I Tricked The Internet Into Thinking I Played Fortnite

FaZe Jarvis
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I envisioned a masterplan to trick the internet into thinking I played Fortnite despite being banned by Epic Games back on November 6, 2019th. So I put my scheme to the ultimate test LIVE on Twitch. Here are my findings.
• Slater: www.twitch.tv/slaterkodish
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13 sep 2020






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AqUa Latinkid
AqUa Latinkid Hace 5 segundos
Albert Einstein be like: My sON
Harry Brown
Harry Brown Hace un minuto
Ohhh shit a rat
Tre'vion Heard
Tre'vion Heard Hace un minuto
What was the point of getting banned again? Just to trick people ?
InputUncle2 Hace 4 minutos
Don't normally watch Jarvis but this video was a banger
Galaxy Wolves
Galaxy Wolves Hace 5 minutos
Wait a sec then in my game I decided to do defualt challenge and kill aombody with aimbot who was that???
Robert Casanova
Robert Casanova Hace 7 minutos
bruh this was fucken epic]
Nerdanator Hace 8 minutos
But you even saw him playing on the controller
Edgar Gaytan
Edgar Gaytan Hace 9 minutos
Get u some
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson Hace 9 minutos
Him when he first got banned 😥😥😥😥🤬🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭😭 this time 😆😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😋😋😋😋
keloran11 Hace 11 minutos
thomas scott
thomas scott Hace 13 minutos
my internet been off for a week so get rekt lol just came back on lol no 1 finnesing me hehehehehe
Player One
Player One Hace 14 minutos
ITZ KHI Hace 14 minutos
“I really like bad boys”🤓
Arriera, Ashton 25
Arriera, Ashton 25 Hace 17 minutos
AliZ Hace 19 minutos
Wait a min if everyone of FAZE got IP banned what about the people coming in from the FAZE5 competition
Lanbochini Lozada
Lanbochini Lozada Hace 22 minutos
1000 subs with no vids challenge
Fun fact: The word short is longer than the word long
1000 subs with no vids challenge
Fun fact: The word short is longer than the word long
1000 subs with no vids challenge
Fun fact: The word short is longer than the word long
1000 subs with no vids challenge
Fun fact: The word short is longer than the word long
Roland Schell
Roland Schell Hace 27 minutos
Cap 🧢 😪
Sway on iPad
Sway on iPad Hace 30 minutos
999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 IQ
Nutu Hace 31 un minuto
Imagine of the troll was, the fact that he, acually, did play, and that guy was standing there just for the video, i would do that fr
Mauricio Fuentes
Mauricio Fuentes Hace 38 minutos
omg hahahahaha
Harun Rashid
Harun Rashid Hace 38 minutos
Lol even drama alert fell into the bait. Number 1 news source here in dramaalert.
Electriccube41 1
Electriccube41 1 Hace 39 minutos
Plot twist: he was actually playing....jp
KIWARRIOR Hace 42 minutos
this cap he mad this after to make it look like he set it up so he doesnt get sued
Rayan Taleki
Rayan Taleki Hace 42 minutos
um 1 question... u did this why ?
Guvnar Hace 44 minutos
You lost me at 5:24 bro. the video was ok til then
Kevin AFCB
Kevin AFCB Hace 44 minutos
amjad alomari
amjad alomari Hace 44 minutos
Dyroxzy on yt
Dyroxzy on yt Hace 45 minutos
*breaks the terms and services, which he promised not to break and gets banned* Aye bro you cant do that
Jaylene Amari
Jaylene Amari Hace 48 minutos
How can you sue a guy for playing while he’s banned😹
Zahir John
Zahir John Hace 50 minutos
Stop gets some help
Rex0 FN
Rex0 FN Hace 53 minutos
No wonder y epic shut the servers down
Hugo Envall
Hugo Envall Hace 54 minutos
You can accually tell by all the videos and ”jokes” he makes abt Being banned that he is accually VERY triggered
just_dylan_official Hace 54 minutos
I knew this was a troll
chartfull Hace 57 minutos
just make a new account like EVERY other person
blackrose xd
blackrose xd Hace 57 minutos
Omg do many kids join 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀
Elijah Mounsey
Elijah Mounsey Hace 57 minutos
wtf did i watch why do you play fart game its very bad
DG Rules
DG Rules Hace un hora
fucking mastermind
Skater Motivator
Skater Motivator Hace un hora
dude imagine Jarvis wasn't recording lol then he couldn't prove his incidents
Feltrix Gameplay
Feltrix Gameplay Hace un hora
17:29 I've never seen anyone so happy to get banned
CBNB CLOWN396 Hace un hora
SypherPK: “Didn’t even make it half way through a match before epic banned him again😂” Jarvis game: *Had 12 people in total* 😐
k3rm1t Hace un hora
Why does that one guy laugh like that “YES hAHAhaAHaHaHahAhHa
Rawget Hace un hora
Well U tricked me but u got 45K viewers
Bicboizayn- Hace un hora
This is like doing a heist with the music in gta
- Noodles
- Noodles Hace un hora
Why don’t you make a new account
Levi K
Levi K Hace un hora
You're a god damn legend m8
Maybe Andysingh
Maybe Andysingh Hace un hora
When u got them on the stream you should have rick rolled them
Laquan McCann
Laquan McCann Hace un hora
jarvis is bumb
This is Chris
This is Chris Hace un hora
MrFreshSwedish Hace un hora
my first ever montage leave a like if you like it and sub please, Fortnite montage
Charles Dierkes
Charles Dierkes Hace un hora
If faze was banned from fortnite how can Mews still play
X_mode-clan member TAclapzz on Fhone
Image if u dint get banned u would be the most creacked fornite player
Nari_playz Hace un hora
"I tricked the internet" Me: it was only the people on twitter
Geixhua Avila
Geixhua Avila Hace un hora
That’s amazing but did I ask?
