I Said YES To EVERYTHING My Ex Girlfriend Said for 24 HOURS... (She crossed the line)

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Jasmine is going to kill me for this... Kam made me do a challenge where I had to say yes to everything my ex girlfriend told me to do. While being handcuffed to her for 24 hours...
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16 jul 2019







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Comentarios 12 630
Ghost 雨ヤ謁
Ghost 雨ヤ謁 Hace 3 minutos
Lol she like trains
P Flxx
P Flxx Hace 38 minutos
This video Toxic Af🤦🏻‍♂️
gio_x _cb
gio_x _cb Hace 2 horas
She fine tho👀
His ex is so irritating like she gonna ask him to get him tattooed on him and she know he got a whole family but the fact is that he did it cmon now
Freeman Salter
Freeman Salter Hace 19 horas
Has anyone looked at fredo ex gf ass 😙🍑🍑
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez Hace 23 horas
She a gold she said can u transfer 10k to my acc
sofia charalampidi
sofia charalampidi Hace un día
And Fredo will wonder why Jasmine kinda left him.¿ wtf
Joan Relos
Joan Relos Hace un día
I felt bad for jasmin 😪💔
Joan Relos
Joan Relos Hace un día
They must ask jasmin first ! Ofcourse shes gonna say okay cuz you guys already decided 😪
Joan Relos
Joan Relos Hace un día
I was hurting even I am not "ate jasmin" I mean she's your wife you must respect her 😒 Actually I subscribe a day ago but i unsubscribe i just see i think it doesnt seems what it seems before 😪
Winter Wolfie
Winter Wolfie Hace 2 días
Okay this got me mad I don’t like how they are forcing Fred to do stuff
Only Shaniyla
Only Shaniyla Hace 2 días
12:22 his ex crazy
Julio Geronimo
Julio Geronimo Hace 2 días
Yo she thicc af but you still shouldnt’ve done that
mxgvc Hace 2 días
fredos ex hot asf
UNKNOWN WAVY Hace 2 días
she thick
Red Carpet Jay
Red Carpet Jay Hace 3 días
It’s not fredos fault it’s cams
AJ Mafia
AJ Mafia Hace 3 días
9:30 Fredo didn’t kiss the lizard lol u must really hate yur ex😂
djrocuall Hace 3 días
This video would have been 10x better if jasmine was the one who he had to say yes to all day. Why would cam bring his ex to disrespect jas tf is he thinking
will Anderson
will Anderson Hace 3 días
Ain’t gonna lie fredo ex got the wagon tho🤣💯
Sira hair Production
She only were dat specific clothes just to show of her body and her ass like cannot lie 🤬🖕🏽😂
Julisa Hobbs
Julisa Hobbs Hace 3 días
That shits disrespectful especially the tattoo part I'm do dispointed
Cook & Parr
Cook & Parr Hace 3 días
But she was in they house and jasmine was sitting there while she handcuffed her husband 💀
Avi’s world
Avi’s world Hace 3 días
Jokes ok Liz 🤣 Fredo got ah kid with jasmine ☺️‼️
Spoken Book
Spoken Book Hace 4 días
Is he the one who threw the ps3 in the pool
Tamara Thomas
Tamara Thomas Hace 4 días
Are they legally married? They are just living together right?
Sarai Ayemperoumal
Sarai Ayemperoumal Hace 4 días
13:34 haha you thought girlllll !!!, coming up in the house dressed like that. Girl your intentions are foul. Jasmine you don’t deserve this is nonsense.
N2 LilHawc
N2 LilHawc Hace 4 días
Vasilda Norally
Vasilda Norally Hace 4 días
Wtf fredo
Angel Soto
Angel Soto Hace 4 días
I’ve been away for a while I’m so confused 🥴
Mazzy Hace 4 días
He’s fucking wack for this how are y’all still watching him
Jayden Gonzalez
Jayden Gonzalez Hace 4 días
Fredos ex is bad.
Dallas Chasco
Dallas Chasco Hace 4 días
yooo she baad
Lonnie Gilchrist
Lonnie Gilchrist Hace 4 días
xxTrey -Moneyxx
xxTrey -Moneyxx Hace 5 días
0:36 I thought he was getting topped up 😭🤣
Bilson Fohunnid
Bilson Fohunnid Hace 5 días
ll Logic
ll Logic Hace 5 días
Hold on Hold on Hold ONNN! Ain’t this ur house why jasmine always kicking u out?
A.G Life
A.G Life Hace 5 días
And why would he act like it’s his friend idea when you know dam well it was his own .
