I SURPRISED my wife with her dream gift *She Cried* (transforming our backyard)

Matt and Rebecca
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Our secret plan is finally revealed, Rebecca Zamolo got emotional!
Matt gives wis wife the biggest gift After Rebecca Zamolo bought her husband his dream car which turned out to be a Tesla, Matt from Matt and Rebecca decides its a good time to turn the tables and give his wife her dream gift. Before he reveals the big surprise he has her do an escape room in house. She remembers the giant hole that the quadrant dug up and the game master worked on filling. We stopped the Red Hood and now this is the perfect time to show it to her. Matt has been planning this for months and today he finally gives her the one thing she has always wanted. Have you guessed what it is?
Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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17 jul 2019

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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca Hace un mes
Who else thought this would be the surprise gift?
Meandyoutogether 718
Meandyoutogether 718 Hace 12 días
Matt and Rebecca My birthday is July 27
Gang Liu
Gang Liu Hace un mes
Matt and Rebecca It is a giant bounce house
abbie lewis Lewis
abbie lewis Lewis Hace un mes
Matt and Rebecca
ray shoto the plush tuber
It makes me happy to see rebecca happy
Reezqyn Nurhayyan
Reezqyn Nurhayyan Hace un mes
Last to sink
S Squad
S Squad Hace 37 minutos
A pool
Julie Pearson
Julie Pearson Hace 52 minutos
Floti race
Aeris Hurley
Aeris Hurley Hace 17 horas
I saw rz twin
Katie Sanders
Katie Sanders Hace 19 horas
Anyone else think that that person that denied the permit was q
Scooter Kid
Scooter Kid Hace 23 horas
A big huge slip and slide
Kenslie Frankum-Gregory
a pool
Kenslie Frankum-Gregory
hi matt
layla rae Trevor
layla rae Trevor Hace un día
How the heck do thay swim with there eyes open?!?!
Nabila Abaid
Nabila Abaid Hace un día
Wow I've always wanted to get a pool this is how many people who want a pool in their backyards 👇👇👇
Moonlight Sparkles
Moonlight Sparkles Hace 2 días
24 hour challenge in the pool please 🥳 congratulations
dylan: challenge accepted
Farah Wael
Farah Wael Hace 2 días
A pool
Jlee Anderson
Jlee Anderson Hace 2 días
Do 24 hours in the pool
Cerissa Martin
Cerissa Martin Hace 2 días
Rap topic -
Rap topic - Hace 2 días
A pool
jan lahey
jan lahey Hace 2 días
Hayden Rebecca I love your videos you guys are the best I really want you to keep on making more then this in my feeling one of your older videos but I don't really know when your new videos that I can subscribe cuz my mom will get mad at me cuz I'm on my mom's phone and but I normally watch it on my phone but my phone's dead sew-in at Rebecca make more videos iron horse is it sorry I might mess it up you can you guys spend 24 hours in a small space again cuz that was a really funny video I really like it. thanks for sharing your experience with me Rebecca Zillow
Amelia sahotay
Amelia sahotay Hace 2 días
You made me cry
Durre Sharaf
Durre Sharaf Hace 3 días
A pool wow sooooooo awesome 😲😲😲😲😲😄😄😄😄😁😁
Alison Murphy
Alison Murphy Hace 3 días
Cheryl Poole
Cheryl Poole Hace 3 días
i love you
Cheryl Poole
Cheryl Poole Hace 3 días
last to leve the pool
cristine Banal
cristine Banal Hace 3 días
Ohhh a pool or
Kk cool Have fun guys
It is my birthday 🎉 tomorrow
Madison' Bean
Madison' Bean Hace 4 días
last one too leve the pool wins 1.0000
Supra Hace 4 días
This is a cool
Rachel Winfrey
