I Surprised MrBeast With A Custom House! 

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Watch until we surprise MrBeast his reaction is awesome!
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ZHC & MrBeast surprise someone with a custom hand painted house
Special thanks to @MrBeast and his crew!


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22 dic 2020






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ZHC Hace 2 años
Subscribe right now if you want to win custom items and money in my next video! No joke I give away most of what I make back to my subscribers lol I love you guys! Special thank to MrBeast
It’Sarah 💜
It’Sarah 💜 Hace 2 años
Already did💜💜 I post vidz✨
It’Sarah 💜
It’Sarah 💜 Hace 2 años
Haii! I’m first
It’Sarah 💜
It’Sarah 💜 Hace 2 años
Hey ZHC✨
Bl4zK Hace 2 años
Andres Cevallos
Andres Cevallos Hace 2 años
MrBeast Hace 2 años
This was fun!
Kassie Montalvo
Kassie Montalvo Hace 2 años
SkyBloxWoodGrinder Hace 2 años
Joey Catalino
Joey Catalino Hace 2 años
Saw this at 50 seconds
Alxtricity Hace 2 años
Alrob Morgan
Alrob Morgan Hace 2 años
Silvia Ladova Untadi
ZHC is really kind to other people and make other people happy. I always watch your videos after school. Your videos make me become creative and happy. Get the energy out, and make amazing art with your team.
Jellytess Hace un año
This was so heart warming it makes me want to cry! Keep on marking people happy!
ramenah ghani
ramenah ghani Hace un año
I’m a big fan
UZI MABOBBER Hace 9 meses
Mr.beast 6000 whoooahhh Mr.beast 6000 whoooahhh LOVE MR.BEAST AND ZHC
Zahra Razien
Zahra Razien Hace 6 meses
Juice32 Hace 6 meses
Lalhlimpuia Zadeng
Lalhlimpuia Zadeng Hace 4 meses
Yep ur right
Thunder Productions™
You will always inspire me to do art thank you (:
Wind_Fairy_Colabs Hace un año
You and the crew do so much for our inspiration ZHC. Keep up the good work 👍🏻.
catman Hace un año
Amber Dyson
Amber Dyson Hace un año
True true
​@Amber Dyson true
Davina chea
Davina chea Hace 10 meses
Why don’t you do handsome Squidward😂
​@Davina chea​ wait what
Ava_delala🥰 Hace 7 meses
I love how they never give up and stay up for days for us❤❤❤❤
Khairul Amri
Khairul Amri Hace 4 meses
its so genorous tat they spend housnds of dllor r people in need
Minecrafteeer Hace 4 meses
Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down and get Rick rolled
Jumbo Hace 2 años
Next video. We bought the world and we are going to customize it 😂😂❤️
VIGOR Hace 2 años
SukiroMotivation Hace 2 años
Jahrasi Artwell Positive Energy
@JaheemSoSaucy no stop spamming
Tommaso C.
Tommaso C. Hace 2 años
I remember watching you as a kid... I loved Agario videos lol
Aaronballer21 Hace 2 años
Lee Phillips
Lee Phillips Hace un año
Lets take a moment to appreciate Zack and his team. This video was amazing and heartwarming, I hope everyone else enjoyed.
Snacking with Natie
Snacking with Natie Hace un año
Awesome the ZHC team you guys never fail to amaze such talent with such amazing kind giving hearts love you guys!!
Joanna Breugem
Joanna Breugem Hace 10 días
You guys make me laugh everyday!
Daena Jaimes
Daena Jaimes Hace 11 meses
The ZHC crew never fails to entertain us keep it up
Skytalize Hace 11 meses
I know!🎉
James Taylor
James Taylor Hace 11 meses
Too true
The Horton Family
The Horton Family Hace 10 meses
Kid Beasty
Kid Beasty Hace 10 meses
Google maps shows were they are because you can buy this hous
Ian Hamilton
Ian Hamilton Hace 7 meses
Alexander McEvoy
Alexander McEvoy Hace 7 meses
The house in the end looked so good, I even felt a bit jealous!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Hace 2 años
Mr beast: “I don’t really lift I should” Me: now is my chance to be Mr. Beast’s trainer
Command o
Command o Hace 2 años
I agree 100%
anditya Hace 2 años
Potato Hace 2 años
XD smart move
TKD Hace 2 años
Now that's what I'd give my bank account to see
Brandon Fletcher
Brandon Fletcher Hace 2 años
Livvie Hace un año
I think this was really kind and amazing effort into the house
Steve SMiTH
Steve SMiTH Hace 11 meses
This was an AMAZING video!!! You guyz ROCK!!!
