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thanks to my friend cody for helping me out with this
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23 may 2022






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Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Hace 2 meses
What a dumb idea
K. I. A
K. I. A Hace 12 horas
@galerights ew
OfficialKnuckle Hace un día
I’m blue
OfficialKnuckle Hace un día
Rhyme Penttila
Rhyme Penttila Hace 4 días
No way man. This is almost as good as buying everything you're advertised on Instagram.
Sunmi Hace 6 días
@galerights aww
/encode Hace 2 meses
In today's episode: Drew narrowly avoids a gambling addiction
Spade Hace 8 días
@Ted Busiek we just gonna slide over that this would mean Drew doesn't know what a casino is
Snoogans Lestat
Snoogans Lestat Hace 13 días
@Evermore Stay True Random
Triangular Sphere
Triangular Sphere Hace un mes
@Evermore Stay True yes
Evermore Stay True
Evermore Stay True Hace un mes
I'm just seeing if someone sees this comment
Triangular Sphere
Triangular Sphere Hace un mes
Did he though?
Alexis Madison
Alexis Madison Hace 2 meses
My local arcade used to have an electric chair (game?) that gave you tickets for as long as you could hold on while it shocked you. I used to spend all of my tokens there because it was a sure fire way to get tickets, but in retrospect it meant that I often spent my entire arcade experience getting moderately tortured just so I could win "prizes" I could get from a dollar store, all for the low price of like 50 bucks.
Marian R.
Marian R. Hace un día
Welcome to capitalism
shAs Hace 3 días
that sounds really wrong but i would totally do that as someone with a high pain tollerance
Karina Hace 7 días
@Emily Thigpen omg I remember that
moscowmule Hace 8 días
I remember a gorilla one at Chuck E Cheese like this, lol.
Kethlas Hace 11 días
@Tigercors Probably wouldn't work if there's no current flow. In fact, I'm pretty sure they'd be harder and more expensive to make to work with no current flow.
Donovan Faust
Donovan Faust Hace un mes
Being in a loveless marriage must have been really difficult for you guys all these years, I'm glad you were finally able to earn you wife's love by winning a game that involves dropping balls into cups. Remember folks you're only worth the amount of love directly proportional to you're mastery of an inane skill.
arrogant cat
arrogant cat Hace 2 días
@Donovan Faust i'm demisexual
Donovan Faust
Donovan Faust Hace 7 días
@Cresh 2 well I'm glad you've discovered that about yourself but always remember to find a skill no one asked for or even needs and practice doing it every day until it's second nature other wise you too won't be loved. I don't make the rules that's just how it is. Might I suggest learning to balance a grain of rice on the head of a needle, if that doesn't get you love I don't know what will.
tree of truth
tree of truth Hace 9 días
@Kdog#17 im so sorry for your loss
Cresh 2
Cresh 2 Hace 9 días
@Donovan Faust I'm pansexual
T E H R Hace 27 días
preach 😭
TheloSpike Hace 2 meses
imagining Drew in a bad fake moustache comically sneaking into the arcade to play the ball game and having a group of security guards carrying him out kicking and screaming
Eddie Baldwin
Eddie Baldwin Hace 14 horas
@Pryncyp haha i totally forgot about that
Pryncyp Hace 8 días
It's even a funnier visual now, when he dyed his hair blue
Mystical Hace 10 días
why are the security guards kicking and screaming?
Matthew Bartlett
Matthew Bartlett Hace 19 días
AntiVector and you’re watching Disney Channel
AntiVector Hace un mes
"Don't worry, I'm just three kids in a trenchcoat."
Angel Kato
Angel Kato Hace un mes
I used to work at a lesser known arcade, and there was a time when one of our sister locations went out of business and all their inventory went to us. So many plushies everywhere, the back areas were so full. So the technicians, in an effort to get rid of the inventory faster, made the claw machine games easy to win. One night, there were two vloggers that came in and played the claw games and left with two big garbage bags full of toys and freakin the fuck out. And I am so happy for them for that lucky stroke
Rootz Party
Rootz Party Hace un mes
I now realize you were referencing having a stroke of luck, but reading that they had a lucky stroke threw me for a loop
bungles fan
bungles fan Hace un mes
How come I never luck out like that?
Kai Hace 2 meses
Imagine being the arcade worker and having to watch the road work guy come in for three days straight, go apeshit on one single machine, buy the most obscure prizes, and never return again
Sunmi Hace 6 días
@alleytitaness lmao
Sunmi Hace 6 días
Now that's a slay moment
Lauren M
Lauren M Hace 22 días
He needs to make a video
msbraindamage Hace un mes
I used to manage an arcade and that would have made my day.
gingercube Hace un mes
Highlight of that arcade worker's life!
Daisy C
Daisy C Hace un mes
I live in Orlando and just got back from this exact arcade and there was a giant crowd of people around the machine all using the technique from this video of mashing the button 4 times following a slight pause. It was beautiful to watch
Brandon Finch
Brandon Finch Hace 13 días
@Verbed I bet you felt real proud of yourself as you were typing that, loll.
Cas Jordan
Cas Jordan Hace 17 días
The only person who made a mistake, backed themselves into a corner by misreading and sticking to it, and won't admit you didn't use the context clues and want everyone to read what you read out of it instead of what is actually there.
Cameron Hace 17 días
@Verbed If I have zero comprehension skills, you somehow managed to end up with less than that. To quote the video (at 14:17):"If you drop exactly four balls every spin, which is pretty easy to do you will end up with 48 out of the 50 balls with the time you are given [...]" He then proceeds to point out that you'll have to do two drops of 5 in there somewhere, which he personally prefers to get in at the start but it's fine to do them at the end as well. The original comment here says: "all using the technique from this video of mashing the button 4 times following a slight pause", which describes exactly that tactic. 4 quick drops, followed by a pause is the proper way to play this, as said in the video and also clearly distinct from just mashing the button however many times. So go work on your own comprehension skills before saying stupid things. (jk, everyone makes mistakes.)
Gina Rodriguez
Gina Rodriguez Hace 29 días
me and this girl went to an arcade for our first date and we bonded over your video and spent about an hour playing that stupid ball game. that girl is now my girlfriend. thank you, danny.
Are You a Person
Are You a Person Hace 5 días
is your name “Gina Marie Rodriguez” just wondering?
