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I spent a day with kidnapping survivors to learn about their horrifying experiences and how their lives have changed since escaping.
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14 sep 2020






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AnthonyPadilla Hace 4 días
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Queen Mary
Queen Mary Hace un hora
B1AKOuT Hace 3 horas
Sophie Uy
Sophie Uy Hace 6 horas
Xxmonster Girlxx
Xxmonster Girlxx Hace 7 horas
constantwriters block
bro if ken jennings isnt on here-
Frank Axe
Frank Axe Hace un minuto
This is my first time watching this channel so be cool ok
Danny Daniel
Danny Daniel Hace 3 minutos
I know this sounds stupid, but I thought the title was “ I spent a day *kidnapping survivors* “
Jeremiah Hamil
Jeremiah Hamil Hace 3 minutos
Who the hell would dislike (눈‸눈)
Unhealthily obsessed Starbucks girl
The charges these men got are absolutely stupid. They should've gotten ATLEAST 30+ years in prison. And those dumb commenters out there, don’t even be all “well that’s a little MuCh” no it’s not idiot. Not only did they assault and beat these children and teens but they brainwashed and robbed them of 10+ years of their life and childhood.
shygirl 0713
shygirl 0713 Hace 6 minutos
Jan's story became a documentary on netflix and it broke my heart all these survivors are so strong
jared engler
jared engler Hace 7 minutos
crimes like this thrive in a censored world
Lee Everett
Lee Everett Hace 7 minutos
I don’t care what people say, 4 days is good, some people get kidnapped and either get found after 15 years or never get found, for only 4 days? Not even a month, I don’t care how much torture she went through, 4 days is one of the best time limits to get found, after like 2 months they just pronounce you as dead if you can’t be found, so fuck off with the analogies, compare it to time and other cases, not body parts
DeityAmber Hace 12 minutos
he needs to spend a day with age regressors.
Misha U
Misha U Hace 14 minutos
comi k
comi k Hace 16 minutos
I am spending my life with the kidnaper gay💖💖
VeryMuchLuck Hace 16 minutos
He should interview people trying to find their lost loved one
G00S3MAN Hace 22 minutos
I swear Anthony’s like a licensed therapist. They way he interviews these people is so respectful and calm that he may as well be one.
_feral. mastermind
_feral. mastermind Hace 24 minutos
i was never kidnapped but it was creepy and scary so me and my 2 bsfs were coming back from the park and my friends were in front of me and i was behind them and my friend Delaney said "jonah hurry get up here" and i kinda fast walk/run up to them a little bit and then Delaney said "pretend ur on ur phone" and i did and i pretended i was on the phone with somebody and at that point my heart was racing but i tried to remain calm and slow my breathing cuz i have asthma and i wa already walking for a while than after a minute or so Sarah (my bsf) told me quitly that the guy was gone and we quickly got back to my home and we all are okay now dont worry
ZachMelePlays Hace 33 minutos
I think its time to expose that you have a tiktok account after 2 years and also why you delete that "hit or miss" tiktok lol
Ryleigh Elizabeth
Ryleigh Elizabeth Hace 38 minutos
Jan is the woman from Netflix's "Abducted in Plain Sight"! A MUST WATCH
Logan Tyler Neser
Logan Tyler Neser Hace 41 un minuto
This was so moving and powerful. Thank you both for sharing your stories
BEST OFF ORO Hace 46 minutos
Um there's also women who abduct children for other way more harmful reasons than raise them and keep them :)
Hermione Evans
Hermione Evans Hace 45 minutos
He probably knows but maybe women kidnapping kids to raise them is more common
FX Lyon
FX Lyon Hace 47 minutos
“19 years is not a long time” I felt that. My abuser is in jail for 12 and 3 years have already passed. It’s scaring the hell out of me how quickly it goes
•Blcsscmx• Hace 49 minutos
A person saying “only four days” Excuse me four days is a long time and especially when this happens
Lily Doll
Lily Doll Hace 56 minutos
This video motivated me to report my r*pe today. This will be a long journey but I'm so relieved I took this step. Thank you so much Anthony and the guests in this interview.
