I Tried Living Like A Caveman Influencer

Danny Gonzalez
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10 mar 2022






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Gem S
Gem S Hace 5 meses
I’m sorry, but the idea of Danny awkwardly walking into his bedroom with two giant planks of wood and a blanket because he got scared of sleeping in his basement is fucking killing me 😭😭💀💀💀
mimimachka1 Hace un día
curbalist Hace 6 días
prod._gabba Hace un mes
Happyfishguy Hace un mes
Replace awkwardly with cutely
Human_Female Hace un mes
now Im picturing it
RichJMoney Hace 5 meses
Last I checked our Ancestors invented science and did everything they could to comfort themselves. While I give the Liver King props for being kind, I don't like the approach of just applying "our ancestors did it" to how we should live our lives. Primal ancestors struggled to survive, I feel like we should thank them for that struggle by appreciating the comforts we have and using our time to make the world better and safer for our descendants.
CJ Hace 4 días
you can't "invent" science...you discover it
T B Hace 12 días
“We should enjoy safety and comfort” and “the modern world (mostly capitalism) is crushing and bad for the human body” can both be true at the same time, half the replies don’t seem to get that
Brandie Davis
Brandie Davis Hace 19 días
They were certainly smart enough to figure out shoes.
UpnOut Hace un mes
Something tells me he doesn't have an archaeology degree with specialization in the paleolithic. For all the boasting "primal" guys like to do, paleolithic people were not built like that. Human strength in the animal kingdom especially in the era of mega-fauna was a joke, doesn't matter how roided out you are a Colombian mammoth weighs 10 tons and is 14 feet tall it would still smash you flat. Humans excel in endurance and would likely have look like marathon runners with as one expert put it "so many broken bones they look like rodeo clowns". Whats even more funny is that among paleolithic people male and female skeletons had the same types of injuries. So yes "natty primal" if you had lived back then not only would you not have looked like that but your hunting group would have been mixed with both men and women. But at the end of the day it's not about emulating our ancestors, it's about selling snake oil to gullible people who will never get those results to make money.
Tijan Hace un mes
@Choshako POC are not a minority in this world, sorry to break it to you…
Acaidia Hace un mes
The Liver King definitely lives a strange lifestyle compared to the rest of us in 2022, but in all his interactions with other youtubers I've seen he seems like a super genuine and nice guy. He clearly actually believes and lives what he preaches which is refreshing. In a world of Paul brothers and Ace families I'll happily accept the Liver King. All this guy does is live his life the way he believes he should and doesn't harm anyone in the process.
bugdestroyer125 Hace 2 días
just.. ignore the supplement stiff
Mschfles Hace 3 días
hes always so nice and grateful, like when MARKO made him custom shoes
Blok Vader
Blok Vader Hace 5 meses
3:06 I love that Danny says below him is "Concrete, then dirt, then worms, then spiders" like they're layered in that order below the ground It's a horrifying trifle of nature.
a guy with a GasMask
a guy with a GasMask Hace 17 horas
@Spencer crunchy
Mr.Marshmallow Hace un día
@Place-Holder ah, so thats why its referred to as down under?
Isabel Jarvis
Isabel Jarvis Hace 17 días
thinkin of a name i dunno
ground parfait
Place-Holder Hace 23 días
@Spaghetti Person you didn’t learn about worm theory? It’s like string theory but the strings are worms
o Hace 8 meses
Danny showing that he will do literally anything you ask if you give him a cool enough nickname
Blimbus Blombo
Blimbus Blombo Hace 5 días
@lia you're tribe ✊ (that means Ohana, and Ohana means family)
JJ🏳️‍🌈 Hace un mes
Hello war
Hello war Hace un mes
Hey king Gregg of killer of the gods and can u eat bark for 48 hours
Unidud3 Hace un mes
@lia Primal Lia! Give me your credit card information
Aeolus🍃 Hace un mes
@Fantisea did it work
Captain Maeham
Captain Maeham Hace 4 meses
I love how both Danny and drew did super healthy “I lived like _____ for a day” and then kurtis’s was destroying his body
Shadow the Cunt
Shadow the Cunt Hace un mes
Got confused for a second because my name is Kurtis
Sage :]
Sage :] Hace 2 meses
@Gregory Ford I think what they meant was that Kurtis's was to copy a person on Tik-Tok and danny and drews was like copying athletes and people who workout and stuff and claim their lifestyle is healthy
z. m
z. m Hace 3 meses
maybe swap Danny and kurtis around
Gregory Ford
Gregory Ford Hace 3 meses
“Super healthy” is a bit of an overstatement here
Brigid Hace 5 meses
It seems there's some things that Mr. The Liver King was right about, and some things he was overblown about. Things like spending time outside, especially when it's nice, exercising, eating a diet rich in vitamins and sleeping well are very important and often neglected in the modern day. Of course there were some things taken way too far, but a lot of it, in moderation, is good advice. Also, if he packed the meat with dry ice, the ice would not have melted into a liquid, but instead sublimated into CO2 gas! Which would explain the empty ice bag
Kristen MacKenzie
Kristen MacKenzie Hace un día
@rat445 Suj ik this is months old but there is no such thing as “de-evolving”. we are only evolving. you can’t really go backwards
RoboNator Hace un mes
He's right on a surprisingly large amount actually. Wrong on a lot of the reasons, but right on the actions. For instance, barefoot walking/running. While the research isn't certain eitherway, a lot of reports have found that walking/running barefoot can genuinely be a lot better for your feet and legs. Eating more meat can be excellent for you, and getting away from technology is also just good for your health too. Plus, maybe this is personal, but I never liked really cushioning beds either. A lot of times if I couldn't go to sleep when I was younger I would literally just get out of my bed, put a blanket on the ground, and sleep on my wooden floor.
Spicy Noodles
Spicy Noodles Hace 2 meses
@rat445 Suj I mean, if you're so scared you're going to "de-evolve", go sleep in the woods and stay as uncomfortable and cold as possible. Also, before saying that, you should watch the olympics from previous years and 2020, we are becoming more and more demanding in terms of physical activities, but the average person needs to worry about their work and money, not doing squats and surviving in a forest.
