baby powder?
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Hace 14 días
GO ALIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Hace 14 días
SO GIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aryan Kuckian
Aryan Kuckian Hace 14 días
Mazharul Islam
Mazharul Islam Hace 14 días
7:10 That’s what she said
LaJuana Pruitt
LaJuana Pruitt Hace 15 días
Team. Nacho cheese
maxsol XD :p
maxsol XD :p Hace 15 días
There is nothing there is nothing such as overfilled it in burritos nothing!!!!!
Elijah Ken
Elijah Ken Hace 15 días
gay avocado
gay avocado Hace 15 días
Tasty: we made a giant burrito Matt stonie: hold my burrito
Sirin Alsaid
Sirin Alsaid Hace 15 días
Khloe Williams
Khloe Williams Hace 15 días
Hey what kind of cheese is not yours Nacho cheese get it not your cheese
SDxHazzardzZz Hace 16 días
Mate Stonie Has Appeared
JOUD Harmoush You tube adventures
Did Alix say wine onions or white I heard her say wine onions
Josephine Gangi
Josephine Gangi Hace 16 días
Sea Oceana
Sea Oceana Hace 16 días
Anna Nicolussi
Anna Nicolussi Hace 17 días
The whole burrito looked sooo good that I absolutely want one right now, even though I've just had dinner.
Denky Mems
Denky Mems Hace 17 días
Should have named it the durrito smh
S-DOUBLEA-Z 4 Hace 18 días
7:36 Dats what she said And 7:09
ItzMeYazz Hace 18 días
Can I use cocaine as my poweder 😂😂😂
Daniel Zhou
Daniel Zhou Hace 19 días
Naryzhua Littles
Naryzhua Littles Hace 19 días
So you use any powder what about the goof powder
Michael Jarquin
Michael Jarquin Hace 20 días
Thought they were like cooks here? Why not just make a huge tortilla?
Analice Llana Asuque
Analice Llana Asuque Hace 21 un día
i love u alix
AJ Ewing
AJ Ewing Hace 21 un día
She only used the chicken Bc the guy is black 😂
AsCoraCaroline Crinny
AsCoraCaroline Crinny Hace 22 días
Hi Kelsey hi I love the videos you make keep on making more videos I ❤t v y I like I love
Miss En
Miss En Hace 22 días
Another Alix video, nice, I’ve always wanted to try this
Cañdïé Swírls
Cañdïé Swírls Hace 22 días
" any kind of powder " Me : BABY POWDER HERE I COME!
Alyannah Hapis
Alyannah Hapis Hace 23 días
Omggg it's kelsey from 100 baby challenge
1:04 that was...dare I say...cheesy?
blasttrash Hace 23 días
Did all three eat the same piece at the end? They essentially exchanged saliva. gross.
Aran Kaur
Aran Kaur Hace 24 días
*chris evans has entered the chat*
boneless maniac
boneless maniac Hace 24 días
Any kind of powder eh? How about bleach powder!
Melissa Cruz
Melissa Cruz Hace 24 días
I’m *“proud-ito”* of you too
-Galaxy Puppy-
-Galaxy Puppy- Hace 24 días
Who else thought that when she said ‘I’m Kelsey’ I thought she said ‘I’m healthy’ while she is talking about nachos xD
Arshia Toosi
Arshia Toosi Hace 24 días
She is definitely an Ameture chief
eddie martell
eddie martell Hace 25 días
im crushing hard on alix
vope with love
vope with love Hace 26 días
Kalsy is doing it to feed Chelsy's 100 kids.
Danes Vlogs
Danes Vlogs Hace 27 días
Can I add baby powder?
THOMAS AM Hace 28 días
Hey guys my dad is a 1:06 file
Nunie Noonz
Nunie Noonz Hace 28 días
Has girth to it huh 😂🍆
Hussrocks2987 Hace 29 días
Mans team chilli heatwave
PEWDEEPIE Hace 29 días
I am outraged red Doritos are superior
Deejay SlowMotion
Deejay SlowMotion Hace un mes
Now I'm super hungry
Leah Sars
Leah Sars Hace un mes
What happened to cool Asian guy
ashhad ahmed
ashhad ahmed Hace un mes
#not coolranch
L. G.
L. G. Hace un mes
Why TF are they EATING AFTER EACH OTHER..I was wit it til I WASN'T wit it
L. G.
L. G. Hace un mes
This girl is so cute and funny, and I'll eat her burrito anytime , no homo
Hnin Thitsar Kyaw
Hnin Thitsar Kyaw Hace un mes
can i use this mysterious white powder that i bought from a kind man in a dark alley
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Hace un mes
It’s a bit spicy...but whatever. Yass!
andrewthezeppo Hace un mes
Wait am I the only one horrified at all those people just eating off the same burrito?
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