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In this video, I tested 100 LEGO boats to see if they float... or sink, taking everything I learn to build the greatest possible LEGO ship at the end for the Captain minifigure. Some of these results will surprise you-it was a lot of fun! (Also featuring the MASSIVE Lego Titanic set)
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💡 Inspiration for various boat designs:
• Zelda Wind Waker - LEG...
🎶 Music credits:
• Batman 1966 theme song...
Italian Music, Kevin MacLeod - Bushwick Tarantella from ESvid Audio Library esvid.net...
• Gilligan's Island Them...
• My Heart Will Go On - ...
• Avengers Theme Recorde...
• EPF - The Command Room...
• Pirates of the Caribbe... \
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25 nov 2022






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The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
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Kiptyn bricks
Kiptyn bricks Hace 10 meses
The one you made at the end
Budds Hace 10 meses
Yours, truly creative
AT17 Hace 10 meses
Yours and the Bowser ship
Cool Dude REM
Cool Dude REM Hace 10 meses
You should name the next guy or girl, miss or mister Bob
Great production 11
Great production 11 Hace 10 meses
At 9:45 Your boat was the best because at the end of the video 😏 hmm hmm🤭
TD BRICKS Hace 10 meses
This video was educating, entertaining, and inspiring!
Arman Zemin
Arman Zemin Hace 10 meses
☆Dear_Suki☆ Hace 10 meses
MALHUSE Hace 10 meses
Nh Hh
Nh Hh Hace 10 meses
Omg hi I'm aubbed:D
Tina Jones
Tina Jones Hace 10 meses
Why the ice burg
Sacred Hace 10 meses
Such a good video man! Loved the mini popular ship builds
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
Thank you!! I really enjoyed shrinking the sets like that, kinda want to do it with other icons soon...
Grisha Potrik
Grisha Potrik Hace 10 meses
Xavier Hace 9 meses
I think this is the SacredBricks comment with the least likes I have ever seen.
AstonishingStudios Hace 10 meses
Your mini boat recreations of other LEGO sets deserve more attention. Absolutely phenomenal work!
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
Thanks!! Maybe I should shrink more sets sometime 🤔
Five nights at Lightning’s
@The B3Yeah, It would be cool if you made a video on shrinking LEGO sets
Da chop
Da chop Hace 10 meses
@The B3 dude you should! That would be awesome
Dude McBoy
Dude McBoy Hace 10 meses
Would you call it...astonishing?
Revengist Hace 9 meses
@The B3 The Minecraft crafting recipe still works in Java, but you need a wooden shovel on Bedrock
CynderHound Hace 8 meses
Here's the thing that most people forget about boats is there is literally almost another half of a hull below sea level. They are rarely flat bottomed.
heheheha Hace 10 meses
We need Ed's backstory cuz he's such a sigma, letting the 22vill residents stay in his boat. Now that's what I call a giga Chad move
AT17 Hace 10 meses
Haha he’s definitely a chad! But I think it’s more then him being a chad, he’s helping his friends! Because he was once a guardian of 22vil himself
Palpatine Productions
Palpatine Productions Hace 10 meses
dwd xcz
dwd xcz Hace 10 meses
Palpatine Productions
Palpatine Productions Hace 10 meses
yall better watch the evidence before you disagree 😤
Giga brick
Giga brick Hace 10 meses
ansir Hace 3 meses
I think another problem with the boats is that its not wide enough so theres no stability i think the weights where a good addition but i could have also been solved by a wider base bow and a less weighted top
Patsy Hace 8 meses
The storytelling in this video is outstanding along with the editing
The B3
The B3 Hace 8 meses
Thank you! I try to prioritize story when planning/making a video, so I appreciate that 😄
⁠the monopoly 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️💀💀💀💀💀💀💀👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👊👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🧠🧠🧠
Flaxolotl Hace 10 meses
I love all the variety and creativity in all of you Mocs (in this case boats) and how you put so much effort into these! Great job!
