I RESCUE HACKER GIRL from PROJECT ZORGO in Real Life (CWC in ROBLOX for 24 hours)

Vy Qwaint
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After Chad Wild Clay made I GOT HACKED PLAYING ROBLOX IN REAL LIFE by Creepy Project Zorgo Hacker Exploring Missing Mystery, Daniel uploaded HACKER ESCAPES on Scariest SCOOTER CHASE Challenge for 24 Hours!! *Bad Idea* on the Exposing Project Zorgo ESvid channel, and Vy Qwaint created IS This HACKER a LIAR? (Lie Detector Test on Project Zorgo to Find the Truth), Vy discovers the true identity of PZ4! After exploring an abandoned house for 24 hours at 3am, Vy solves clues and riddles proving the hacker girl is pizza girl, skittles girl and private investigator. Will PZ4 do an unmasking? PZ4 and VQ get into a ninja battle royale in real life! Together, they defeat Project Zorgo, however, PZ4 is captured! To find top-secret evidence where Project Zorgo is keeping PZ4, Daniel gives a lie detector test to PZ9. They learn PZ 4 is in Project Zorgo Headquarters, the old Safe House, or in the video game Roblox. Vy uncovers interesting clues that PZ9 may be Justin from the CWC crew. In this video, Vy Qwaint makes her way to the PZ Headquarters and finds PZ4 trapped! Vy uses her spy ninja skills to complete this escape room challenge and save PZ4. CWC chases away the hackers with his Tesla turned Delorean! Thank you for watching my entertainment comedy videos in 2019!
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10 mar 2019






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Comentarios 80
Vy Qwaint
Vy Qwaint Hace un año
Hi Spy Ninja! This was a tough mission. Did you get grossed out when the hacker touched the worms with his bare hands?
Haya ahmed
Haya ahmed Hace 22 horas
vy you are the best you save pz4
Aliyah Enriquez
Aliyah Enriquez Hace un día
Muhammad Isa
Muhammad Isa Hace 2 días
Peezy for a deed of password Regina password😯😯😯😯😯😯
Fanny Lopez
Fanny Lopez Hace 26 días
Ok ok so I don’t have. What
jameswebb1977 Hace un mes
Year it was gross
Lei Regina Ong
Lei Regina Ong Hace 5 horas
Lacey Parry
Lacey Parry Hace 11 horas
Hi vy I wot to bey a siy neju
gulzhan donbatalla
gulzhan donbatalla Hace 23 horas
I think she is there
Brandi Kemp
Brandi Kemp Hace un día
yes i was grost out
tan jacky
tan jacky Hace un día
The safe code is 7149
Caroline Booth
Caroline Booth Hace un día
I was so grossed out.
Evelyn Huerta
Evelyn Huerta Hace un día
Vy how do you now how to hack spy traitor
Aliyah Enriquez
Aliyah Enriquez Hace un día
That hacker with the yellow green gloves is weird
Rebecca Garnett
Rebecca Garnett Hace un día
Pz4s name is rengina
Rebecca Garnett
Rebecca Garnett Hace un día
We’re is chad
Tatjana Sergejeva
Tatjana Sergejeva Hace 2 días
Yes that is a very gross
Amy Nguyen
Amy Nguyen Hace 2 días
Pz4 name is Regina✌👍👍✌
BMW Winn
BMW Winn Hace 2 días
I name is Regina
BMW Winn
BMW Winn Hace 2 días
Elizabeth Corsale
Elizabeth Corsale Hace 3 días
The code to the safe is 2097
Aziza Richard
Aziza Richard Hace 3 días
Jianna Cheah
Jianna Cheah Hace 3 días
Yes I did eww that was gross😵
Cruzito Diera
Cruzito Diera Hace 3 días
cool vy Love it
Cruzito Diera
Cruzito Diera Hace 3 días
So grose spy ninjas I Love the Spy ninjas so much I am a hacker under cover so yeah
Cruzito Diera
Cruzito Diera Hace 3 días
hi Im a spy ninja to Spy ninja network go get it Pleas,
Alvin Cath
Alvin Cath Hace 3 días
Oh no pz4 I'm so sorry for your im crying project zorgo is the worst
From Jasmine With Love
Oh and yes v I did get grossed out When pz4 touched those wears but you saved her your so kind
From Jasmine With Love
Your luckie that you saved pz4
Andrew Danzberger
Andrew Danzberger Hace 4 días
Tack of mask
Nasro Omar
Nasro Omar Hace 4 días
thats mane yall.. you guys are ulge boys hakres lol i love you vy
Mrinal Nepali
Mrinal Nepali Hace 4 días
needuls Hace 4 días
She is for Gina Regina
needuls Hace 4 días
Regina take her off mask
Sarah Keith
Sarah Keith Hace 5 días
You guys are a little bit dramatic youVY and youPZ4 I Love worms
angelica rob
angelica rob Hace 5 días