Hugo Valdez
Hugo Valdez Hace 19 días
I love a good ol' happy ending
ashley rachelle
ashley rachelle Hace 20 días
Danny is truly a match maker 💚
Mia Druckrey
Mia Druckrey Hace 2 meses
Amanda is so funny. And it’s so nice of her to feature a new budding comedian like drew Gooden on her channel.
Guythatknowsitall88 Hace 2 meses
Most modern arcades are just mini casinos targeted at children. Even those "skill" games like the claw are rigged by have the claw loosely grip while others blatantly give the illusion of skill required. The all have a garenteed payout ensuring the house always wins. I worked for company serviced and repaired those machines.
Kara K
Kara K Hace 5 días
@Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers we
chinsaw2727 Hace 14 días
@K A You’ve just awoken a memory I suppressed from my childhood. Me and my brother went to a small arcade at a pizza place with $20 our parents gave to us. I went to the claw machine and easily scored a plushie on like my second or third try. Confident in my abilities, I asked my brother which plushie he wanted, and he pointed to a spider in the shape of a ball (it was around Halloween at the time so all of the plushies inside were Halloween themed). Anyway, I attempted to get that spider, but it just kept falling out. But I didn’t give up, even when my brother was begging with me to not spend our all of our $20 on that stupid spider, I was determined to get that damned spider. But alas, I failed. I believe that the spider’s unique shape was what caused it to be so hard to catch, for the claw couldn’t pick up the round spider.
K A Hace 18 días
I have watched the claw open and drop the pllushies I'd rightfully earned. :(
msbraindamage Hace un mes
@Eliot Guerin Lots of barcades here in my city and many have lots of old pinball machines and older arcade games, etc.
msbraindamage Hace un mes
As someone who managed an arcade, yes.
Xathonn Hace 2 meses
I have to say, winning multiple jackpots doesn't hit as hard when the machine isn't spewing several yards of tickets that just pile up in front of the machine.
PastPositive Hace 7 días
@10,000 Subs with No videos You may not be able to find floor tickets anymore, but I’ve found at least one or two cards full of points and credits on the floor of them.
Sunset Skye
Sunset Skye Hace 8 días
Nothing like carrying around several bags of tickets to flex
Danny Cisco
Danny Cisco Hace 2 meses
its cheaper to have virtual tickets installed than to employ ticket jockeys... but it's killing the vibe for sure...
Ian Ingold・15 years ago
@Not Ryan had a jackpot on a coin pusher go off, but didnt realize the jackpot at the time was only at 25 tickets. guy came over and just cut me off a chunk of tickets. bless you arcade handyman. wherever you are.
Coach Swag
Coach Swag Hace 2 meses
@Not Ryan facts, some college dude just comes over and eyeballs the amount lmao
Krystal Bel
Krystal Bel Hace 2 meses
I used to work at an arcade. One of our Big Bass wheel games was broken where it couldn't auto spin, it could only be spun manually like when you play the game so everyone there exploited the hell out of it. Just inch the wheel onto the 1000 ticket jackpot and with the auto roller broken it can't roll for you since inching doesn't count as a roll. 1000 tickets per dollar. Easy peasy. I don't think they ever fixed it. It's been years. Ah good times.
Kdog#17 Hace un mes
I’m gay
SaySomethingHat Hace 2 meses
This channel has slowly become Drew attempting to systematically drive himself insane by trying experiements that nobody has asked him to do. And frankly, I'm loving every second of it.
Chic_Sammy Hace 8 días
I worked as an "Arcade Manager" in college. Yes, you can profit! The secret is _owning_ the machines. You're welcome 😊 🙏🏻
Aerial Adventures
Aerial Adventures Hace 2 meses
Loved the video! I'm actually banned at my local arcade for profiting off of Pop the Lock, a 100% skill game that's almost I possible to rig. I grew up on rhythm games so my hand-eye coordination is pretty good. I'd go in about once a week and spend 100 bucks on a game card. 5 to 6 hours later I'd walk out with a couple game consoles and a lot of Bluetooth speakers. It was a lot of fun while it lasted
Aerial Adventures
Aerial Adventures Hace un mes
@Jamie Benson unfortunately not, I don't live near many arcades and the others that I visited either didn't have pop the lock or quick drop, or was charging so much a game that it was statistically unlikely I'd profit. The whole experience was honestly incredible, at my peak I'd walk in when the arcade opened, purchase a $200 game card, and just start playing. The ticket output was 1050 per jackpot (1000 bonus plus 50 for finishing all 50 clicks) and I had about 300 attempts with a game card. I believe the most accurate I had gotten was around 90-95% to get the jackpot, so I'd have around 280,000 tickets at the end of the day. Prizes I'd always go for were game consoles, which were 55,000 for a switch, and 65,000 for a Xbox one or PS4. I made the mistake of going in too many times in a short period and had ended up getting several grand over the course of a couple weeks, they had found out about it and approached me when I went in the next day. Pretty much they claimed I was cheating and kicked me out, even though they literally watched me play right before talking to me haha. I look at it as an absolute win since I used the money to get a good car and go skydiving for the first time. I haven't stepped foot into the arcade for about a year and a half now, so I could maybe try again. Honestly though I'm better off quitting since there's no way in hell I'm ever going to be able to do that again (friend went in a couple months after I was banned and let me know they updated all the prices and lowered the ticket output).
Jamie Benson
Jamie Benson Hace un mes
@Aerial Adventures How wicked! Did you ever find another place to play to continue your winning streak legend?
Aerial Adventures
Aerial Adventures Hace un mes
@Jamie Benson they pulled the bs "private property" excuse, plus I was winning a decent amount and corporate probably got involved 😂
Jamie Benson
Jamie Benson Hace un mes
how are they allowed to just ban you if you didn't break the rules?
Aerial Adventures
Aerial Adventures Hace un mes
@MidiMaze178 oh shoot that's messed up, never seen that before
Human Human
Human Human Hace 2 meses
As a British person who's never been to America, I'm very grateful for you sharing your tactics on winning that one specific machine in Orlando Florida.
greg Hace 3 días
Kr1tikalMasss Hace 5 días
There are actually a lot of them
CoreyJ07 Hace 8 días
You can find the same exact one all across America
Lily May
Lily May Hace 8 días
Dracula Wannaboogiedown
@Nandos chicken wings the spray cheese is good tbh
aesthetic Hace un mes
This guy is like if Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec was a real person.
