I RESCUE HACKER GIRL from PROJECT ZORGO in Real Life (CWC in ROBLOX for 24 hours)

Vy Qwaint
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After Chad Wild Clay made I GOT HACKED PLAYING ROBLOX IN REAL LIFE by Creepy Project Zorgo Hacker Exploring Missing Mystery, Daniel uploaded HACKER ESCAPES on Scariest SCOOTER CHASE Challenge for 24 Hours!! *Bad Idea* on the Exposing Project Zorgo ESvid channel, and Vy Qwaint created IS This HACKER a LIAR? (Lie Detector Test on Project Zorgo to Find the Truth), Vy discovers the true identity of PZ4! After exploring an abandoned house for 24 hours at 3am, Vy solves clues and riddles proving the hacker girl is pizza girl, skittles girl and private investigator. Will PZ4 do an unmasking? PZ4 and VQ get into a ninja battle royale in real life! Together, they defeat Project Zorgo, however, PZ4 is captured! To find top-secret evidence where Project Zorgo is keeping PZ4, Daniel gives a lie detector test to PZ9. They learn PZ 4 is in Project Zorgo Headquarters, the old Safe House, or in the video game Roblox. Vy uncovers interesting clues that PZ9 may be Justin from the CWC crew. In this video, Vy Qwaint makes her way to the PZ Headquarters and finds PZ4 trapped! Vy uses her spy ninja skills to complete this escape room challenge and save PZ4. CWC chases away the hackers with his Tesla turned Delorean! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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Vy Qwaint
Vy Qwaint Hace 2 meses
Hi Spy Ninja! This was a tough mission. Did you get grossed out when the hacker touched the worms with his bare hands?
trista mccoy
trista mccoy Hace un mes
Hey how are you gonna
raymart rubi
raymart rubi Hace un mes
Hy-Vee I love your channels I hope you have a great day I hope you will bad all the hacker
Olivia Nancy Sudi
Olivia Nancy Sudi Hace un mes
Vy Qwaint
Alyssa Arias
Alyssa Arias Hace un mes
Brylee Hill
Brylee Hill Hace 2 meses
Is pz9 justin
معاذ الحكمي
معاذ الحكمي Hace 4 minutos
What do you mean roblox
DONALD WEBER Hace un hora
Dad jokes are real 🙄🙄
SallyKate Ravencraft
OMG I feel bad for Pz4 😥
Esther Donoghue
Esther Donoghue Hace 4 horas
By rescue her
Candy Carroll
Candy Carroll Hace 5 horas
Say happy birthday 😀
Johan Jimenez
Johan Jimenez Hace 5 horas
Go get pz4 v
vicente abobo
vicente abobo Hace 5 horas
Wow he’s mean to pz4 I fell bad because her teddy bear :(
Eli shane
Eli shane Hace 7 horas
Pz 4,s name is regina
Jean Melton
Jean Melton Hace 12 horas
Is that pz2
Tiana Iese
Tiana Iese Hace 15 horas
JoHanna Perry
JoHanna Perry Hace 16 horas
Project zorgo instead of messing with Chad vy Daniel and Regina how about you mess with me just remember project Zorgo is always farting
asiah and brook lewis
asiah and brook lewis Hace 19 horas
OMG i love chad
Jillian Tilley
Jillian Tilley Hace 22 horas
i love you vy
Imaan Mudassar
Imaan Mudassar Hace un día
Hussien Macabago
Hussien Macabago Hace un día
14:01 cruel but I can't say I don't agree
Kween Rivers
Kween Rivers Hace un día
Souleymane Diallo
Souleymane Diallo Hace un día
SuperCraftHD Hace un día
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl Hace un día
Who thinks Vy looks awesome everyday? l \/
jungkook _123
jungkook _123 Hace un día
Vy you're the best.
