I Tried Unique Japanese Vending Machines In Tokyo

Safiya Nygaard
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So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping and we’re kicking it off with a tour of some of Tokyo's most interesting vending machines! Japan has a TON of vending machines that you can purchase a variety of goods from, and we visited 4 different machines all over the city to investigate some of the strange ones we had heard about. We got some canned bread, hornet larva, spicy snacks, hot soup in a can, and mystery box items from a ~creepy~ vending machine corner!
A huge thanks to RinRin for helping us! You can check her out here:
IG: instagram.com/rinrindoll/
ESvid: esvid.net/u-rinrindoll
English Channel: esvid.net/show-UCU8_LMvzzqBXNL-KXuE-D_w
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Hace 5 meses
HELLO FRIENDS!! happy friday! here is part ONE of our asia series, we had so much fun roaming around the city finding these vending machines and i hope you enjoy it as well! which machine was your favorite?? xoxo, saf
Clarissa Gomes
Clarissa Gomes Hace 4 días
Pancan is Panetone
Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson Hace 14 días
hay safiye nerdecrafter made you a bat
Tony Andreozzi
Tony Andreozzi Hace 15 días
It's not Friday it's Saturday lol
hilalspain1 Hace un mes
Hi I only watch your videos the way you speak specially when you say helllllllo I will reverse that so many times and really enjoy it. Please don’t change your unique style I love it so much. Thanks
KK's Lifestyle
KK's Lifestyle Hace 2 horas
Akirusu Hace 4 horas
Alright but like what would have happened if they went to the address they found
Pure Moonlight Productions
Rinrin: “it says something gross I don’t know if you want it in your thing” Me: “your thing 😂😂"
Lilly Green
Lilly Green Hace un día
Pop rock bootysalts that shit got me
Leroy VanAntwerp
Leroy VanAntwerp Hace un día
Don't ring those bells lol
Person The-Person
Person The-Person Hace 2 días
Is no one going to mention the underwear vending machines?
ZOYA WOW Hace 3 días
"pop rock booty salts " hahahahahah
Katie Glenn
Katie Glenn Hace 3 días
They make canned bread in the states too!
Michael Burton's - Wizard Of Oz Collection
"Pop Rock Booty Salts". I'm DEAD. 😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂
Clarissa Gomes
Clarissa Gomes Hace 4 días
Pancan is Panetone
_割伤 Hace 4 días
can you reveal the place of the address written with an screenshot of how it looks like on google maps?
Siyanah Finke—Shaheed
After trying to find the video of the romen vending machine I found out that Tyler was right the k books moved after looking at the romen video I saw a poster by the machine that said boss I checked safiyas video and saw the same poster in the background . Also I love your vids
Divine Potatoe gacha
It's crazy how saf fly to Tokyo just for the vending machines
batoul cute
batoul cute Hace 4 días
The psychic said that your career will be best during May to June
William Griffiths
William Griffiths Hace 4 días
Was it just me or did anyone else turn captions on to see if it actually said ‘rinrin groaning’? Right, it’s just me then
Amy Rose
Amy Rose Hace 5 días
Bells- in Japan ringing them wards off spirits
Abigail McCreary
Abigail McCreary Hace 5 días
It's just a prank, *Brueah* (I win :3)
Kiut_ Kathya
Kiut_ Kathya Hace 6 días
Ok, I'm hooked on this channel, something about Safiya makes me want to watch more videos 😊
Random User
Random User Hace 6 días
This vending machine has insects and really spicy foods that is dangerous Safiya: Alright let's buy some of those This creepy place that has tons of vending machines is a thing Safiya:Let's go there This vending machine sells soup that you don't if it still safe to eat or not Safiya:oooh I wanna try that
Hearth Hedgehogs
Hearth Hedgehogs Hace 7 días
next time you are in Japan you shouldn't walk and eat they find it rude. like so she can see!
Phersephøn Nølthstin
Apparently a lot of people treat can bread like an enigma but I grew up eating it in Alaska
Sayerdify Hace 7 días
FYI There's canned bread at The Vermont Country Store, and it's pretty good but it is heavy, not light and airy like the PanCan.
Cindy Nel
Cindy Nel Hace 7 días
21:44, 23:35, the painting on the corner of the building is still there, and the Boss coffee vending machine too.
Cindy Nel
Cindy Nel Hace 7 días
And also adult toys and underwear.
Stephanie Gunnison
Stephanie Gunnison Hace 8 días
They sell canned bread in the USA it’s by a brand b&m and they have one called brown bread and another that’s brown bread with raisins it’s mostly sold in the northeast..I haven’t seen it anywhere else but I grew up in New England and grew up eating it lol it’s not the best but it’s an option you could probably buy it online
Izzy M
Izzy M Hace 8 días
The way she said Akihabara 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shasha8674 Hace 8 días
Gluten in bread may hurt intestines so less nutrients absorb.
