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"I definitely overfilled it." Watch Alix make a giant Dorito burrito!
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Nachos falling down (ends on blue)
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Nachos falling down
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12 ene 2019

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Alix Traeger
Alix Traeger Hace 10 días
I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my life but this one is up there! LOL hope you guys enjoy :) & subscribe to my personal ESvid channel for more crazy! 💕
josh plaut
josh plaut Hace 10 horas
Alix youre literally my favorite person on Tasty
Megan Soto
Megan Soto Hace 10 horas
The traeger is a really good grill and is popular in Oregon
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves Hace 18 horas
I love you!
Mochi Mochi
Mochi Mochi Hace 3 días
Hey Alix, I have a question. Why did you choose to use white onion, and what is the difference between the onions? Love from Canada!
charls law XD
charls law XD Hace 3 días
Hello Miss Alix ;) you're so fun to watch with. Pls notice me wew. Love from Philippines
D.O mano Jessica Suho
The thumbnail kinda reminded me of the fake Justin Beiber eating 🌯 sideways
Kangaroo Hopps
Kangaroo Hopps Hace un hora
How fun!
Thordis Unnur
Thordis Unnur Hace un hora
No lettuce!?
silent dazer
silent dazer Hace 4 horas
The black guy gets chicken
xOmqAriana Hace 5 horas
Glenn Cruzat
Glenn Cruzat Hace 5 horas
Matt Stonie would be happy.
aka Shoodo
aka Shoodo Hace 5 horas
Alix : Any powder Me: mhhh baby powder
Maria Sincere
Maria Sincere Hace 8 horas
I used to get a 5 layer burrito and a bag of nacho cheese Doritos from taco Bell. Crush up the chips open the burrito sprinkle inside, top with a layer of fire sauce 😽👌🏽❤️
Maria Sincere
Maria Sincere Hace 8 horas
I would've done a buffalo chicken chill ranch burrito but that's pretty close
Can u make a gaint cheescake?
Josh Palu
Josh Palu Hace 8 horas
Diet ~~has left the chat~~
Dope Kid Tony 564
Dope Kid Tony 564 Hace 9 horas
Cool ranch
ashleigh Hayne
ashleigh Hayne Hace 9 horas
Who was looking for her new tatoo!
uriel galindo orozco
uriel galindo orozco Hace 10 horas
*This is what I'm totally craving for*
The Sports Boy
The Sports Boy Hace 10 horas
You should do making "The Biggest Brownie In The World!
Helena Marcotulli
Helena Marcotulli Hace 11 horas
Please subscribe to pewdiepie t sierres is dying
Tori Grant
Tori Grant Hace 11 horas
Make a giant taco!!!!
miriamgm94 Hace 13 horas
OKokokokokokok WTF is spanish rice? Please tell me she didn`t add paella to the burrito En serio, paella en el burrito no, todo menos eso. I`m shocked
ravenwood06 Hace 13 horas
Sorry I'm British. So basically a burrito is when you put all the tasties in one wrap?
Lord Games Eg
Lord Games Eg Hace 13 horas
1:46 what about gun Powder
NqthanSticks Hace 13 horas
Is this gonna be a trend for tasty MAKING GIANT FOODS
Cowey and Bibi
Cowey and Bibi Hace 15 horas
Who the hell eats from one another
Tabitha S.
Tabitha S. Hace 15 horas
I love Tasty, but listening to this bitch talk is irritating af.
Netheryk Hace 16 horas
Ben Sheppard
Ben Sheppard Hace 17 horas
1:47 what bout cocaine its a powder
Netheryk Hace 17 horas
Isn't cool ranch just a corn chip with a bit of salt
TheSpeedy107 Hace 18 horas
Yea I’ll take two please
Evan Selfridge
Evan Selfridge Hace 18 horas
What happened to team Chuli heatwave
Evan Selfridge
Evan Selfridge Hace 18 horas
Chilli heatwave not Chuli heatwave
CupaCoffee1 Hace 18 horas
1:46 does baby powder work?
Kate DoesMinecraft
Kate DoesMinecraft Hace 20 horas
thought she was holding a big ass fish in the thumbnail LMAO
Solay Newkirk
Solay Newkirk Hace 20 horas
Can you guys make a giant Mochi ice cream
Mees Lopez
Mees Lopez Hace 20 horas
This is not a burrito. This is blasphemy for Mexican cuisine. I’ll have a burrito chicharrón.
Zoie Holloman
Zoie Holloman Hace 21 un hora
I’m so hungry
SpaghettiTheatre Hace 22 horas
What i’d do: *puts gound beef and ranch doritos*
SpaghettiTheatre Hace 22 horas
I like cool ranch
SpaghettiTheatre Hace 22 horas
When *God* creates an idea
Ibrahim Jaber
Ibrahim Jaber Hace 23 horas
Liam Bye
Liam Bye Hace un día
what was it like pooping out that burrito? thats the video i wanna see
Kirby Le
Kirby Le Hace un día
Alvin and Alix make giant food?
Cather Kamala
Cather Kamala Hace un día
The gran muir can is once censored then not censored like wtf
MotherAngel0482 Hace un día
Bump all this noise what is the blender she is using anyone know a brand? Also i'm making this but with Jacked buffalo ranch doritos bc baby those are the best.
MotherAngel0482 Hace un día
Never mind found it for anyone who wants to know its the Cuisinart Mini Prep Processor. Yes 29 mins of intense searching i found it. lol
The Black Sheep We Don't Associate With
What you do with it next you b**** ass slut? stick it in your c***?
