I Made My Family Eat My Weird Pregnancy Cravings

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Pregnant mom Hannah forces her family to eat the weird pregnancy foods she craves. Which combo would you refuse?
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16 nov 2019






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Comentarios 4 025
Mj Hace 4 horas
Your husband has to suffer because y’all both decided to have unprotected sex?
An H
An H Hace 5 horas
I love Hannah cause she’s like the try guys but try mum edition.
Grace Sotelo
Grace Sotelo Hace 5 horas
Ughhh the beginning is extremely my mood too😂my boyfriend has to deal with my cravings and has to go through it too😂 like I’m pregnant you’re pregnant too😂
Mikaylah W
Mikaylah W Hace 7 horas
When my mom was pregnant she took small bites of a bar of soap! She said it lessened her nausea. Yes, you read that right
Mikaylah W
Mikaylah W Hace 7 horas
“So you know when someone is having a baby....” “Yeah”
Bailor McGettigan
Bailor McGettigan Hace 8 horas
Craving 6 isn’t that bad! I’ve tried it!
Nicole C
Nicole C Hace 9 horas
in Argentina is very normal to have french fries and mayo! jajaj
James Guildford
James Guildford Hace 10 horas
Ranch and apple is good and I eat mayonnaise on chips as well but I’m from New Zealand so that’s probably why
kiana harris
kiana harris Hace 10 horas
So I havent been pregnant. But I read about this girl putting ranch in with her spaghetti. And I was like... I wanna try that. And dude. It was so. So! Good
Laliary Pastuizaca
Laliary Pastuizaca Hace 11 horas
can you make a video where you teach us how to cook craving number 7 :) The spaghetti garlic bread sandwich
Monica Martinez
Monica Martinez Hace 12 horas
kraut on pizza sounds amazinggg. also try mixing the mayo w/ ketchup then use it for fries... you're welcome
Mika Hace 12 horas
Fries and mayo is my favorite match!!! I also eat mayo with other fried food
spongebob -
spongebob - Hace 14 horas
I’m American & eat mayonnaise w my fries?!
Rosey Marie
Rosey Marie Hace 15 horas
Mayo and ketchup mixed together is really good for a dip on the side
ian wardy
ian wardy Hace 15 horas
*liking the video as she mentions how we wont look at her the same after this*
Fiona Doran
Fiona Doran Hace 17 horas
The key is Japanese mayo and hot salty chips
Coolcat Solomon
Coolcat Solomon Hace 17 horas
My mom craved whipped cream with potato chips Then peanut butter with pizza
Calley Sharkus
Calley Sharkus Hace 18 horas
Cottage cheese and chips is the best snack ever! Not even a preggo craving.
Rosey Philip
Rosey Philip Hace 20 horas
Cottage cheese and chips are SO GOOD
Evalee Steen
Evalee Steen Hace 20 horas
Or or maybe the baby just wants to go a little cray cray
Evalee Steen
Evalee Steen Hace 20 horas
Maybe the baby just want to experience new fooods idk
sara ahmed
sara ahmed Hace 20 horas
HOOOLD UP in the us mayo and french fries aint normal???
Maya tube
Maya tube Hace 22 horas
I mean like diping fries is mayonnaise is the best things in asia
Jil G.
Jil G. Hace 23 horas
Am I just weird or do these all look really normal to me
Susana Rojas Ortiz
Susana Rojas Ortiz Hace un día
I need your spaghetti recipe!
— darkk
— darkk Hace un día
im on my period and i crave some chocolate cake with some fluffy whipped cream on it and with strawberries,, its not weird but i rlly want it pls someone gib it to me :((
Victoria marsh
Victoria marsh Hace un día
My pregnancy cravings were usually sour things with salty things. The one I always returned to was cheezits dipped in pickle juice. Another one I had was Doritos dipped in cream cheese with blueberries.