Taehyung's nose mole
I watched Jan’s story on Netflix and it is still one of the most disturbing true crime stories I’ve ever heard of. I’m so glad to see her thriving
Joo Hwan Lee
Joo Hwan Lee Hace un hora
I would let Anthony hold my drink in a party
beka Hace un hora
isn’t jans story on Netflix? I watched it and was shocked. Such strong women
50K Subs With 1 Video Challenge
4th gen best let’s go
Lu Key
Lu Key Hace un hora
I spent a day with people that have been gaslighted would be interesting
ImmaMfTURTLE Hace un hora
I actually watched the Boberg case documentary on netflix
FallenDemon5 Hace un hora
"I'd be knitting." Me, knitting: Good luck!
Akira Makara
Akira Makara Hace un hora
Is anyone else reeling at these fucking prison sentences?! There's no reason those men shouldn't have suffered the fullest extent of their punishment
R M Hace un hora
I know this has been said so many times in so many different ways but Anthony truly the best interviewer. You can see especially in these types of videos how much he cares about the people he’s talking with and the emotions he’s feeling when he is. Keep up the great work Anthony!
Sadie Robinson
Sadie Robinson Hace un hora
By the way guys Jans story is on netflix called Abducted
caroline Hace un hora
i watched jans on netflix omg so SAD
Monica Rodriguez
Monica Rodriguez Hace un hora
If you are interested in Jan's story check out the Netflix documentary "Abducted in Plain Sight " she goes more in detail about her story.
Kira Domzalski
Kira Domzalski Hace un hora
I read this as “I spent the day kidnapping survivors”😭😭😭
John Green
John Green Hace un hora
Can someone pls answer this question for me. The elderly women’s story makes no sense to me idk. Who the hell was the kidnapped? Was he that father of the next door neighbours that moved in that was gonna take her to school or was it someone else like some random Mexican man. I’m so confused
Tariq zk
Tariq zk Hace un hora
what do you think is a fair punishment to these two kidnappers?
I Cry
I Cry Hace un hora
Honestly if I was kidnapped I would have made my kidnapper fear me
Maddie :0
Maddie :0 Hace un hora
It’s crazy what those horrible people do to other people like just imagine how broken these people where after getting out of being raped and torched and the people that do that to CHILDREN Horrible I hope they all have a wonderful life
Hypnowave Hace un hora
For all the people saying “four days isn’t that long” Think about in school at the beginning of the week and thinking about how Friday is 4 days long days away. Now think about being tortured and raped for all four of those days. TORTURED like with KNIVES and WHIPS and OTHER TERRIBLE THINGS. That is what she went through so shut up with the “only four days.”
Rose McI
Rose McI Hace 2 horas
You hear stories about kidnapping but it doesn’t compare to hearing people talk about their stories and their experiences. It’s scary to see these people and see similarities between yourself and them because you don’t want those stories to be real. But they are real and they are their personal experiences. I am so glad they shared and I am so glad they are raising awareness.
MyHeart_ willGowon
MyHeart_ willGowon Hace 2 horas
People who rape and kidnap especially children should not be allowed a trial that is the most disgusting and traumatizing thing anyone could experience. Why put them back on the streets? They were not made to function with society and if you let them out, there is no one stopping them from doing this to another person. They don't deserve another chance because what they did is unforgivable.
soulblex Hace 2 horas
I clicked cuz your gace looked fimular, OOHHH your from Brandon rogers, wow
John Michael Ibrahim Tatco
Am I the only one who hides in the comments??
IvIKu GAMING Hace 2 horas
And then he said to me- The ad:MAKE YOUR BETS ON DRAFT KING SPORTS!
KI KI Hace 2 horas
Strong human beings 💪🏽💗
mallory knight
mallory knight Hace 2 horas
fun fact if you didn’t know already, jan has a nexflix documentary/show on her kidnapping! the title is “abducted in plain sight” and its very informative.
Amanda K
Amanda K Hace 2 horas
These women were wonderful guests on the show. Such strong people to be able to share their story and encourage others.
Eirwen Johnston
Eirwen Johnston Hace 2 horas
it makes me sick to know that so many people out there are kidnapping a abusing kids/adults.What kind world do we live in?😔
mr weakling
mr weakling Hace 2 horas
one time i was jogging and there were two guys in a white van and they stopped in front of me so I ran away and flicked them off.