Ava Fox
Ava Fox Hace 13 días
Cole Klaassen
Cole Klaassen Hace un mes
holy smokes yes
Cat Hace 28 días
Even if Danny sold 7,000,000,000 (seven billion) Marvel mugs for 10$ USD each he *STILL* wouldn’t be in the top 10 of richest people in the world.
Indian Turdeau
Indian Turdeau Hace 3 días
Thanks for spelling out what the number is because I don't know what numbers are without reading them
Donovan Faust
Donovan Faust Hace 7 días
@Big Mac well once Drew has cornered the market on Marvel mugs arcades will have no choice but to turn to him so they can have Marvel mugs as prizes, then he can crank up the price thanks to supply and demand.
Big Mac
Big Mac Hace 11 días
I don’t think there is a market for that many marvel mugs
Talon Hace 2 meses
You make me laugh even when I feel like a black hole of shit. Your contribution to the world is priceless. Thank you.
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Ramona Billson
Ramona Billson Hace un mes
Me rn
Rebecca Seymour
Rebecca Seymour Hace un mes
About two weeks ago I went to an arcade for the first time in years as a slightly drunk continuation of birthday celebrations. They had a drop ball game and because of this video I absolutely killed it and took home a worm on a string and a boba tea soft toy.
Deata Hace 2 meses
i have that same hotdog machine.. it caught fire when i tried making hotdogs with it, near burned my house down. So they were exremely hot dogs.
Ei, Ei kiitos
Ei, Ei kiitos Hace un mes
Äijä, katotko sä oikeesti Drew Goodenin videoita? Ei silleen että se olis outoo tai silleen mutta kiva nähä suosittuja suomalaisia kattomassa samoja videoita mitä itekkin katon :D
Levi Traeh
Levi Traeh Hace un mes
PannariKilppari Hace un mes
Ei "omg Deata" spämmiä vielä täällä kommenteissa. Yllättävää
HazewinDog Hace un mes
hope the dogs are doing better now
Corgi6725 Hace 2 meses
me, a floridian, raptly listening to drew teach me how to win at this one specific machine in orlando so that i can impress all of my adult friends when we decide to go there
Dustin Speicher
Dustin Speicher Hace 2 meses
But the animation that plays atop the game detailing how to play the game tells you how Drew played the game, so you could probably leave the notepad in the car.
AmberAmbitions Hace un mes
I did this once, even when I was a kid. There was a coop space shooter game at the Chuck E. Cheese where multiple people worked together. Well, it turns out, if you had literally any number of players more than 1, it was trivially easy to play forever on a single play, even for 2 children. I only had my brother, but it was never hard to rope some other kids into it and teach them how to survive forever with only 1 or 2 wasted plays if they agreed to give us 200 tickets. There was no competitive element at all, so no kid had any incentive to break it except boredom, and they could just intentionally die without screwing anyone else over. Me and my brother got a GameCube this way. Unfortunately, they removed the game after only a few months, presumably because we had stupidly told the counter guy how we got all those tickets.
CoreyJ07 Hace 10 días
Dude you’re better at bowling than this one kid at my friend’s birthday party at main event. (He had bumpers up) he hit the bumper so hard his ball went into the lane beside him that I was playing at. He made me loose the game.
Greatfalls Complex
Greatfalls Complex Hace un mes
I find it hilarious that the most replayed moment of this entire video is when Amanda looks into the camera and says "I love you now". So many dreams fulfilled. LOL
Awerbawojd Hace 4 días
Ew weirdos
Geen Stagni
Geen Stagni Hace 2 meses
This is exactly the type of thing everyone wished they could do but we don't so we watch Drew live our dreams instead
Sam Hace 2 meses
Dreams...nightmares....the line is so thin
anapplepie Hace 2 meses
Do you mean Danny?
Rocky13Ray Hace 2 meses
Yes but we love drew more than most like ourselves so that ok
Sean Ferree
Sean Ferree Hace 2 meses
For real!
nekoschar Hace 2 meses
@cometyetagain u mean Kurtis Conner?
SminceSmeat Hace un mes
When I was younger my sister had a Homer Simpson themed hotdog cooker and bun warmer(?) set that she either got from her birthday or won from the Easter Show. It was red and the boiler part in the middle had clear plastic, and there was like 4 or 6 metal or plastic poles to skewer the buns. I think we used it exactly once but it was perfect. My point is, hotdog-specific appliances are a necessity for every family.
SminceSmeat Hace un mes
@Sara Rankins Idk man I was like 8
Sara Rankins
Sara Rankins Hace un mes
How did the plastic not melt?
BlueBoy Hace 2 meses
I love that there's no way to know what Drew's next video is going to be until he uploads it and its completely random. Drew Gooden supremacy.
Candie Puffs
Candie Puffs Hace un mes
The best thing I ever won from a Main Event was a neon green lava lamp. It's basically your everyday run of the mill one that you can buy at Spencer's for $20 but I cherish it so much and it is going into my will to become a family heirloom
keepleft Hace 3 días
The decimal is there to make sure you never exactly use up all the points you bought. A very effective psychological tactic to entice you to re-up.
gut wrenching deaths
That arcade worker must think Drew is the biggest incel on the planet coming in two days in the middle of the work day, absolutely killing it in a meaningless game, and then cashing out a hot dog toaster, man cave sign, and avengers mug.
dizzyella Hace un mes
"hey isnt that that guy from vine...."
jdms65 Hace 2 meses
@noneyah I want this to be his reasoning so badly
noneyah Hace 2 meses
That's why he brought his wife the first time
Aimal Hace 2 meses
now when you say it like that-
Dylan Grumble
Dylan Grumble Hace 20 días
I work at a Main Event and let’s just say, there is no profiting. There’s one dude who comes in around once a month and just plays a single game (milk jug toss, and he’s really good at it) as many times as he can and has accumulated 2 million points (what you use to redeem prizes) and even he tells me there is no profiting, he does it as a way to give back to the community by giving away all of the prizes he wins to little kids. Main Event is a children’s casino but the only thing you get as a reward of spending your hard earned money on is a Frozen Elsa sing along microphone that will probably break in 2-3 business days
olepigeon Hace 2 meses
5:36 - The machines are designed to dispense physical tickets, and counts them one at a time. The electronic versions are retrofitted onto the machine, but the ticket sensor will still count them one at a time. There are faster implementations, but that costs more money for a more expensive conversion kit (one for each arcade), and you need every penny you can get when you operate an arcade populated with drunk people. It's called Dave & Busted for a reason.