Duck Man
Duck Man Hace 2 meses
The genuine excitement in Michelle when they added in the happy meals
You guys are good deeds helping others and giving away live the best life has to offer.😄
Brookhaven Brooks
Brookhaven Brooks Hace 5 meses
You did a really good job🎉
Jumbo Hace 2 años
Zhc and MrBeast collab? Wait thats illegal. They’re going to giveaway everything🔥
Jacob G.
Jacob G. Hace 2 años
True both are cool
Ellyssa Yamio
Ellyssa Yamio Hace 2 años
Ayyy wassup
Aaronballer21 Hace 2 años
tru_legends123 Hace 2 años
@Aaronballer21 exactly bro
Swastik Gaming
Swastik Gaming Hace 2 años
You are right
N_Y_1411 Hace un año
dude, as time passes, th editing and creativity improves drastically. i hope you do it in the first few minutes. ZHC is dope!
CherryPieNova Hace un año
The neighbors were absolutely adorable that part was so cute
Kai Everr Nights 🇺🇸
Give these guys an Oscar.
jenhuei Chong
jenhuei Chong Hace 2 meses
Y two days bro
jenhuei Chong
jenhuei Chong Hace 2 meses
grimace shake DOOP♡︎
Can we just say how good he is giving stuff 🌸💙💖
CoffiMations Hace un mes
The part from 5:38 and 5:41 really put me off guard 😂
Vexx Hace 2 años
ZHC in 2030: I customized a rocket ship and flew to the moon to give it away
Ida Hace 2 años
Gave it to who 😂and first
Sebastian Sotolongo
Sebastian Sotolongo Hace 2 años
xcrhh Hace 2 años
Nikhil G.
Nikhil G. Hace 2 años
Hi :)
Just Jocelyn
Just Jocelyn Hace un año
So inspiring, I'd love to be part of a project like this one day!
Anthony` Nohra
Anthony` Nohra Hace un año
Beefing with Journi
Beefing with Journi Hace un año
This was a couple months ago but I still like your comments
Just Jocelyn
Just Jocelyn Hace un año
@Beefing with Journi Yeahh I'm a little late to the party lol
OldChina Hace un año
I love all the INCREDIBLE paintings and how you customise… EVERYTHING 😊👍👌🐈
Ngan ching Tsang
Ngan ching Tsang Hace 7 meses
tuki Hace 2 meses
your so kind to Mr Beast and others keep it up : ) and be proud and be good
Cringe but cool
Cringe but cool Hace 10 meses
I love how you spend your time and money to entertain/make things for us and other utubers and your affects and transitions are SICK!
Wendy Kelley
Wendy Kelley Hace 7 meses
Slay Hace 5 meses
Its honestly crazy how he does all of this for people
Me Hace 4 meses
That hours should have gone to a Superfan!!
SuperRaeDizzle Hace 2 años
16:27 mr.beast saying the art is beautiful 😭❤️ my heart can’t handle it
It’Sarah 💜
It’Sarah 💜 Hace 2 años
IKR!!💖 I make vidz✨
Chillin' with Rachel 💛
Omg hiii! Stay safe everyone 💛 I make vidz 💕
Dina.S Hace 2 años
IK...BTW..I love your videos🥺❤
JL Hace 2 años
20baller ❶
20baller ❶ Hace 2 años
DuckyCrunchSlimes Hace un año
I love how they still smile and laugh even if they didn’t sleep all night
gatcha club owner
gatcha club owner Hace un año
Oh yeah its cute
No_FIFA-clips_YT Hace un año
What's upppp
Rainbows with Rory
Rainbows with Rory Hace un año
@Summersxsam what do you mean?