Render me memeless
Render me memeless Hace 2 horas
I don’t know if anyone will take the time to read this comment but I want to throw it out here anyway. I think it’s very important for people to remember that a predator who is trying to take advantage of your youth and naivety does not always look old or unattractive like it is usually portrayed in the media. From the ages of 14 to 17 I was used by a fit, young, conventionally attractive man. He was/is a decade older than me. While I did things with him I wasn’t thinking that he could already vote and drive while I was in the third grade. You don’t think of those things when you’re young. You just think “this handsome older man wants me. He wants to do these mature things with me and he thinks I’m pretty,” and it feels good in the moment but it ends. Girls and boys, please, if you are in this sort of situation you need to get out of it. I can guarantee you that they don’t care about you in the way that you might think they do. You need to let them go. I fell for it. He left me not too long after I turned 18. Completely out of nowhere. Those types of people do not deserve your tears. I hope that by sharing this others who have gone through it can feel like they’re not alone and those who are still going through it find the strength to leave. Report them. Tell your parents. If they did it once, they’ll do it again.
wiggle woggle
wiggle woggle Hace 2 horas
how can sick, sick people like these kidnappers not be kept im prison all their lives?
The Earthiverse
The Earthiverse Hace 2 horas
I hope I age as well as Alicia
Noah De Carmo
Noah De Carmo Hace 3 horas
People saying that people are saying “Only 4 days” Me: scrolling down trying to find someone who actually said that.
Random Commenter
Random Commenter Hace 2 horas
14:53 You’re welcome.
Cant imagine what would it feel like getting kidnapped. Getting tooken away from your family.
Nina Ereno
Nina Ereno Hace 3 horas
Go back to smash plzzz
Dăvïd From Toy Story
Not the time or place for this my friend.
Josiah josia
Josiah josia Hace 3 horas
Who else thought the title said i spent a day with kindnappers
Bekkah B
Bekkah B Hace 3 horas
Not y’all trying to invalidate trauma!!🙈
Caleb Christiansen
Caleb Christiansen Hace 3 horas
I don't think he will offend again
Fri dge
Fri dge Hace 4 horas
Delaney Sinclair
Delaney Sinclair Hace 4 horas
there is a documentary about Jan on Netflix. watched it a couple weeks ago. very wild
Olivia Abbots
Olivia Abbots Hace 4 horas
I admire these women so much. They took their lifes back und share their story so that others can avoid being hurt like that. It takes so much courage and strenght to do what they are doing
Selene Garcia
Selene Garcia Hace 4 horas
Finally good , honest, raw truth
solar Hace 4 horas
Everyone is sharing stories I’m. Im not a victim but it seems like someone got abducted maybe because I saw panties shorts socks and clothes on the ground my stoopid ass decided to not consult at least someone other than my friend about this I still wonder what happened to him/her
Black Lite
Black Lite Hace 4 horas
How was that man released from jail at all he tortured and raped a little girl for days live-streaming it and was planning on killing her why would he ever deserve freedom? Also it’s obvious that it caused great distress and fear for the victim by releasing him at the very least he should have gotten life in prison what a fucking joke
Crawlie Hace 4 horas
Why does Anthony look like Guy Fieri Jr.?
Tekkz_Trop1cal Hace 4 horas
I can tell someone is gonna get offended from video because apparently Anthony is disrespecting people who have gotten kidnapped before
Emily Lane
Emily Lane Hace 4 horas
Guys you should watch Jans documentary on Netflix
La Pl
La Pl Hace 4 horas
Wait...I’m so confused by jans story
Senjougahara Hace 4 horas
The 800 dislikes are kidnappers
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace 4 horas
these women for being so brave ..
fannybratt Hace 5 horas
Can someone else watch Alicia’s interview with Oprah and tell me if the story she tells on that interview is different than this one?
fannybratt Hace 4 horas
senni bgon yes I agree. I never downplayed that part. I guess I’m just curious if the producers on Oprah’s show made her change her story for whatever reason.
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace 4 horas
I don't think people realize that any amount of days is bad .. being away from home against your will is always scary and even being away for a minute when you know you're
Cad Allac
Cad Allac Hace 5 horas
I saw Jan's full story on Netflix and it was a lot. I highly recommend watching it. A great reminder to protect young people from over attentive adults.