Galaxy Hace un mes
okay so i just have to share an experience of mine with the ball drop game. when i was in the mall once a few years ago, my dad finally let us play in an arcade while we were at the mall. the ball drop game was nearby the entrance, and it looked like fun; i wanted to try it at least once. but, there was already someone there so i had to wait my turn. the only issue was, it didn't seem like the person playing was gonna leave anytime soon. the person was a grandma, maybe in her 50s. she was a fucking GOD at the game and almost always got all the balls into the cup thingy. she even had this like laundry basket by her side just catching all the tickets that she got from the game and it was FILLED TO THE FUCKING BRIM. THE TICKETS WERE EVEN ORGANIZED SO IT WASN'T LIKE THE TICKETS WERE JUST PILING ONTO EACH OTHER, MAKING IT LOOK LIKE THERE WAS MORE THAN THERE REALLY WAS. NO, IT WAS FIXED AND FOLDED, ALL PRIM AND PROPER. SHE EVEN REACHED THE CAP OF THE MAXIMUM PAYOUT, SO WHILE SHE WAS EARNING MORE TICKETS, THE MACHINE WAS OWING HER MORE AND MORE. oh my fucking god. i will never forget her.
Daniel Niland
Daniel Niland Hace 21 un día
i went to an arcade once where there was an extremely broken game that was like plants vs zombies and you were a pea shooter, and with enough skill you could win most times, and the jackpot was massive. i milked the shit out of that game and got 2 massive inflatable balls that i would bounce around on. definitely worth it.
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Hace 2 meses
looks like Drew finally realised he can write off expenses on his taxes…
Brexit Britain
Brexit Britain Hace 2 meses
@Meg W Thank you for getting the reference lol
Meg W
Meg W Hace 2 meses
@Brexit Britain very Dennis Nedry of you
Jesus Saves!
Jesus Saves! Hace 2 meses
Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them! Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants! Have a blessed day, everyone!! ❤
An Emu
An Emu Hace 2 meses
@Brexit Britain dudes a bot, he gains traction from copy pasting comments to ‘seem like someone with a pulse’ to quote a wise man. Honestly it’s kind of annoying how many bots there are around, this one in particular has been around a while, I’ve actually seen the original comments he’s copy-pasted before.
Samuel Hace 2 meses
@xxbloxheadfan2001x large yikes
Anders Almquist
Anders Almquist Hace un mes
Drew looks like if he never made a vine about a road work sign he could have very easily ended up a serial killer
Kaydn Burns
Kaydn Burns Hace 7 días
Aircades are amazing places, even in my 20's. However, theyre impeccably overpriced. I remember growing up going to disney quest for $40 and every single game inside was free. They had hundreds of games, experiences and things to do. Arcades need to take the theme park pricing model, entrace fees and then upsell once theyre inside. Paying per machine is like paying per ride at a theme park, seems silly and adds up awefully quick especially with families
Joseph Skelly
Joseph Skelly Hace 2 meses
I work for a large arcade company in Orlando I service most of the arcades on I-drive. The reason it takes so long is that there has to be a distinct electric pulse for each ticket. The card reader detects each pulse. The games are not made for the card readers they are made for paper ticket dispensers. Also the maximum payout isn’t a deliberate thing it’s programmed by default into the inter card swiper. The people who set up the system were just to lazy to bother to change the limit.
Joseph Skelly
Joseph Skelly Hace 2 meses
Oh also the 2 companies I’ve worked for price their prizes at 1 penny per ticket so $1.00 = 100 tickets
ZeketheZealot Hace un mes
I once played a Big Haul Truckers game where you just rolled a token down a moving rail. If it landed onto a truck you got a small prize, if you hit a flag on the back and it dumps the truck, you get tickets based on how many coins drop. Anyways I got my token stuck and jammed the flag, so the whole machine dumped it’s entire wad of tickets, over 1000. It was fuckin’ stellar.
Maia Hace 2 meses
the fact that Drew and Amanda put their bowling names names as "Me" and "BimBim" (their cat) is hilarious to me
amelia g
amelia g Hace 3 días
TheKitKatThe Hace 2 meses
attackofthepandas Hace 2 meses
Erica Smith
Erica Smith Hace 2 meses
lutherhrgrvsbf Hace 2 meses
TerasHD Hace un mes
My in-laws got the exact same red hot dog toaster.. I always wondered where they got it from.. Now I know, they must've been arcade masters back in the day.
Try Hard McGee
Try Hard McGee Hace 4 días
I went to las vegas this summer for like 4 days. My brother had a basketball tournament there and we all just went with him as a family vacation. My sister and I didn't want to watch, so we went to an arcade. I watched this video like 2 days before we left. My eyes practically lit up when I saw that damn machine standing there. Thanks to this video, my sister and I (and even my brother on the 4th day when he finished the tournament and joined us) got so many damn jackpots. When I saw quick drop was there, I went with my sister to check out the prize section and we dreamt big on what we were going to get. I now have a new mic, a new good and clacky rgb keyboard (that came with a shitty rgb mouse), 2 new gaming headsets, a knockoff NES with 620 old games, 2 of these weird 3d star that expands to sphere toy things (idk how to describe it), a 10 ft long USBC cable, a 10 ft long lightning cable (ios charging cable), knockoff air pods, and 2 different colours of wired earbuds. We wouldn't have played the long game without this video. Thank you so much road work guy.
Chris Jacobs
Chris Jacobs Hace 7 días
You could buy multiple cards to continue playing past the payout limit. Most arcades allow pooling cards to buy a bigger prize
Aden Ward
Aden Ward Hace un mes
"while you were having fun, I was studying the cup. when you were shooting aliens and raciimg motorcycles, I was watching the airflow of the plastic balls as they glided gracefully from the tube to the cup. you went to the arcade to have a good time I went to the arcade for enlightenment. we are not the same.
Ksarcfernando Hace 2 meses
I am convinced that drew is the most unpredictable youtuber
God Is An Atheist
God Is An Atheist Hace 2 meses
That's because he's the first and only ESvidr.