ZayBlam! Hace un día
And im here eating chips for lunch
Slayer Dual
Slayer Dual Hace un día
any kind of powder crack burrito anyone
The don't vines don't end
You know this bitch is white white when she doesn't add any other seasonings other than salt and pepper to her chicken.
mOnEY MaN Hace un día
This reminds me of when I rolled a half ounce wood 💯
Sumer Tait
Sumer Tait Hace un día
White Pizza
White Pizza Hace un día
Why not just make a giant tortilla...?
Quinton Sullivan
Quinton Sullivan Hace un día
Cool ranch is the best
Lea Bunch
Lea Bunch Hace un día
Leopard PrintYT
Leopard PrintYT Hace un día
“But you know what, I don’t make much sense either” Me: LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL MEEEEEEEEE
janice janelle
janice janelle Hace un día
Charity Hopkins
Charity Hopkins Hace un día
Ok but my favorite are the Sweet Chili Doritos
zoemehlmann Hace un día
ngl the chicken one looks better
pie lover 2752
pie lover 2752 Hace un día
Renad Ahmed
Renad Ahmed Hace un día
You make a giant ice cream sandwich
Josue Rife
Josue Rife Hace un día
Cardi b’s Biggest fan
I like sweet chili Doritos
WGZ slingshotzzz
WGZ slingshotzzz Hace un día
Stephano In Disguise -.-
*_I love Kelsey xD_*
Nurul Balqis
Nurul Balqis Hace un día
Is that Kelsey from 100 baby challenge Sims 4????
Christina Lorraine
Christina Lorraine Hace un día
I am so disappointed I don’t even want to finish the video salt and pepper is not seasoning by it self like it can be added but it needs to be added with other seasonings because salt and pepper don’t bring much flavor to the table
Elisabetta Ferrero
Elisabetta Ferrero Hace un día
Team nacho cheese
Anon ymous
Anon ymous Hace un día
Imagine working in tasty n getting amazing food like that
jon El stark
jon El stark Hace un día
Going with homemade giant tortillas would have been a good idea 😁
Lyssa Marie
Lyssa Marie Hace un día
I’m watching with a very empty stomach
Awesome Angel In the Coconut shell
who here wants to try Alix's burrito?
Secret Service
Secret Service Hace 2 días
Oh yeah yeah
kevin beltran
kevin beltran Hace 2 días
Tasty cook:“These chipotle peppers are pretty spicy” My inner Mexican: jajajaja esta vieja no sabe que es el significado de enchiloso
Ded Applesauce
Ded Applesauce Hace 2 días
*any kind of powder* hehehe
Simon hellum Hentze
Simon hellum Hentze Hace 2 días
So thats where grizz’s burrito ended up at
JLJustice Hace 2 días
I thought in the thumbnail she was holding a fish
Brenda Vaughn
Brenda Vaughn Hace 2 días
That looks so good
Beebo the mighty little bear
If I worked there, I’d weigh 400lbs.
Gianni C
Gianni C Hace 2 días
the cook is so cringy
itz laila
itz laila Hace 2 días
omg.. did u guys notice when she was doing nacho the pot was red, and when she was doing cool ranch the pot was blue? I just though that was so cool!! Anyway have a nice rest of your night/day!
Corduroy Epps
Corduroy Epps Hace 2 días
This Alix Traeger person is a cutie.
JTLIGHTNING12 YT Hace 2 días
They should have shredded the chicken
Serenity Coronado
Serenity Coronado Hace 2 días
Dorito Burrito that rimes
crtx Hace 2 días
I would eat the black guy's burrito anytime.
Halfway Music442
Halfway Music442 Hace 2 días
2:42 Me: No women make any sense
isabel roldan
isabel roldan Hace 2 días
They always make Japanese food how about Hispanic food that ground beef u made was basically white picadio
Future Hazard
Future Hazard Hace 2 días
Loongrod Von Hug'endong
How to make a Giant Taco Bell 🌯
Loongrod Von Hug'endong
Hipsters ruin everything......
Chris H
Chris H Hace 2 días
This should be renamed giant disgusting pile of garbage wrapped in a tortilla challenge.
Semhal Tesfay
Semhal Tesfay Hace 2 días
I’m literally so broke. Can I just make a smaller one?
MaxiMilliusSupreme 2.0
7:08...when your girl sees ur rooster for the first time ...and she's proud-ito😂😂😂
Red Mage 87
Red Mage 87 Hace 2 días
That girl done rolled herself a fat one. Burrito that is. 😀
Joycon Boi Z
Joycon Boi Z Hace 2 días
#team nachocheese
Osama Bin Ladin
Osama Bin Ladin Hace 2 días
i wanna shove my giant spicy burrito down her throat and suffocate her until she calls me daddy
Kelsey Steenkamp
Kelsey Steenkamp Hace 2 días
My name is also kelsey
Jeremy Ayaay
Jeremy Ayaay Hace 3 días
i missed kelsey
Sav 420
Sav 420 Hace 3 días
Wake and bake mfs
Ali Jalal
Ali Jalal Hace 3 días
Alex: "You can use any kind of powder" Me: So Cocaine?
Tom Leonard
Tom Leonard Hace 3 días
zOMG! a party burrito instead of a party sub. I didn't realize that was a thing.
MeOw Myth
MeOw Myth Hace 3 días
Hi my name's Catrina
Must be great working in an office where people just randomly get to share giant foods
Mr. Toast
Mr. Toast Hace 3 días
Im eating doritos while watching this
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