Felipe Vasconcelos
Felipe Vasconcelos Hace 3 meses
@rat445 Suj there’s no such a thing as “de-evolution”. There’s just evolution, which is when a population develops certain characteristics that make them more fit to their environment. Right now, we live in a very different environment from our Paleolithic ancestors, so we’re evolving differently. Evolution is really slow, though, and since our environment changes so quickly, there’s no time for significant changes to take hold. On the “getting weaker” part, I suspect that’s false, but even if it’s true we no longer need to be as strong as before, so evolving less energy-intensive muscles could give us an edge.
H G Hace 3 meses
@rat445 Suj so that’s why every generation gets taller? We don’t devolve mate
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus Hace 4 meses
He seems so genuinely upset about sleeping on wood for a night I feel like if I met him and brought it up he’d start crying and start beating the shit out of me
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus Hace 8 horas
@yes indeed Eric may be entitled to financial compensation after getting his shit kicked in by a ESvidr. If he slept on wood, however, he is entitled to nothing because that is his own fault. (Note: I am not responsible for Eric not receiving financial compensation)
yes indeed
yes indeed Hace 9 horas
happened to my buddy eric once
5ive cats
5ive cats Hace 7 días
This is probably one of the most hilarious comments i have ever read.
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus Hace 29 días
@LuminousMemes are you amused? By my name? Hugh Janus? Which if you say fast it sounds like Huge Anus?
LuminousMemes Hace 29 días
Your name 💀
Blake Black
Blake Black Hace 4 meses
I’m a little late to the party but the connect thing makes so much sense to me. I have anxiety and ADHD and am dedicated to yoga because of the connect premise. Being barefoot, stretching/massaging my feet, feeling supported by the ground helps me grounding and calming down. Doing yoga is basically the adult version of “floor time” and focusing on the ground beneath my feet, sitting/laying down on the ground combined with conscious breathing has saved my butt so many times. Also the whole interaction between Danny and the Liver Dude is so surreal. Dude talking about the ancient life while actively engaging with his Insta DMs is so funny to me.
angel Hace un mes
yes i have adhd & Love being barefoot outside too it feels so nice
Eyes of the Cervino
Honestly, the whole "barefoot time" thing just sounded to me like practicing mindfulness, but with extra steps. That said, I am curious how much going around barefoot might improve one's overall health -- not because we get an ionic charge from the earth or anything, but because of how much shoes screw with our natural posture.
Lemon Dork
Lemon Dork Hace 2 meses
Fellow anxiety/ADHD peep here who also enjoys yoga! It's my go-to when I'm feeling overwhelmed with stress or anxiety or just needing to get up and move. It's really hard to get out of my head, but when I'm practicing yoga and I have a voice guiding me along every step of the way and I have to focus so I don't fall over, I can actually pay attention to my body!
Player2 Hace 2 meses
do you do green time? I watch some ADHD channels for tips (as I can't afford proper diagnosis atm ;-;) and green time has been great for me. Just looking at plants is a really good way to let my mind rest and calm down. It lets you just kind of zone out peacefully watching the plants move or water rush by. I have a willow tree outside my apartment so I watch its leaves when I feel myself start to get too overwhelmed and it's helped me manage my spirals better
Transy Hace 8 meses
Props to Sundae for being able to do this all the time, she’s the true liver queen.
Transy Hace 8 meses
@Disco Shark my bad lol
Tide Pod Pad Thai
Tide Pod Pad Thai Hace 8 meses
Some bot stole your comment i think
Disco Shark
Disco Shark Hace 8 meses
I thought it was spelled Sundae?
Aurelien Hace 8 meses
@irrationallyodd Fair enough. Maybe a thicker blanket then.
irrationallyodd Hace 8 meses
@Aurelien Sundae is still pretty young, puppies usually can't have any plushies or pillows in their kennels because they usually don't get watched at night and they might eat the stuffing which is pretty bad for them, plus there's the risk of choking.
Esdras Lopez
Esdras Lopez Hace 5 meses
I like how even though he was doing a funny bit, he made clear to his audience that he followed an MD to make sure nothing was unhealthy or too unhealthy.
epp Hace 3 meses
as someone with major health anxiety, watching danny eat that raw meat made him look like the bravest person ever bc i wouldnt even go near the raw meat let alone touch it or eat it
daboss640 Hace 3 días
@CJ I wouldn't say they're perfectly fine, food poisoning is one of the leading causes of death in Ethiopia which is known for eating a lot of raw meat. In fact the death rates due food poisoning seems to be pretty high in most of those cultures with the exception of Japan and Italy.
CJ Hace 4 días
some cultures often eat raw meat and they're perfectly fine ..?
angel Hace un mes
@John Calise those r like the least healthy foods sdkjskjs i have health anxiety too & i could Never eat like that
epp Hace un mes
@John Calise what do u mean by that
John Calise
John Calise Hace un mes
Somebody was raised on Raman noodles and sketty o's
Ratlantis Hace 4 meses
I feel so bad for the liver king, because maybe he thought that Danny is gonna become like him and he sent Danny free meat. Liver king was also so sweet overall, this literally made me sad for no reason...
Kaitlynn Anderson
Kaitlynn Anderson Hace 6 días
Facts he seems so wholesome
Norah Maurice
Norah Maurice Hace un mes
I don't really feel bad for him just bc he's pretty alt right.
skywalkerchick Hace 4 meses
“Honor our ancestors” oh please my ancestors would think I’m living like royalty just because I don’t have to grow my own food. I’d dishonor them by not eating a full balanced meal.
DeathnoteBB Hace 29 días
@Corsair Carl Free access to _meat_ and even then it really depends on where you live. Definitely more variety, though.