RR Gaming
RR Gaming Hace 10 meses
How are you 6 hours early
Brite Streak
Brite Streak Hace 10 meses
Love the lore details you guys pack into these! It's always fun to watch out for them
Harleymartin Byrne🇵🇹
FishSauce Hace 8 meses
This video was honestly perfect, I could just sense the immense effort from this
[ Quionol ]
[ Quionol ] Hace 10 meses
3:02 They only changed the recipe in bedrock edition (pictured in the video) and basically you need a wooden shovel in the middle for it to be a boat. Java remains unchanged. 7:56 "This game blows!"
Asche Hace 10 meses
scott the woz moment
Jaime Magpayo
Jaime Magpayo Hace 9 meses
Um hi 👉🥺👈
colrhy Hace 9 meses
This game blows
FeliVi Hace 8 meses
This game blows
Eggy side up Cat side down
This game blows
NotthatDigusted Hace 3 meses
If the boat is too top heavy you have to weight it more towards the bottom center so that the boat can keep its center of gravity and not capsize in the water.
Lego Cooking
Lego Cooking Hace 9 meses
Hey bro nice vid! And as always have a nice day!
Bricked Brain
Bricked Brain Hace 5 meses
I love ya vid
ChebyPattern Hace 9 meses
What I think is a bit wrong with this experiment is how there were custom made mini versions of existing blueprints, meaning from the start there was even lower chance for the build to stay somewhat horizontal.
Chrissy Redington
Chrissy Redington Hace 4 meses
Frenchie Sottises
Frenchie Sottises Hace 8 meses
I suggest looking at typical harbor tugs when it comes to how they stay afloat. They usually have very deep hulls that not only balance out the weight, but also help dig into the water. Adding bricks to the bottom is a nice start, but I would round it out some more. It might solve the wobbling problem.
Bricktastic Lego Ideas
Wow, I’ll never regret subscribing and watching all of your fantastic videos!
The B3
The B3 Hace un mes
Cool face reveal lol
Bricktastic Lego Ideas
@The B3 my face reveal?
JoshTheIdiot25 Hace 10 meses
When this series was announced even I knew that the snow guardian and the boat captain looked similar and now that similarity is part of the lore
rono10t899_gaming Hace 7 meses
its all about the width of the base of the boat. and also keep in mind, that the taller the sail, the sinking happens
Arthur Netto-Luana Fox
I made a lot of Lego boats and some tips are 1:balance with the extra pieces on bottom, if you put the right piece under the other boat's they would float 2:balance out so it is not much higher or sink, basically, don't make a boat that floats so well it becomes unstable 3:for walls make 2 layers with intercalating connections so the water can't pass and in the wall is supposed to be fully under water make it 3 layer. Bigger pieces make it better. 4:make the under parts hollow with air to become more floatier but less stable, or use hollow water filled that make more stable but more heavy and surprisingly not much less flotier
Sjöwallö Ingebrigtsen
This is very entertaining and creative. For boat hull 69 and 70 I remember there being a weighted Lego keel piece to put on the bottom. As you explained. The reason most of the boats capsize is Lego being too light and thus the boats centre of gravity too far from the centre of buoyancy.
Henrique L. Silva
Henrique L. Silva Hace 9 meses
Probably the only changes needed for a perfect boat would be to make it less prone to flooding and reduce the weight. Probably the reason why most Lego boats that do float have those pre built one piece
Red_Zed Hace 6 meses
I love how much Mark Rober has inspired your videos. He's truly one of the best
Cardinal Fabrizio Ruffo
There was a larger premade hull... Lego once made a cargo ship. It came with 4 containers and a little dock, and it did in fact float.
The B3
The B3 Hace 9 meses
It’s really cool! I wanted to buy it but kinda blew my budget on the Titanic lol
DELBOURG matthieu
DELBOURG matthieu Hace 8 meses
@The B3 kinda sad that you didn't even test if the Titanic floated.
