I Regret Being Friends With The Popular Girls... | Roblox Mean Girls Roleplay

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If you read this part of the description make sure to comment "IM NOT A PRINCESS IM A QUEEEEEN!" to let me know you've read the whole thing!:)! The funny thing is no one else will know unless they read the description themselves! haha :)


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8 feb 2019

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Epic game with jaylies
what is this server
SuzyUzi Hace 14 horas
What game is this? Royale?
Xx Eli The Wolfu xX
Xx Eli The Wolfu xX Hace 16 horas
Duz anyone know what game dis is
• Dėvïł Ėdïtš •
Muhammad Tariq
Muhammad Tariq Hace 20 horas
Wait Zach is a girl?! 😆
Osoro Shidesu
Osoro Shidesu Hace un día
is this me or Zach just pretend to be a girl i read the black hair girls name tag
gamer124 thea
gamer124 thea Hace un día
What is this game? plz answer me
XX ALEX xX Hace un día
Zach is a girl
Our amazing glitter world
Leslie Lucas
Leslie Lucas Hace 2 días
Those girls are so stupid and there dumb and spoiled😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Alice School
Alice School Hace 2 días
what game is dis??????
Selina Airey
Selina Airey Hace 2 días
what game is that at the place you started at
Deena Lazarus
Deena Lazarus Hace 3 días
I love Alex
Kayla Pettit
Kayla Pettit Hace 3 días
Alex what game are u in with the pink house
Heather Morris
Heather Morris Hace 3 días
Angelina Aranda
Angelina Aranda Hace 3 días
I love this series it's a really good series and I love it because the animation
Francesca Clauson
Francesca Clauson Hace 3 días
What game is that ur playing
Ol’ Dirty Kenneth
Ol’ Dirty Kenneth Hace 4 días
are you go to make a part two
Ol’ Dirty Kenneth
Ol’ Dirty Kenneth Hace 4 días
you you should go to you toThank you
Crystal Spencer
Crystal Spencer Hace 4 días
Did u guys know that zach is one of the mean girls if u seen it make sure to hit that like button😄😄😄
ITS Violett
ITS Violett Hace 4 días
The black haired girl is zach XD 1:45
Joseph Royall
Joseph Royall Hace 4 días
Make shor y9u sub 👇
Queen Nya
Queen Nya Hace 4 días
Cozy Saturday
Cozy Saturday Hace 4 días
I wish I could meet u in royal high
Aya Mahfoud
Aya Mahfoud Hace 5 días
Umm the girl is zackery
Anna Wallace
Anna Wallace Hace 5 días
Thatdnot good
Rupe Perez
Rupe Perez Hace 5 días
WAIT MY NAME IS DARLING OMG (edit:sorry its that no one ever used my name and I I thought a name like darling was lame but now ik nothing is lame be u)
Florencia BC
Florencia BC Hace 5 días
Y hay. Esas. Zach
Start Luna
Start Luna Hace 5 días
KAYLA_ SnowYT Hace 5 días
POTATOSPUD Hace 5 días
Im NOt A PRINcESS Im a QUEEn! late people like this comment!
لميس عليوي
لميس عليوي Hace 6 días
She is very cute 😻👱❤👍
لميس عليوي
لميس عليوي Hace 6 días
I'm poor Just like you :(
saya abas
saya abas Hace 6 días
Alex meat me in role high
Erwin Balandra
Erwin Balandra Hace 6 días
what game is that
ensarts adas
ensarts adas Hace 7 días
Wich map ?:D
Laura Davies
Laura Davies Hace 7 días
make a part 2
Lord Amy
Lord Amy Hace 7 días
I’m living a bit the life like angel I’m not poor but living a secret i really don’t want anyone to know im ashamed at myself sometimes I wanna move countries and sometimes I wanna die but I’m to scared I don’t wanna loose my friend cause of the secret
I like Starbucks A lot
One of them if Zach lol😂
Treasure Box Toys
Treasure Box Toys Hace 7 días
Well, well, well, FAKER The girl with the black Hair is Zachary but he’s NOT
Maddie Roblox
Maddie Roblox Hace 7 días
I heard that if you say the you tubers name three times they will pin your comment InquisitorMaster InquisitorMaster InquisitorMaster
Gacha Toast meh
Gacha Toast meh Hace 7 días
That girl with the black hair is Zach xD
Lilly The Kitty
Lilly The Kitty Hace 7 días
Wed Adams
Wed Adams Hace 8 días
Wed Adams
Wed Adams Hace 8 días
At around 10:14 with daring I saw zachs uses name!!
DeeZoe FunHouse
DeeZoe FunHouse Hace 8 días
DeeZoe FunHouse
DeeZoe FunHouse Hace 8 días
hi how you doing
Lps_Ally ellen
Lps_Ally ellen Hace 8 días
What game is u on when ur in the bed?????
Candise Sweeney burke
I know there bad u should be your self and play with the good girl and so what if your poor
its Sarah the best
its Sarah the best Hace 8 días
Love u!
Vivienne Tran
Vivienne Tran Hace 9 días
This video was so fun to watch! Like if u agree too!💕💕💕💕🤩