Toasted Lavender Subliminals
@DeathnoteBB speak for yourself peasant
sewer~rat Hace un mes
@DeathnoteBB I don't really want and old run down castle, an army that's always trying to kill me and take my throne and shitty food that's already been picked at my rats lmao
Corsair Carl
Corsair Carl Hace un mes
@DeathnoteBB We're healthier, have easier access to food, we're not constantly under siege by , and we can actually live longer than them.
DeathnoteBB Hace un mes
@Corsair Carl Are we? I don’t remember having a castle, an army, or free food
trash Hace 8 meses
I think we all know why the liver king doesn’t call his sons liver prince- it’s because Danny is now the liver prince
bas Hace 8 meses
@MadamFoogie if i don’t eventually see this i will be crushed. please tell me if you actually make it.
MadamFoogie Hace 8 meses
I feel like I need to draw this. Danny, with a half-cocked opulent crown atop his head, looking disgusted with a raw beef liver hanging from his jaws. Can't forget the army of knee-high toy soldiers defending his princely reign of Vitamin A.
kaytherat Hace 8 meses
@Mbita Acoustic Guitar okay
レックスRex Hace 8 meses
@Vegan Cheese maybe
Mel Hace 8 meses
@Cuboid Gamez I can't believe there are still people ignorant enough to upvote the spammy bot. I report every one I see, but I don't think ESvid actually ever does anything which is frustrating.
Ursidae Hace 5 meses
This man's lifestyle is nonsense and his philosophy is garbage. But damn his attitude to Danny is admirable.
CJ Hace 4 días
and clearly, by looking at him, it's working
CJ Hace 4 días
how is it nonsense ??? people used to live like that
• Marshy •
• Marshy • Hace 4 meses
Honestly the liver king seems like he means well by what he says and does. It may be a strange way to live but if he's safe and happy then that's all that matters. He truly seems like a sweet guy
Java_Siege_ Hace un día
@Occatus Yeah, he does spread misinformation, but he seems like a good person in general.
Occatus Hace 20 días
I want to like him, but he does spread a lot of misinformation and does practice very dangerous things. I think if he just pulled it back a bit, it would be okay. Our ancestors did eat cooked meat, as well as plants and the like. They also bathed in rivers and stuff, sooo…
Syd Hyldahl
Syd Hyldahl Hace 5 meses
For the bone marrow you need to cook it in the oven until it oozes out of the bone, then you can soak up the fat on a piece of sourdough toast and scoop some of the marrow out onto the toast then mildly salt it. It tastes really good that way
NeedyBoBeedy Hace un mes
according to guga foods, bone marrow is literallt just meat butter. that’s basically it
Katie Lowe
Katie Lowe Hace un mes
@Sam S. Ive never tried any of this, but the h3 podcast just had the liver king as a guest and they taste tested his food and said the bone marrow tasted like butter
Sam S.
Sam S. Hace un mes
Doesn't it also taste like iron then? I mean, some things change taste. Like baking blood makes it less iron-y, but still.
hi Hace 4 meses
Alternative title: "Danny sympathizes with his dog and cries himself to sleep in a scary dark basement dreading having to eat liver the next day"
C. H. L. O. E.
C. H. L. O. E. Hace 8 meses
Ignoring how unhinged this whole lifestyle is, calling yourself "The Organism" is actually sick af
Bram Van Haren
Bram Van Haren Hace 2 meses
@GrootsYT he cant respons he's a robot
Ace Kenny
Ace Kenny Hace 2 meses
mitski reference
GrootsYT Hace 2 meses
@lucio v Thank you.
lucio v
lucio v Hace 2 meses
@GrootsYT you are so kind
rambbler Hace 2 meses
"The Organism" sounds like a Dead By Daylight killer.
Graci's sketches
Graci's sketches Hace 5 meses
Its so nice when people take a joke, and laugh with everyone else. He actually seemed like a really nice guy!
Jester Kitty
Jester Kitty Hace 6 meses
I feel like the Liver King has some things we can learn. I think it's more about challenging and grounding ourselves than it is living like he does. His is so extreme but it's what makes him feel best. It feels nice to walk in soft grass barefoot, and reflecting is a good thing to do to remain mentally healthy.
Place-Holder Hace 11 horas
@nagito komaeda he is using it as proof to show that raw food is healthy and safe in a way. It just rubs me the wrong way ya know?
nagito komaeda
nagito komaeda Hace 11 horas
@Place-Holder but also i don't think that's doing a ton of harm
Place-Holder Hace 4 meses
I agree with you but he is spreading misinformation about ancient times, we ate plenty of plants and cooked our food then. But liver king claims that they just ate uncooked meat
TiredBunbun Hace 5 meses
While I'm vegetarian now, I had deer liver twice in my life. Once as a COOKED steak, and the other as the meat in spaghetti. Honestly it wasn't that bad, I liked it more than ground venison or venison sausages (and out of mammal meats venison was my favorite). If you cook the beef liver it probably won't taste awful so it doesn't go to waste. (Which is my main issue with people that still eat meat, something was sacrificed for you, do not waste it's life! All food waste is bad but wasting meat feels particularly wrong)
Leah Davis
Leah Davis Hace 4 meses
@TiredBunbun that usually means the reply was removed/filtered
Memali Hace 4 meses
@the nether baddie same lol
the nether baddie
the nether baddie Hace 5 meses
@TiredBunbun same, it says 2 replies but i only see one
TiredBunbun Hace 5 meses
I can't see the reply but I can see that there is one :/
Tangy Tim
Tangy Tim Hace 5 meses
you mineral deficient bro?
Cal6009 Hace 5 meses
The part where Sundae was pressing their head into Dannys chest to get attention was so adorable.
Don Bosco Than
Don Bosco Than Hace 8 meses
Respekt that Danny is a responsible adult and made sure to keep consulting a physician for this challenge. It goes a long way in making sure impressionable people who may want to replicate this will also seriously consider consulting a physician.
loop Hace 8 meses
Yompidig Hace 8 meses
Erica Hace 8 meses
Bean Treats
Bean Treats Hace 8 meses
Damn, i never thought about that, good point
luvbug Hace 18 días
The liver king seems like a genuinely great guy who just has an extremely absurd life style 😭
S___atomic 1014
S___atomic 1014 Hace 3 meses
For anyone that cares, the reason why the bone marrow just tasted like blood is because the bone marrow is where all blood cells (ex: red/ white blood cells) are created
The Question
The Question Hace 5 meses
Its low key kind of heartwarming that this guy was so nice to you.