Rachel Winfrey Hace 4 días
A pool
Dhirendra Bhattarai
Dhirendra Bhattarai Hace 4 días
I saw the redwood behind you
Unicorn_sophie Giffney
Wait see when the clip of them talking to the person it was a waird voice
lauren rattigan
lauren rattigan Hace 5 días
Gintare Pakalniene
Gintare Pakalniene Hace 5 días
matt surprised rebecca zamolo 😀😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Anyone see The RED HOOD or its just something color red lol
Indie unwin
Indie unwin Hace 5 días
A pool
Tatiana Nieto
Tatiana Nieto Hace 5 días
😢 Matt and rebecca love ❤
antonio canizal
antonio canizal Hace 5 días
🏊 pool
Jamila Mayo
Jamila Mayo Hace 6 días
It is a pool
Eithne Lynch
Eithne Lynch Hace 6 días
I think it's a pool
Stephanie Senior
Stephanie Senior Hace 6 días
I have always wanted a pool to and still don't have one because our back yard of way to small😣
nataly dominguez
nataly dominguez Hace 6 días
Alway's Haley
Alway's Haley Hace 6 días
Happy birthday Matt
diogou diop
diogou diop Hace 6 días
It is a pool👙👙👙
Oommen 000
Oommen 000 Hace 7 días
Water slide
Glenda Williams
Glenda Williams Hace 7 días
I knew it was a pool
Ashlyn Martineau
Ashlyn Martineau Hace 7 días
U should do last to leave the pool
Gacha Athena Meadows
Your lucky bc I ran 3miles
Bella Rae
Bella Rae Hace 7 días
Omg Rebecca I am so happy for you
Molly Jeffs
Molly Jeffs Hace 7 días
Hi I love you 😍 rebecca
Annabelle Breen
Annabelle Breen Hace 7 días
How do you open your eyes under water
Taya Alice
Taya Alice Hace 7 días
A poool
City town girls love
Rocky is working for gmi
Lacey Millett
Lacey Millett Hace 7 días
Shimu Ayesha
Shimu Ayesha Hace 8 días
Nice surprise 👍
Simply Niamh
Simply Niamh Hace 8 días
Rebecca and Matt are the best
Lucien Tran
Lucien Tran Hace 8 días
Pippa Hanson
Pippa Hanson Hace 8 días
That is my birthday
Pamela Cowley
Pamela Cowley Hace 10 días
It's a pool
Jaymelyn Chajal
Jaymelyn Chajal Hace 10 días
You should do last to fall into the pool wins $10,000
Coco101 Hace 10 días
petenmichelle Hace 10 días
The cat was following you 🐈
The Orange Cat
The Orange Cat Hace 11 días
Could I have a shout out
The Orange Cat
The Orange Cat Hace 11 días
big bob
big bob Hace 11 días
That is your
sparrticus01 Hace 11 días
last to leave the pool
sparrticus01 Hace 11 días
the guy who said they couldnt get one sounded like Q
Temperance Ellis
Temperance Ellis Hace 11 días
It’s a pool
Crystal Bashwiner
Crystal Bashwiner Hace 11 días
Can you do more musically’s
Juliana Faulkner
Juliana Faulkner Hace 11 días
Michaela Zárubová
Michaela Zárubová Hace 12 días
Did Someone saw rz twin
Serena Noura
Serena Noura Hace 12 días
What's wrong with your arm
Ana Santana
Ana Santana Hace 12 días
Omg this is the same day as my mom had a baby 😱
Jasmin Reihana
Jasmin Reihana Hace 12 días
Awesome I wish I was you
Yara Mamari
Yara Mamari Hace 12 días
Bernadette LAVEMAI
Bernadette LAVEMAI Hace 12 días
It is a pool 🏊‍♀️
Jessica Morell
Jessica Morell Hace 13 días
I am so Happy for you
Kailey Patrick
Kailey Patrick Hace 13 días
Happy birthday
April Yavon
April Yavon Hace 13 días
Rebecca can I have had phone that is a apple
Safia Salman
Safia Salman Hace 13 días
You should do the 24 hours in the pool
Safia Salman
Safia Salman Hace 13 días
You can make slime eat food and play games
Helena March
Helena March Hace 13 días
please do last to leave the pool wins 10000 dollose
Alesha Williams
Alesha Williams Hace 13 días
You should do a last to leave the pool
Alesha Williams
Alesha Williams Hace 13 días
I think it is a pool
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