Broccoli Hace 2 meses
CallmeKevin is up there as well imo
Karolina UwU
Karolina UwU Hace 2 meses
What do you mean Drew? This is Danny's channel.
pinkpunther Hace 2 meses
Well he's also the only youtuber so...
your comrade
your comrade Hace 2 meses
Mark Reyes
Mark Reyes Hace un mes
I’ve seen this machine in multiple places now, but with varying amounts of (minimum) jackpot, so I guess it depends on your target whether the target arcade will ever notice that players are gaining points too easily
Mudit Hace un mes
This is the skill I always wanted to learn. The ability to master the ball dropping game - 4 at a time at that one machine in Orlando, Florida. Thank you for providing me with such inspiration, Drew.
Lucas Berger
Lucas Berger Hace 22 días
I wonder if that free 30 minute play card could have been used to raise the jackpot by losing on purpose every time
Old Blue Witch
Old Blue Witch Hace 5 días
I recently had the pleasure of visiting one of these card based arcade models. The games were priced like a stock market. The more popular the game was that day the more credits it cost. No matter how I tried I could find nothing that didn't include a partial credit in the cost so there will forever be an unused balance on the card. I guess that's supposed to draw me back but it did not do that. Also, all the wins result in digital prize credits instead of tickets. So no more wandering around and gathering up freebees from games that auto play. All in all it was awful. Arcades are ruined forever.
DerkDurski Hace 2 meses
My friends and I cheesed the "Deal or No Deal" machine at an arcade once. At the beginning of the game, the screen shows you the values of all the cases, and then plays a scrambling animation. Turns out this animation is actually how they mix up the cases (it's not just randomized with number generation afterwards for some reason), so we pulled out our phones and recorded the scramble in slow-motion. Then one person would play the game, stalling as long as they could, while the recorder would scrub through the video, following the biggest case. We could win the maximum amount of tickets every time with this method.
ArmadilloAl Hace 2 meses
It turns out that the speed at which those cases swap can be set by the operator as well....and it also turns out that I'm really good at following the cases. Back in 2010 or thereabouts, there was a DoND machine in the mall that printed out receipts with the number of tickets you won (though this machine called them points and not tickets). Since it wasn't physically printing the tickets, it wasn't limited by the physical number of tickets in the machine, so the cases actually went from 1 to 1,000,000 like on the real show. You could then collect these receipts and mail them in for actual prizes. There was a bunch of electronics and stuff, but the only one I remember for sure is that a $25 Visa gift card cost exactly 3,000,000 points. The game cost $1 per play, and I was good enough to win it 75% of the time. You do the math. By the time the game was changed to shuffle the cases at max speed (faster than I could track them), I had won a GPS system, a PSP, and at least $500 worth of gift cards. I've had similar results at various Dave and Buster's and places since then, but since they only have ticket prizes, it was usually just for fun and not actually profitable. That mall added a new arcade about two years ago, which had several of these machines. The ones upstairs were all at max speed so I never really played them, but there were two downstairs that were still beatable (but only on single play, oddly enough, not Double Deal). I took that for a couple packs of Pokemon cards, but the last time I was there a couple weeks ago, I discovered that one of those two machines was gone...and the second one was set to skip the shuffling entirely and go straight to "Pick A Case". It was the end of an era. RIP to my exploiting Deal or No Deal machines (2010-2022)
TJ Marx
TJ Marx Hace 2 meses
This is against the ToS for most arcades, doing so and getting caught will invalidate all of your tickets. Remember, arcade ticket machines are just gambling for kids. They're regulated by gaming laws (ie. gambling, same as casinos) and try to handicap the player. The point is for them to make a profit and if they cease to be profitable, they'll cease to exist.
Bitgedon Hace 2 meses
I always wanted to do this but I was never committed enough.
Mithun Nathan
Mithun Nathan Hace 2 meses
@SingerOfSongs which makes no sense because it would harder to animate and keep track when you can just generate the numbers randomly
AZ Hace 2 meses
Avocado Killer
Avocado Killer Hace 29 días
i went to a summer camp thing when i was twelve and on a rainy day we took a trip to a place like this. there was one kid who was really good at the ball drop game. he won the jackpot for everyone in the group and it was practically robbery when everyone cashed in their tickets
Tree Hace un mes
Couldn’t you have told the workers that you had unawarded tickets so they could let you use your winnings? I’ve had to do that with my parents before when I won a ridiculous 2000 jackpot and the machine ran out of tickets halfway through
Christianna Nemec
Christianna Nemec Hace un mes
I don't know how or why, but every time my sister goes to an arcade she wins at least one jackpot, oftentimes multiple jackpots, and then comes home with some snazy prizes. Every. Single. Time. Sometimes it luck-based games, sometimes it is skill-based, but she doesn't seem to have a strategy or use skill!!! Whatever arcade it is, she always comes back with a fancy prize, usually something with blinky lights. If I knew her secret I'd share with with you, Drew, but I suspect it has to do with knowledge beyond my comprehension.
Dustin Speicher
Dustin Speicher Hace 2 meses
This video reminded me of the time when I was 18 & my fairly new girlfriend who was 22 managed the client relations/party planning department of a family fun center type of establishment. Somehow she would always come into possession of the leftover play cards whenever a party was thrown there & the client's had purchased too many cards than they ended up using. Apparently she had been stacking up those cards for a couple year's even well before her & I even met & she had just under ten grand worth which she just handed me one day. I may have been technically an adult on paper, but I was freaking stoked! So I invited like 5 of my equally immature friends & we went to town one day so hard that we ended up causing a scene & were getting odd looks from the staff, but I wasn't bothered as I was in my zone playing a similar game to the one you were playing in this video. By the end I bought every big prize they had, some even duplicates. The most expensive of which was this dope ass RC car, & a tactical survival device thingy that had a small TV, radio, flashlight, alarm siren, & a walkie talky that in the event of an emergency you could just wind up tp create the energy to power it up. All in all though the prizes all together were probably worth about $1,000, but like I said it took almost ten time's that worth of play card's, so luckily I didn't have to spend a dime though. Unfortunately though my girl at the time regretted giving me those because it seems that I ended up embarrassing her acting like a literal child in a candy store in front of her coworkers, but I really don't know what she expected me to do, at least I was dressed nice & looked good, so my impression couldn't have been all that bad, besides I could tell that they were just a bunch of dudes who didn't like me before even meeting me because I was dating their hot coworker, but I digress. Her & I lasted 4 more years after the fact so she apparently got over it, but that was one awesome day. The dude grabbing my prizes for me had to grap a latter & keys he was unfamiliar with as well, & most of my prizes had like a couple centimeters of dust on them.