Nicholas Comunelli
Nicholas Comunelli Hace un mes
I don’t do it because of ancestral beliefs, but I do spend half of my nights sleeping on the floor. It’s a coping thing from high school that’s stuck. And I honestly feel better after a good nights sleep on the floor. I wouldn’t do the raw liver part. But the sleep I get. Enjoyed the video!
Abbi Alexander
Abbi Alexander Hace 8 meses
danny finally admitting how scary his murder basement is felt really validating
em sa
em sa Hace 3 meses
*Primal Danny
Roditos Hace 3 meses
@Mbita Acoustic Guitar you’ve made it far I hope you can get it
3D stuff6
3D stuff6 Hace 3 meses
@Mbita Acoustic Guitar wow your doing good so far
Tejas Murali
Tejas Murali Hace 4 meses
@seigeengine I can confirm, the basement of where I lived in when I was 2-7 years old looked like a construction site waiting to be finished, and it gave a really eerie feeling.
sans the comic
sans the comic Hace 4 meses
I'm sorry WHAT??????
caramelle Hace 5 meses
tbh, my ancestors survived like 31 famines, I think they’d be chill with me eating processed food 💀
beyedoc Hace 5 meses
I feel like to really honor your ancestors' struggles, you appreciate what you have that they didn't, the rights they fought for, the inventions and evolutions over time, the social justice, and continue this fight with the issues of your time, constantly wanting to better things for our heritage.
sewer~rat Hace 2 meses
Literally, like I'm sure my indigenous mexican and salvadoran ancestors don't want me to recreate the life they lived💀
Spring Trap
Spring Trap Hace un mes
i love how in every thumbnail hes in, he always has this unenthusiastic, grossed out, "i dont want to be here" kinda expression on his face instead of the average "OMG WTF HAPPENED THATS SO SICK SO IM GOING TO YELL WHILE LOOKING AT THE CAMRA AND POINTING AT SOMETHING" face. i truely love it.
jenstersinasweater Hace 3 horas
danny's sheer appreciation for being called "primal danny" is lowkey so wholesome i'm in tears
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Hace 8 meses
Props to Sunday for being able to do this all the time, she’s the liver queen
Kira Lonely
Kira Lonely Hace 7 meses
@Christine C. That's because a King is a higher position than a Queen. So a woman with royal blood would marry a man, but because he does not have royal blood, he cannot have a higher position than her. Naturally. So he will be a Prince, the next highest position in the hierarchy. And she is a Queen. If a man of royal blood marries a woman, and he is a King, she is a Queen, because the hierarchical position is still lower than that of the King, meaning because she is not of royal blood, she doesn't usurp said royal blood. It's basically a hierarchy of the positions based on patriarchy.
Chris A
Chris A Hace 8 meses
@shan_alriel no one cares
Chris A
Chris A Hace 8 meses
@Mbita Acoustic Guitarthis dude is just posting this everywhere cant tell if hes spamming or not. you know how much work time and effort would go into 50k legit subs? for 100 dollar camera? get real son
Raiden Hace 8 meses
@Dolphin Man how is nobody noticing that this would make him a zoophile
edmin101 Hace 8 meses
she chose it
Mae! Hace 4 meses
10:00 there actually probably was ice in the box, it was probably dry ice and when dry ice "melts" it just turns into CO2 gas which is why the bag looks empty. However, it might be a concern that the dry ice was completely melted by the time it got to you. Not sure.
Hannahbeanies Hace 2 meses
You know what? The opening of this video is just so stinking wholesome that I had to pause and comment. Good on both these gents for having such a genuine reaction to each other. Warms my cold, dead heart.
TheGalacticWest Hace 5 meses
I think the bare foot thing is phycological. I like to go barefoot a lot it kind of makes you think about where you walk or what your stepping on. It toughens your feet so its kind of a trial. Also allows you to air out and stretch your toes which could be stuffed into a shoe. P.S I am not a primal
Nick Kiggers
Nick Kiggers Hace 5 meses
I'm a little sad Danny seemed to throw away the meaty leftovers. There's some really tasty cooked food you can make with liver and such.
Onibee Hace 8 meses
im sorry but i am hysterically laughing at the imagery of laura, blearily opening her eyes in the middle of the night, to see danny just standing at the doorway holding two planks of wood and just going "i was lonely and it was scary :("
8-bit Foxy
8-bit Foxy Hace 8 meses
that is really funny, and quite believable
Dem Hace 5 meses
That doctor was weirdly negative about liver. Iron deficiency is actually extremely common in meat eaters, some people just have poor iron but it's especially common for people struggling with digestive disorders, certain medications, any bleeding disorders, and particularly common in women... The first thing many doctors will tell you is to add liver to your diet, because it's very easy for the body to digest and absorb the iron from liver, whereas iron supplements are very hard on the digestive system and our human livers. As someone with chronic anemia, sadly I hate liver lmao. Anyway shame for throwing out those bones, you could have made a great soup or at least given them to the dog you seemed so sympathetic towards!!
lia Hace 15 días
@Sweet Scheme right? this idea that a vegetarian or vegan diet brings to iron deficiency is so outdated, most people with an iron deficiency simply have a genetic predisposition for it
Sam S.
Sam S. Hace un mes
Fried liver with caramelized or fried onions & mashed potatoes rules.
Sam S.
Sam S. Hace un mes
@Sweet Scheme Just don't overdo it. The liver's purpose is to filter toxins and animal liver too contains a lot of stuff you don't wanna eat too much of. I was told that by my doctor when I ate way too much liver for a while. You're overdoing it with more than a pound per week. And pls fry or cook it.