Toxictrap Hace 6 meses
@DELBOURG matthieu yeah it's unfortunate that his bath couldn't fit the titanic.
Eric Tu
Eric Tu Hace 2 meses
@The B3 can you try the titanic in pool
Tip: there's specific LEGO Boat sets with gigantic single piece hulls They can float, since, their hulls are watertight, unlike Lego sets where the hulls have to be built, and its not completely watertight
BST Studios
BST Studios Hace 10 meses
Ok so I have a theory. So Edward is actually the ice guardian from series 22. We know this because when it showed ed as a kid in front of the TV, you could briefly see him with the ice guardian torso at 3:58 And the passengers in his ship at 5:20 are the series 22 figures after the tragedy that happed in the movie theater episode. Love the series keep up the good work!! Also the turkeys #Name should be Tommy or Tom for short
Sergeant Brick
Sergeant Brick Hace 10 meses
I love the B3 and his effort, this reminds me of when I made Lego boats and put them in my sink hoping they’d float
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
I think we all did that as kids :) It was fun to relive some of those memories for sure!
Michael Moolick
Michael Moolick Hace 10 meses
The #70 type hulls are an 80s product I had as a kid. They came with special weighted metal cored pieces that affix to the keel as ballast. It would float well and self-right in most situations if you used one. The black one you tested needs one weight. A larger red hull set (a fireboat as recall) used 2.
The B3
The B3 Hace 9 meses
Oops. I just ordered the hull... didn't know keel pieces were required too. Thanks!
Wyrm Limion
Wyrm Limion Hace 7 meses
I still remember building models of The Titanic as a child along with other boats. I could only ever get em to float using stabilizers.
Rayyan in south park🇺🇦
I love how every time you watch these videos over and over again. You could find secrets and lore every time you watch it like how in the backstory part, it shows that eds life took a different turn meaning he was wanting to be a sailor but he was task to guard the frost sappire. And when you said they forgot something. They were going there to get winston because he fell of the ship.
Xander Van Brunt
Xander Van Brunt Hace 4 meses
The speed run segment of you just chucking boats into the bathtub was pretty funny 😂
Half-Asleep Chris
Half-Asleep Chris Hace 10 meses
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
Thank you!! I should have built one in the bag 😉
Axolo 365
Axolo 365 Hace 10 meses
@The B3 Probably should’ve added some Lego frogs.
CadenAnimates Hace 10 meses
Maybe destroy a UCS falcon or 2…
Zooni Butt
Zooni Butt Hace 8 meses
Hello Chris!
CadenAnimates Hace 10 meses
Good job on this house/boat as always! The sea captain is one of the best in the series (in my opinion) and I have been awaiting this video since the titanic scene in the last one. Keep up the good work!
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
The captain's definitely in my top 3 as well, so I put in the hours to make a video he was deserving of :)
[Inactive user]
[Inactive user] Hace 10 meses
Wait I don't want him to destroy his
Pumpkin Animations
Pumpkin Animations Hace 8 meses
I did not expect the boat you built to float because I though Lego boats that hulls aren’t one piece all sink but you proved me wrong right here 9:33 , anyway another great video as always
johnnymccraze Hace 4 meses
This is the kind of quality content the internet was created for.
Cinematic Bricks
Cinematic Bricks Hace 10 meses
That boat is great, doing a boat with only normal bricks is so difficult, respect for that work.
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
It was one of the most difficult/frustrating things I've built in a while, so I appreciate that!
Captain Dude
Captain Dude Hace 7 meses
There is a larger hull piece which is used in the 60109 Lego City Fire Boat, measuring at 20 studs wide and 35-40 studs long (I own the set but don’t have the exact count off the top of my head)
Doctor Lego Productions
The one that everyone wanted but no one saw coming…
Delilahthedoggi Hace 10 meses
Ha yea
Amber Desantis
Amber Desantis Hace 10 meses
Are you a time traveler? You posted before the video came out
Jerry Rucker
Jerry Rucker Hace 10 meses
Wait how did you post this comment before the video came out?
