I Shouldn’t Have Challenged Liza Koshy.

Will Smith
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If there’s one thing to learn about Liza Koshy, don’t EVER challenge her to a hydrofoil surfing competition. ► SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Mike Nussbaum, Sadao Turner
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Camera Operators: Andreas Hem, Mark C. Roe, Aidan Tanner
Drone Operator: Patrick Wieland
"Thieves" by Dayo x SAÍGO | Spotify: bit.ly/DAYOmusic
"Unidentify" by SAÍGO x Jonah Christian | Spotify: bit.ly/SAIGOmusic


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9 oct 2018






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Aliah Woozeerally
Aliah Woozeerally Hace un día
Liza: Is just one of the people everyone loves and is excellent at *everything* Me: Similar but younger except not everyone loves me
Aliah Woozeerally
Aliah Woozeerally Hace un día
Is Will Smith in the movie I, robot Yeah see I'm right how did no one recognise that?
Sejal Masih
Sejal Masih Hace 2 días
Me: Likes the video before it even starts cuz i know Liza Koshy will be in it!
Cooking With A Little Spice
So cool 😎
ŁH-TIGER Hace 8 días
AE Super's Vlogs
AE Super's Vlogs Hace 9 días
Lucia Zhu
Lucia Zhu Hace 10 días
i bought this sunglasses, comfortable and weightlight:amzn.to/2v0ZW8Y
Still Chill
Still Chill Hace 11 días
It rewind time kids
youwatch2muchtv Hace 11 días
Someone tell me the songs in this video
James Pech
James Pech Hace 11 días
Looking down at the comments.... Every body has so much likes.... 1k 2k 100 200 300 400.. Dangggg.
Alex Simpson
Alex Simpson Hace 15 días
Liza's a female will smith!!
NORWAY Vibes Hace 15 días
This girl is high😁
lexi oneal
lexi oneal Hace 19 días
What song is that?? Message me it on my Instagram @alexusjeneaa
Ashley Lopez
Ashley Lopez Hace 19 días
I thought you said that you challenged her but you didnt
Glenn Rivers
Glenn Rivers Hace 21 un día
my two favorite people hanging tough how cool is that? I know you could do it Well even if you did have to come back the next day. lol
Glorytothegood Hace 23 días
I love Will Smith and Liza Koshy!, their funniness cheers the gloom and their both good people.
SÙPRÊMË WÈST Hace 23 días
This man will the best hype man out here ...lmao he said " UUUHHHHH ,,UHHHHHHHHHHH,,UUUUHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHH
Hayward Bomaye
Hayward Bomaye Hace 24 días
Will I need that African inspirational music.
Hayward Bomaye
Hayward Bomaye Hace 24 días
Its my😂😂😂 muscle density
Potlako Khoabane
Potlako Khoabane Hace 24 días
Will smith fell so many times 😂😂😂
Eliza Griffiths
Eliza Griffiths Hace 24 días
Spill The Tae 249
Spill The Tae 249 Hace 24 días
Will: Stands in front of the boat looking at the ocean Me: That’s a nice shot. Also me: ESvid Rewind?
Sanali Ricardo
Sanali Ricardo Hace 24 días
I don't know if I'm jealous Liza got to go surfing with Will Smith or if I'm jealous Will Smith got to go surfing with Liza
Siena _thegirl
Siena _thegirl Hace 24 días
When he got off for the first time he looked like he punched himself in the face
Poetic_Determination_ Ig.
Life lesson “Get back up and try again 😂That’s what will is doing 🥴😂😂❤️❤️ philly all day ❤️❤️❤️❤️
beedee211 Hace 25 días
Who is the girl in striped shirt in the back at 5:30. She's gorgeous!!
Agustin Delgado
Agustin Delgado Hace 26 días
Will definitely hit.
Allyson Hanson
Allyson Hanson Hace 26 días
Guy "um you want to a...will inter ups .will"wow wow wow wow"
Grant Menafee
Grant Menafee Hace 28 días
Someone made you an Rubiks cube’s
Bleach Bottle
Bleach Bottle Hace 28 días
-whispers- ...it's rewind time...
