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28 abr 2020






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Sarah Tokir
Sarah Tokir Hace 4 días
I seriously hate u Katie b u just used the duct tape to basically wax Josh's upper lip which from experience I know it really hurts I don't understand how Josh is cool with it
Scarlet Hace 12 días
It's probably good having a MMA fighter so Josh can beat up a bad guy.
Scarlet Hace 12 días
Me watching this in November 2020 and they didn't get stolen.
Jonathan Mirau
Jonathan Mirau Hace 13 días
Katie had such a funny reaction xD
Talwasa Sikandar
Talwasa Sikandar Hace 23 días
Who else thought Katie would back fire him at first
Seven Redfearn
Seven Redfearn Hace un mes
iH Jatie vlogs
Jyiah Osborne’s
Jyiah Osborne’s Hace un mes
How come they didn’t plant any grass seeds they have lived there for a while
Jade Dodds
Jade Dodds Hace 2 meses
Jaliyah Dukes
Jaliyah Dukes Hace 2 meses
He left
ethan7966459 Hace 2 meses
Prank starts at 6:50 Your Welcome.
Medozhau pfukri
Medozhau pfukri Hace 2 meses
Josh leaving and katie is helpn him pack 😂 ... she is a sport
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith Hace 2 meses
Katie was being so cute she's ADORABLE
Ashwini Narayanan
Ashwini Narayanan Hace 2 meses
Katie B. hyper is the best thing ever also this is such a cute vlog!!!
Ana singletary
Ana singletary Hace 2 meses
I like takis do u?🌶
Kiera- Makenzie Moore
Every time katie gets pranked she always says...Wait actually lol
Dria Taylor
Dria Taylor Hace 3 meses
you can't get 2 million on insta because most of your fam isn't old enough for insta
Tanisha Bourne
Tanisha Bourne Hace 3 meses
my heart melted when i saw this josh are you going to come back :(
Isaac Ramirez
Isaac Ramirez Hace 3 meses
These videos are boring if there’s no actual reason to make it believable
MAKE IT WITH ME Hace 3 meses
Alanna Burley
Alanna Burley Hace 3 meses
your going nowhere
Alanna Burley
Alanna Burley Hace 3 meses
was I the only one who watched Katie scare josh like 100 times
Harley Hensley
Harley Hensley Hace 3 meses
Katie and Josh I love you guys videos
Lucy Grissam
Lucy Grissam Hace 3 meses
Katherine Mckinley Betzing Joshua Philip Breukner
Dave M
Dave M Hace 3 meses
Future prank. Have white van come back. Hide her phone. Have Josh go investigate the white van. Have 2 guys with guns jump out and kidnap Josh and drive away.
Dave M
Dave M Hace 3 meses
He should have said "It has to do with the white van."
McKayla Walsh
McKayla Walsh Hace 3 meses
Nowhere you are staying with Katie!!!!!!!!!!.
lexie horwood
lexie horwood Hace 3 meses
lexie horwood
lexie horwood Hace 3 meses
they r so CUTE
mkid48 Hace 3 meses
Just cause you know he loves you and he could never leave you it could happen
mkid48 Hace 3 meses
It still could happen
Lyneve Piek
Lyneve Piek Hace 4 meses
Get a new routine for like if something does happen yu guys is uhm ready for the best like something during day or night be ready yu know
Taylor Daniels
Taylor Daniels Hace 4 meses
The way she’s trolling him 😂
I’m sorry but she was annoying
Scarlett Newport
Scarlett Newport Hace 4 meses
you scared me when you scared Josh I jumped
Danderick Blackbird
Danderick Blackbird Hace 4 meses
He left
Leron Moore
Leron Moore Hace 4 meses
I need some of that training cause if a robber come in they will regret coming to my house
Brian Hora
Brian Hora Hace 4 meses
I❤️your makeup it's sooooooo pritty!!!!!!!
marybeth Collins
marybeth Collins Hace 4 meses
To jadie vlogs I like all your pranks have a good night I am Mary Beth Collins I live in Maine 📣😀😁😎😋🤗🤩
Jimi Kennedy
Jimi Kennedy Hace 4 meses
deksa eno on
Saraya Shine
Saraya Shine Hace 4 meses
I love how Katie used a tripod as a wepon
Christine mwatika
Christine mwatika Hace 4 meses
When she said ur my best friend and your not going anywhere without me 🥺🥺
Samantha McCutchen
Samantha McCutchen Hace 4 meses
Definitely feel like she’s that clingy and co dependent
mila fell
mila fell Hace 4 meses
Like=team josh Comment=team katie
XxXRxblox GxrlXxX
XxXRxblox GxrlXxX Hace 4 meses
5:31 oh how the tables have turned..
Nancy & Ximena Huizar
Layah Khalil
Layah Khalil Hace 5 meses
My name is diem fam😂😂
Junie Hace 5 meses
Katie: “where are you goin silly”. Josh: “ no I call you silly you don’t call me silly”😂🥺
Braxton Cooley
Braxton Cooley Hace 5 meses
Braxton Cooley
Braxton Cooley Hace 5 meses
I agree
Shervey Asumbrado
Shervey Asumbrado Hace 5 meses
He left
Tsukishima Kei
Tsukishima Kei Hace 5 meses
Katie is so crazy 😂 she makes it so hard to leave or be serious
Mimi Singh
Mimi Singh Hace 5 meses
Katie knocked the MMA fighter the fRICK OUTTT LMAO
Anna Ditlinger
Anna Ditlinger Hace 5 meses
He left 😭😂
Taylor Walker
Taylor Walker Hace 5 meses
josh its probably Jessica katie thats not funny me laughing af
Lara Arnold
Lara Arnold Hace 5 meses
you guys should create a JATIE SONG it would be so hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paige Dunsmore
Paige Dunsmore Hace 5 meses
he left ..
