I Transform Into An E-Girl

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"Scene girls walked so E-girls could run."
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13 nov 2019






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Charlie Hace 2 meses
it would've been perfect with a beanie just because the wig looks a bit cheap
Jack Coma
Jack Coma Hace 3 meses
I'm here for Reilly (@reillygorey)
mel i
mel i Hace 4 meses
It needs blush
Jade Nadon
Jade Nadon Hace 5 meses
So did no one notice her nose bleeding at the end or?
Mr. Popo is outside of your window With his radio
When is this trend gonna die? xD
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Hace 5 meses
E-girl is just emo girl from 2010
dva gg
dva gg Hace 5 meses
Why dose this make me mad 😬 smfh
N I K O L A -_-
N I K O L A -_- Hace 5 meses
She looks like a e girl and soft girl together. It is quite fibe, she looks cute
maju Hace 6 meses
oh no darling that wig is awful why did yall do this to her
luisa agudelo
luisa agudelo Hace 6 meses
"How do you do, fellow kids? "
Miss Mimi
Miss Mimi Hace 6 meses
Looks like adam's family girl.
Soulzz Hace 6 meses
She needs to get rid of the hearts tho 😂
Save the straws Djdj
Wheres the brush and eyeliner?
hautlainde Hace 6 meses
She don’t look like a egirl, the video should be « I transformed into a kpop Stan »
mayxhrt Hace 6 meses
Almasa Abu-Hanish
Almasa Abu-Hanish Hace 6 meses
Sorry but she doesn’t look like a egirl
BunnyFett Hace 6 meses
So basically e-girls are goths with a new name?
usernameee Hace 6 meses
she has blake lively's smile
scarlett Johnson
scarlett Johnson Hace 6 meses
Am I just old or has e-girl suddenly become something other than a girl who games and uses her sexuality for advantages in said game?
AJsongs20 Hace 6 meses
Every day we stray furthur from god
xX3essoXx Hace 6 meses
2:37 when you enter the classroom and you see your best friend who have been absent for some time.
Watt DeFuque
Watt DeFuque Hace 7 meses
So an E-Girl is Babymetal+ Avril Lavigne? Cool.
Brenna Hace 7 meses
The clothes are fine but that hair and make-up ruin the whole look. They needed an actual e-girl or at least someone more familiar with it to do hair and make-up because it's SUPER obvious whoever did hair and make-up is... very unfamiliar and older.
Amber Star 13
Amber Star 13 Hace 7 meses
We love veronicaaaaaa
LeilaLovely ღ
LeilaLovely ღ Hace 7 meses
Kelsey is a vsco girl name she should be vsco
no name
no name Hace 7 meses
not E girl. but more Goth girl. What's the name of her shirt with long sleeves under short ones ? I want it so much
Miles Main
Miles Main Hace 7 meses
E girls are diffrent then emos there there wannabees
grace marian
grace marian Hace 7 meses
i mean the wig is bad but she looks cute
sach m
sach m Hace 7 meses
that wig should go
INeedaSocialLife Hace 7 meses
Details on that wig please because I NEED to own it
professional milf hunter
The wig and glasses are so bad omgggg nooo kelseyyy
Ande Xhegwana
Ande Xhegwana Hace 7 meses
Buzzfeed is just Millennials trying to Gen Z
Leia Gomez
Leia Gomez Hace 7 meses
So is this what Aria's doing now
Rachel Wright
Rachel Wright Hace 7 meses
You're wearing my tshirt... I've never seen someone else with same shirt
Hema keerthi Tarun
Hema keerthi Tarun Hace 7 meses
Buzzfeed: soft girl transformed to an E girl starring kelsey☺ Me: I see Jen at 2:55😄😄
Gabby C
Gabby C Hace 7 meses
1. Why is buzzfeed trying to make softgirl a thing? 2. I know for a fact that they can afford bigger wigs.
Lee Hace 7 meses
Some of these "e-girls" look Instagram goth
Brandy Rose
Brandy Rose Hace 7 meses
What if they did a video transforming someone into a different style but the person doesn’t know what they’re wearing until after they walk around and get reactions. Maybe use a blind fold and have someone walk them around. But I think it’s be interesting.
Nusrat Jahan
Nusrat Jahan Hace 7 meses
Transfer into a Bengali girl 🇧🇩 try this look
Desoraéna Emilien
Desoraéna Emilien Hace 7 meses
You forgot one main thing; the mega huge Eyeliner Wings xD
Luna Lex
Luna Lex Hace 7 meses
That’s not an egirl I’m sorry but no. I think you should remake this video and get an actual egirl to dress you and do your makeup.
fuzzy sharks
fuzzy sharks Hace 7 meses
her 2 min intro felt like 10 mins it felt like she just kept going on and on and on so fuckin annoying!!