Delilahthedoggi Hace 10 meses
Wait what yea
Anti Furry Clone trooper
Maceo Nadge
Maceo Nadge Hace 10 meses
Wow 100 boats and still making the boat for Edward, and it actually floats! Well done, you and everything you did is amazing!
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
Thank you! It was a massive undertaking, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!
LEO XZ Hace 10 meses
7:55 i like the chibi robo build
Ivan E
Ivan E Hace 9 meses
Very cool! Cant believe I never thought of doing the Black & White theme. I grew up on B&W and still prefer it. Now I'm picturing what old superhero and other genre B&W serials can be done.
•アノマロカリス• (Anomalocaris)
Correction: Titanic did have enough boats to please the laws of the time, lifeboats weren't seen as a means to put the entire ship's population in lifeboats back then.
WaywardGhost Hace 10 meses
Ooo! I love love LOVEEE the details and the amount of time you put into this video! Thanks for always doing such high quality content for us! You could name the turkey tod!❤
ImjustgonnaBanzai Hace 5 meses
man seeing the elf hide behind eds ship was just amazing detail
weirdmallow Hace 10 meses
3:56 Edward was born in the tundra of 22-Ville, he was very obsessed with boats and has wanted to sail the seas with one, until his life took a different turn. You see, he was one of the next generation protecters, and he was tasked with protecting the frost sapphire. This was a very big impact on his life, it was like the sinking of a ship. After all the sleepless nights, the demolishing of 22-Ville came. Somehow, he could finally fulfill his dream and become the captain of a ship and sail the seas. And that is the backstory of Captain Edward, or the Snow Guardian. Yes, I wrote a backstory for Edward.
ashletaa Hace 2 meses
that's titanic
I used to love to build custom Lego boats and play with them in the tub. I’ve had a surprising amount of experience in truly aquatic Lego build’s because of this. One benefit/drawback of Lego boats is the fact bricks tend to have air pockets both between and even trapped underneath them. This can lead to some additional buoyancy in their design, but also some in parts of more detailed designs that SHOULD be under the water. Like the keel (basically the spine of the ship’s hull that runs down the central underside.). The smaller more, unbalanced, or more vertical the ship is, the more prevalent these issues can become. This is often due to more of the ship floating further above of the water than it would ideally be. Adding more weight in strategic locations to builds can help sometimes, because it can put more of the hull under water, thereby increasing its bottom weight and helping hold it upright,
𝒥𝑜𝓈𝒽𝓊𝒶 𝐻𝒾𝓅𝓅𝑜
COOL! Love them all. Such a creative idea :) Love how you put so much effort into the mini ships!
Pramod Ghorpade
Pramod Ghorpade Hace 6 meses
Your builds are so detailed
Kayla A
Kayla A Hace 8 meses
3:00 You need a wooden shovel in the gap now to make a boat. Meant to be representative of the oar. It was that way on Bedrock for years and they made it that way on Java a few updates ago in part of their effort to improve parity between the versions
Tiberian Fiend 『フィインド』
I recall Lego making boat sets specifically designed to float in the 90s. I even owned one. Seems like you tested all of them but those.
Ez Bricks
Ez Bricks Hace 10 meses
Wow that boat has such a nice sleek design! Great video
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
I spent *wayy* too long on that shaping, so thank you!!
To be fair those sectional boat hulls came with weights that attached to the bottoms to keep them from rolling over in the water.
badgerjoey Hace 9 meses
The tugboat made from different sections would have floated well but you needed the weighted keel piece - a key part from back when theses pieces were around
Greg Krynen
Greg Krynen Hace 8 meses
That 'tug' boat should have used the weight Lego made for it, hangs from the bottom. I own the older police bat and fire fighting boats of that design. I wonder is the exploration battle cruiser I built as a kid would float? May have to rebuild it if I can remember how... to the photos
Yoshi Gamer
Yoshi Gamer Hace 10 meses
I like this ville a LOT MORE than the other. I love how you get better and better. Keep the great work!