Moonlit Rose
Moonlit Rose Hace 2 meses
Or made some nice broth at the very least
Sweet Scheme
Sweet Scheme Hace 2 meses
me: *having poor digestion/absorbtion* also me: *having iron deficiency due to blood loss and digestive problems.* me rn: realizing doctors never suggested me liver. thanks for this helpful piece of info. i really do wish the doctor didn't write it off as a vegan person problem. since every person's nessacary nutritional diet is different.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Hace un mes
She forgot to mention Vit-A is easy to overdose on, and you can die from it easily as well. That's why anything with Vit-A is over the counter top, and need to ask pharmacist or pharmacist assistant for it. And it's with directions so you don't over use it because it's hard to get out of the human body. (Naturally)
Chickennuggetpaw 469
Chickennuggetpaw 469 Hace 28 días
“Eating pork meat, liver, or other organs raw carries the danger of incurring a severe case of food poisoning caused by the hepatitis E virus, salmonella, Campylobacter, or other bacteria which cause food poisoning.” -some website I have a somewhat irrational fear of contracting food poisoning, so props to Danny for risking it for this video lmaoo- also props to the Liver King because how the hell does he eat this stuff everyday without dying from samonella or something?
Alexis Harper
Alexis Harper Hace un mes
That meat definitely could be put to some incredible use if it were to be cooked. Boiling the bone marrow could create a nice beef stock that could make a lot of rich sauce or soup (anything from ramen to a steak sauce). The liver also definitely has potential, though I know that's something that less people will generally like the taste of. Someone who knows how to cook could really transform those ingredients into something significantly more palatable while having all the same nutrients and less of the health risks, so it feels like such a waste to me to get those ingredients just to eat them raw.
SidWaj Hace 8 meses
Danny accidentally sent an Instagram message by mistake and then made a whole ass video as an excuse to avoid it being awkward
hiinsanity Hace 8 meses
C’mon it’s Danny, there’s a high chance he wanted to be like the liver king but was too embarrassed to back out once he was noticed.
Annika K
Annika K Hace 8 meses
julie Hace 8 meses
@kelsey faytak i think the thing he sent to the liver king
Grace Wheeler
Grace Wheeler Hace 8 meses
kelsey faytak
kelsey faytak Hace 8 meses
What was the message
ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ Hace 24 días
Our ancestors had to hunt for food and eat raw meat, basically living like animals, because there was no alternative. They also killed, raped, and kidnapped people. They lived in fear. Wanting to live like them honestly feels like mocking. We've gotten to this point because we progressed into a more comfortable and safe lifestyle, if we stayed like ancient times I'm not sure how much the human race would've lasted. We're honouring our ancestors just by not living like shit, if they saw you eating raw liver and balls and sleeping on wood they would not feel honored.
Willow-Wings’ alt
Willow-Wings’ alt Hace 4 meses
I haven’t tried any of those foods, but it makes sense that the bone marrow tasted like blood. Those cells are where blood is produced, actually! Just a fun fact, love this content!
faolán Hace 4 meses
COOKED bone marrow is actually so incredibly good. i Would describe it as "rich, creamy, and delicious" like... the liver king nailed the description, but for the COOKED version. he fascinates me
Ingrid N.
Ingrid N. Hace 4 meses
I remember watching a documentary years ago where it depicted a caveman eating bone marrow just like how the liver king described. I think it was from a mammoth bone or something. Anyway it looked so good! Lol Just scooping it out like it was the best treat ever. I was really hoping Danny was gonna say it wasnt that bad. But of course it makes sense that it tasted like blood.
Place-Holder Hace 4 meses
@Ingrid N. thank goodness, have a nice day!
Ingrid N.
Ingrid N. Hace 4 meses
@Place-Holder No, I never ate it. I only watched a documentary where they ate it raw.
Place-Holder Hace 4 meses
Dis you cook the marrow?
aliablanka Hace 7 meses
it's basically 18 minutes of Danny sympathizing with his dog.
Adrian IsTransLol
Adrian IsTransLol Hace 3 meses
Yup! Bone marrow and liver are great in raw diets!
Ean Hace 4 meses
輝くshine Hace 4 meses
@𝓡𝓮𝓫𝓸𝓻𝓷 it means the time the video ends
HardyQuinn Hace 4 meses
It's true
@Sweme TuRtleS 17:55 Minutes? Wtf does that mean
nice beets
nice beets Hace 25 días
This video made me admire the liver king for sticking with this lifestyle. I feel like I understand how doing this can make him feel like the best version of himself even if it is a lot to the rest of us. I hope that he continues to find fulfillment in this! But to everyone else watching please do not see this and think this is the right way to live or that it is based on any sort of scientific or historical accuracy. There is some truth to the basis of SOME of the things he promotes (whole foods rich in vitamins, sleep "hygiene", exercise, and time outdoors) but the interpretation and application of these ideas is extreme
Coyle Medler
Coyle Medler Hace 4 horas
He's a goof ball but in a good way. Plus he smiles almost all the time
Neat Hace 2 meses
imagine all his ancestors looking down on him after centuries of disease, death, lack of creature comforts, and modern science and seeing him completely reject everything they died for
5000Seabass Hace 5 meses
I love how your health professional basically says “We haven’t studied this, at all”
Place-Holder Hace 4 meses
When did she say that? I thought she said that it’s been studied and nothing consistent was found
Burnt_Toast_Astro Hace 8 meses
Danny blushed so hard at being called primal danny. Love it
Hannah Hace 8 meses
danny has rosacea which makes his cheeks red sometimes! you see it in a lot of his other videos
Carlie Flowers
Carlie Flowers Hace 8 meses
@Socky that same comment said I found it😅
Basil bat
Basil bat Hace 8 meses
Why was my first thought "that's pretty gay" I hate myself for that
This behavior's not unique
He's not blushing, he clearly filmed post workout (you can see he has sweaty pits too), and he has that type of skin that gets reddened easily from physical activity/weather (hot/cold/windy).