i was eatting and watching the worms and threw up
Mh'nya Saige
Mh'nya Saige Hace 6 días
Hey do you ever think you should be there he’s a part of project Zorgo but you could save if you want I think he’s a part of the spy ninjas
khalid khan Afridi
khalid khan Afridi Hace 7 días
i love your hair
Eli’s world
Eli’s world Hace 7 días
In the future pz4 is going to join spy ninjas
Diyanah Jamal
Diyanah Jamal Hace 7 días
vy Qwaint you go
Diyanah Jamal
Diyanah Jamal Hace 7 días
you got it
Ink Balance
Ink Balance Hace 7 días
Noah Williams
Noah Williams Hace 8 días
When pz4 said what the heck I said the exact same words right before she said it
raja rajeswari
raja rajeswari Hace 8 días
I know your name par is original hahahaha pz9 tell me it
raja rajeswari
raja rajeswari Hace 8 días
I know your name is riginapz9 tell me it
Courtney Wasden
Courtney Wasden Hace 10 días
VY is The Best and Chad Aq
Courtney Wasden
Courtney Wasden Hace 10 días
Hi Ruggyna
Jillian Velicaria Vlogs
Me *watching in 2020 while eating* vy :*shows worms * I’ll be like 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Ami Frazier
Ami Frazier Hace 10 días
They are really bad at roasting and that's messed up that they tore up the teddy bear pz4
Mohammed Arain
Mohammed Arain Hace 10 días
At 1:06 there was a glitch comment if you agree and hit the thumbs up button
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Hace 10 días
I think the code for the safe is 37943
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Hace 10 días
siasiunia7 Hace 11 días
siasiunia7 Hace 11 días
vy i have spy ninja network
Jannat Talokder
Jannat Talokder Hace 11 días
Erick fun youtube
Erick fun youtube Hace 11 días
0:08 vy said blowcation
Chloe Abramson
Chloe Abramson Hace 13 días
pz4 I mean
Chloe Abramson
Chloe Abramson Hace 13 días
Yes pz5 with join the spy ninjas because she is a nice person and she is not a bad person so yes she would help her
Vampired Draco
Vampired Draco Hace 13 días
When the hackers were roasting pz4 i laughed
Abrish Areesha jabran
Abrish Areesha jabran Hace 14 días
I now you can do it
Kristin Carey
Kristin Carey Hace 14 días
Aqq F à
BendyGaming Hace 14 días
That's mean
Judy's magical curls
Judy's magical curls Hace 15 días
Mr. Bear😢
LJ - 03HJ - Britannia PS (1543)
MS Ortega
MS Ortega Hace 15 días
the real code is 3092
Steve Field
Steve Field Hace 15 días
Hi vi
Alisha Govender
Alisha Govender Hace 15 días
Alisha Govender
Alisha Govender Hace 15 días
A pz9 is hairy
Dwija Patel
Dwija Patel Hace 16 días
Laura Hughes
Laura Hughes Hace 16 días
I can't belive that project zorgo ripped pz 4's child-hood bear apart like that. And by the way I think the passcode to the safe is 123455
Melissa Hace 16 días
It's Mr bear
MANJU DUBEY Hace 16 días
Hello I am pz funf
Sibo Endrias
Sibo Endrias Hace 16 días
PZ4 is rgeina
Michael Wasilewski
Michael Wasilewski Hace 17 días
Can you come
Michael Wasilewski
Michael Wasilewski Hace 17 días
I love you v and chad
Tessa Lewis
Tessa Lewis Hace 17 días
today is my birthday
i feel bad for pz4
avxriie Hace 17 días
The code is 1980 i know it :)
Ilyas Ahmed
Ilyas Ahmed Hace 15 días
Celeste Chan
Celeste Chan Hace 18 días
Visa little chicken she can't even look at a worm if she throws up in front of a warm how to how about you throws up on herself cuz she's ill
Alijah Guerra
Alijah Guerra Hace 18 días
i love you vy
Tanner Randolph
Tanner Randolph Hace 19 días
I love worms
Maygen martin
Maygen martin Hace 19 días
Love y’all
Darwishah Zarifah
Darwishah Zarifah Hace 19 días
Because they are doing exit ceremony to pz4
Tshaj Ntuj Lee
Tshaj Ntuj Lee Hace 19 días
When he did something to teddy bear I feel like pz4 was sad
cwc fan
cwc fan Hace 20 días
Vy I love your vids
LOO YU YANG Moe Hace 20 días
Jojo Mahmoud
Jojo Mahmoud Hace 21 un día
pz4 did not save daniel because what the hacker said she saved him because 2 resons 1 they are most tusted coliges 2 because she is a hero
Camellia Eldahmy
Camellia Eldahmy Hace 21 un día
vy do not run thro
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