I Made My Family Eat My Weird Pregnancy Cravings

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Pregnant mom Hannah forces her family to eat the weird pregnancy foods she craves. Which combo would you refuse?
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16 nov 2019






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Comentarios 80
Rachel Aden
Rachel Aden Hace 2 horas
Wait she’s pregnant again?
Josue Farfan
Josue Farfan Hace 6 horas
I lile to eat garlic bread with cream cheese idk why but it tastes really good 😅
Tsundere Cinnamon Roll
My mom said when she was pregnant with me, all she wanted was fast food. After, she never ate fast food or wanted to eat them. I think I secretly forced her to eat fast food as a baby, cuz I LOVE fast food lol (I don’t only eat fast food tho)
XxZizzy :3Xx
XxZizzy :3Xx Hace un día
What is wrong with you woman who dips fries in mayonaise dis-gus-ting
Sienna Weng
Sienna Weng Hace un día
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown Hace un día
Hannah’s gonna be playing in the yard and see some yummy dirt and grab some string cheese and have that as a meal, Delicious!
Asmr Ki
Asmr Ki Hace 3 días
She’s pregnant
GamingwithString !
GamingwithString ! Hace 4 días
OMG 11:12 The most iconic ASMR gulp in the world so iconic like screen shaking
lyliannahwillow65 Hace 4 días
Lol the garlic bread and spaghetti should be a real thing
TheElvenGoth Hace 4 días
Tbh.... I've done the garlic bread thing before, but more like garlic bread pockets with spaghetti just squished into those round discs of bread... Its honestly the best way to have spaghetti especially a good homemade Spag.
Honestly french fries and mayo is pretty good its actually amazing ok
Entity_Wolf Hace 5 días
me that lives in the netherlands : wachtt frietje oorlog dubbel mayo extra uitjes met kaas is raar?
Iram Mahmood
Iram Mahmood Hace 5 días
Am I the only one who actually haves chips and mayo always I don’t know if it’s because I’m in the UK but
Sahil Nanda
Sahil Nanda Hace 6 días
Apples and ranch sound bomb!! Thats not crazy
Tribe .io.
Tribe .io. Hace 7 días
My mom craving having me was milk,white rice,spinach qಠ_ಠ
805 GetALifeBoi
805 GetALifeBoi Hace 7 días
No joke my friend in elementary school would eat apples with ranch
LifeAccordingToHenry Mercer
23 seconds in and she named a movie
Strawberry Sunset
Strawberry Sunset Hace 8 días
Is it just me or was I the only one who got apple slices and dipped them in ketchup just me or no I loved them?
Toni Makerecha
Toni Makerecha Hace 8 días
little do the kids know how babies are made...
Beast-ModeMC Hace 8 días
The Apple In Ranch Actually Isn't That Bad...
Venla Tuominen
Venla Tuominen Hace 9 días
I eat french fries with mayo all the time. I thought it was normal....😂
Mihajlo Gajić
Mihajlo Gajić Hace 10 días
Why only I see Steven universe the movie in background of pizza and sourcrout
Mimea Hace 10 días
Sauerkraut and olives are two of my least favorite foods. But the fries and spaghetti thing look amaxinng.
TURTLE _PAUL Hace 11 días
The leanin' tower of CHEEEZZZAA
Louise Cade
Louise Cade Hace 12 días
Sauerkraut is amazingggggggg
Arreboy Xd2000
Arreboy Xd2000 Hace 13 días
Try appel and ketchup
Shui Guan Lin
Shui Guan Lin Hace 14 días
Most of the time when I get spaghetti it comes with cheesy garlic bread I just but spaghetti and do what she does
Sasha Mckee
Sasha Mckee Hace 14 días
My little sister is 10 years old she is not pregnant and when we when to a restaurant she got veggies ranch and apple slices and she dips the apple in ranch and a different time she dipped a brownie in ranch she is really weird
Chloeattack Hace 15 días
I tried the Mayo and Fries, no joke its bomb, I can never go back to Ketchup. Thank you Hannah for making my life just that much better.
VSL_MYLIFE Hace 17 días
Dutch mayo is the best mayo. Especially zaanse 😌
Obed Carrillo
Obed Carrillo Hace 17 días
I think pregnant women are the ones who innovative all the food frends we have like ranch on pizza
Jill Shield
Jill Shield Hace 20 días
Mayo and chips (fries) is lush i eat it all the time lol
Hadif Idros
Hadif Idros Hace 22 días
Try watermelon slathered with Barbeque sauce... I LOVE it it tasted so goooooooodddd
All around Poppy
All around Poppy Hace 24 días
I’ve watch all the ok moms vids and I’ve noticed that jaxon looks different then wyatt and hanna
Sam Khan
Sam Khan Hace 21 un día
All around Poppy I don’t know don’t think Hannah’s mentioned it before
All around Poppy
All around Poppy Hace 21 un día
Sam Khan ok thx who is the dad it’s confusing
Sam Khan
Sam Khan Hace 22 días
All around Poppy it’s because Matt isn’t Jackson’s dad and Hannah is the mother of Jackson but wyatt is Hannah and matts child
theminions12345 Hace 24 días
Did anyone notice two dogs at 6:40
Reeceeboy2410 Hace 24 días
My mom liked bacon sandwiches
Savannah Riel
Savannah Riel Hace 25 días
Your kids are troopers 😂
Jalapeño Nacho
Jalapeño Nacho Hace 26 días
Wyatt: dude these cravings are DA BOMB Jaxon: bleh Wyatt: you know I’m something of a food critic myself
Jalapeño Nacho
Jalapeño Nacho Hace 26 días
My mother used to crave eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, sunny side up eggs, etc.