Cetin Kocadagp
Cetin Kocadagp Hace 11 meses
@Rainbows with Rory WDYM HUHH
Sophia M
Sophia M Hace 10 meses
Can we just appreciate how good they are at editing
Christian Berry
Christian Berry Hace 10 meses
Lmao you postedsentthis 2 hours ago hahhahahahahahah
Cathy Prost
Cathy Prost Hace 2 meses
I’m so happy mr. Beast got exited it was perfect
Pipi plays blockcraft 3 d
Omg Zhc you work soo hard just to give stuff a way to people that need it that’s so thoughtful and sweet (it looks amazing bye the way)
Formulaic 78
Formulaic 78 Hace 11 meses
You mean Mr beasts practically teenage friend who apparently just missed out on winning his own island? Sure, he's desperately in need of a fully paid up house.
TECHNO LEGEND Hace 7 meses
Larry Logan
Larry Logan Hace 21 un día
I'm a fan and I love how nice you are ceap makeing people happy 😁
ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts Hace 2 años
i'm definitely subscribing
Willo Hace 2 años
Willo Hace 2 años
Your not even verified!
Kathryn Toll
Kathryn Toll Hace 2 años
shahma mervin
shahma mervin Hace 2 años
me too
ThisIsMyUsername Hace 2 años
I n d e e d
The transitions on the paintbrush is AMAZING keep up the AMAZING work!
The Betty Bassett Production
You rock! I love seeing the smiles...the elation...the over the top, heart over flowing, speechless moments. So. Much. Beauty.
Jordan Perez
Jordan Perez Hace 2 meses
all of u work so hard i loved the drawing
Look how calm he was when he finished painting the house
Brian McAdams
Brian McAdams Hace 7 meses
ZHC is the king of art
Elise’s Journey ✨
I can’t BELIVE how talented this team is! They are honestly so amazing and generous!
mrfroggyyy Hace 2 años
MrBeast 3 your not the real mr beast we all know that
Sophia Gordon
Sophia Gordon Hace un año
It’s so nice how you love to give money to the neighbors it made there day
ML SL Hace 10 meses
I love this kolaboration mrbeast with friend
yougetkarma Hace 9 meses
You guys make great art videos I Love them!
Gaston Cohen
Gaston Cohen Hace un mes
We should give this edtitor an oscar 😂😂
loed tesalona
loed tesalona Hace 10 meses
This is extremely insane! 🔥🔥🔥 Amazing house art work! 😍 One of best videos I've ever watched.
Adrian Wong
Adrian Wong Hace 7 meses
Debbie Workman
Debbie Workman Hace 3 meses
Y'all are such good artists
Titiksha Agrawal
Titiksha Agrawal Hace 2 años
can we just appreciate the fact that ZHC's editor is amazing
kazimdoesstuff Hace 2 años
Innit tho
Jellystrawberryxx Hace 2 años
Uhh I don't know tho
Nomeeoh Hace 2 años
Let me guess, you commented this during the montage in the beginning?
Titiksha Agrawal
Titiksha Agrawal Hace 2 años
@Nomeeoh no I commented on the end 'cuz I could not be missing the montage and I do not like to make ZHC wait even though it is a video
Nomeeoh Hace 2 años
@Titiksha Agrawal okey
Chicken Chicken
Chicken Chicken Hace un año
I love your videos I just started watching them but I realized in a short time how caring you are.
Louisa Freyman
Louisa Freyman Hace un año
You guys are so good at art keep doing what you’re doing
Yodgora Hace 2 meses
Oh my….This was reeeeaaaaaaallllyyyy beautiful and fun.I think this my dream house!!!
Paul H
Paul H Hace un año
U are such an amazing ESvidr. Sometimes we need to take a second to appreciate the things you do for our entertainment! ❤️ -Lottie Clemance (ur number 1 fan)
Иванка Радева
Zhc these are facts about you kind,cool,helpful,artist,funny keep up the good work
Hudah Ahm
Hudah Ahm Hace 2 años
Imagine the guy who gets the house, repaints it
YardDog34 Hace 2 años
Munchkins ♡
Munchkins ♡ Hace 2 años
NezukoPlays Hace 2 años
hannahlyh Hace 2 años
he better not
Steve Virdee
Steve Virdee Hace 8 meses
I loved how at 8:20, zhc stood completely still while everyone else partied
Hinata Hyuga
Hinata Hyuga Hace 11 meses
You and your team are so awesome!