Adam Santos
Adam Santos Hace un día
NO!!!!!! PZ4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O omg!!!?!!!!!!!?????????nonono
Adam Santos
Adam Santos Hace un día
VY l Love you omg
Micaiah Fly
Micaiah Fly Hace un día
I am dress as pz9. kickbump
Jean Melton
Jean Melton Hace un día
Not nice idiot
jon blewa
jon blewa Hace un día
Totaly disgus me
carranza979 Hace un día
I'll tell you if there's any clues
carranza979 Hace un día
Why don't you live PD one can you be a spy Ninja how Daniel do not b pz1
Lalo RCh
Lalo RCh Hace un día
The hacker with light green gloves sounds like chad
rexxi and francheska Ayson
Hello vy i am big fans from you i love you vy quaint bye-bye bye-bye
LOl Puppy sisters
LOl Puppy sisters Hace un día
I saw Pz 9
kevin stink
kevin stink Hace un día
i might ask pz if i can join and guys commet i i should join
Kid Bentley
Kid Bentley Hace un día
Make ps4 a yt channle!!!
John Greenall Taylor
i love your vis
Brian Wilks
Brian Wilks Hace 2 días
I hope that they get arrested cuz there making me Mad 😠
Lily Perez
Lily Perez Hace 2 días
Comment down below if you like chad and vy click down here 👇👇👇👇👇👇
Lily Perez
Lily Perez Hace 2 días
Ayera Zafar
Ayera Zafar Hace 2 días
Project zorgo stop it
donjerz Hace 2 días
Hey everyone i think chads is a hacker the pans and the shoes is familiar look closly and give this a thumbsup but i am part cwc every single day i watch😐😐😐😐😐😐
Sonia Reyes
Sonia Reyes Hace 2 días
AXEL I love you this is the truck I don’t want to you love you and what is there something I can text you while you’re doing the thing
Hope Carter
Hope Carter Hace 2 días
I love you Channel V Queen I love each and Irving
Hope Carter
Hope Carter Hace 2 días
A Young & Free on ESvid Adventure
Benny Bombs
Benny Bombs Hace 2 días
I meant progect zorgo
Benny Bombs
Benny Bombs Hace 2 días
I quit prophecy zorgo you guys are way better and I love youtube
Valencia Sangster
Valencia Sangster Hace 2 días
Mst Nasrin
Mst Nasrin Hace 2 días
thats so nice
Juan Morales
Juan Morales Hace 2 días
My bro do haha
Menaka Rgr
Menaka Rgr Hace 2 días
Pz9 is Justin
monica scott
monica scott Hace 2 días
Gage Crow
Gage Crow Hace 3 días
Pz48 like v y
Felix Guijaya
Felix Guijaya Hace 3 días
Memoree Headley
Memoree Headley Hace 3 días
I love your ESvid vidos
nintendo switch gaming channnel
Vy ask Daniel if he can drive motor bikes or something dk if you going anywhere he's gonna ride something
Mason Thompson
Mason Thompson Hace 3 días
they have m pz m
Adryan Basaca
Adryan Basaca Hace 3 días
It is gake
colin reagan
colin reagan Hace 3 días
I love pz4 she's my only friend I love. stop Boring
Missingxchu Hace 3 días
Ismail Hossain
Ismail Hossain Hace 3 días
kathyrn kirsch
kathyrn kirsch Hace 4 días
Yover Lopez
Yover Lopez Hace 4 días
i hope pz4 is ok☺☺☺☺☺☺😊
Gypsy Altschwager
Gypsy Altschwager Hace 4 días
You can do this
Nicole Suarez
Nicole Suarez Hace 4 días
Hey ninja! How long have you studied? Wannabe .
Nancy Cha
Nancy Cha Hace 4 días
Nooo dont do that to her teddy bear ill kick you in the nuts
Paulo Recaña
Paulo Recaña Hace 4 días
What if the hacker was right i did not mean about the project zorgo or anything i mean what if daniel and pz4 is in love what will happen press the like button if you are curious too PEACE ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌
Laura Becerra
Laura Becerra Hace 4 días
Yes that is gross
Tuula Lutzke
Tuula Lutzke Hace 4 días
Alexis Bailey
Alexis Bailey Hace 4 días
If that was my teddy bear i would cry because i. Have one teddy bear. I would cry because my mom got me the teddy bear when i was born!!!!!!