Carol Johnson
Carol Johnson Hace 5 meses
He left
Matt Dunne
Matt Dunne Hace 5 meses
He left*
LilCute_GIRL For real
Josh:”it’s probably Jessica” Katie :”That’s not funny “😔. That part had me dead😂
Leron Moore
Leron Moore Hace 5 meses
she did not take that prank seriously but she did when he said if your going to annoying go downstairs and i'll pack my own bags
Deeya Superstar
Deeya Superstar Hace 5 meses
Katie is so funny 😂
Ana Banana
Ana Banana Hace 5 meses
This is late but “he left” he’s going dirt biking
Lola MG
Lola MG Hace 5 meses
The first prank... did you see Josh’s little foot dance? Hilarious
jules yay
jules yay Hace 5 meses
“He left”
Jude El mansy
Jude El mansy Hace 5 meses
Katie: I love you Josh: Yeah....
Diwa Chikho
Diwa Chikho Hace 5 meses
you are going to your mom's house
Jessica Deveau
Jessica Deveau Hace 6 meses
That hyper energy 😂💖
100k subscribers without any videos challenge !
“You sound like a Disney Movie” -Katherine Betzing 2020 (quarantine) quote of the year
Gia Shelvay
Gia Shelvay Hace 6 meses
I don’t know if it’s only me but I watch all their videos every day I’m obsessed with josh and Katie they are just to nice
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin Hace 6 meses
He left
It’s Tala
It’s Tala Hace 6 meses
Omg 😱
MynameisJess_xo Hace 6 meses
When Josh said “it’s probably Jessica” my face went 😮😳. 😂 ma nam is Jessica
Rebecca Kirn
Rebecca Kirn Hace 6 meses
Belinda Nkwantabisah
She's actually cute in most things
Hannah plays Roblox
Hannah plays Roblox Hace 6 meses
Plot twist he really is leaving Me:but but Katie: where you going Me: does Katie even cere
Mya Rhodes
Mya Rhodes Hace 6 meses
If the intro is a song I would be very upset if it didn’t say ‘she said yesssssss’
Anthony Hologounis
Anthony Hologounis Hace 6 meses
Breezy Hace 6 meses
Aww you could see katies burn in another video at 3:05
Malaysia Calvin
Malaysia Calvin Hace 6 meses
"now that we know each others full names tell me where you're going" why did i laugh so hard lmao
Ameriah Akinwunmi
Ameriah Akinwunmi Hace 6 meses
I love u gays
Lienze Jones
Lienze Jones Hace 6 meses
You should play a prank on Katie where you make her think your upset with her, and don’t call her anything but her name like you can’t call her babe or anything like that
XBOXGAMER Hace 6 meses
Sarah Catherine
Sarah Catherine Hace 6 meses
‘ where are we going babe’ 🤧🥺💗
Saz Parker
Saz Parker Hace 6 meses
"Can I be honest? I'd never be okay if I wasn't with you" Awww she's truly found the one
Khaey Lacs
Khaey Lacs Hace 6 meses
He left.
Cool Family
Cool Family Hace 6 meses
Give this a like if you are watching this in 2020
Mckenley Dicus
Mckenley Dicus Hace 6 meses
If i heard that right her middle name is my first name love you guys big fan
Puneet Mahal
Puneet Mahal Hace 6 meses
I love the Jatie fam there videos are the best they are the cutest couple ever and Della vlogs are a cute couple too I love both of their videos their are entertaining
Bella Amis
Bella Amis Hace 6 meses
Are u actually leaving her
Izzy Merle
Izzy Merle Hace 6 meses
Fr tho they are the cutest couple ever!!!🥺❤️😫
Izzy Merle
Izzy Merle Hace 6 meses
Katie was so sweet and funny like omg that’s so sweet🥺🥺🥺
Natali Angeles Muro
Natali Angeles Muro Hace 6 meses
He left."
Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up Hace 6 meses
When Katie jumped on josh I was drinking some water and I and then I spit it out because I was laughing so hard
Mika Bella Oliver
Mika Bella Oliver Hace 6 meses
I also watch 21 and 22 jump street 😂😂"my names Jeff" 🤣🤣😜love you guys, you are crazy"just like me"❤️😜😘
Melanie Lewis
Melanie Lewis Hace 6 meses
They say quarantine but there friends have been coming over and they have been hanging wth the Della
Sasha Paramor
Sasha Paramor Hace 6 meses
Team Katie
Abby Russ
Abby Russ Hace 6 meses
Waiting for the day when they be both legitimately prank eachother on the same video
Ronan Moon
Ronan Moon Hace 6 meses
Looooved when the camera shook on JOSHUAAAAA
Elizabeth de Cock
Elizabeth de Cock Hace 6 meses
if you dont know who someone is driving or waking or doing anything in your nieborhood call the cops and get there lisens plate number
BUZZ JOHNSON Hace 6 meses
Yt haha
M o o n l i g h t
M o o n l i g h t Hace 6 meses
He left.
Music Lover
Music Lover Hace 6 meses
Umm I think ur going to go fight 👇🏻
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