Peter Hace 5 horas
You should do an episode with former Scientologists. I'll bet you anything that Leah Remini would love to talk with you.
Something Mischievous
Poor people others think they can take advantage of women because we are smaller ( I know men get murdered too and I feel sorry for them just the same amount it's just usually women) it's gros disgusting and gross and then people just say well what we're you wearing? Like if u show skin your like hello please kidnapp and r*pe me. No I can't believe this is the society we live in.
Winston Hace 5 horas
People really out there saying "it's only four days" and still can't stand the 6-7 hours of work, school, or college smh.
Lil Gunn
Lil Gunn Hace 5 horas
This seems so sad about hearing there stories😢😢😢
13 year old Gamer
13 year old Gamer Hace 5 horas
That old woman’s story can make a good movie
chubgoose Hace 5 horas
Wait, this isnt carson
PusheenGaming Hace 5 horas
This two amazing lady’s are amazing that they just shared all this information they are so brave
Endy Fortnite
Endy Fortnite Hace 5 horas
It’s so sad that all of this can still happen to anyone anywhere
ethan hornby -Abandoned-
8:54 what did she say?
Rika Hace 3 horas
I think she's saying he r*ped her
Seth Elijah
Seth Elijah Hace 5 horas
The sadness in Anthony’s eyes and u can tell he was trying not to cry killed me inside😖
aron nill
aron nill Hace 5 horas
Neysha Lora
Neysha Lora Hace 5 horas
I saw Jan's case on Netflix
Windrune Hace 5 horas
Anthony this series is truly incredibly great, keep up the good work
Cass Cass
Cass Cass Hace 6 horas
I don't think people realize that any amount of days is *bad* .. being away from home against your will is always scary and even being away for a minute when you know you're leaving against your will is terrifying. "Only four days," is like saying you cut off your hands but you still have your legs to move. Absolutely horrible experience and I applaud both of these women for being so brave ..
Camdyn Campbell
Camdyn Campbell Hace 6 horas
the older lady there was a documentary about her. I saw that and it blew my mind
MaDDArt Hace 6 horas
What makes me really angry is the fact that these offenders are always able to walk off scott-free, only to keep doing what they did before they got caught. If I've learned anything from listening to survivors, it's that the general public does a better job at finding offenders and punishing them properly. Where I live, the communities are brutal. Criminals are more terrified of their communities than of the police.
heyimgreen Hace 6 horas
I accidentally read the titles as "I spent a day kidnapping survivors" and was so confused
This kids is why u don’t sneak out with random people. Or take random pills
Gabrielle Arista
Gabrielle Arista Hace 6 horas
The feel like the reason why sentences are so short for sexual offenders is because our government is full of them! absolutely sickening!
Esidar Blade
Esidar Blade Hace 6 horas
I wouldn’t survive 1 hour being tortured so I think survivors are really amazing and strong💪🙃
Siri Norman
Siri Norman Hace 6 horas
I'm disappointed that the survivors interviewed were both women. Young boys are abducted too, but they face some different pressures and fears than young girls do. I had a good friend who was abducted as a child and recently died of an overdose. I wish I could have better understood some of his trauma and helped in some way. RIP
Lillian Harguess
Lillian Harguess Hace 6 horas
I've seen the movie on the first gal it was honestly really creepy that even in those days it was so easy to do what you wanted to people and to me now that we're smarter and more advanced what will people like that do to us this time now that they have more and know more *shiver* creepy as crap
jon jani
jon jani Hace 6 horas
e a sports its in a game
jon jani
jon jani Hace 6 horas
üäüäöüöüäü ✌ that shit rlly dont make no sense i just tipped
R. J.
R. J. Hace 6 horas
I have a question, is Alicia the same girl that was taken in the plane but later saved by the fight attendant? I saw a story and thought it was her, but I’m probably wrong
sad girl8923
sad girl8923 Hace 6 horas
Theirs a movie or show thing on netflix called "abducted in plain sight" it's about how Jan got kidnapped
kya darks
kya darks Hace 7 horas
i remember watching a documentary on jan
These stories are horrific. Thank god they made it...
Breanna Page
Breanna Page Hace 7 horas
the fact that people would say 4 days isnt that bad dont understand that they shouldn't downplay someone's pains. im so sorry for what happened to you
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