《Bra¡n$》 Hace 8 meses
@Burnt_Toast_Astro I have seen him blush similarly on a paul zimmer musically video
fierceANM Hace un mes
The dude seems nice honestly he just has a very interesting lifestyle that isn’t for everyone
Hannah Davis
Hannah Davis Hace 4 meses
I've slept on the floor for multiple reasons. At sleepovers against a beanbag cause there wasn't much they could do, when a spider got on my bed and I had an OCD meltdown because I'm scared of germs and I ended up sleeping on the floor for a year straight. It's fine. I've had some good nights of sleep, sure. I don't sleep on wood though, just the floor, but it really causes me a lot of back pain. My bed isn't too much better, I have a horrible old mattress that I've had for like 10 years and we can't afford to replace. I slept on the hardwood floor on top of a thin rug because of another OCD meltdown. Basically, when we moved, my bed had no mattress cover cause the old one was so destroyed. I refused to sleep there because my mattress triggers my OCD + germs and so I slept on my 3/4 couch for one night. Until I lost my phone. I checked under the cushion and saw long, black hairs when my entire family has short hair and all but one of us is blonde. We got this couch about 3 years ago and had no idea there were those under there. I can barely look at the couch without crying now because of my severe OCD. I had a half-asleep nightmare of intrusive thoughts and almost threw up cleaning just a few out. So I slept on the floor on my new rug for one night then went downstairs at 6 am to sleep on the couch despite my horrible paranoid delusions that I get. Yeah, sleeping on the floor is good for a temporary solution or if you don't have a choice, but I would not recommend it prolonged or anything like that. There's a reason we take blow up mattresses on camping trips. Seeing Danny suffer from sleeping on the floor/plywood sums it all up. That's how it feels sleeping over at my friend's house and the few horrible nights. When I slept on the floor for a year straight, I used a body pillow I had and three layers of thick blankets to sleep on the floor because the carpet itself felt like daggers on my skin, sensory issues basically. I did find some benefits to sleeping on the floor such as unlimited space as where I slept didn't really have furniture around it, nothing falls off, I don't have to worry about my paranoid delusions of what's under my bed, I could see my entire room so my delusions overall were better, I had a little nest of blankets which felt comforting to me, stuff like that. But physically, yeah, don't sleep on the floor or on top of plywood. The Liver King can do what he wants, I'm glad he wasn't a jerk about the whole thing and he seems so nice, but if you value your health, just get a mattress that works for you if you can and sleep as comfortable as you possibly can. It's so much better.
Hannah Davis
Hannah Davis Hace 4 meses
Also I'm a fairly spiritual person. I'm a practicing witch, I feel at peace amongst nature, I enjoy walking barefoot occasionally. It can be really nice to feel a connection with nature. I have a lot of mental problems and it can help me just sort of relax. I feel some of the advice can be good if you don't take it too far. But I feel his lifestyle also ignores how even some of our ancestors lived. They didn't want to be cold, they wanted to be clean, and we created all kinds of technology throughout the ages to aid in our existence. It's always good to disconnect from devices, but I feel his lifestyle goes a bit too far. No hate to the guy, he really does seem sweet and as long as he isn't harming anyone, sure it's fine and he doesn't seem to force his lifestyle on anyway. But just something I've noticed. I feel like modern life should be about finding a good balance between disconnecting and being connected, between modern technology and nature. It can be wonderful to take things slow and just go out and be amongst nature and so it is important. I dunno how to end this cause my train of thought just stopped so that's all I gotta say.
RacieKat yuzu
RacieKat yuzu Hace 8 horas
THIS MAN! this was the most hilarious video. I DIED OF LAUGHTER
Jello Hace 29 días
It's cool that he's so nice and friendly but there's no way in hell he actually follows any of these rules everyday
avi sidhu
avi sidhu Hace 8 meses
Kurtis: Billionaire lifestyle Danny: Liver King lifestyle Now it's Drew's turn, wonder what he'll pick
Dyamond Womack
Dyamond Womack Hace 4 meses
He did Tom Brady lol
Hannah Zoe
Hannah Zoe Hace 4 meses
Tom Brady
Matt Cottrell
Matt Cottrell Hace 4 meses
Hoarder lifestyle
p1cklecat Hace 5 meses
@GentianViolet tom brady plays american football not basketball
Dumblute Hace 5 meses
Kurtis: Billionaire Lifestyle Danny: Caveman Lifesyle Drew: Tom Brady Lifestyle
juniper Hace 29 días
i had to sleep on the floor for a few months because my floor was being fixed in my room and i needed a new bed, so i understand your pain danny. the air mattress got popped by my cat so i just made a “mattress” of throw pillows lmao. it sucked and i feel your pain danny
Nepho _
Nepho _ Hace 5 meses
liver king actually seems like a pretty cool guy :) Danny! if you ever try this challenge again! especially with the food! the best way to eat difficult food that you're not familiar with or nervous about is to eat it *fast*. you kept sniffing the food which was increasing your apprehension of the food and setting your brain up to reject it because it's a new smell and new taste. next time just don't even think about it, just bite, chew, swallow a few pieces.
Blizzard Fun
Blizzard Fun Hace 6 meses
The fact you did this for a day is amazing 🥳 I do hope you visited a doctor for the next few weeks after this
Why you so thirsty?
After watching this video, the liver king seems like a genuinely good dude at heart despite the pretty extreme lifestyle he lives.
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Hace un mes
I have doubts for what’s going on behind closed doors because he has little kids who he’s putting this lifestyle on and I want to know if they have any choice in the matter.
Lydia Zap
Lydia Zap Hace 8 meses
Imagining Danny sheepishly going upstairs to see his wife and sleeping on their bedroom floor because he was lonely in the spooky basement is very endearing and very hilarious.
not funny
not funny Hace 4 meses
@Eggie so far ive seen six lydias in these replies including myself
not funny
not funny Hace 4 meses
@Lydia Zap im a lydia too, lydias unite!
Alex Xx
Alex Xx Hace 5 meses
Okay, Lydia
Cheese and Quackers
Cheese and Quackers Hace 6 meses
gives off “🧍‍♂️ mom I threw up” vibes
Lydia Hace 6 meses
@Jacob Blanchard Nope they’re still happily married? She just isn’t shown in his videos that much.