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LittleMau 1
LittleMau 1 Hace 2 meses
I cannot imagine the employees reaction to seeing this grown man come to the arcade three days in a row, to play the same game, to buy the weirdest prizes. I hope Drew is a story spread amongst the employees for years to come
Lee Hace 2 meses
I’ve been the kid to watch a grown man playing a game in the middle of a school day. My mom felt bad about missing some middle award school thing so she took me to an arcade during school hours (I chose the arcade and I don’t really remember the day of the week) but like 30 minutes into the time we were there, a grown ass man comes in and asked me to play a game I was currently playing and I let him cause you know turns. I think it was a fish game I was really enjoying but I figured that after he played a few I could go back later so I went and just played other games. Wrong. He played the fish game the whole time. Even when my poor mom tried to ask to let me play it, he told her to leave him alone I could play other games. My mom almost lost it and tried to do something but I just told her it’s no big deal that we could probably play other games. My mom did tell an employee though, so I did get to play the fish game and having a grown ass juman kinda glaring at me a bit when we left.
Lucas Kennington
Lucas Kennington Hace 2 meses
Alternate title: "guy discovers all the scummy things arcades do"
consent club
consent club Hace un mes
"guy discovers that arcades function like casinos"
TinyWiener Hace 6 días
As a main event employee I can confirm that it is possible to profit if you know what games to play. Also the counting things up slowly is because the readers suck and if we set it too fast it won't stop counting tickets and you'll have unlimited tickets.
Braelyn Whiteside
Braelyn Whiteside Hace 4 días
the part that made me laugh the hardest…. “let’s go count the money” “ten”👁👄👁
Barkly523 Hace 2 meses
I remember doing one of those spin wheels and I got the jackpot like.. twice. Ended up coming home with a stuffed bear that was about two times the size of child me. This was an outing between my dad and I while my mom was on vacation. Her one rule was no stuffed animals She wasn't too happy about that one
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Julia Cora
Julia Cora Hace 2 meses
Imagine being the arcade worker and having to watch the road work guy come in for three days straight, go apeshit on one single machine, buy the most obscure prizes, and never return again
Anne-Sofie Hace 2 meses
@Glee Basically wait but that's actually wholesome
Glee Basically
Glee Basically Hace 2 meses
I work an arcade and we have crazy people come in all the time. Spend hrs playing games and winning thousands of tickets then tell us to give the tickets to kids that deserve them. 🥴
Beep Bop
Beep Bop Hace 2 meses
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I used to work at an arcade and I know from experience that every single arcade machine, even the ones based on "skill" like quickdrop, have settings for the owners to change to tilt the odds in their favor. It's all based on how scummy the owner is. I've been to a few arcades where doing the same strat that drew did just didn't work, because they lowered the time and it was actually impossible to win the jackpot. The one that Drew was playing seemed mostly skill-based, so the owner didn't change anything off default, which is good. Just remember that if you had any "near misses" when playing a skill-based arcade game, it's entirely likely that it wasn't your fault and it was literally impossible to win, even if you've gotten the jackpot before
Sunset Skye
Sunset Skye Hace 8 días
For anyone who actually goes to main event, a pretty good game to play that’s easy and earns a good amount of tickets is Doodle Jump. I got quite a bit out of it.
Elijah Bobinger
Elijah Bobinger Hace 4 días
This isn’t meant as an insult, but now that I’ve watched so many of your older and newer videos, this is how your hair should sit. You look truly, really good, and ready for video presentation. Thank you, Drew! ❤️
Coute Hace 7 días
Great video. Fun fact : When you first showed the hot dog machine i realized i have the same hot dog machine too somewhere in my house.
Sarah Armand
Sarah Armand Hace 2 meses
My husband took our 8 year old daughter to an arcade for the first time a week ago (she had just turned 6 when the pandemic began so we lost a lot of time taking her places in that time span.) Anyway, he called me from the arcade freaking out because she asked to play a claw machine, and she played 8 times in a row and won every single time. She does suck at literally every single other arcade game, but on claw machines, she is gold.
Videre Vero
Videre Vero Hace 6 días
@Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers Just skip it like the rest of us you mad man.
RL Delton
RL Delton Hace 7 días
*Play till you win* 💀
Narisevan sängyn riivaama
I want to believe you but I don't. There's a very remote chance that the machine was broken and this could be true but I don't think so. All of the arcade games are rigged and they don't work randomly (luck) and they're not really skill-based. For example, the grip force of the claw cycles. When someone wins a prize the force resets and it can't be used to successfully grab a prize. The chance to win (and the grip force of the claw) increases in the proportion of played games. The arcade can adjust the played games/prizes given ratio.
Ytbvdshrtnr Hace 29 días
@Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers I like your name that's really clever I haven't heard it before
may Hace un mes
@Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers cry about it
LateBloom Hace 20 días
Thank you Drew, I found this exact machine in Blackpool UK today and won the jackpot instantly. I used your great wisdom for this and will see what profit I get out of it in future.
Paper Persona
Paper Persona Hace 10 días
Hi Drew! I used to work in a place like main event, and it was very common for people to hit a maximum payout and come to the front desk. We'd usually send a manager/technician to reset the machine and I'm pretty sure the person got the tickets they won once we reset the machine. I worked in the bowling so I could be wrong 🤷🏿‍♂️
Skyler Witney
Skyler Witney Hace 9 días
I used to rig those coin pushers by taping a bunch of coins together a pushing them in all at once.. it was surprisingly effective and I'm not allowed in that arcade anymore
Rootz Party
Rootz Party Hace un mes
15:00 huh. I wonder if the arcade workers actually set that jackpot higher manually at the start of each day, to give the illusion of increased difficulty. So that when you win it feels like so much more of an accomplishment. Either that, or it inflates the perceived consistent value of the jackpot for the first few players.
SpicyAbuela Hace un mes
Won an electric guitar after years of saving at the mohegan sun arcade. And then I never played it.
Brenolk Hace 24 días
Went to a Dave and Busters for a friend’s birthday party and they had a square stacking game. I got 10 consecutive jackpot wins and an employee came up to me to go somewhere else
Fungi Factory
Fungi Factory Hace un mes
When I was in middle school there was a machine at an arcade my friends and I liked where if you just spammed one of the buttons, the machine would glitch out and dispense all the tickets in its resevoir. We did that 3 seperate times before they decided to indefinitely slap an out of order sign on the machine
Soaper Nick
Soaper Nick Hace 7 días
I worked with your wife at a store when I was in high school. I remember when you two met.. glad she ended up going!
