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"I definitely overfilled it." Watch Alix make a giant Dorito burrito!
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Corn Chips, Tortillas, Junk Foods, Snacks
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Nachos falling down (ends on blue)
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Nachos falling down
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12 ene 2019






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Comentarios 3 222
Alix Traeger
Alix Traeger Hace 2 meses
I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my life but this one is up there! LOL hope you guys enjoy :) & subscribe to my personal ESvid channel for more crazy! 💕
Lisa Kozlowski
Lisa Kozlowski Hace 7 días
I drewled a lil ngl... i love watching you create :)
Georgie The Queen
Georgie The Queen Hace 11 días
Hiiiiiii omg ur my fav!
Legendary WhiteTiger
Legendary WhiteTiger Hace 22 días
Lol just kidding
Legendary WhiteTiger
Legendary WhiteTiger Hace 22 días
1:46 even talc powder?
tpamel Hace 4 horas
Team spicy nacho
ChippO ChickeN
ChippO ChickeN Hace 7 horas
Wait. So you can use baby powder?
David Bryan
David Bryan Hace un día
This has got to be the best video I’ve ever seen. I’ll admit, I have a bit of a crush on Alix, and she cooked something I would totally chow down on.
maggy tokyo
maggy tokyo Hace 2 días
*wearing that OVO hoodie
Alexis Watson
Alexis Watson Hace 3 días
Kelsey looks kinda familiar ? Yes or no ?
Zachary Moss
Zachary Moss Hace 3 días
Topito! The cringe
Melannie Mejia
Melannie Mejia Hace 3 días
Llama Quean
Llama Quean Hace 3 días
Baby powder
GoldenPotato21 Hace 3 días
Boom badabam... Yo puSSy SmellS like HaM
jobair khan
jobair khan Hace 5 días
Petter Basmo
Petter Basmo Hace 5 días
By the show of hands... WHO’S HUNGRY AF?!🙋🏼‍♂️
ROBYN BAILEY Hace 5 días
That's like a wrap Gatsby. Gatsby is a South African food delicacy
ramen Hace 5 días
watching tasty videos while high is a whole other experience
Kaylan Coke
Kaylan Coke Hace 5 días
Wait it's Kelsey from the SIMS Challenge!
Captain Snuggles
Captain Snuggles Hace 5 días
Reminds me of that one episode of dexter's lab
Baconater 28
Baconater 28 Hace 5 días
me: *sees alix* me: kidney transplant who??
Eternal Bloom the Allwing
I have never seen Alix spelled in such a way... *focus levels go over 9000*
Your Ugly
Your Ugly Hace 6 días
I’ve never had a burrito in my life
Slay Queen
Slay Queen Hace 5 días
Same here😩😭
Dustin Bowlds
Dustin Bowlds Hace 6 días
when seprate i like cool ranch when with a taco/burrito i like nacho cheese
Jazlynn Mack
Jazlynn Mack Hace 6 días
Why are they using forks for a borrito
ItzVic Hace 6 días
1:45 what about... white powder?
Erin :3
Erin :3 Hace 6 días
Nacho cheese yes
I luv burritos 😍
Both Doritos are good, jeez stfu my nigga🙄
Zerrie=Everlasting Hace 7 días
I'm team #spicynacho
Mark Corrigan
Mark Corrigan Hace 7 días
I love that blonde retard girl woman.
Robert Wells
Robert Wells Hace 7 días
Alix you're brilliant, creative.. and that voice. I look forward to your many videos.
Mariana P.
Mariana P. Hace 8 días
"Chipotle peppers are pretty spicy". * All México laughs at that *
Fuckun Damouth
Fuckun Damouth Hace 9 días
Grand Daddy Burp
Jan Piet
Jan Piet Hace 10 días
Hesitantlist85 !
Hesitantlist85 ! Hace 11 días
They passed the burrito like it was blunt 💔
Suarez Barcelona
Suarez Barcelona Hace 11 días
What the fuck with the ads ?fuck this channel
Caelan Nicholls
Caelan Nicholls Hace 11 días
Hehe the title in its self is a pain to say
Divyansh Vaswani
Divyansh Vaswani Hace 12 días
It's sodium chloride
Connally Henshaw
Connally Henshaw Hace 13 días
LEt em Out !
Alex Taylor19
Alex Taylor19 Hace 13 días
Ranch is crap
Aastha Chaurasia
Aastha Chaurasia Hace 14 días
i love it when the whole office eats the food!!
Jay C
Jay C Hace 16 días
She’s cool, but she ain’t no Claire
Luke Cage
Luke Cage Hace 16 días
She is so cute and funny
Noura Hace 16 días
When she poured in the Chipotle peppers , it looked like a heart 3:36
Bayleigh Oliver
Bayleigh Oliver Hace 16 días
imagine working there, there's always extra food
Katie Richardson
Katie Richardson Hace 16 días
What’s a burrito without a lot of filling? A tortilla 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yvette Hace 16 días
A burrito *uses ground beef* ITS CARNE ASADA YOU FOOLS
Yvette Hace 16 días
She’s using chicken oh no
Jezreel Bullock
Jezreel Bullock Hace 17 días
Why not just make your own giant tortilla for it? Or have that other guy that makes giant food help you make a giant tortilla for the burrito? Still would eat it, just a thought.