InsertBraincells Hace 8 meses
the boats have a higher chance of floating if they have a high buoyancy, which is common sense, but it need to be as symmetrical as possible to float too
Gabe Navarro
Gabe Navarro Hace 9 meses
This guy is really underrated and deserves respect for his dedication 💯
Optimistic Bricks
Optimistic Bricks Hace 9 meses
Amazing video and story telling! So well constructed and thought out. Keep it up!!
AT17 Hace 10 meses
B3. I keep having to say this but you’ve OUT DONE yourself!!!, I love how you’re tying in 22Vill. And I love how you were able to not only able to build a great ship but also made it float! It Would seem The snow guardian has a name now eh?😉 And perhaps the Forest elf is named Cornilies eh?. I just LOVED all the little boat builds! My favourite ( besides Edwards ship ) is all the Minecraft boats!, And WOW this elf stuff is getting INTENSE!, I cannot wait for the next episode:D yo-you both have a great day!
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
Thank you so much! I had way too much fun with this one-the Minecraft boats were very satisfying to line up all together (although I completely forgot mangrove 🤦‍♂ ) Have a nice day as well!!
Jasminne McDonald
Jasminne McDonald Hace 4 meses
I remember building boats out of legos once. I even tried to make mine float in water. But it sank. My Mom told me that legos don't float in water. Oh boy.
Vulpini Templar
Vulpini Templar Hace 8 meses
Despite the focus on the form over function a few tweaks here and there would have made at least a decent chunk of them float, they're cool all the same and hey boats that don't float are still a cool addition to the shelf or a museum set piece for your LEGO city or something :) (yes I removed my old comment to make a new one, I like this one better anyway :b)
aratosm Hace 4 meses
He's so dedicated, he actually threw something in the toilet for humor. Because you must know now he will have to fish it out.
Mr. JP Sun
Mr. JP Sun Hace 9 meses
7:14 *BAT BOAT!* 7:17 *BAT RAFT!* 7:20 *BAT DUCK FLOATY!* 7:23 *JUST A DUCK!*
Chris Hace 9 meses
Short Correction: The king if Red Lions is from Zelda The Wind Waker, not from Twilight Princess And nowadays you need alsona wooden Shovel to have Paddles for the boat if you wanna craft one in Minecraft
Christian Kuan
Christian Kuan Hace 9 meses
I cried when I heard “twilight princess” lmao, I’m thankful I’m not the only one.
Jahé Lefrançois
Jahé Lefrançois Hace 9 meses
@Christian Kuan only if you play on bedrock
Christian Kuan
Christian Kuan Hace 9 meses
@Jahé Lefrançois What? What does bedrock have to do with the legend of Zelda?
Jahé Lefrançois
Jahé Lefrançois Hace 9 meses
@Christian Kuan Sorry i tag the wrong person
vtrang44 Hace 8 meses
I died when he said twilight princess
RJMBricks Hace 10 meses
to be fairrr, a lot of those boats "floated" just not upright 😂 Awesome video bro!
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
Yeah apparently plastic doesn’t sink that easily so I had to be more picky 🙃 Thank you!!
Object show creator
Object show creator Hace 7 meses
I really love ships and I am happy that you actually got some parts of a ship, right
Grey Knights Venerable Dreadnought
The problem so many of your boats have is a high center of mass and low surface area on the bottom of the boat. If you want a higher center of mass you must increase the surface area of the vessel.
The B3
The B3 Hace 9 meses
100% maybe I should have focused more on function over form for some of these
James Hedin
James Hedin Hace 6 meses
A lot of these are assuming there's nothing under the water with those boats. Adding some form of keel/centerboard could add a bunch of stability
MasterBuilders Hace 10 meses
The brick separator boat is my favorite. Really funny video, great job!
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
I really thought that one had a better chance of staying afloat... oh well, thank you!!