Natalie Muñoz
Natalie Muñoz Hace 2 meses
Imagine the main event employees watching him come in three days in a row and standing at the same machine for hours
몽실라이더 Hace 2 meses
TheTyisAwesome Hace 2 meses
It's an arcade...? Wtf you supposed to do haha
the only caprisun
the only caprisun Hace 2 meses
i’m sure it’s nothing new. after all, this IS orlando…
Bug Hace 2 meses
i'm sure they have people who do that all the time tbh
Snozer69 Hace 2 meses
Hey man, if it makes you feel any better, I once had a bowling ball go into the other lane. Thankfully no one else was using that lane and I was with the boys, but it was still hella embarrassing.
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moment Hace 5 días
I remenber i once found out in my arcade that there was a game where you had to throw balls in an dino's mouth,and there was a open side in the sides of the machine you could use to get a better throwing angle. It sounded like the perfect ticket farm,but never tried it tought
Pasta Hace 16 días
I was so focused on him getting the hot dog toaster i forgot he was trying to make a profit
Inquisition31 Hace 5 días
ACTUALLY I think the machine takes so long to count your points so it eats up your time that you could be winning on other games. Its a stop gap measure to keep your wins low.
Darth Revan
Darth Revan Hace 11 días
I thought Drew was going to start his own arcade. How wrong I was.
The Faded Memories
The Faded Memories Hace 2 meses
The max payout lock is to protect arcade owners from losing money if the machines malfunction and just don’t stop awarding tickets. On that particular system the default max is 1000 points. I usually set the max for a game at something like 1.5 to 2 times the game’s typical jackpot, and higher for games like pushers that someone might sit at longer. An employee would/should have cleared the card reader and awarded the points once it was determined there was no malfunction. (Just someone playing more in a row than usual.) The tickets count fairly slowly because the games are still built with the electronics to drive physical ticket mechs that dispense paper. The mechs get a signal to start the motor and send back a pulse every time a ticket passes. If you have any paper tickets look at the shape…the corners will have rounded cutouts. This is the notch that infrared light shines through to let physical ticket dispensers know when a single ticket passes and the next one starts. Card readers can be set to send the ticket “notch” signals back at a faster rate but there are limits as the game itself won’t catch them outside of its own logically programmed ranges. Some game and reader combinations could be set up to use multipliers and count much more quickly, but the techs can’t always make owners/managers understand it….so it doesn’t happen often.
xx_shades_B) Hace 2 meses
i was waiting for the hotdog tasting and i was so ecstatic when it finally came
SkylarStar Hace un mes
One time when I was a kid at Chuck e cheese the staff member accidentally dropped a giant tub of the coins and we helped him pick them up and he gave us a full cup of tokens. Great memories
Jonah Goldberg
Jonah Goldberg Hace 2 meses
Tip from an arcade attendant: If you reach the maximum payout, get an employee to swipe their employee card on the machine, and the unawarded tickets will be put onto your card.
Eragon7 Hace 2 meses
@PyraMZD I guess I can see that. Some of the machines are pretty old. Well, ill take your word for it since you do seem to work with these kinda machines more. I was just saying what ive seen from other types of carnival style games, but I guess ticket arcade games like this seem to work a bit different. But yea, I guess youre explanation makes sense. Integrating new technology on top of old machines definitely can be a pain sometimes so your explanation is definitely plausible.
PyraMZD Hace 2 meses
​@Eragon7 Oh sorry, I should have also reiterated (someone else already said it), but max payout is for preventing possible glitches. since the card reader is an additive to the game cabinets, it pulses to communicate that in such a way that resembles physical tickets passing through a sensor. there are always issues that can happen with games, but card readers can't do much to react aside from what users can setup. Besides, if we wanted low payout, we could set it that way. Redemption games are created with settings to change jackpots to suit the owner. it's actually more feasible to do it through a game's settings than by the card reader because max payout only kicks in DAY OF, when overall wins reach a total, not for every single player. if you're trying to stop players from "gaming the system", you can't do it like that because there's no way of telling how many people will spent a specific amount of time at a specific game. by the way, Quik Drop's jackpot is progressive. that means it increases little by little the more people play, so repeat plays are encouraged by this game specifically. the lowest jackpot you can set is 100. judging from this video, i think this specific machine is probably on default settings (where the starting jackpot is 500). if you're curious about how a game is set, you can easily look up "game name" manual btw, they usually do have the PDFs online for anyone to grab. a good example I can give you where it's for glitches: NBA hoops is a redemption game, but it gives low payout by default. you win never see the ability to win 100+ tickets on that game in one play no matter how good you are because it wasn't designed that way. one day we saw the max payout reach well over 2000. we've been having issues with our NBA games because of.. static believe it or not? the balls produce static and it messes with the voltage on the game. usually there's a mat that is supposed to reduce static as the balls come down, but they don't seem to work--i digress. if you managed to read this much, i commend you lol.
Eragon7 Hace 2 meses
@PyraMZD Ah ok. But then why does a max payout even exist? Its not like there is a need for it. The only thing that makes sense to me still is that it exists to limit how much people can game the system in a certain amount of time. So if you do find a machine, you can only win so much before it prevents you from winning more making it nearly impossible to actually make good money by gaming a single machine. (and prevents a lot of people from always doing it). I dont see any other reason why a max payout would have any reason for existing other than that.
PyraMZD Hace 2 meses
@Seeker227 Also can I just say: i went over your other responses and as another fellow arcade employee, i super appreciate your pov as a worker... it's super heartening to hear of more places and workers in the industry who agree that a venue can still make money without being scummy. It's hard to find people who are enthusiastic about redemption arcades because of how much the industry was built up on scamming ppl. So it's not like i blame people for being negative and skeptical. We gotta fight that mess and do better. Have a good day. ✨
PyraMZD Hace 2 meses
@Eragon7 idk if anyone has elaborated this for you--there's been a lot of lengthy convo since I last checked this thread--but the max payout mechanic itself does not prevent the person from getting their points. It won't let any other customer swipe/play until the max is cleared by an employee card and once that's done, the points are automatically applied to the last player's card. It's done via wi-fi, so the person would still get it even if they left the arcade. So in reality, Drew probably still got his points lol. I can only theorize that a possible way to get rid of them completely is to... unplug the card reader? But i've never tested this haha (bc it would be super messed up if possible).