jaylene and marlene
jaylene and marlene Hace 9 días
the girl with the black hair is named zack
Gacha_ World
Gacha_ World Hace 9 días
I'm not a princess, I'm a queen! ~Insquisitor master
shelly williams
shelly williams Hace 9 días
I love you Alex you are my favorite ESvidr
Kendall’s Cats
Kendall’s Cats Hace 9 días
I also love misfits high!
Joannah Ogunade
Joannah Ogunade Hace 9 días
Sees Girls name-wait... ZacharyZhor?!?! ALEX.
Pabitra Karki
Pabitra Karki Hace 9 días
How u play role play
katie jones
katie jones Hace 9 días
Lol zack is on of the mean girls you could see is name tag. Lol 😂
Neringa C
Neringa C Hace 9 días
0:21 XD thats Zachary😄👌
Reemmaa OW
Reemmaa OW Hace 9 días
ICECREAM TRUCK ICE CREAM TRUCK! The icecream cost 1 like!
Asanji Wilson Ngwa
Asanji Wilson Ngwa Hace 10 días
What’s the game called?
Ita Hafsyah
Ita Hafsyah Hace 10 días
Uih if i was you.. i will telling the truth ..what ever im in bully😅
EDP Karina
EDP Karina Hace 10 días
Hehe thr black girl is named zack haha
LPS GINGER Hace 10 días
Alex I love you and your videos, but bring the old Alex back the one with the chucky in the background Lol, not the girly Alex!
Day Day's World
Day Day's World Hace 10 días
Oof what game is that
Alyssa Robinson
Alyssa Robinson Hace 10 días
Anybody know what game this is??
Gaming and more
Gaming and more Hace 10 días
8:17 what🤣
gacha love
gacha love Hace 10 días
Oh my god I love this, specially when it says "and now I am living one big lie"
Esme Angelo
Esme Angelo Hace 10 días
What game is this?
Nathan Stephen cruz
Nathan Stephen cruz Hace 10 días
angle just tell them the truth if you don't they will be mad at you at least you got us your fans and you can make other friends and you have your mom and dad like me and you also have levi
Mermaizing Mermaid
Mermaizing Mermaid Hace 11 días
omg i love this intro for the series
zaire hewson
zaire hewson Hace 11 días
can you tell us what games you play when you make these videos plz alex... :)
Maya Kumkumji
Maya Kumkumji Hace 11 días
I love this :)
SashaFox_Playz 123
SashaFox_Playz 123 Hace 11 días
What game is that again??
the oof
the oof Hace 11 días
i want to die
Samantha Lopez
Samantha Lopez Hace 11 días
alex just be yourself
Precision Landscaping
Precision Landscaping Hace 11 días
When your stomach was growling I thought it was mine lel
Aniyas_world of games
Aniyas_world of games Hace 11 días
LOL zach being that girl though
Croxie Hace 11 días
What game is the one at the beginning called? Edit: I like how the girls shirts say “spoiled” on them!
scarry child
scarry child Hace 11 días
n o h o m o
Ashley Antigua
Ashley Antigua Hace 11 días
What game are you playing
linx goodgirl
linx goodgirl Hace 11 días
Hi alex please can you friend .me my username is shaellyek888
Arizona The Cat Lover
Arizona The Cat Lover Hace 11 días
What is this game called?
pat mcmaster
pat mcmaster Hace 11 días
Nice intro Alex about "Misfits High" I give it a 5 star rating 😉✡✡✡✡✡
Cata.r10 - Youtube
Cata.r10 - Youtube Hace 11 días
Im not princess im a queeen
Allie Parten
Allie Parten Hace 11 días
Sorry Lily! But Angel and Levi shall be together >:333
Girly girl lover 2001
Girly girl lover 2001 Hace 11 días
tamara bloomfield
tamara bloomfield Hace 11 días
Whut game
Sasha Shagalova
Sasha Shagalova Hace 11 días
I/m so weird... idk what game she's playing... can someone tell me? thanks
Lallypop's World
Lallypop's World Hace 11 días
I'm in the background of the video
Dulce Mendez Lopez
Dulce Mendez Lopez Hace 11 días
Am i the olny one that saw that a girl's name said zachary zaxor the one in the black hair lol!😝 At 2:10
Gabriella Playz
Gabriella Playz Hace 11 días
What game is that?
ana karen 123
ana karen 123 Hace 11 días
what game are you playing in the dorm? Alex
Kpop Lover
Kpop Lover Hace 11 días
Just a Cat
Just a Cat Hace 11 días
what is this game name
cassy sassy
cassy sassy Hace 11 días
Maybe drake is dressing up as zach when zach doesnt know, so then they will break up. And then drake will be with alex, and then they will be queen and king.
LilMimi Edits
LilMimi Edits Hace 11 días
Sakura Chan
Sakura Chan Hace 11 días
Someone can tell me pls what's the name of that amazing game, the one of the high school of angels and demons pls
Ronnie Richgamer123
Ronnie Richgamer123 Hace 11 días
I’m a girl by the way I had to use my brothers picture it’s a dare love your videos
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