I Regret This 100%

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Well I was worried about this happening...
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18 ago 2019






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Eric Doss
Eric Doss Hace 20 horas
What in the HECK do these guys like this do for a living?! Its like they got money to just throw away...
Thatguy diesel
Thatguy diesel Hace 7 días
I know he didn’t just get rid of a duramax for a Colorado...
AngryGrizzly95 Hace 7 días
that's a Nice truck
99 expedition
99 expedition Hace 9 días
The towing on the zr2 is downgraded to 5000 gas and diesel due to the suspension. Not trying to be rude just wanted to let you know.
Dan Buttolph
Dan Buttolph Hace 9 días
Hope it's not a 2019. No deletes available for the 19's availabe for the new ones. Tuning an deleting my 16 Colorado made it a completely different truck.
noah monfrini
noah monfrini Hace 10 días
Get a lifted camino
noah monfrini
noah monfrini Hace 10 días
Lol lift it
Ls Trevel
Ls Trevel Hace 10 días
Ls Trevel
Ls Trevel Hace 10 días
Heather Gibson
Heather Gibson Hace 13 días
Nice truck!
Sergio Amaya
Sergio Amaya Hace 15 días
Should have gotten a Tacoma best midsize in the game
Bruce Bowlby
Bruce Bowlby Hace 15 días
Please get an mbrp performance diesel exhaust
bgtx Hace 16 días
Hey, will you report back on how interior storage is after you lived with it for a while? I almost bought a midsize but between pulling my horse trailer and the gear I haul in cab I couldn’t do it. The midsizes seemed to lack all the storage of a full size (I get they are smaller but they didn’t even try) for some reason. But if you find it to be ok let us know. Could be helpful in the future.
TNtreasurehunter Hace 17 días
You should have bought a Toyota.
Anyone Anything
Anyone Anything Hace 19 días
I have a zr2 V6 and the transmission is shit. Should have gotten the diesel. Thanks GM for fucking me over. Grats in the diesel zr2!
Josh Jiron
Josh Jiron Hace 19 días
When ur so rich u have 3 trucks
bkbooher Hace 19 días
I find it kinda odd that you and Outlaw both got a Colorado at same time
wyatt mathes
wyatt mathes Hace 19 días
They make a diesel f150 that is lifted a little higher that a normal f150
wyatt mathes
wyatt mathes Hace 19 días
You should have just gotten a Ford
Wyatt Madsen
Wyatt Madsen Hace 19 días
i have a 2009 dodge 2500 mega cab and i love that truck
Brandon Whitley
Brandon Whitley Hace 20 días
You and outlaw must be brothers. Both bought the same pickup just different colors for the same reason for hunting 😂 love that for you guys
The hunting Fishing show
The ford ranger is a diesel and they tow good Ford ranger xlt is good
Joshua Mezenberg
Joshua Mezenberg Hace 20 días
Sorry but such a dumb idea rob
Lazaro Tinoco
Lazaro Tinoco Hace 20 días
When I was in the talks with getting a car. I got and said I’ll think about it when they wasn’t working with what I wanted and they called me when I was about 5 miles away with a better deal lol.
Landon Maltba
Landon Maltba Hace 20 días
The diesel F-150 is better
khaox 01
khaox 01 Hace 21 un día
him outlaw are twin with there truck
Stuart Shaw
Stuart Shaw Hace 21 un día
the reason for there not being many in texas beacauce most of them are shipped to australia
Bull rider 07
Bull rider 07 Hace 21 un día
Ford - Found On Road Dead
Joe The Infidel
Joe The Infidel Hace 21 un día
Bro, you're printing really badly. Try appendix carry.
Joe The Infidel
Joe The Infidel Hace 20 días
@Alec Trout well hes wearing and OWB holster with his shirt over it.... and probably a glock 17
Alec Trout
Alec Trout Hace 20 días
I just noticed that after seeing your comment. Could have been that tshirt though.
Jacob Argyelan
Jacob Argyelan Hace 21 un día
Get the BDS 5.5 lift kit with 35s it will look so amazing!!!
