I painted with nail polish

Joana Ceddia
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Yes. I am in pain.


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25 may 2020






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Payton Missey
Payton Missey Hace 13 horas
“I don’t know any one with gray in there skin” me RAISES HAND OH OH 7 RINGS YA O OK I’ll leave
A .M
A .M Hace un día
oof. i did that to my neck once. absolutely sucked.
Boonzie Hace un día
It looks fun
Boonzie Hace un día
Rebecca YouDon’tNeedToKnow
I wish she could be my sister so that my parents praise her and don’t expect anything from me so I can be in my naturally blissful state of being a fuck up.
Mia Evans
Mia Evans Hace 2 días
Wow you did amazing hunni it’s so beautiful tyfs 💕
Xx_Paris_Xx Hace 2 días
9:13 JOANA WHAT THE FU- HAPPENED HERE!?!?!?😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Kiyah Brooks
Kiyah Brooks Hace 2 días
I fucking love you
autxmn Hace 3 días
Joana: I don't know anyone who has holographic skin. Cristine: *over here, right in the front LOOK AT ME-*
Lilee Grace
Lilee Grace Hace 3 días
Did anyone else hear that split second when she said, "Somethings not right." she sounded EXACTLY, AND I MEAN EXACTLY like Ellen Degenerous..That's all I have to say..Good Day
MILL4LIFE Hace 6 días
Joana:sniffs nail polish My dumb self: sniffs ipad
KirstenYoung99 Hace 6 días
Someone needs to send this video to Simply!!!!
eep Hace 8 días
JOANA! I had an idea for a video. Not sure if u will see this but I was thinking u can try clay cracking. A lot of people put nail polish over clay so I was thinking u might like to try it. U have a lot of nail polish left 😂
twoquateful Hace 8 días
I should have made my senior quote: “My future is as low as James Charles sub count” IM SORRY I GOT IT FROM YOU LOL
Rayinda Hace 8 días
Paint/doodle your iPad, joana🤣
Nicole Fonseca
Nicole Fonseca Hace 8 días
Just imagine if she takes “an actual professional art class” JUST IMAGINE
Dhriti Kar
Dhriti Kar Hace 8 días
u r a god! I mean transformed a neon photographed portrait into a nail polish painted portrait??? man only like u in 7B people can do it!
pikarino Hace 9 días
7:16 Gypsy Rose Blanchard
Pink Lemonade
Pink Lemonade Hace 17 horas
🤣 🤣 🤣
No Fangirl
No Fangirl Hace 9 días
I want this painting on my Wall. It looks so pretty😍
Pauliana Jamie
Pauliana Jamie Hace 9 días
I could barely paint with paint...
Sophia Humbert
Sophia Humbert Hace 9 días
When she's talking to the red nail polish like it will respond
Random Person
Random Person Hace 9 días
Are all Canadians this crazy? 😂💖
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig Hace 9 días
Just add a glossy taco and it will be pErfEcTiOn
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig Hace 9 días
lol it already is
Lucía Vidal
Lucía Vidal Hace 10 días
3 am quarentine lets see joana ceddia :D 5 am okey im goin to sleep
Kylee Rucker
Kylee Rucker Hace 10 días
The first day you painted was on my day of birth
Evelyn Olea
Evelyn Olea Hace 10 días
I wonder how it would look with glow in the dark nail polish in that mix
Smilte Siurkute
Smilte Siurkute Hace 10 días
Get on your moose and gallop to cristine’s house and hang it on her wall... holly smokes.
Ada Escamilla
Ada Escamilla Hace 11 días
I love her
zuli.soles Hace 11 días
11:07 scratch and sniff but make it ✨p o i s o n ✨
knobb the idiot
knobb the idiot Hace 11 días
you should put the painting outside or smth to air it out and spray perfume in ur room
[ Sakura ]
[ Sakura ] Hace 11 días
Are we not gonna talk about how John Cena has Holo polishes EVERYWHERE.
DarkRose Hace 11 días
I will admit that the head shape is a liiiiiiiiiiiittle off but overall it’s really very beautiful. I’d love having it on my wall.
Logan Walter
Logan Walter Hace 11 días
wait this looks so good!!
Sameera Sweetu
Sameera Sweetu Hace 12 días
She looks like eleven from stranger things. It suits her. She is strange (in a good way)
Amber Amos
Amber Amos Hace 12 días
That hair suits her SO WELL!
Claudia Halle
Claudia Halle Hace 12 días
You should try painting with LED lights
De'Von Davis
De'Von Davis Hace 12 días
somebody tell me what is this music called 1:30
Mads Cordell
Mads Cordell Hace 13 días
Joana..Random question if you don't mind it. Do you listen to girl in red or perhaps sweater weather? Just curious.
dclaire 788
dclaire 788 Hace 13 días
I need to see John Cena replicate a clone of her head like Jared Leto
The Screenologist
The Screenologist Hace 14 días
“I don’t know a single person with halo graphic skin” *edward has left the chat*
Pink Lemonade
Pink Lemonade Hace 17 horas
Furret Hace 14 días
I'm scared about how similar you and Cristine are...
Hay it's Mahaa
Hay it's Mahaa Hace 15 días
Honestly loooove this! 💖💖💖
Daniella Salazar
Daniella Salazar Hace 15 días
Never grow ur hair out queen, the pixie cut is for uuu
Courtney Jackson
Courtney Jackson Hace 15 días
I haven't watched you since 2019 and you'v changed our hair and I'm LOVING it! You Go Girl❤❤❤❤😂
Courtney Jackson
Courtney Jackson Hace 15 días
Tomo Operator