Dat_kid _jay
Dat_kid _jay Hace 28 días
*Damn, is anyone else disappointed that Will smith said **_"WOW"_** like 8 times but didn't say **_"that's hot"_** afterwards?!*
Christopher Caesar
Christopher Caesar Hace 28 días
What’s the song playing from 8:26 minutes into the video? Beautiful song
Big Shlong Johnny
Big Shlong Johnny Hace 21 un día
@Christopher Caeser Da tooby Reminisce 1
Big Shlong Johnny
Big Shlong Johnny Hace 21 un día
Da tooby Reminisce 1
Christina Goetz
Christina Goetz Hace 28 días
I'm not ready....you're not ready... no one is ready for this collab
fadumo yusef
fadumo yusef Hace 29 días
Cristie Hutchison
Cristie Hutchison Hace 29 días
I love fresh price
Rose Mathews
Rose Mathews Hace 29 días
I literally made no sense in that comment somebody help me
Rose Mathews
Rose Mathews Hace 29 días
Is it only me but I've literally just commented because the number was 729 amines 7329 I need to get something to 30 if something ends with 9 I have to get it to 0 is it only me am I talking to myself no not that weird look up other people
Roan Van Der Westhuizen
Shadera Jeanbaptiste
*"Don't stand up for yourself."* - Will Smith, 2018
naomi christie
naomi christie Hace un mes
Great video! Can you please share the name of the final track with flutes and, what sounds like, African singing, please? Thanks
Big Shlong Johnny
Big Shlong Johnny Hace 21 un día
Da tooby Reminisce 1
Megan Bryant
Megan Bryant Hace un mes
Who doesn't love Liza koshy Amma right?
bashkar raj
bashkar raj Hace un mes
Semma 😀😀😀😀😀😀😅
Frank Lyle Bobongie
Who is Lisa Koshy?
Carlos m4
Carlos m4 Hace un mes
Colocar uma legenda em Português(Brasil)
Ana Romero
Ana Romero Hace un mes
🌺Aloha Will Smith🌻 From the Island of Hawaii🏖🌊 I just Loved this footages🏄😎 it was "So So Hilarious & Funny"👌💖😆😀💚. I really enjoyed the amazing beautiful Music🎶🎷🎆. Have a fabulous day or evening what ever time it is for you and God bless you😇😘💙Mahalo🤘🤘💜💛💝
Tarun Singh
Tarun Singh Hace un mes
LIZA. Here's a LIFE Lesson: When you fall down, get back UP & EAT AGAIN coz u Look kind of WEAK....LOL
Esmeralda Ochoa
Esmeralda Ochoa Hace un mes
Ashley Duzan
Ashley Duzan Hace un mes
As a fellow tall person, our center of gravity is much higher than what Liza's is.
Shortahhsmurf ._
Shortahhsmurf ._ Hace un mes
Will Smith AND Liza?? I couldn’t be happier😭
GD Noah
GD Noah Hace un mes
Me: how do you feel your a big meme Will smith: ahaha that’s hot that’s hot
Sarah Harkins
Sarah Harkins Hace un mes
so true :)
Aderinsola Adeyemi
Aderinsola Adeyemi Hace un mes
Thigh thickivities 😫
LouisFGraham Hace un mes
I dont know if im poor or just old, but what in the hell kind of surfing is this where youre floating above the water?
Sean Lawson
Sean Lawson Hace un mes
What is the song starting at 8:21
Madison Ostrander
Madison Ostrander Hace un mes
HEY WILL I am such a big fan !!! Your the best
Arianna Alexander
Arianna Alexander Hace un mes
Who else knew will smith had a channel or just me!?
Gowtham Kanagaraj
Gowtham Kanagaraj Hace un mes
Jay z has left the chat
Ashwariya Singh
Ashwariya Singh Hace un mes
What are those boards called. They are so cool
Suzy Rodriguez.