Timothy Horne
Timothy Horne Hace 22 días
I'm digging the black paint and rock sliders. The snorkel will make a great touch. I'm a Ford guy but I must say that the Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison edition is one awesome looking truck. It's a mid-size competitor to the full-size Ford F-150 Raptor. The ZR2 loves the dunes and is capable of going everywhere a Raptor can go and more.
william moreschini
william moreschini Hace 22 días
Delete the dpf, increase fuel economy, overheating, less repair bills, and no more fucking def fluid
Maty D
Maty D Hace 22 días
*fuel cans* brother. Don't go putting gas in that thing!!
Marcus Mendoza
Marcus Mendoza Hace 22 días
All u need is a lift kit and bigger tires
RyanPlays Hace 23 días
i love the 6.0l myself
Suzuki boy 12
Suzuki boy 12 Hace 23 días
Hell you should pre order the new ford tremor
Suzuki boy 12
Suzuki boy 12 Hace 23 días
Honestly should bought a ford raptor lol they are great off roading trucks
Colton Johnstone
Colton Johnstone Hace 23 días
Never realized they had a 4Runner until I bought the same one...
Feldsomethin Hace 23 días
Car salesman "if i come up $500 will that do it for you?" "NOPE!"
OldPervertedHerbert Hace 23 días
But... the Toyota Tacoma exists
Vladimir Fernandez
Vladimir Fernandez Hace 23 días
What about the Ford ranger disel ?
Vladimir Fernandez
Vladimir Fernandez Hace 23 días
That truck you bought from Dr Lee was the best. Should buy one like that again since it was the one you gave away
Andy Brooks
Andy Brooks Hace 23 días
well its a chevy so
dr reckoff
dr reckoff Hace 23 días
your going to regret that bison ,not near enough room and towing capacity , should have got a new silverado rst with the 3liter diesel and it would have cheaper ,
AudibleVisible Hace 23 días
Those Zr2s are slick
Austin Oakley
Austin Oakley Hace 24 días
You should look into the Green Diesel Engineerinng Hot Tune. Completely wakes up the little Duramax
New Sooner1
New Sooner1 Hace 24 días
I used to have a 1995 S10 ZR2 when they1st came out. It was amazing until anything and everything electronic went out! The absolute best trucks you can beat the he'll out of and still get drive home from hunt camp in Arizona and New Mexico, Dodge Ram Cummins 4x4! Everyone tore the hell out of big Fords and especially Chevys! But the Rams kept on goin! Now days Toyota and Always Jeeps and that truck you're drivin will be great for one trip a year I'm sure
New Sooner1
New Sooner1 Hace 24 días
What Outfit do you go with? I used to guide in Az and Nm for deer, sheep, goats, pigs, and elk. I was also a camp cook for years.
Ryan4456 Hace 24 días
Not to start a brand feud but ive never had a problem taking my Ram 2500 on the shit Arizona dirt roads, I know that the 4x4 Rams come a bit taller than the other pickups
Glenn G.
Glenn G. Hace 24 días
I’m a ford salesman HMU for a power stroke
Mason Sink
Mason Sink Hace 24 días
So you bought a diesel raptor
Ed Cody
Ed Cody Hace 25 días
On one of my car transactions I did take my keys and walk out of the dealership and got the done!!
Dayne Meurer
Dayne Meurer Hace 25 días
Love how Avery says chick fil a
chad ivester
chad ivester Hace 25 días
Ford makes a f-150 with a diesel
Daniel Svensson
Daniel Svensson Hace 24 días
But that's not MID sized, which is what he wanted, as stated in the video.
chad ivester
chad ivester Hace 25 días
Nice truck but that thing is gonna have a hard time pulling your boat with that little 4 cylinder engine it’s got
GARRYBEATZ Hace 25 días
3:44 why is all the audio in my right ear?
Preston  Wilkerson
Preston Wilkerson Hace 25 días
Ford makes a mid size diesel truck. 3.0 powerstroke
John Friesenhahn
John Friesenhahn Hace 24 días
It’s a f150 is not mid size
Greg Richard
Greg Richard Hace 25 días
Just wanna point out you can buy a a long-travel suspension upgrade kit for the ZR2 staight from GM. This needs to happen!
Christian B
Christian B Hace 25 días
Should’ve got a Raptor Demo Ranch still has the better Truck 👌
max anx
max anx Hace 25 días
He is starting to regret a lot of things lately
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