Railman1225 Hace 9 meses
3:02 That IS the recipe, only it’s in the Java edition. Bedrock forces you to use a wooden shovel(for the oar, which is both smart and kinda annoying at the same time)
gamer meme
gamer meme Hace 9 meses
At 3:58 if you pay attention you can see the amethyst from 22ville you know the blue one that the snow guardian was keeping(I was paying attention to see recently and it actually showed that he's the snow guardian because he was what we had the same clothes overlaid I don't know how to explain it but I saw it)
F. Karnstein
F. Karnstein Hace 9 meses
In the late 80s or early 90s I had a boat that consisted of three parts (front, middle and back) the middle part of which could be left out to make a short, stocky boat. It had a smooth black hull and a grey deck with studs. Do you happen to know what set this was from?
Blök Möp
Blök Möp Hace 6 meses
Hmm, try the unibody boat hull from 4010 or 4012. I had one of these way back with a hand me down x149a weighted boat keel. I had my greatest fun in the tubs with that boat.
Frying pan Jim
Frying pan Jim Hace 10 meses
You are the best ESvidr I have ever watched. You’re funny you’re creative and overall a nice person. Thank you for making these last few months of my life more entertaining. Thank you.
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
That means a lot, thank you 😊 Glad our videos could brighten your day/months!
Frying pan Jim
Frying pan Jim Hace 10 meses
@The B3 I love Lego and I can’t believe you you are building homes for all of 23 Ville I mean it’s so creative who else could think of that
DJP2009 Hace 10 meses
7:59 The boat that u can shrink comes in with a heavy lego piece(it looks like the one in 9:27 but its kinda different) that u have to use under the boat and if u do that it will float and you can also buy a motor for that boat and you can put it on the heavy piece
Reeves Hace 10 meses
It’s been so cold to see you guys grow I was here since 20K it’s awesome that you’ve become so successful on ESvid you totally deserve it your videos are super high-quality and I love them The robot from series 22 is still my favorite what has your guises favorite build been so far
Blob fish gang
Blob fish gang Hace 7 meses
I love the lore of this series
Ice Prince Alex
Ice Prince Alex Hace 9 meses
Man this guy has the best lore of any cmf figure You made a ship captain cool now I need to get this figure
ThatGoodGuy Hace 7 meses
Pro tip: if the boat is too tall or too thin, it will capsize
Supercat Studios Animations
I love the Scott the Woz reference you put it. It happens so quickly that you need to pay attention to find it.
Elvenbuttress Hace 9 meses
I caught the reference first try
hahayesgreen Hace 9 meses
This game blows!
Juanpis Animation
Juanpis Animation Hace 8 meses
Great video, you are incredible builders ad really creative! and also I want to share my theory before the finale comes out, Edward the boat captain is the snow guardian judging by the minute 3:58 where for a frame the snow guardian suit is seen, and also in the video of The B2 of the names for the 22-ville residents its said that the snow guardian has a name and I could not find any video where a name for him is mentioned
RagedLun4r Hace 9 meses
You have to balance the weight of the boat so the boat can float.
noph noph
noph noph Hace 5 meses
Should I be able to mention that why crafting a boat in Minecraft doesn’t work is because that you used the wrong edition. 5 planks for Java Edition (Speaking of which, Java is the name of an Island in Indonesia home to cities like: Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, etc. home to lots of culture from older kingdoms of the Indonesians.); and five planks and 1 wooden shovel for a boat in Bedrock Edition (the Edition where most young gamers from 7 - 13 years old play).
The B3
The B3 Hace 5 meses
Not sure why you went into so much detail here, but I’m so glad you did 😄
BDub_30 Hace 8 meses
I like how the Lego ever given just immediately capsizes so that it’s fully upside down lol
Donald Duck Roblox
Donald Duck Roblox Hace 6 meses
You earned my subscription the moment you tested the Zip-Lash Boat.
Boogaboo Films!