Allie Hace 6 meses
I love you guys too much I just can’t believe it😊!
Leon Harris
Leon Harris Hace un año
This is amazing, you are all so talented!
UnknownJackYTReal Hace un año
I know they are so much
ajay Hace 10 meses
Kaboomboy Hace 2 meses
I wonder when they are gonna realize that the people who get the house are going to 100% paint over all of this
Bibboyf Af
Bibboyf Af Hace 2 años
Me beast is just so humble that someone giving him something feels like it’s too much for him
Kaidyn Is beast
Kaidyn Is beast Hace 2 años
Donna Ganias
Donna Ganias Hace 2 años
Who's me beast
Andrew Wiltshire
Andrew Wiltshire Hace 2 años
He legit took the rug tho
Hannah Mae
Hannah Mae Hace 10 meses
All these ESvidrs that help their communities and families in need warm my heart and make me want to help my community in anyway I can. I’m gonna hopefully open a therapeutic riding center in my community someday and I hope to be as helpful as these ESvidrs ❤❤❤
Hannah Mae
Hannah Mae Hace 10 meses
For anyone wondering what a therapeutic riding center is it’s a place where people with all sorts of disabilities come and learn social skills, riding skills, fine motor skills and major motor skills. It also helps them to get out of the house or place where they live.
Chappy Chap
Chappy Chap Hace un año
my friend told me about you yesterday and i just cannot stop watching your videos they are amazing and you are amazing not just because you spend lots of money but you fill people's hearts up every day no mater if they watch you or they are in person with you, you just always make their day.
Keixha dehb Alberto
Keixha dehb Alberto Hace 2 meses
I love your videos ❤
Osmanthuskeyk小玉 Hace un año
I really like this I love art and this is really entertaining to watch.And you guys help ppl that's what I love the most.
Jayden Botha
Jayden Botha Hace 6 meses
i love your videos man i just love it
Cole Cushing
Cole Cushing Hace 2 años
If Jimmy gives stuff like this away for no reason then imagine what he’s gonna give to people on Christmas
hannahlyh Hace 2 años
WAY more
Basil Zikry
Basil Zikry Hace 2 años
He will give happiness
Stuff Stuff
Stuff Stuff Hace 2 años
He gave a house no joke he uploaded a bit ago
Lian 2010
Lian 2010 Hace 2 años
j he bv him
acripop Hace 2 años
@Basil Zikry DAB
Nikki Bv
Nikki Bv Hace un año
love watching you guyyyyyssss! insanely the beast artist with a good and generous heart! :}
Laroux Junio
Laroux Junio Hace 7 meses
love your videos thanks for entertaining us!
Hoxton's melon sandbox and games
hi laroux Junio
Laroux Junio
Laroux Junio Hace 7 meses
@Hoxton's melon sandbox and games hi
tieyourshoe Hace 2 meses
11:24 this was the coolest part of the video in my opinion❤
Iloveallahandislam! Hace un año
I loved how the house had so many paintings especially the tiger and the dinosaurs 🦖 and you guys are really nice 😊 and generous of giving things away.
lad03 teamscream
lad03 teamscream Hace un año
Kromd Hace un año
Lucy Ding
Lucy Ding Hace un año
They only do it for content.
Sarah Mckerrow
Sarah Mckerrow Hace un año
@Lucy Ding obviously? the views and content is what gives him the ability to keep creating videos like this?
Asad Khan
Asad Khan Hace un año
Yo gabba you need
Warden Hace un mes
ZHC is the Mr beast of art on ESvid (you get it)
turtlewhalefish Hace 2 años
It's actually so cool how Zach has assembled such a great team of artists and friends
Edit Queen
Edit Queen Hace 2 años
Yeah 😭
DON'T Hace 2 años
Dont read my PROFILE PICTURÉ :)
Lj Hace un año
Man seriously, the editing skills are literally insane
Lupe Villalobos
Lupe Villalobos Hace un año
I love zhc’s videos there so entertaining to watch
Maisie Leigh
Maisie Leigh Hace 5 meses
Jimmy : I don't really lift I should Also him: carries briefcases full of money around like it weighs nothing
Jessica Ofsa
Jessica Ofsa Hace 7 meses
ZHC out here making peoples day ❤️
Maria Schick
Maria Schick Hace 6 meses
How are you so good at painting?!