Genesis Viana
Genesis Viana Hace 4 días
I don't want the hacker to do something to pz4 I never want that to happen to pz4 I would never laugh let that happened to pz4 I mean like just leave her alone just its G didn't want to join project zorgo just like it doesn't matter if you don't want to go to project zorgo project zorgo can be that mean they can't be so mean just leave me alone if she doesn't want to join project zorgo it's just a thing just leave it alone
Lps Girls
Lps Girls Hace 4 días
Johanna Inoa
Johanna Inoa Hace 5 días
Yes I bid
Luis Negron
Luis Negron Hace 5 días
all the pzs are dumb not pz 4
Kasandra Medina
Kasandra Medina Hace 5 días
No no qz4
Ratanak Pisey
Ratanak Pisey Hace 5 días
Is PZ9 JUSTIN??????
Unicorn girl
Unicorn girl Hace 5 días
There jocks are soo last year
نجوان الامين
Vy i love you and chad
Chronic Intense
Chronic Intense Hace 5 días
hi this is tyler
Chronic Intense
Chronic Intense Hace 5 días
the hacker is dab
Chronic Intense
Chronic Intense Hace 5 días
i love the spy ninja
Fernanda Leon
Fernanda Leon Hace 5 días
Why is vy's hair brown in the tumbnail. That is odd to me.
Kramer X
Kramer X Hace 5 días
1 Subscribe = 1 Unbreakable Bear Toy
Randy Hamilton
Randy Hamilton Hace 5 días
yup gross than I thought oh no 🤢🤮
Steve Mccullen
Steve Mccullen Hace 6 días
I feel like Vy and Pz4 are going to be best friends
Will Crane
Will Crane Hace 6 días
Valerie verdine
Valerie verdine Hace 6 días
Vy pz48 has a chrush on you
Magic Chavis
Magic Chavis Hace 6 días
PZ 4
Tehau Isaac
Tehau Isaac Hace 6 días
Hi spy
It's Funtime foxy and Darwin
I,m back I was in the school
tsung Wung
tsung Wung Hace 6 días
That’s messed up
Eric MacFarlane's Mom
# pz4 is not a hackers
London Ingram
London Ingram Hace 6 días
Poor thing
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez Hace 6 días
0 🐪⚡⚡🇷🇺🎅🎃🎈👻🎊🎅🎅💽🌽🍅🍅🎗🎗🌽🌽🍆🍅🍅🍅🍠🍠🍮🍮🍪🍋🍋🍋🍐🍐🍒🍒🍒🍫🍪🍩🍩🍮🍩🍮🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍮🍩
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez Hace 6 días
Kj . mio
Ashot Markarian
Ashot Markarian Hace 7 días
. ....in g
Lucious Nickel
Lucious Nickel Hace 7 días
I feel bad for pz4
kdjd kdkd
kdjd kdkd Hace 7 días
i can't believe that PZ4 has to eat that 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Ely Jr Dupitas
Ely Jr Dupitas Hace 7 días
GO CWC TEAM!!??!!??
aicha el filali
aicha el filali Hace 7 días
I love your video chad and vy 🧡💓❤💚💚💚💙💙💘💙💗💘💓💕💖🖤💜🧡💛💚💙💗💝💞💟❣💌💢🖤💖💔💛💙💙💙💚💛🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
Renata playz
Renata playz Hace 7 días
PZ4 hair is like black but at the end is brown that’s so cute
Michael Boissonnault
vy jump out and fight
melisa Ramos
melisa Ramos Hace 7 días
The gamemarste is rude and mean
Sebastian Moradel
Sebastian Moradel Hace 7 días
I will come for pz and fight them with you just tell me where to Go because I live in Washington
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