I Said YES To EVERYTHING My Ex Girlfriend Said for 24 HOURS... (She crossed the line)

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Jasmine is going to kill me for this... Kam made me do a challenge where I had to say yes to everything my ex girlfriend told me to do. While being handcuffed to her for 24 hours...
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16 jul 2019






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Yvng Vlone Drip
Yvng Vlone Drip Hace 28 minutos
Well since the situation happened.... I would have beat his ex after the video
RecktYew Hace 40 minutos
I don’t get it, what was so funny about her loving trains?😕🤔
No Stiff
No Stiff Hace 2 horas
Lucy Carrasco
Lucy Carrasco Hace 3 horas
What’s her @
David Murillo
David Murillo Hace 12 horas
Nobody now the instagram of she?
Rashawn Skipwith
Rashawn Skipwith Hace un día
She finer to me lol
Andrew Velazquez
Andrew Velazquez Hace un día
Shorty type bad
MoonHalo Hace un día
I mean dude could just get a tattoo removal 😂
Bob the Virgin
Bob the Virgin Hace un día
Your ex is a gold digger for sure
Dwain Wilson
Dwain Wilson Hace un día
Yo why da fuck he break up with her??? She bad as FUCK!!!
Rubey J G
Rubey J G Hace un día
Spiteful Ex's
YSK Alijah
YSK Alijah Hace 2 días
She gotta ass no cap, aye rip to da goat juice wrld. LLJW🖤🕊💕
mts frmda6ix
mts frmda6ix Hace 2 días
His ex thick thick🤩👌🏾
IGxated 2
IGxated 2 Hace 3 días
Some where else to live that fredo house 😹😹😹😹😹
M Mengu
M Mengu Hace 3 días
Do it,to,her, back
richard suddoth
richard suddoth Hace 3 días
no 0 more videos left
Atianna plays roblox Alexander
He rlly said that
not nice
not nice Hace 5 días
LMAO LMAO "Fuck yourself
Terry Arts
Terry Arts Hace 6 días
This girl still likes Fredo.
Fallout Phobia
Fallout Phobia Hace 5 días
Terry Arts if you think about it she’s making him do stuff wit her together to make it seem like they are dating
Alan Galvez
Alan Galvez Hace 6 días
Fr though that fucked up he got a whole family and she probably jealous asf tbh
Faze E I'm the best friend
dr- FAXX
dr- FAXX Hace 7 días
My heart dropped, the pain I feel for this man is beyond word RIP FREDO SOUL 😞🥀
King CR
King CR Hace 8 días
Not the nikes! Homie need a new gig after that!
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Hace 8 días
why we gon act like his ex aint fine
Lil Rex
Lil Rex Hace 8 días
Fredo ex is a clouty clout thickness thot
RiceLaughs Hace 10 días
yo ex is insane
AJ Daniels
AJ Daniels Hace 10 días
I feel bad
11pm. Aesthetic
11pm. Aesthetic Hace 12 días
He did it again. 🤦🏽‍♀️
purplemanflash Hace 12 días
Ass dumb phat jeez
Ay1official Hace 12 días
Man I wish I was handcuffed to her all day she baddd
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Hace 12 días
She's trouble....👌👈
HeAdSc0pEz_213 Hace 13 días
Your girl let u do the challenge its her fault
Sm_ Breakdown
Sm_ Breakdown Hace 13 días
Once again Liz better than Jaz 😂😂
King Nats
King Nats Hace 14 días
Huh 😞😕 that's weird
So 313
So 313 Hace 14 días
Jasmin the goat for being cool with this. But damn Liz bad asffff how y’all fall off 🤯
GANG SHIT BLOOD Hace 14 días
This bich trippin
Fake Account
Fake Account Hace 14 días
The shoes The tattoo The grass eating None of this was funny,honestly this vid Prolly hurt Jasmine she won't say but it did...boundaries dawg
Fake Account
Fake Account Hace 14 días
You know freddo is loyal asf if his girl trusted him with his ex the entire day
sarah Yaaas
sarah Yaaas Hace 14 días
OMG his daughter is so adorable she's like no no my daddy 😅🤣🥰🥰🥰
Young Boi Tonio
Young Boi Tonio Hace 15 días
liz is bad asf more than jasmine like if u agree 👇🏾
Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez Hace 14 días
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