1Eternal Hace 2 años
It's funny seeing Mr. Beast getting surprised, usually, he's the one who surprises people.
DON'T Hace 2 años
Dont read my PROFILÉ PICTURè :)
Janiah Lafortune
Janiah Lafortune Hace 2 años
Your right
Denisse Chavez
Denisse Chavez Hace 2 años
Yea put he got surprised last year with a custom car
Kelly Bergholz
Kelly Bergholz Hace 2 años
Ames :) ❤
Ames :) ❤ Hace un año
I love your videos and I love it when you give things to people who need it keep up the good work ❤
Ann Holender
Ann Holender Hace un año
The only thing bigger than his wallet is his heart ❤️
Nixon Sibarani
Nixon Sibarani Hace 2 meses
The way Zack laughs🤣
Dave the Brave 🟉
Dave the Brave 🟉 Hace 8 meses
mrbeast is always a good person, he always makes me happy and close from
Lwizya Chama
Lwizya Chama Hace 3 meses
ZHC your the best artists I have ever seen God bless you 😊
Nicolas Madera
Nicolas Madera Hace 2 años
He’s probably gonna give him a customized airplane next
Chrissa jarmaine Oliveros
April Perez
April Perez Hace 2 años
You're giving him ideassss
Shafina Saidin
Shafina Saidin Hace 2 años
Yeah yiur probally right
Rhett Mueller
Rhett Mueller Hace 2 años
Mr beast international airlines
yo that's crazy !!!
Renae Stratton
Renae Stratton Hace un año
How do u do such good art work keep that great work up
idk Hace un año
I still can’t believe ya’ll did this in a week….. IT’S AMAZING!!!!
Kristina Korfitz Riber
This is how I begin watching MrBeast 😊
Maheer Chowdhury
Maheer Chowdhury Hace 2 años
I love how Jimmy found the carpet and just carries it around like a kid with his teddy bear
Jade Gonzales
Jade Gonzales Hace 2 años
Very true LOL
Aniyah_hehe Hace 2 años
Lol In this deserves an XD
Catherine Cruz
Catherine Cruz Hace 2 años
Terry Gunnell-Beck
Terry Gunnell-Beck Hace 2 años
So true lol
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson Hace 2 años
Yeah lol
Piper See
Piper See Hace un año
I love how calm the kid was when she got the money and, politely said thankyou.
Notlilyblox Hace un año
Mr beast will always be grateful and anyway the house looks amazing
epic pro 2,000
epic pro 2,000 Hace un año
True so true
MrNteti Hace un mes
8:14 that drop was fire 🔥
Pdbrighteyes Hace un año
Nolan is a lucky guy to have friends that care about him In this way! Is dog they would work their magic like this on my moms 1961 trailer she’s lived in for 30 plus years. I would want to take my daughters art and create an art room and be able to display it all over the place like y’all did with Shrek and @Mrbeast logos everywhere. Nothing better than taking your dreams and turning them into reality!
2957george Hace un día
He is the reason why I know how to draw good
A Hace 2 años
He is literally the sweetest person with a big heart.
pep Hace 2 años
good joke
LoverHarrington Hace 2 años
claire 🧃
claire 🧃 Hace 2 años
Your so true!
Jaden McDonald
Jaden McDonald Hace 2 años
I know I am
Jefferson Hernández
kids stuffs
kids stuffs Hace un año
He is such a kind hearted person ❤️
Luxurious_Falcon Hace un año
This editing is so……..i cant describe it…..its amazing
CUW tv
CUW tv Hace 16 días
ZHC dropping the posca marker 😂
# real_fairy🌷🍄
I loved when Nolan said the Chi video and then he didn’t know what video they were making until they gave them the house keys I was laughing so much