Samuel Fortune
Samuel Fortune Hace 7 meses
E-girl Kelsey reminds me of Zooey Deschanel tbh.
Skarleth Herrera
Skarleth Herrera Hace 7 meses
That wig aint it sis!
Amber Boyd
Amber Boyd Hace 7 meses
I like the shirt
in my opinion she looks better as an e-girl the hearts are stupid thou.
Chemmy Hace 7 meses
This is not an e-girl. This is an emo girl. Not even close
cambria moore
cambria moore Hace 7 meses
Omg I am literally wearing that shirt rn
lily quesadilla
lily quesadilla Hace 7 meses
There’s blonde e-girls💀could’ve done without the choker and wig and better coordinated clothes
Louise Peckham
Louise Peckham Hace 7 meses
Noooo don't wear collars they have a meaning when worn by a person please don't use collars again please
Kiara Noah
Kiara Noah Hace 7 meses
"Scene girls walked so e-girls could run" I love it.
uh oh stinky
uh oh stinky Hace 6 meses
Laid out the facts
Kayden Caldwell
Kayden Caldwell Hace 7 meses
You do the sims and your sim is name chelse
Lin Bis
Lin Bis Hace 7 meses
Ok boomer
Crafty Lady Abby
Crafty Lady Abby Hace 7 meses
You look like a baby bat. The bottom half reminds me of myself at 18. I would have never paired it with the top half. Those are two separate looks. It's interesting to see people dip into this as a costume or challenge, because they don't have to experience the constant stares & invasive questions.
XSleepy. EnigmaX
XSleepy. EnigmaX Hace 7 meses
Kelsey looks like a hot goth girlfriend
kenzie :/
kenzie :/ Hace 7 meses
honestly offensive
god Hace 7 meses
this is about a year late, buzzfeed
Sophia Sparbanie
Sophia Sparbanie Hace 7 meses
betty cooper looks different here🤔🤔🤔
Heleen X5452
Heleen X5452 Hace 7 meses
So being emo is “in” now? Where was this when people hated me for being “goth”😂
Brenna Hace 7 meses
I've heard people still pick on e-girls and e-boys
Medium Jimmy
Medium Jimmy Hace 7 meses
Me too
Vitamina De Morango
Vitamina De Morango Hace 7 meses
Oh, I feel you 😅😂
snakeufaceu Hace 7 meses
My name is Weronika and now I’m reflecting if I’m an E Girl Weronika
Daughterrr Hace 7 meses
Kelsey at As/Is it's what we need to see more ok
Reet Jain
Reet Jain Hace 7 meses
3:15 That's Me. Right there.
Katrīna Faituša
Katrīna Faituša Hace 7 meses
No. I have a lot of friends that are e boys anf e girls. And they are just really chill. They talk really slow, and they just vibe with everything.. They are never stressed. There are ups and downs to it. But they are still great people so don't judge people just by the way they look 🤗
schnadee Hace 7 meses
This is just avril lavigne in Girlfriend
NoodlzOodlz Hace 7 meses
This... Was bad. Maybe it's the wig? It's the wig.
shiifu Hace 7 meses
you can take the girl out of soft but you can;t take soft out of the girl
Hoe Mazzello
Hoe Mazzello Hace 7 meses
Fun fact I own that t-shirt
Grace Gassiraro
Grace Gassiraro Hace 7 meses
Oh my gosh Kelsey's inner self is just adorable period no matter what she is wearing
i don ́t want to sign in, ever
This is drinking game material. Take a shot each time she says "like". Or, a healthy game: do 10 sit ups each time.
Clouded Desires
Clouded Desires Hace 7 meses
I love how Spencer never put down her arm she was so shocked lol
carina Hace 7 meses
ok boomer
yue wen
yue wen Hace 7 meses
Modern Adams family
Veronica Collins
Veronica Collins Hace 7 meses
serafim wibisono
serafim wibisono Hace 7 meses
im sorry but this reminds me of ladylike's one......
orca2390 Hace 7 meses
Finally a video i like! She was adorable as Veronica
Percy Pepper
Percy Pepper Hace 7 meses
I think you should’ve left the wig off, maybe a different choker, and a lot of blush. Then it would’ve been more accurate. But the outfit is still cute
chwebooth Hace 7 meses
This outfit is terrible tbh I don't think a real e girl would ever wear this lmao
annie Hace 7 meses
dont do the emos like this
GreenCookieWolf Hace 7 meses
Hecatia as an E-Girl.. It makes sense now. E-Girl's been existing since 2015 canonically but they've been there long before uncanonically.
ChubbyPixel Hace 7 meses
Buzzfeed gets worse every day lmfaooo
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