Tomo Operator Hace 15 días
Joana I SWEAR TO JESUS CRIST AKA U that i WILL PAY u for a art lesson. I’m not kidding. Please, please my god.
Peachy s
Peachy s Hace 15 días
Wow she did better then I could with paint
GGZII Hace 15 días
what mic is that? seriously
Shallum Quinnie
Shallum Quinnie Hace 16 días
I would buy that lol I'm a hoe for holo 😅🤣🤣🤣💖💖
Lizzie Mahler
Lizzie Mahler Hace 16 días
I got so mad when she insulted Gabbie Hanna....
Marion Rose
Marion Rose Hace 16 días
Djassey Daniella Cawayan
"I don't know of one single whoh as holographic skin" cristine is quaking
LadyNubia007 Hace 17 días
Beautiful. I wish I could have it.
Lise De Deyne
Lise De Deyne Hace 17 días
i can't imagine how bad that mustve smelt... aha
Clare ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Clare ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Hace 17 días
Whenever someone says “black” why do people always thinks it’s racist???
Clare ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Clare ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Hace 12 días
cadence jae oh ok
cadence jae
cadence jae Hace 12 días
no she was putting people as the colors (trump as orange, etc.) so she didn’t want to put a black person as black and come across as racist especially because of the racism rn
Naïs Hace 17 días
"all of my polishes are holo" *Cristine has entered the chat*
coolintuitivename Hace 17 días
this is like caroline cornstar if she was talented
- solar
- solar Hace 17 días
bless you for adding shrek picture in the video..bless you
moopdrive Hace 17 días
THIS ART IS BEAUTIFUL, you are a natural, that's all that matters. Also, there's gotta be some sort of collab with Cristine that helps you get all these nail polish bottles out of your life, for your own safety.
phoenix russell
phoenix russell Hace 17 días
okay so peel it off now
Lina Paola Prieto
Lina Paola Prieto Hace 17 días
The Gabbie Hanna comment was really out of place, i like you but mind your own business
melanie Hace 15 días
no❤️ gabbie hanna sucks :)
Lily Vermaaten
Lily Vermaaten Hace 17 días
Don't tell me you don't have holo taco
Lila Cole
Lila Cole Hace 17 días
9:08 when I found out we don’t have school anymore
spoiler attack
spoiler attack Hace 17 días
heres what my mom said to me "only the artists know the flaws of their masterpiece"
May Hace 18 días
I'm so happy you're not ashamed of your hair. I shaved my hair during a depressive episode and I had a big problem with it. Wearing wigs and extensions was my first solution. Now after 5 months they're cutely short and.I have no problem with my hairstyle. I'm super excited about all the different hairstyles I can try while they have a different length. It's also a great moment for getting into haircare, zero waste shampoos and conditioners. Love and support for ya!
Zus Prins
Zus Prins Hace 18 días
So I think you should redo this video with the holo taco rainbow collection... :)
Ana Dubrovich
Ana Dubrovich Hace 18 días
Just a tip for ur hair drawings, blend em a bit more, bc as long as i watch u, hair on your paintings look like straw and it's mostly bc they are sharp as Einstein's brain (and, yes, i know, i should have said it earlier but i don't care, I'm an artist I don't have time I have wine to drink and some canvases to ruin)
WowedCanBeWowed Hace 18 días
To keep the smell in put it into a glass frame and seal it. P.s. It will also make it look even cooler
Varsha Chauhan
Varsha Chauhan Hace 18 días
You're just an incredible person, I mean I just can't think above this level of creativity, and according to me, you might be the most beautiful and time consuming thing which Jesus ever made 💕
Trammieandara 1
Trammieandara 1 Hace 18 días
Simplynailogical who? Juat kidding
Meredith Brogdon
Meredith Brogdon Hace 18 días
Ok I love this but where’s the right side of the paintings chin lmao 😂💀
Isabella Vasquez Del M
That is actually so beautiful
Constance Bancroft
Constance Bancroft Hace 19 días
You should uh paint a wall with nail polish 👉👈🥺
Vera theBanana
Vera theBanana Hace 19 días
"Nail polish dries in .2 seconds." I have 10 fingernails that would beg to differ
iilyxxa_playz Hace 19 días
SnackiiSloth Hace 19 días
Someone tell me where i can buy this painting
A trueSchuylerSister
A trueSchuylerSister Hace 19 días
Amazing✨🥺💅 but make other people do it and make it a trend😌👏🏾🤪🧚🏾‍♀️🧚🏾‍♂️🧚🏻🧚🏻
violet blue
violet blue Hace 17 días
Nailogical did that a year ago sooo
A trueSchuylerSister
A trueSchuylerSister Hace 19 días
Is it bad I saw nothing wrong with this painting
Jeniset Gonzalez
Jeniset Gonzalez Hace 19 días
I love it because you did it and because you didn’t quit. ❤️
violet blue
violet blue Hace 19 días
I'm an artist (not to be greety or anything) and I'm not perfect but The hair... THE BEST HAIR I'VE EVER SEEN AND THE WHOLE PAINTING B****** THAT PAINTING ROCKS
Kimberlyn Garcia
Kimberlyn Garcia Hace 19 días
Me painting my nails while watching this
Ellie Jury
Ellie Jury Hace 19 días
This might be to late but buy some fubrezz to fresn the air
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