Kitty_cat RBXL
Kitty_cat RBXL Hace 27 días
If tou think really into the food u start to crave it aswell
Kitty_cat RBXL
Kitty_cat RBXL Hace 27 días
Garlic bread doesn't even taste bad its so good with spaghetti!!!!
Kitty_cat RBXL
Kitty_cat RBXL Hace 27 días
ツBear Hace 28 días
Honestly easy cheese and olives sounds so gooooooooood
Tomato King 776896
Tomato King 776896 Hace 29 días
You should let your kids name your baby
Jacquelyn Barry
Jacquelyn Barry Hace un mes
I ate mayo and French fries last night and they were 🔥
Ꮿ мarιaн Ꮿ
Ꮿ мarιaн Ꮿ Hace un mes
My mom had a really easy pregnancy. All she craved was normal pizza and when I was born her labor was only 4 hours.
Ayesha Quilao
Ayesha Quilao Hace un mes
Garlic Bread and Spaghetti Sandwiched.....its actually normal in the Philippines. We also sandwich pancit (a noodle dish) and pandesal (a type of bread)
Kittysaur Games
Kittysaur Games Hace un mes
Chips and cottage cheese is amazing i have eaten that all my life and so is the spaghetti sandwich
Suga. Min
Suga. Min Hace un mes
Wait your preg?
5:11 "How is it?" "Go-o-o-o-d" I died 😂
mya woods
mya woods Hace un mes
Where did you and Matt meet?
Venuse Hace un mes
They have sister?! 😂 I'm so confused 😂
Niyang Rai
Niyang Rai Hace un mes
In Singapore kfc, there's cheese fries and it has fries, cheese and mayonnaise and it's the best thing ever
Idun Bonato
Idun Bonato Hace un mes
Who is the girl walking out of frame at 6:24 ?
UnicornCourt 306
UnicornCourt 306 Hace un mes
One of the girls in my class at school, I’m not joking, she puts 5 packs of mayo on one portion of chips😅, I am the one person in my year, that still hates ketchup and hasn’t ate it for 10 YEARS👍
Marie B
Marie B Hace un mes
Im not preggy but that kind of food is what I am eating my whole life hahahaha so yummy especially the fries one. It is very Filipino.
ted x
ted x Hace un mes
Garlic bread and spaghetti sandwich Costco:WRITE THAT DOWNNOW
M M Hace un mes
There is a local pizza stop in my hometown that sells sauerkraut as a topping. If you love that sour tang you’ll love the combo!
PandaiiiGacha 2
PandaiiiGacha 2 Hace un mes
Cheese whip is gahhh 🤢🤮
Jabez Pascua
Jabez Pascua Hace un mes
i think shane dawson will like the apple and ranch combination
Montebello Hace un mes
Grilled chicken dipped in peanut butter. Bomb.
Esmeralda Alvarado Gonzalez
The kids dont even bite it and bearly put it in their mouth and say its disgusting🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
ashley Hace un mes
when my sister was pregnant, she asked our mom to cook carbonara with okra in it. such a weird combo
Sien Jansen
Sien Jansen Hace un mes
Me with my dutch ass: Wait, people don't eat french fries with mayonnaise?
Samuel Hingley
Samuel Hingley Hace un mes
Did anyone notice Stella in the backround
Mariana R
Mariana R Hace un mes
It's so cute how sometimes wyatt looks up to jackson and just go with the same reaction
RayrayTMP Hace un mes
Spaghetti sandwiches are bomb.
Fashion Fox
Fashion Fox Hace un mes
Jackson:eats it then gags ,obviously hates it Hannah literally after Jackson gags: How is it?
misaki Chan
misaki Chan Hace un mes
Hannah's pregnancy craving is just me trying to find something to eat at 2 am
Tian Tian
Tian Tian Hace un mes
How is fries + mayo a weird combo? It's so common. Mayonnaise goes with most things, esp fried foods
Tian Tian
Tian Tian Hace un mes
Who's that girl?
panda bear
panda bear Hace un mes
You just ate everything I eat on a daily basis even though I'm not pregnant. I have other peoples cravings, like my mom's cravings( well except for the spray cheese.) please try the following combos. cheese and mayo. pickle chips and carmalized onion dip and cottage cheese. peanut butter ,pickles, and olives. chessy garlic toast pb&j sandwiches. pickles and chocolate. orange juice and frosted flakes. peanut butter and cheese. peas and pearl onions casarole it has cream of mushroom soup in it.
anna wentz
anna wentz Hace un mes
I like the potato cottage cheese one too and im not pregnant
Lana Brussel
Lana Brussel Hace un mes
I’m dutch and I was like: it’s weird to eat fries with mayonaise.. well oeps. And I believe dutch mayo is different or am I wrong?
Vera W
Vera W Hace un mes
In Germany we often eat french fries red white (Fritten rot weiß). These are fries with ketchup and mayonnaise.
Silvia Trapani
Silvia Trapani Hace un mes
Here in Italy mayonnaise with French fries is pretty normal, I don't know why you guys thought it was weard 😂 the only thing I know that is so good
Roxy Hart
Roxy Hart Hace un mes
Peanut butter, mayo, pickle sandwich
Progamer 427
Progamer 427 Hace un mes
2:54 is a demonic face
Laura De Coster
Laura De Coster Hace un mes
Of course fries and mayonnaise is good. It's how BELGIAN FRIES, are supposed to be eaten.
Sienna Eddy
Sienna Eddy Hace un mes
Okay I’m not a mom but during quarantine I have been binge watching all of your videos, you are the reason my mental health is still hanging on 😂
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