Erick Sn
Erick Sn Hace 17 días
I hate what Americans call "burrito" or "taco"
Nathan Von holdt
Nathan Von holdt Hace 17 días
Why didnt she do Fried. Chicken 😭
Phantom Xuanzyx
Phantom Xuanzyx Hace 17 días
Why does everyone refer to salt as sodium lol, i know its sodium chloride but chlorine is just as important.
meowpurpur Hace 18 días
"we've got some ooze" - me shortly after a creampie
G Bradley
G Bradley Hace 18 días
What is her left arm tattoo?
Lakshman Bodepudi
Lakshman Bodepudi Hace 18 días
Hahah.. you look like emilia clarke
The Singing Brick
The Singing Brick Hace 18 días
Alix: ...Any powder Me, an asshole: *uses baby powder*
vesuvia gacha
vesuvia gacha Hace 19 días
Me: watching a 100 baby challange with kelsey, comes here *jaw falls open*
Jellyfish Pancakes
Jellyfish Pancakes Hace 19 días
Baby powder
cwchan8383 Hace 19 días
Can u yous babie pouda
Jinny Squamirm
Jinny Squamirm Hace 19 días
Let's start wrapping Sunshine daisies butter mellow turn this stupid fat rat yellow.
the artsy seaturtle
the artsy seaturtle Hace 20 días
Any powder??
Lily and Kylie
Lily and Kylie Hace 21 un día
Yaaay Chelsea!!!!? Like if you get it😉 #100babychallange
Water Proof
Water Proof Hace 21 un día
If i could go to outer space i would bring her a star back. ...
Vahi-na George
Vahi-na George Hace 21 un día
“So big” that’s what she said 😊
Mugthraka Hace 21 un día
How the hell can people eat dorito's?, it taste like cardboard, its terrible...
Cam Music
Cam Music Hace 21 un día
Awe at 3:35 the chipotle was a heart 😂
Marlene Bennett
Marlene Bennett Hace 21 un día
Matt Stonie would eat it in a SECOND!
Rachel Ng
Rachel Ng Hace 22 días
i almost spit out my water when she said top-ito
Yu Mei Van den Bor
Yu Mei Van den Bor Hace 22 días
I really like Alex she is so funny And she has such a dry humor😂
Leny Saji
Leny Saji Hace 22 días
i challenge you to make masala dosa from india .hope you try it
Anindita Saha
Anindita Saha Hace 22 días
1:47 uh cocoa powder?
Rachad B
Rachad B Hace 22 días
i have the biggest crush on alix its not even funny
Jess Emperor-king
Jess Emperor-king Hace 22 días
I love cool ranch Doritos but this was not it. Maybe a ham and egg breakfast burrito but you don’t cater to the individual flavor enough
Its Blue
Its Blue Hace 23 días
#teamnachocheese Don't hate me but I hate ranch
Ayhme Hayes
Ayhme Hayes Hace 23 días
I love both Cool Ranch & Nacho Cheese doritos but I don’t think Id like Cool Ranch chips as my nacho chips
Emma Hace 24 días
this is the fourth time i’m watching this and i still love it
Joseph Lash
Joseph Lash Hace 24 días
The nacho cheese girl was trying to make legit food observations but ify is like I’m black and I showed up this is all you need from me
Tech Light
Tech Light Hace 25 días
Damn I thought she was holding a fish in the thumbnail 😂😂😂
Xavier Hidalgo
Xavier Hidalgo Hace 26 días
Ohhhhh it's so big
Omar Kaakaji
Omar Kaakaji Hace 26 días
3:36 it’s a a chipotle heart
Dennis Just 3
Dennis Just 3 Hace 26 días
Buzzfeed Kelsey impeaccimme
Akram Alonizi
Akram Alonizi Hace 27 días
bad time to watch this😭
Water Proof
Water Proof Hace 27 días
10 simple as that
I wonder which Doritos Alix chooses. What do y’all think?? 🤔 🌯 I choose both honestly 50/50
Blastercake YT
Blastercake YT Hace 28 días
What about the there saliva
The Brick /thestopmotionguy
eva sarah
eva sarah Hace 28 días
I thought Alex was holding a fish in the thumbnail.
Tasty Stuff With Alice
Any kind of powder? Is my mind the only one that went to cocaine? XD XD XD
Breanna Rosmarin
Breanna Rosmarin Hace 29 días
LETS PLAY A GAME Like to win Even is girls, odds is boys....WHICH WILL WIN?!
Kronome Hace 29 días
1:39 Even baby powder Or Talcum powder
Ngoc Tran
Ngoc Tran Hace 29 días
I see Kelsey from BuzzFeed Game in the 100 baby challenge
rayhan plays
rayhan plays Hace un mes
1:40 use any powder Uses cocaine Dies
Every one of my friends and family ansI know I have an obsession with nacho cheese Doritos
Vendeta Hace un mes
“My chicken is cooked”
Crazy M
Crazy M Hace un mes
DankMonkey ,
DankMonkey , Hace un mes
My Favorite Is Baby Powder
Jae Hace un mes
Alix is so cute and precious wtf
c'nyce porter
c'nyce porter Hace un mes
You should make a giant tacho
Never Unknown
Never Unknown Hace un mes
Recipe measurements please!
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