I Shouldn’t Have Challenged Liza Koshy.

Will Smith
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If there’s one thing to learn about Liza Koshy, don’t EVER challenge her to a hydrofoil surfing competition. ► SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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9 oct 2018

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Erik Antonio Vel Nú
a poco falta mucho tiempo pero me adelanto un poco para comentarte algo serio
How many people cringed the freak out during this
No Name street
No Name street Hace un día
can we just take a minute to appreciate the camera work here?
Vanessa Gomez
Vanessa Gomez Hace un día
Love this MAN!!! Platonic😙
Vanessa Gomez
Vanessa Gomez Hace un día
THEY should make more videos together...that girl is FUNNY
Autumn Moore-Marshall
Love your show fresh Prince of Blair
Connie Cleveland
Connie Cleveland Hace un día
Why I'm not block. I'm the real Walkalone I took this from Twitter to youtube. my story only shares with me.
Tylynn Anderson
Tylynn Anderson Hace 2 días
Lizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! And will Smithhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Yassssssss
Kate Belyea
Kate Belyea Hace 2 días
7:40 those legs. Will what’s your secret
mumofsix1 Hace 2 días
Will X Liza
D Frazier
D Frazier Hace 3 días
This is incredibly inspiring - truly makes you not want to give up on your goals. Thanks! Will. I love your authenticity, Liza.
Quando Hace 3 días
What's that grey thing in the water @2:35 bottom left?
Victor Flores
Victor Flores Hace 3 días
Lmao i wish i could chill with will smith like that
MuteAir Hace 4 días
Will Smith the myth the legend, hope to meet him one day to thank him for my childhood with Fresh Prince lol
Chenoa Curtis
Chenoa Curtis Hace 4 días
You did it!!! 😝
Nellie Summerfield
Nellie Summerfield Hace 4 días
Oh my gosh I actually love her shirt!! Does anyone know where it’s from? I need it in my life xx
Elizabeth Salazar
Elizabeth Salazar Hace 5 días
Ivan Huizar
Ivan Huizar Hace 5 días
love you liza
TheRitesh Hace 5 días
I like Liza she is funny
Shadeenah Hace 5 días
WILL AND LIZA IS AMAAAAAAAZING!!! Ya'll have great chemistry!
watermelon king
watermelon king Hace 5 días
Liza made my day XDDDD
Jaime G. Monterrosa
Jaime G. Monterrosa Hace 6 días
Fooz Ninja
Fooz Ninja Hace 6 días
If it wasn't for Liza, I would never have known WS was on the tube.
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Song at 8:20 is so hard to find.
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
This is all i'm looking for, This is all that I want.
babyqueen nija
babyqueen nija Hace 6 días
like your children videos to will
colten libbett
colten libbett Hace 6 días
the paul brothers have left the chat and vlogging
TRAP SPAM Hace 6 días
Will Smith the ESvidr lol
liljojo3101 Hace 7 días
What a moment when Will was able to stand up! So inspiring. I literally cheered 💛
RobinFlysHigh Hace 7 días
I saw the thumbnail and all I could think of is him and Eva Mendez in Hitch lol xp
Tori Astara
Tori Astara Hace 7 días
I loved this video!
Kristie Dellinger
Kristie Dellinger Hace 7 días
Olga Bruno
Olga Bruno Hace 7 días
I never knew you had a ESvid
Reina Arana
Reina Arana Hace 7 días
Will smith is the best hype man I wish I was famous so I could be his friend Everyone needs a hype man like him
Reina Arana
Reina Arana Hace 7 días
Once I saw the title I thought "yeah you shouldn't have Liza koshy is a beast"
Колхозный Панк
Привет. Я вырос на ваших фильмах. Вы супер!!!👍👍👍👍👍 мечта с вами познакомиться!!!
Chris Toppin
Chris Toppin Hace 8 días
This is the real definition of “work hard play later”
VLicious8704 Hace 8 días
Two of my favorites, love it
Destiny Davis
Destiny Davis Hace 8 días
I ship it
XJadeiteX Hace 8 días
This got notified to me...I have never watched this channel...GOTTA LOVE THAT WAY YT WORKS
queeneth okoli
queeneth okoli Hace 8 días
That's cause she skinner.
Adam Anderson
Adam Anderson Hace 8 días
I love Will Smith - he is never boring and is a great actor x
Kaia Hopkinson
Kaia Hopkinson Hace 9 días
Oh this is fantastic XD im speechless in my laughter. that didnt make sense but okaaaaaay
Sofia Marie
Sofia Marie Hace 9 días
The thing is liza Joshua has the nicest style in clothes she can pull anything off on wiv her comedy it’s even better cuz she does things like no over ESvidr does even though she doesn’t post a lot she still tries to ❤️❤️
euro2888 euro2888
euro2888 euro2888 Hace 9 días
When wilo ne Bad Boys 3 ??!
Arie Ratliff
Arie Ratliff Hace 9 días
Melanie Williams
Melanie Williams Hace 10 días
Sue Paton
Sue Paton Hace 10 días
will smith your, my favorite actor espeslie the movie bright
SetApart MiA
SetApart MiA Hace 10 días
I have been binging, rebinging, over-binging on all Will Smith tube- tv channel!!! ❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽 it- I promise this man is straight beyond motivation!! Keep up the greatness W.S. #IJNIP
Iman HAsh
Iman HAsh Hace 10 días
Song at 02:30 ?
Fina Armania
Fina Armania Hace 10 días
I like how will just fails to acknowledge that the reason he is having such a hard time compared to everyone else is because he's such a big/tall guy and the board is so small. If it were a longer board it would be so much easier for him.