A.G Life
A.G Life Hace 5 días
I feel like this was disrespectful weather or not your with jasmine
Dwight Weekes
Dwight Weekes Hace 5 días
She is the biggest gold digger like of its true
Lamar Kendrick
Lamar Kendrick Hace 5 días
Funny how jasmine bein all serious about disrespect but if u watch Fredos breakup video she left him and came back for him when he got famous smh
Dinero DaDemiGod
Dinero DaDemiGod Hace 6 días
Reactions at 12:20 then at 12:24😭😭😭😭😭
Dinero DaDemiGod
Dinero DaDemiGod Hace 6 días
9:56 is her obsession and it’s confirmed in the video this his new girlfriend he said on his live he was done with jaz around December
Leekey Ajjai Mina Bokin
So fuxkin disrespectful fuck your ex and your fuckin crazy cause you should say no to the tattoos one cause you have a family fuckin stupid mannnnn, that's not nice to Jasmin
Kenyetta Harris
Kenyetta Harris Hace 6 días
This is very disrespectful to jasmine! 😡
nunu1986 mekhi
nunu1986 mekhi Hace 6 días
12:20 somebody in the back said whoa
Slimey Gamez
Slimey Gamez Hace 6 días
You can get tattoos removed like Royalty did from cj so cool
Queen Drea
Queen Drea Hace 6 días
She’s making him do all the thing she wish he did while they was together.
Queen Drea
Queen Drea Hace 6 días
Queen Drea
Queen Drea Hace 6 días
So disrespectful
BBLove Gaming
BBLove Gaming Hace 6 días
*I feel bad for jasmine why do her like that I mean I know you want the views but come on this is disrespectful but the ending had me crying* 🤦🏾‍♀️😔
Secret rappers Sg
Secret rappers Sg Hace 6 días
His ex do you too much she literally made me mad
Rahthatgirl Hace 7 días
Gold diggerrrrrrrrr
Rahthatgirl Hace 7 días
This not it 🙄
Yolanda Rodriguez
Yolanda Rodriguez Hace 7 días
I would not have my baby daddy running with his ex they r all stupid
Danrel M
Danrel M Hace 7 días
How would you Feel if it was jasmine ex?
andre newman
andre newman Hace 7 días
I ain't gonna lie his ex is bad asf
V Valdivia
V Valdivia Hace 7 días
He really hellllllllla dumb but smart cause he getting paid from this but dumb as hell
Ella Eke
Ella Eke Hace 7 días
So stupid
Smooth Zay
Smooth Zay Hace 7 días
Awwwwwwwww Ava said “no no no”
Niyahhh W
Niyahhh W Hace 7 días
They both disrespectful asf I wouldn’t even be mad if jasmine left him ✋🏾✋🏾
Lester Hendrix
Lester Hendrix Hace 7 días
Not gonna lie his ex thicc af
Blessed Forever
Blessed Forever Hace 7 días
He mad disrespectful beyond disrespectful. Jaz should do challenge with he ex laying n bed see how his ass would feel.
Stephanie Rojas
Stephanie Rojas Hace 7 días
That was why jasmine left fredo.. He has no respect for his wife.. No matter what challenge it is but if his wife is uncomfortable you had to say nooooo
Ducati Diam
Ducati Diam Hace 7 días
Smh girl bye
mrjfox1000 Hace 8 días
Mann come on bro shes straight trouble you could see that smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Dale Gilbert
Dale Gilbert Hace 8 días
No cap jasmine cuter but fredo ex got a fat ass
Layah Henderson
Layah Henderson Hace 8 días
Whas her @
Kerrim Henry
Kerrim Henry Hace 8 días
He's just using his channel to spend time with his ex instead of hiding and doing it..so His fiance will think is fine...really sorry for Jasmine....watching this after he confesses their break up...and now I realize y she didnt want to b a part of it...don't do dat bro👌
Yuli Santos
Yuli Santos Hace 8 días
Im un subscribing i can’t stand niggas like this , so fucken rude
Divine Caldwell
Divine Caldwell Hace 8 días
The fuck type of friend is he?
Natalia Jeniel
Natalia Jeniel Hace 8 días
Ion like this video even after that whole situation video. Still disrespectful, genuinely no respect.
Im Trilllezy
Im Trilllezy Hace 8 días
No wonder why jasmine don’t want him no more.
Jayhitemup5 Tv
Jayhitemup5 Tv Hace 8 días
What’s her ig
J M D Hace 8 días
She’s fine tho
Elson Hace 8 días
This is the most biggest, begging for content, and clout chase I have ever seen
Elijah Jayden
Elijah Jayden Hace 8 días
What’s his ex’s @
Death Gaming/Dreemurr
Asia Watts
Asia Watts Hace 8 días
It’s obvious the views ment more getting something permanent like that while you got a girl and a baby in your crib smfh gross
Nyi’s World
Nyi’s World Hace 8 días
Fredo your probably not gonna see this but your ex in this video looks like jasmine so if you were to ever make a song about jasmine this is the perfect look alike ! 😉
Asia Watts
Asia Watts Hace 8 días
And she give me straight disrespectful Thot vibes
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