Fajriation Hace 8 días
There is one unique vending machine that I found recently, Egg vending machine esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-gICGjK4FLKk.html
Aanagram Hace 8 días
Squidward- Is an octopus- With 6 tenticles- -_-
J B Hace 8 días
In the US they sell B&M Brown bread. It's in the same area as the canned baked beans. It's really delicious! images.app.goo.gl/xMwR68LteZPGDZWo6
SadMøøn Hace 8 días
*Theres a warning here* *Saf immediately dash out*
Itzmeh owen
Itzmeh owen Hace 8 días
I love how she say alright
fullmichalalchemist Hace 8 días
So me and my fiance saw the video and since we were going to Japan we decided to go to the special vending machine. It was hard to find since the park was big! But when we found it it was a success for us!! We tried all of the things in the machine 🤣 We wanted to thank you for the video! 😍
Master Jennifer
Master Jennifer Hace 10 días
I can't even eat some damn hot cheetos. That'd be a death sentence for me. 🥵☠😂
The Original Creature Features
FYI there is canned bread in the USA. It's a midwestern sort of thing as the air pressure can change too much to make your own or you keep it in the storm cellar.
Janelle Cavil
Janelle Cavil Hace 11 días
You must have a strong stomach, I would be scared to get food poisoning
Daddy Hace 7 días
Do you ever eat at any restaurants, anyone’s else’s home, or anything out of a can? If so what makes you think it’s safe to eat but in Japan a country that prides it’s self on safety being cleanliness isn’t?
CdrBystro Hace 12 días
"It's just a prank, it's not creepy..." yeah, but has anyone seen Emily in a video since? hehe, this was fun, thanks.
iiiToxic_ Tears
iiiToxic_ Tears Hace 12 días
Rinrin (hope I’m spelling that right) is adorable😂💗
DJ Scoots
DJ Scoots Hace 13 días
Anyone else wanted to see the pizza vending machine
Olivia Kwok
Olivia Kwok Hace 14 días
My auntie from Indonesia tried a spoonful of the hottest sauce at Nando’s and all she said was: “salty” 😳
Awkward Raccoon
Awkward Raccoon Hace 14 días
Your travels and career are goals for me
iiPastel_Ava Hace 14 días
18:09 “And like a little *funhousey*.” 19:08 “This feels like *Escape The Night*.” me : *cries in escape the night*
Merri Cross
Merri Cross Hace 15 días
Vending machines: exist Japan: HmMmMmmM what can we put in you?
Norlanth Tiemeth
Norlanth Tiemeth Hace 15 días
No you were walking and drinking, bad! It's considered inappropriate in Japan to walk while drinking and eating.
Grace Amble
Grace Amble Hace 15 días
i jokingly said hi in Japanese to my dog and she walked away from me
Mohammed Badran
Mohammed Badran Hace 15 días
So everyone wants to ignore the fact that Safiyah is incredibly gorgeous??! Oh ok
Christine W
Christine W Hace 16 días
I was addicted to those 'Wonda' coffees from the vending machines when I was in Tokyo.
Timothy Freeman
Timothy Freeman Hace 16 días
For the future I recommend not using water 💧 to chase spicy anything. It acts like oil and water in a kitchen fire 🔥 . If you want to quell the heat of a spice use something like milk. Bread can help too but milk 🥛 is more of a fat that acts like a base to the spice’s acidic nature 🧪. It will neutralize and subside the burning 🥵 sensation. Tums is a solid base which is why it works will against acid reflux.
laryedus Hace 16 días
RinRin is sooooooo HO0T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ron Thompson
Ron Thompson Hace 16 días
Rin Rin she adorable very cute and honest about what she likes thanks for sharing guys.
Liv Hace 16 días
I'm sorry but Rinrin is the the cutest thing ever
Zac Allen
Zac Allen Hace 17 días
Uh oh Stinky
Uh oh Stinky Hace 17 días
Pop rock booty salts
vulkein Hace 17 días
Rinrin is adorable. i need her in my life
Kitty Hace 17 días
>_> we have canned bread in America too
Sameh Mahmoud
Sameh Mahmoud Hace 17 días
It's the funnies video of I've ever seen
Ema Iwata
Ema Iwata Hace 17 días
U look like Naomi Scott.
Tami O
Tami O Hace 17 días
She keeps wearing shirts without bottoms.... is that a trend for people in their 30’s now? Edit: RinRin is so super cute (& wearing bottoms lol)
crazy maniac
crazy maniac Hace 18 días
Am I the only one who thinks she had tried it
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