Boogaboo Films! Hace 10 meses
7:55 That Is The Most Un-Needed And Un-Usual Scott The Woz Refernce Ever. Thank You.
GenericUserName Hace 10 meses
He's doing the lords work
Rick Bardales Productions
This game blows
colrhy Hace 9 meses
This game blows
ProwerTheFox Hace 9 meses
_This_ game blows
The ROCKET Hace 9 meses
sihT emag swolb
Kingpigaxe Hace 9 meses
As an owner of the destiny’smbounty (the Lego ninja go movie) I can confirm that it does indeed float. I made many memories with that thing. I still have it sitting on my shelf to this day.
Budds Hace 10 meses
I love how good you are at making videos thanks for making me not bored
ferds814 Hace 7 meses
Every time he says boat. Have a sip . Awesome creations!!😊
Ghost Orochi Gaming
Ghost Orochi Gaming Hace 9 meses
Problem I have with this is several issues really. 1) are the Lego blocks air tight to the point it acts as natural barrier to water? 2) is the boat not too top heavy, if you're a sailor then you know what this means. If its too top heavy it will ether sink or Capsize too the starboard side. 3) can water get in?
Marks Lego Shack
Marks Lego Shack Hace 7 meses
This ticked all my fantasy Lego dreams, good job
Kerloft Hace 10 meses
Haha that was so good! It must have taken so much time to build all of these boats, woah
The B3
The B3 Hace 10 meses
Thank you!! It took a very long time indeed… filming and editing this thing was a PAIN
Kerloft Hace 10 meses
@The B3 I think it was worth it, though! The final boat you built looks amazing :)
jantind Hace 10 meses
Love your videos plis get pinned
TrainKidSP4449 Hace 10 meses
Since we got a race car, airplane, and ship costume minifigures, I'd like to see a Train Engine Guy, with the minifig himself dressed as a classic railroad engineer and a new unique train costume piece (preferably a steam engine).
Chayim Weinstock
Chayim Weinstock Hace 9 meses
1 -Shoutout to captain ed for realizing his childhood dream! 2 - Glad to see that someone else appreciates the rubber raft piece.
The Holy Stud 😇
The Holy Stud 😇 Hace 7 meses
Did anyone else catch this at 3:58? Are Ed and the Snow guardian.... the SAME PERSON??? The Snow guardian has been mysteriously absent from all the vids, and the two share an incredible likeness. Additionally, this would explain his attachment to the (former) residents of 22-ville...
WardenWolf Hace 8 meses
FYI, there are some technical flaws with your mini boat designs. The volume occupied by the thickness of the hull wall in a miniature boat is proportionately much higher than in a larger built up boat, so it has proportionately greater density and substantially reduced buoyancy. In other words, these ships may sink or capsize even though a larger ship built to the same external proportions floats just fine. A larger ship with more buoyancy can also be properly ballasted to adjust its balance points.
LEGO Frenchguy Films
I'm not sure about all of the facts but the way this guy talks makes me 100% agree with him.
ReporterVR Hace 2 meses
When you build a Lego boat. Don’t build the parts too tall when the bottom is too short because that will make it flip on its side and sink
k0quy Hace 9 meses
3:59 The crystal hits Ed so he became the snow gurdian this explains why the friends in the boat were the people from 22 Ville and why they look similar
gabe verkruyse
gabe verkruyse Hace 9 meses
I wonder for the other boats that sorta fall over maybe if you add a ballast underneath it would float
Person Man Man
Person Man Man Hace 9 meses
4:59 What do you mean? You just perfectly brake it in HALF, and then you can FIT it in the bathtub, thus accomplishing BOTH recreating the tragedy and fitting the ship in the water
Zooni Butt
Zooni Butt Hace 8 meses
However, The Buoyancy Would Be Different, Which means its not Accurate.
3rd Darkwood
3rd Darkwood Hace 4 meses
Oh. My. God. I had that tugboat @8:00 when I was a kid ... ~30+ Yrs ago! Talk about nostalgia