Karol ed
Karol ed Hace 2 meses
Bro the bone marrow thing is a delicacy in so many places and mexican culture makes tacos out of the liver (not raw tho) there really good, Good video btw
angie Hace 4 meses
I'm aware some cultures eat certain meats raw and I even enjoy *cooked* liver and bone marrow, but even I winced when Danny had to eat it bloody and cold lmaoo
Daniel Escobar
Daniel Escobar Hace 5 meses
Caveman guy is the last dude I'd suspect of having "tree-hugging" as a daily activity.
Pheme Greek
Pheme Greek Hace un mes
i can relate to him having all his dog toys and treats on the kitchen counter also, his dog is adorable.
CodeRed Hace 7 meses
this is such a good example of “Good person, odd choices” The liver king seems really sweet and has just subjected himself to an extremist lifestyle and danny doesn’t really critique the liver king as a person at all, rather just like the general life style which i think is nice
Miguel App
Miguel App Hace un mes
yeah just a sweet guy that has a supplement company and fakes an entire lifestyle to promote them, in the process knowingly misleading a bunch of impressionable teenagers into unhealthy lifestyles
Isaac Gruenbaum
Isaac Gruenbaum Hace un mes
seems really sweet? this guy literally makes huge amounts of money off of lying about his diet, lifestyle and steroid use lol
boop bopp
boop bopp Hace un mes
@kermit_da_fwog At least read what I responded to before crying about my comments.
kermit_da_fwog Hace un mes
@boop bopp people like you really always look for the bad in everything he didn’t give us any details yet you immediately go straight to the worst scenario
boop bopp
boop bopp Hace un mes
@Lizard Overlord A man killing his own child is not the same thing as another animal killing a mouse. And no a nice person wouldn‘t kill another person. Like idk what cult you grew up in but what you are saying is fucked up. It honestly sounds like you sympathize with murderes and that‘s concerning.
Chi Fang
Chi Fang Hace 3 meses
As someone who always chooses to sleep on the ground during sleepovers With a thin blanket on me, it's not that bad if your a masochist
F1SH Hace 3 meses
When watching this video, I couldn’t help but think of Danny’s dog Sunday, who was probably very confused why her owner was eating raw beef liver out of a bowl like a rabid bear.
Shannon D
Shannon D Hace 3 meses
3:45 I can't believe how adorable he looks! I'm a huge fan of yours and a vegan so this was very interesting to watch haha
Jizz Hace un mes
I honestly never seen someone as caring for themselves by eating meat and snoozing as much as the liver king.
Mason Blue
Mason Blue Hace 8 meses
I am really glad he had the input of an MD periodically. Better than just platforming the Liver guys idea with jokes thrown in.
Every Channel
Every Channel Hace 8 meses
@FrostySkeletons she did not show any evidence tho
FrostySkeletons Hace 8 meses
Same! I appreciated the evidence-based reminders throughout
Mbita Acoustic Guitar
My Danny Gonzalez is my inspiration..My parents said of i get 50,000 subscribers, they'd definitely buy me a better camera, for recording. Begging you guys, literally..
Perplexed Hace 8 meses
Yea the raw meat diet could have been dangerous as he is not used to it like the liver king, Props to the lady
StoriesFromTheAbyss Hace 3 meses
Makes sense that so much of this relates to your dog more than your ancestors. Dogs/wolves eat primarily meat, while our ancestors were hunters yes, but also gatherers, who ate a lot of vegetation. Also humans typically make more complex beddings, like most apes, rather than dogs, which kinda just find a somewhat comfortable patch of ground, paw at it a bit, and then plop down. Also, my dog always carries a fat stack of weights to the gym before getting shredded, unlike me, who occasionally walks past it and looks inside thinking, "Tomorrow night, I'm definitely gonna start working out", so there's that too.
vissy Hace un mes
4:36 this actually works for me getting out of bed is a real task and when i moved into my current place i didn’t have a bed for a few days so i slept on the floor with no mattress no nothing just straight on the bare floor. and i can honestly say it’s never been easier to get up in the morning than it was during those few days so if you want to make getting out of bed easier i recommend sleeping on a cold hard surface
crying skeleton
crying skeleton Hace 5 meses
4:36 a large part of my life i slept on a a singular comforter blanket and a piece of plywood. i also had a throw pillow cover and a stuffed animal; but like i said i was young. i could wake up super fast in the mornings, even if i was sick. the first 2 nights are uncomfortable but i really got used to it and it made me feel motivated, i also ate the carnivore diet. so from experience. if you did a week of this you could have a pretty healthy sleep schedule, a good immune system, and a lot more motivation. i think it’d make for a good video too!
Danny and drew: living like strong, popular celebrities Kurtis: *S O B E E F Y*
Zan Hace un mes
13:50 fun fact. It tastes like blood because it IS blood! The marrow of a bone is very packed with blood and, if I remember correctly, one of the parts of the body responsible for producing blood. I can't remember if the heart also does this or not, but I partially assume it does
 BB Temari
BB Temari Hace 2 meses
Love how everyone he does something he ‘can’t help but think about his dog sunday’
Tshegofatso Mahlangu
Lol I'm South African and sometimes when we slaughter animals for celebrations, we eat the raw liver. So interesting seeing how you reacted to it
thedorsinator Hace 6 meses
Lol that doctor hasn’t looked at the literal dozens and dozens of grounding studies nor bothered to understand the mechanisms that are measurable in the physics of it. She also has missed out on the last 10 years of studies on cholesterol, and makes up some weird issue that in order to need the iron from liver you need to be vegan. Did she go to med school online? She doesn’t seem like a doctor. This video is hilarious and well made tho. “Weighted screaming” lol
Yuyascho_yuaeyo Hace un mes
for the record, I absolutely love sleeping on the floor and actively do it. I don't really care about the primal things or anything like that, it's just comfortable for me
kenzie421 Hace 7 días
The liver king seems like such a sweet dude. He sounds like a fucking lunatic, I would love to be his homie so much
J M Hace 5 meses
Did this guy really say humans can survive a week with no water?