Why hyunjae TBZ always stress?
This is my first video seein him as a youtuber but he already become my fav youtuber now 😍 this uncle got swag 😂
Erihana Glover
Erihana Glover Hace 11 días
You suppose to respect your elders now all these young people with ESvid not
Arlene Bush
Arlene Bush Hace 11 días
Sabrina Hope
Sabrina Hope Hace 11 días
Wow I really wanna be friends with Will Smith😂
Damaris The Fairest
Damaris The Fairest Hace 11 días
5:00 is my favorite part liza is so funny but so is will no tea no shade
Tony Lorenzo
Tony Lorenzo Hace 11 días
Nice cameo @AndreasHem !
Tony Lorenzo
Tony Lorenzo Hace 11 días
That man's 50 years old. Unbelievable. He looks and acts like 30. Wow!
One Journey
One Journey Hace 11 días
🎬 1 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🏋🏼‍♀️ 🏋🏽‍♂️ 🥊 🥊 🚣🏾‍♀️🚣🏾‍♀️🚣🏾‍♀️ Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. 🏋🏽‍♀️🥊⛹🏽‍♀️🛶 🎣🏊🏽‍♂️🏹🧗🏽‍♀️🏇🏻 One Journey Make It Count
Sam Zimmer
Sam Zimmer Hace 11 días
"thigh thicktivities"
Magical 9464 Cartoon Film and Creative
wow is right that look so fun than the Bungee jump surf up
George Trusty
George Trusty Hace 11 días
Both hilarious I see new Disney characters
Laly Diaz
Laly Diaz Hace 12 días
I love him 😂 hahahahah
Laly Diaz
Laly Diaz Hace 12 días
He is so funny
E H Hace 12 días
Looks like a lot of fun. Maybe the hubby and I will give it a try. Good job Liza!! Will you did good too. :)
Katie Angel
Katie Angel Hace 12 días
Your the best will smith
Katie Angel
Katie Angel Hace 12 días
Your the best will smith
Isaac Weatherington
Isaac Weatherington Hace 12 días
This video is all because of “YES THEORY” thank you very much.
Elda Guadiana
Elda Guadiana Hace 13 días
Some celebrities are smart. Lol. All I'm going to say.
The Theme Kitchen
The Theme Kitchen Hace 13 días
Most loudly and non stop taking actor in this world. Will Smith.........
Sam Creecy
Sam Creecy Hace 13 días
eheheheh !!! You can swim, right?
Bruno Eugenio
Bruno Eugenio Hace 13 días
Is she high AF?
Cooper Morehead
Cooper Morehead Hace 13 días
Dang! I was just getting into it and it FINISHED!!!! Cracked me up no end.
Nick Richard
Nick Richard Hace 13 días
they need to make more videos together
serenity J
serenity J Hace 13 días
Can anybody tell me why did liza leave her channel 😭😭😭💔💔
Kosmo Paladin
Kosmo Paladin Hace 14 días
I love this combo
Yfn Andrew
Yfn Andrew Hace 14 días
I love Will and Lizza they're hilarious and amazing like if you agree
Aurora Hace 14 días
I've never been happier and loved a duo more than I have Liza and will. I want him to adopt her. God I love will.
fabricio junior
fabricio junior Hace 14 días
Muito Bom!
Aisha Hace 14 días
This is why Will Smith has always been my *FAVE* ❤️🙌🏽 ever since fresh prince and his other movies when I was a kid
Purple Llama
Purple Llama Hace 14 días
You re a black smith will
Loli Loli
Loli Loli Hace 14 días
She is funny!
YTS crybaby YTS
YTS crybaby YTS Hace 14 días
Will Smith is always traveling
Tori D
Tori D Hace 14 días
How can Liza be so charismatic.
Lion Entertainment
Lion Entertainment Hace 15 días
C C Hace 15 días
I loved you in independence day
Khadijah H
Khadijah H Hace 15 días
Scarlett Townsend
Scarlett Townsend Hace 15 días
has anyone else noticed the shark fin at 2:35?
Jamaican barbiedoll
Jamaican barbiedoll Hace 15 días
that intro tho
Tosha Kirkman
Tosha Kirkman Hace 15 días
This man is not 50 unbelievable!
Arlena Greenwood-stevenson
Wow! Loved this!!!
Georgina Adams
Georgina Adams Hace 15 días
Loved it xxx
Mj3 Mj3
Mj3 Mj3 Hace 15 días
Will u r hilarious... Seriously 😂😂😂
el mundo de ariel
el mundo de ariel Hace 15 días
Like si bienes de tucosmopolis
Jody Damons
Jody Damons Hace 15 días
2:05 Actual footage of me stroking egos
Renee Sapin-Beuch
Renee Sapin-Beuch Hace 15 días
💋💖🎉 I love you Liza that was awesome, way to go little brown girl❗
consistency man
consistency man Hace 15 días
Will is so extra I'd definitely find him annoying for sure. On the other hand I hope he's poking liza....SOMEONE should be poking her, she's cute man
Creative Cassy
Creative Cassy Hace 16 días
Those are the wildest surfboards I've ever seen 😂
ANGELIS Villar Hace 16 días
Okay so Liza can be in this video but she can't do videos on her own channel
ITSH Productions
ITSH Productions Hace 16 días
Liza is like a Millennial female fresh prince lol
Paul Ruffin
Paul Ruffin Hace 11 días
You know... that is a very good point.
Kirthi Midde
Kirthi Midde Hace 16 días
I know his neice she goes to my school
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