Teun Jordens
Teun Jordens Hace un hora
Lel this idiot is the example of a milker
Yo SamuraiX
Yo SamuraiX Hace un hora
Cool video
mario goof vlogs
mario goof vlogs Hace un hora
Plot twist: he was playing
JoeGamer 40
JoeGamer 40 Hace un hora
Like the internet ok but trolling epic wtf
David Winkle
David Winkle Hace un hora
just sell your soul to the devil and ask the devil i want to play fortnite and you will give him your soul and you can play fortnite
bellbellcomedy show
bellbellcomedy show Hace un hora
5 mill views 4 days
xd.PaulyDD Hace un hora
Gaming community: Jarvis is an idiot for playing Fortnite again and getting banned. Jarvis: “im gunna make up a lie to get past this
RxcheyFN Hace un hora
Jarvis you should play on Kay’s account because he was the one who got you banned so you should get Frazier Banned
Baski Sharki
Baski Sharki Hace un hora
Bro ur getting sued boi
Gabriel Taradi
Gabriel Taradi Hace un hora
When will you play among us
Norxo- Hace un hora
Dan TDM Hace un hora
Be ok pls play fortnite you can start ofer and it’s not that bad my acount got lost and I was said but I love fortnite so I do not just stop
Denki kaminari
Denki kaminari Hace un hora
The AggiN ukato
The AggiN ukato Hace un hora
Honestly i wanna have enough influence to troll the world one day this is Elon musk level you should be proud
Stop Motion /gaming
Stop Motion /gaming Hace un hora
That's so funny
Josh Hastings
Josh Hastings Hace un hora
Clout chaser
Abformal Hace un hora
FearrIOS Hace un hora
There were probably thousands of little kids dreams crushed after this
Matthew Burrell
Matthew Burrell Hace un hora
We just gonna ignore the food there
Vycious Hace un hora
Plot twist: He was actually playin, this was just a cover-up.
Ryan Hoak
Ryan Hoak Hace un hora
This is big yikes
charlie sharpe
charlie sharpe Hace un hora
Thing is tho he Is still playing fortnite, he just has a alt that doesnt have his name.
Paul Bryson
Paul Bryson Hace un hora
Epic really is holding a grudge against this kid. He didn’t even do anything crazy, and he gets a lifetime ban?? So crazy
Erick Checo
Erick Checo Hace un hora
5:25 she should get smack
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera Hace un hora
I feel ur pain Jarvis my console stopped working more than a year ago and i couldnt play since.
Xxxneo_ auroraXxx
Xxxneo_ auroraXxx Hace un hora
Why does teawap never upload anymore :(
ghostgirl1971 inc.
ghostgirl1971 inc. Hace un hora
Fk fornite there are better games out there sweetheart 😉
put-bullet Hace un hora
jarvis: trolling 20k ppl ppl: 20k dislike
Trey The Legendary Gamer
Just make a new account with no aimbot it’s seriously not that hard
DistiNct_Daniel Hace 2 horas
Epic watching this video like 👀
George Luft
George Luft Hace 2 horas
You still play fortnite
?? Hace 2 horas
Who else remembers that guy who got banned with 1 mill vbucks and he still plays why can’t Jarvis
Ars Jewl
Ars Jewl Hace 2 horas
What happened to tea wap
UNIT 66 Hace 2 horas
He even had the iPhone at the end just to spite epic more
Mr. Scouty 6
Mr. Scouty 6 Hace 2 horas
Epic: ur dumb Jarvis Jarvis: reverse card The world: ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Adrian Burke
Adrian Burke Hace 2 horas
PLAY FORTNITE!! Like if you agree
Fortnite Epic clips
Fortnite Epic clips Hace 2 horas
bro no way
Blake LaBuhn
Blake LaBuhn Hace 2 horas
That thumbnail is honestly just ugly
James Nightmarefoxbb
Nkozsi Gray
Nkozsi Gray Hace 2 horas
Ateem Hace 2 horas
Now he can actually stream fortnite and everyone will think it's a troll
Special Pie
Special Pie Hace 2 horas
best video ever
bermudal Hace 2 horas
You really did play all the evidence was done after
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