Brody Lee Photography
I really honestly never understood the whole barefoot thing... like yeah it feels great on a nice, clear yard... but as soon as you go into the woods you're not leaving with less than at least 10 different lacerations on the bottom of your feet. Shoes were invented for a reason! Our ancestors couldn't just slap Neosporin and a Band-Aid on, they would've probably died from those small cuts.
J. Washington
J. Washington Hace 8 meses
As a teeth enthusiast and planning to be a dentist, our "ancient ancestors" actually DID brush their teeth. The oldest brush was this type of branch from a type of tree which when wet and chewed, creates soft bristles. This was thousands and thousands of years ago btw
J. Washington
J. Washington Hace 7 meses
@Ugly Songs for Ugly Souls thats so sad! I hope he still enjoys being a dentist, but truly im just so passionate about the teeth and overall mouth health, thats not exactly odd, i think podiatry or gastroenterology is rather strange professions, but theyre all important to the function and health of our patients!
Ugly Songs for Ugly Souls
I’m so glad you called yourself a teeth enthusiast. Last week I asked my dentist if teeth were his passion and he said no, it’s just a stable job 😭 which, as a person passionate about “odd” things, really let me down 😂
secretsofthesnog Hace 8 meses
@Gex do you think every person who's a professional at anything is always Professional? Even off the clock? You think people continue to keep the sticks up their ass after they leave work just cause you do? Also on a DANNY GONZALES VIDEO? A professional youtuber who calls himself a little bitch and daddy and you got your ass stick in a twist over tooth enthusiasts which any dentist with a sense of humor would laugh or relate too? Maybe you're the weird one.
secretsofthesnog Hace 8 meses
@•ɴ ɪ ᴍ ᴏ ᴏ ɴ ᴀ• what
OogooBoggins Hace 8 meses
Not to mention they died when they were like 40 so not much time to even develop cavities anyways. Also way less sugar in their diets.
Derek D
Derek D Hace 5 meses
Wow its not often I hear someone mention the radio waves thing. I can tell you that I lived in a place that was flooded with rf waves. The entire time I lived there I experienced sleep paralysis and night terrors. I figured it out the last 6 months I lived there because I bought a decent meter. Since moving its no longer a problem. However my old unit had 8 smart meters on the outside wall. Since the first day in my new place i no longer have sleep paralysis or night terrors. There is a lack of research on this subject. GreenBank West Virginia is where a lot of emf sensitive people move to. Some people are so sensitive to emf they can barely have a normal life.
I Am Loving Awareness
We don’t need to be exactly like our ancestors, we don’t need to be completely separated either. Some of what he says is legitimate, some is misguided. Our attachment to comfort is an existential threat to our species. If we are going to value comfort we need to live in a way that exposes us to discomfort so that we can sustain a society that offers comfort.
Malak Mamdouh
Malak Mamdouh Hace 5 meses
Actually liver tastes pretty good when cooked not a favourite of mine but its extremely popular where i live you pan fry it with a little bit of oil for a minute or so and then add smashed garlic cloves with some spices and herbs ( look up the recipe online cuz iam very bad at cooking ) and then continue frying it and serve it with some lemon juce on top , as for the bone marrow there are alot of recipies for it too but i absolutly hate it
Necro Kittie
Necro Kittie Hace 5 meses
also beef liver would be the last liver i'd suggest to a newbie... because it and pork liver are the most bitter. fried chicken liver is the easiest for most people to both find and handle because it is mild in flavor compared to beef or pork. lamb's liver would be mild as well and has a hint of sweetness compared to the other livers. i mostly eat calves liver myself, but with calves liver is it kinda a crap shoot, like 70% of the time i get a good liver that genuinely tastes good and then the other amount of time i get one thats kinda bitter or the liver is weirdly brown and the animal doesn't taste healthy... like it came from a sick animal... usually when i get that weird brown liver i just feed it to the dog and cat. because no thank you... i will eat raw liver, but even i have standards.
Timothy Collins
Timothy Collins Hace un mes
I almost feel bad laughing at the guy… he seems actually kinda nice.
Wei Ming
Wei Ming Hace 5 meses
Imagine how much more entertaining it would have been if the liver king was actually there to make you do all that. From eating all the food to making you cry from an intense workout, now that could be good content! :D
Hamsterjuices Hace 2 meses
Watching the raw liver part almost made me puke but I'm sure the Liver King wouldn't let a little puking stop him.
Stephanie Tannis
Stephanie Tannis Hace un mes
i think ill cook the liver (and keep personal hygiene)but all those other tenants I can get behind! barefoot walking in the snow is so healing. i follow this @caminosue and she promotes that we need to rethink the pain experience. i think we label a lot of discomfort as pure pain when its not, we can get through a lot more discomfort. and eventually we work up to be quite courageous people.
xokayox Hace 8 meses
Danny deserves a real crown that says “Liver Prince” for actually consuming *LIVER AND MAPLE SYRUP!* Just putting those two together in a sentence turns my stomach
Fauna Hace 8 meses
@Random Crusader honestly that sounds kinda good
dan Hace 8 meses
Livers are delicious, but dang why raw.
Kay the Wooper
Kay the Wooper Hace 8 meses
As a Canadian, we put maple syrup in pretty much any meal so I’m not surprised
Belle Yelena
Belle Yelena Hace 8 meses
liver jester 😔
Camellia Tea
Camellia Tea Hace 8 meses
Liver Prince Liver Prince Liver Prince Keep chanting
kyley peters
kyley peters Hace 4 meses
7:47 made me imagine him just running barefoot straight towards your home for a week straight
Max Power
Max Power Hace 5 meses
You used a fork to eat your raw liver, veggi oil, and salt? You, sir, are the monster. Love the channel, off these videos alone you have gained a new subber.
Josip Kovacevic
Josip Kovacevic Hace 5 meses
I'm Croatian and I used to always walk barefoot as everyone did and no one thought it was weird
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