I made a mistake

Morgan Adams
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Hiiii!!!!! I love you. I hope you enjoy us trying to get it together.
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12 jul 2019






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Morgan Adams
Morgan Adams Hace 5 meses
Hiii!!!! How are you ily
Amanda Cook
Amanda Cook Hace 26 días
Morgan Adams lol I make the same mistakes.
Chelsea Simon
Chelsea Simon Hace un mes
I love you
Wilkins Winsor
Wilkins Winsor Hace un mes
Isabelle Gallagher
Isabelle Gallagher Hace un mes
Morgan Adams you’re so pretty xxx
hanawosaku -
hanawosaku - Hace un mes
just wanna say you're fr the coolest and the realest & nobody should ever make you feel like you aren't :)
Tiffany Laree
Tiffany Laree Hace 6 días
I love these humans!! 🤣
Alicia Kossler
Alicia Kossler Hace 7 días
Maybe you should just stay in the suburbs lol
Morgan Oakley neonrainbow1987
This is one of my favorite videos of all time 😍
Yari_ _loves
Yari_ _loves Hace 9 días
I want this to be a series so bad 😫
Anjellike1 Hace 9 días
Ummm I’m actually eating a salad while watching this! Thanks Trinitee lol 😂
xSniper x Galx
xSniper x Galx Hace 9 días
This is me and my cousin in a few years😂
Jetta Desiray
Jetta Desiray Hace 11 días
this was so entertaining to me im from a town of 800 ppl in the middle of nowhere in Texas our closest walmart is an hour away so you can imagine how I've grown up..... I worked in chicken houses in high school..... this was hilarious watching two city slickers try and be "country" im dying lmao.... I love you Morgan!
Darlene Hace 11 días
"Should I go back and ask if the guy wanted to come" I died lol. I think she did too lmao
I’m actually stupid
I’m actually stupid Hace 13 días
Why am I not surprised
Passion Fruit
Passion Fruit Hace 13 días
Why is Trinity the female version of Drew?
Miriam Gaspar
Miriam Gaspar Hace 14 días
“my fucking big ass boots konky shit” * BIG CRUNCH* “my cannesssss” 😫
Jolena Welker
Jolena Welker Hace 15 días
Can anyone say this kind of reminds them of Shane and a more outgoing Andrew the way Trinity and Morgan behave with each other? I feel like they are ultimate bffs and they are so similar to this type of humor, especially since Andrew has gotten more outgoing lately, lol! I wanna see Ryland, Andrew, Shane Trinty and Morgan go on a road trip together sometime, lol! 😂😂😂😂 and I weirdly kind of think Andrew and Trinity would look cute together, curse my shipping heart lol 😥😥😥😥
speechy_keen Hace 16 días
"... yellow tractors..." *insert green tractor* :P ... lol
Dottie Sunshine
Dottie Sunshine Hace 16 días
morgan & trinity need to come to iowa for this experience they were expecting lolol
Kate Jack
Kate Jack Hace 17 días
Seriously, I would just go with it! Make the most of where you are!
Spongebob's spatula
Spongebob's spatula Hace 18 días
Trinity: *having a breakdown* Morgan: "Wait hold up lemmi pose for a thumbnail real quick.."
Ashley Melville
Ashley Melville Hace 19 días
I love raising canes! The sauce is amazing! Ily Morgan!!
Gemini mami
Gemini mami Hace 19 días
17:23 I spit all of the water I had in my mouth on my phone 😂💀
Soxy Hace 24 días
Why are your parents super adorable tho? xD
Devina Cazador
Devina Cazador Hace 26 días
17:00 is she going to keep the tag on
Sophia Bye
Sophia Bye Hace 28 días
Disappointment Bear
Disappointment Bear Hace 29 días
Plzzzz make more vids with trinity ❤️❤️❤️
K Rob1n
K Rob1n Hace 29 días
The McD’s machines do not break down. If it is late night, they cleaned it already. If it is during the day someone forgot to keep an eye on the level of mix and it isnt frozen ;)
Period Jadenn
Period Jadenn Hace 29 días
“Should I go back and ask him if he want to cum”
Really Though
Really Though Hace un mes
That actually looked fun but okay 🤷‍♀️
Saint Creole
Saint Creole Hace un mes
Sooooooo pretty. Morgan you are fierce. Loved the vid!
Jillian Eulberg
Jillian Eulberg Hace un mes
This video is hilarious 🤪😅 but to reference the statement the COLD brew is better than CRACK..., I don’t recommend trying it but you can’t really say it’s better unless you have hit that crack. In the show The Office Ryan busts out Pam for saying breadsticks are better than crack. He yells her to compare to a realistic experience to her like scrap booking. LOL 😂 stupid funny. Love ya Morgan stay weird. 💖👽💕
"Is it a panda?!" 😂😂
MuthaVape Hace un mes
The best adventures happen when you don't plan everything.
SimplyZeyma Hace un mes
Morgan and Trinity are an iconic duo haha pls bring her back on the channel
Powdered Sugar
Powdered Sugar Hace un mes
Jessica Nielsen
Jessica Nielsen Hace un mes
Sugar, you are amazing. Ya can't learn anything by staying home and playing it safe. You are beautiful, clever and funny. Can't go wrong with that! 💖💖💖
Rayleigh Lyon
Rayleigh Lyon Hace un mes
you are so pretty, your lips are so nice 🙌🏾👏🏽
geneva gardner
geneva gardner Hace un mes
Horses have the best reactions to getting scratches in the right spot
Bobbi Manchester
Bobbi Manchester Hace un mes
I luv ya Morgan you make me smile so many times. thanks for the loughs. still a cute video :)
Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw Hace un mes
I want to see Shane on a trip to a farm,but let Morgan plan the trip!
Jane xxx
Jane xxx Hace un mes
I love this ❤️ it's funny and who cares if it doesn't work out you guys make it work and have a great day 😊 ILY and tbh I do the same thing as you lol I made my friends crawl through mud as a shortcut which in my head thought it will be five minutes took fours hours at least lost shoes clothes etc lol and I'm renowned for my adventures lol
ghost town
ghost town Hace un mes
Even though Morgan plans very bad and everything goes down hill If she would invite me to come with her adventures I’d be down because it looks like it’s gonna be interesting
Abigail Nordstrom
Abigail Nordstrom Hace un mes
not bad w/ the haircut!
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