Suzy Rodriguez. Hace un mes
It's getting better each day on this channel
H2Flo_ Hace un mes
LIZA just KO him
george otieno
george otieno Hace un mes
Wait till I get my money right
Z Cohen
Z Cohen Hace un mes
Luna Perez
Luna Perez Hace un mes
i’m weak 😂😂
poppingt4gs Hace un mes
I cant tell if Liza is black or not?
Ana Farias
Ana Farias Hace un mes
ibrahim aminu
ibrahim aminu Hace un mes
Don't have me looking like jay Z out there! LMAO
Ocean Man
Ocean Man Hace un mes
Will Smith how does it feel to be a meme?
Mafer GG
Mafer GG Hace un mes
If they make a Fresh Prince reboot, Liza will definitely make Will's daughter..she's like a mini Will.
Poetic_Determination_ Ig.
I’m with it
LiquiD DiuqiL
LiquiD DiuqiL Hace un mes
I'd bet my savings that will and liza smashed. Easy money.
LiquiD DiuqiL
LiquiD DiuqiL Hace un mes
+Angel A get fucked .
Angel A
Angel A Hace un mes
Dont disrespect them like that. Delete this filthy comment.
CooljaNitez Games
CooljaNitez Games Hace un mes
Will Smith is my spirit animal
Rehsa Hace un mes
Cinederlla Negron
Cinederlla Negron Hace un mes
Would love to give that a try💝
frisco prez
frisco prez Hace un mes
I have GOT to get me ONE of THESE
Summer Rowsell
Summer Rowsell Hace un mes
you need to get up like you would on a surfboard
kristie kane
kristie kane Hace un mes
Your editing is incredible
nilda simonds
nilda simonds Hace un mes
I really enjoyed this video of Mr. Smith. And the one where he went bungee jumping, I believe it was over The Grand Canyon. For those who liked the music as I did, you may want to check out, Fkj & Masego-Tadow. Song/ video 8.06 minutes long. Hope you like it.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Ray-Ray 101
Ray-Ray 101 Hace un mes
YAS LIZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rhys Cumberland
Rhys Cumberland Hace un mes
Aisha Kone
Aisha Kone Hace un mes
Who only came for Liza?
RICHIEYU Talks Hace un mes
Liza:”that’s exciting because that means I can do it too!” Lmao
Кристина Л
Почему нет субтитров
Chema Espinal
Chema Espinal Hace un mes
those foils are expensive and battery only last about an hour should put more of them inside the board. make it last 2-3 hours
dh poker
dh poker Hace un mes
Who is that awkward girl? Will Smith titled the vid based on that people know her. I don't. I could google it but she is so awkward that I don't care. I am gonna finish the video just because of that amazing surf but Will don't do that, don't put annoying people in your video, it is discredit for you. ...and to be lil harsh, in my country Liza is a name for goat and having goat there instead Koshy would be not worse....and koshy reminds me word that means foreskin. That's not worth it Will hahaha
Starya Hace un mes
Bad cameraman.nobody talking about it?
Sha Leen
Sha Leen Hace un mes
krishna pal
krishna pal Hace un mes
Liza is an awesome learner.
fraol girma
fraol girma Hace un mes
love dat girl
Nathaniel Jones
Nathaniel Jones Hace un mes
Whats this called
Nathaniel Jones
Nathaniel Jones Hace un mes
I cant swim but wanna really try this
Cadalyn Getchius
Cadalyn Getchius Hace un mes
Her for liza or will
Shania Lovell
Shania Lovell Hace un mes
What if. A shark just came up and bite they legs off or something
Emily Escobar
Emily Escobar Hace un mes
what is the song at the end
Maria Mail
Maria Mail Hace un mes
Omg Liza IS official celebrity status!! Wow!
cacccay Hace un mes
2:50 her shirttt i likee itt
Angie Paredes
Angie Paredes Hace un mes
Love ya Will you're awesome !
Angie Paredes
Angie Paredes Hace un mes
Mour Hace un mes
I want one of those baddddd
Ms. Leah
Ms. Leah Hace un mes
"Thigh thictivities."..thats everyday for me😂
Timothy Foster
Timothy Foster Hace un mes
Filthy free and rich
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