Hey its an adventure
I went to an arcade a few years back to play one of the coin pushers, and loaded up all my points on the machine to get ready to spam it. I started pressing the button to get the coins to fall, but it turned out the mechanism was jammed...I didn't even get the chance to lose my money with dignity 🤣...I did get a refund though which I promply lost playing Down the Clown...😅
xxxsanyeo Hace 12 días
you know you're a good ESvidr when you can captivate millions of people for 20minutes. I didn't even know this video was 20min long.
Dana Bonk
Dana Bonk Hace 16 días
Walking out with the hotdog toaster with the smile of accomplishment was so funny
Beep LoL
Beep LoL Hace 23 días
Just commenting to say the transition at 1:09 is a song that has introduced me to a band transcending humanity and the heavens. Thank you for choosing that song, so that I may find Galia Social.
Joel Haver
Joel Haver Hace 2 meses
I read the title as “I tried eliminating an elected official”, I was SO confused after 20 minutes
Julia Santana
Julia Santana Hace un mes
Foxy the pirate
Foxy the pirate Hace un mes
@Drew Gooden when will the video come out drew, we are all waiting for it.
Dimitrie Mirea
Dimitrie Mirea Hace un mes
"You read the title, you know what I'm gonna do"
Ксения Просветова
"drewg" sounds a lot like russian word for "friend" so ypu seem very trustworthy to me, good sir
John Beyers
John Beyers Hace 10 días
Nothing says, "I love you" quite like giving one's spouse a weenie toaster.
dizzylilthing Hace 24 días
I profited from the local arcade at the theatre, I cleaned up stackerz to the point where they changed the payout curve because I'd clear the minor prizes I want and sometimes snag a major prize, a beats speaker and a burner phone to date. Everything else I'm basically just a measly worm but lemme win those sealed packs of chaotic cards and bags of skittles
Shaya Hace 14 días
this was the first video i saw of yours and i've been on a two month binge. so glad i found your channel. had to come back here where it all started
Seeker227 Hace 2 meses
For anyone wondering about the slow ticket payout. A majority of modern arcade machines are still built with paper tickets in mind. The swipers we use are a modification, not the intention behind most machines. Due to this, the machine lets off 'pulses' to output the paper tickets. When we splice into that line with a swiper harness, we are limited by the game's pulses. As an example, look at the Ticket Time machine showed a few times. Those ticket rings use an RFID system to payout to the swiper. That game was made for swipers, so it can payout 25 tickets per pulse, rather than 1. Meaning it's payouts only take mere seconds, even for large payouts. Hopefully, over time, the arcade business will evolve to favor this faster payout system, rather than the archaic paper-based payouts. Source: I'm the guy who repairs those machines.
texas1nstruments Hace 2 meses
Hey Seeker, I work with a few card systems in the amusement industry. You can set the notch spacing setting to 10ms on most card systems. Benchmark struggles with anything lower than 100ms per ticket, but baytek, ice, and a few other manufacturers can get as low as 10ms per pulse or 100~ tickets per second. And if you're hybrid e+paper tickets, this won't break paper ticket payout. However from your post it sounds like you monitor tickets by splicing in the card system's notch input wire to the game's notch wire.
Seeker227 Hace 2 meses
@Ryan Stewart As stated, the game sends a pulse of voltage to a paper ticket mech. We remove that mech and splice the swiper harness into it to read those pulses. Yes, the game can operate without the swiper, but the swiper is what reads the pulses to give you tickets, and how you coin up the game, by splicing into the coin wires. Without it, you would ether need a coin and ticket mech, or to jump the coin wires together to coin it up. The swiper itself sends it's signal to an ELC (with Embed) to connect to the server. So yes, it is an entirely different machine, one that we modify with a swiper, by removing the coin and ticket mechs. Essentally, we just replace the ticket/coin mechs with a swiper. It's just a better subistute, but its still limited by the game itself. Idk how else I could explain this, however there are other techs in this comment thread who have verified what I have stated
Ryan Stewart
Ryan Stewart Hace 2 meses
Sounds like absolute bs to me how would there be such a modification that can save a variable to a virtual account but it can only increase that variable at a set rate? and a modification? my brother in Christ it's an entirely seperate machine, you can literally remove the card swiper and still program and use it
Seeker227 Hace 2 meses
@Toasty Toast Yup, but only one video on the subject lol. Don't want to do a lot of arcade videos and risk my job by saying something stupid
Toasty Toast
Toasty Toast Hace 2 meses
ESvid channel content checks out.
Chad F. Kennedy
Chad F. Kennedy Hace un mes
20:38 "Remember, the value of a product is only what someone is willing to pay for it." The Subjective Theory of Value, in a nutshell.
Brooksiebear19 Hace 22 días
I recently went to a classic arcade while on vacation that used quarters. And I found this machine where the quarter goes down the ramp and is practically guaranteed to land in the spinning holes worth anywhere from 8-35 tickets. As soon as it lands in the hole the tickets come flooding out of the machine, making me immediately spend all of the rest of my $10 worth of quarters at that machine. I had also partially spent them at the Big Bass wheels which sadly only dispensed receipts. Overall I earned: 1 Fun Dip, 1 or 2 Packs of Pop Rocks, 5 Lollipops, and 2 packs of knock-off legos of a flamingo and a turtle.
Amanda Krause
Amanda Krause Hace un mes
The part where he counted the earnings from his mug killed me 😂😂😂😂
Arrica Hace 2 meses
It's amazes me that even though this arcade is in Orlando Florida the local arcade here in Dunedin New Zealand has the exact same games. When he was showing the sort of tour of the games at the start he could have been in my local arcade. Do they just not make other games?
Alex Alex
Alex Alex Hace 2 meses
i love how drews strayed from the format of "talk about bad content" and now he just fucks around
L J Hace un mes
L J Hace un mes
@Drew Gooden that’s good
Kaila Toro
Kaila Toro Hace 2 meses
And he also, finds out. Which is science.
Charlie Coke
Charlie Coke Hace 2 meses
@Drew Gooden Honestly, as someone who's cleared out a lot of their "Talk about bad content" subscriptions, this and the last video are what got me to stick around. This is super entertaining and I look forward to/fear whatever you do next!
your comrade
your comrade Hace 2 meses
@Alex Alex ikr just watching the same old videos in which a ESvidr or a tiktoker is called dumb is way less fun then his new creative videos.
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