Jessica_Harley J Quinn_ Kell
when i was pregnant with my daughter i had 3 different cravings 1. big macs sauce on salt and vinegar chips 2. chilli powder and watermelon and last but not least, coke, mint icecream and anything dipped in garlic aioli
nicole conaway
nicole conaway Hace 8 horas
Never had watermelon with chili powder but I have had it with salt and it's actually real good.
rasyadhiwa wr
rasyadhiwa wr Hace un día
Ok I'm Indonesian and it's just normal thing to eat fries with mayonnaise
Sydster Hace un día
Try all of your pregnancy cravings post-baby!
kxrniexx Hace un día
Fries and mayo, garlic bread spaghetti sandwich- literally lived off this since I was 3.
linnjeanette Hace un día
Damn, I want pizza with sauerkraut
Nyah Moore
Nyah Moore Hace un día
Am I the only one who didn’t know she was pregnant?
Jacki Hace un día
My mom ate sour kraut while pregnant with me, and I absolutely love it, so baby # 3 is gonna love it, mark my words🤣
Halle Evenson
Halle Evenson Hace un día
my mom craved lemon tarts for KFC and jalapeños, yes jalapeños. My cousin craved mayo, ice cream, watermelon, and pickles at the same time. in a bowl. mixed together.
Loopy Lily
Loopy Lily Hace un día
This is Hannah’s revenge for the episode of the boys pranking her
Cady B
Cady B Hace un día
Me, a very not pregnant person: apples with ranch actually... doesn’t sound.. bad??
Katherine Sweet
Katherine Sweet Hace un día
Pizza Rueben!
Celine Young
Celine Young Hace un día
I'm not pregnant and I love and always loved green apples and ranch! I got you girl!
3auka88 Hace un día
Cottage cheese and ruffles are acutally a thing
Carol Yarbrough
Carol Yarbrough Hace 2 días
Mmmmm I love potato chips with cottage cheese. One of my favorite snacks.
aman monu
aman monu Hace 2 días
I'm from India and I dip my french fries in whatever Dip is available
MiggiGAMES Hace 2 días
Potato chip with cottage cheese made me crave that right now omg
Luz Cruz
Luz Cruz Hace 2 días
Get a Apple and peanut butter see if you like it
Ochako Uraraka
Ochako Uraraka Hace 2 días
I craved Mcdonalds ketchup. JUST Mcdonalds ketchup. I don’t know why.
Kaitlin Frost
Kaitlin Frost Hace 2 días
I've had the basic cravings like pickles, ice cream, chips. I think my weirdest craving has been lemonade. After I made my lemonade I ate a lemon. 😂 Another is probably Doritos and cottage cheese. Now I'm currently craving salad and that garlic bread spaghetti sandwich.
Jennifer Shilko
Jennifer Shilko Hace 2 días
Good job thumbs up
Jacqueline Marie
Jacqueline Marie Hace 2 días
who’s the girl at 6:42
Carlos Jimenez
Carlos Jimenez Hace 2 días
So she’s pregnant again?
Mariam-Alisa Fané
Mariam-Alisa Fané Hace 3 días
I had no idea that eating fries with mayonnaise was weird in the US
Jasmine Lescallett
Jasmine Lescallett Hace 3 días
I craved peanut butter ramen noodle sandwiches and I would use the chicken flavor and put the ramen noodles on my sandwich. Lol.
Tahnee Jenkins
Tahnee Jenkins Hace 3 días
The apple and ranch about made my first trimester booty gag haha. With my first pregnancy i ate salsa in cottage cheese a lot.
Shannon Simpkins
Shannon Simpkins Hace 3 días
Not pregnant and all of these sound amazing...
Geetha Kasibhatla
Geetha Kasibhatla Hace 3 días
Ok, but like refried beans, cheese, and jalapenos is legit half the recipe for nachos. It's not that weird lol. And jalapenos aren't spicy at all (although that may be because I'm Indian haha)
Gopa Manna
Gopa Manna Hace 3 días
Hannah you aren"t supposed to eat raw cottage cheese.
iikai6450 Hace 3 días
I eat garlic bread and spaghetti all the time just not in a sandwich (low-key good)
apppe Hace 3 días
Your sweet kiddos always melt my heart 💕
Cali girl’s Dream
Cali girl’s Dream Hace 4 días
Spaghetti sandwich = Italian sloppy joe
shantell Cox
shantell Cox Hace 4 días
im not pregnant but... what's really good is sweet and sour sauce from McDonald's with a mcchicken
Mims Forever
Mims Forever Hace 4 días
Who is that girl
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