I Tried Wedding Dresses Through History

Safiya Nygaard
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Hello friends! So as some of you may know, I am engaged, betrothed, and affianced - and so I hereby introduce you to part 1 of our 4 part wedding video series! Being the fashion history enthusiast that I am, I decided to do a little exploration into wedding dresses through history and try on 5 authentic vintage wedding dresses (with era-appropriate hairstyling, makeup, and bouquets to boot!) - ranging from the Victorian Era to the 1980s! Which look was your favorite?
Cici Andersen
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Hace 9 meses
HELLO FRIENDS! so sorry for the delay here, there has been ~a lot~ going on! Here I present to you part 1 of our 4-part wedding series :) I hope you enjoy! Which look was your favorite?
NiNi Na
NiNi Na Hace 19 días
Definitely the 40s. :)
Emma Gray
Emma Gray Hace 24 días
It’s fine
Beth Knight
Beth Knight Hace 29 días
I really enjoyed this. Thanks!
jmdmcarr Hace un mes
I'm in love with the 20's and 40's dresses!
blem Hace un mes
literally every single one
Club1920s-Roleplay Hace 11 minutos
OMG you looked authentic in every era.... kudos to the makup artist!!!
I like No# Two best.
Laurie Galteland
Laurie Galteland Hace un día
Excess exemplified.
Brad Moyse
Brad Moyse Hace un día
God this was funny.You two are great.Loved you in the 40's dress.Looked great on you.
Gabrielle A.
Gabrielle A. Hace un día
The first dress reminds me of Anne of Green Gables and her love for puff sleeves.
Priyanshi Gupta
Priyanshi Gupta Hace un día
Can you be my history teacher??
silsilsilly Hace un día
In the 80s wedding dress with this make up you resemble deanna troi of star trek the next generation, a bit :)
silsilsilly Hace un día
Over here in Netherlands a lot of ladies married in a dress from used parachute fabric during the war. A lot was rationed and hard to get and that fabric was left over after allied landed. So eventually the confiscated for the army- silk made it to be a wedding dress after all :) .
orangecountydebra Hace 2 días
You look like Siouxsie Sioux in the 20’s garb 🙌🏼
gayferre Hace 2 días
okay so that 1940s look on safiya 😍
CR 92
CR 92 Hace 3 días
I love the reference to Haunted Mansion. BTW, the bride's name is Constance Hatchaway.
Carol Weaver
Carol Weaver Hace 3 días
I wore the 60's wedding dress with 300 attending our wedding and my husband was in the Navy. It was in Red, White, and Blue Theme and the runer down the church was Red, and I wore White and my husband in the Blue Sailor outfit. I wore pearls and lace and the queen look you might say with Hooped slip and the full look and I was quite thin, and so it did look alright for me or anyone perhaps thinner to wear a fuller look at the bottom, and of course it went to the ankles and had White cloth-covered heels. Lace on arms, and down the front with pearls over it, and my husband bought me Pearl earrings sn necklace, and yet he had no idea of what I was wearing. Soo on our wedding day during the ceremony. I wore them and they were perfect with the neckline and needed the earrings! So perfect! I had a matching White lacy pocketbook to hold money for the money dance. A Bouquet that was shaped like an ANCHOR ( for the husband being in the navy and it is a symbol for HOPE) and the flowers were in Red, White, and Blue and the middle was a corsage to be worn for Honeymoon. So it could be lifted out. Maid Of Honor wore a bouquet shaped like the Wheel of the ship. This wedding took place in the later 60's. Loved looking at all of the gowns through the ages. Thank you for taking us on this journey. I loved them all but think the first one and the 80's were my favorites. I know you were not so excited over the 80's but it looked different perhaps tho those who were just able to see it from another point of view? The 1920's was very nice too, but not to fond of the 'long' strand of flowers. Too easy to trip over.
Madi Ward
Madi Ward Hace 3 días
Me: *Sees 60's hair wig thing* Also me: "That's why her hair is so big..." "Its full of SECRETS"
Caroline C
Caroline C Hace 3 días
My grandma wore a miniskirt to her wedding and I remember when I first heard that she did that I thought she was crazy
gawainethefirst Hace 3 días
In any era, your husband is a blessed man.
D D Hace 4 días
Since I love the 1940's style back then, you look the most beautiful! I love that dress on you.
Barb Wright
Barb Wright Hace 4 días
My Mom got married in 1941 and her dress looked like the one she is wearing.
Barb Wright
Barb Wright Hace 4 días
I like the 20’s look. Cute
Jannatul Usha
Jannatul Usha Hace 4 días
do a video on try on Asian wedding dresses. I would love to see you on Asian bride's outfit.
H C Hace 4 días
I really dont get the taste in 1980s, its like it was trying to put every styles in the dress except for princess D. Love the 1940's all of them look pin up women.
Da_Yanti. F.
Da_Yanti. F. Hace 4 días
If I don't have this kind of relationship, I don't want it
Whitney G
Whitney G Hace 5 días
These were wonderful, as per usual, Safiya, love the content you create. My first marriage was completely traditional. I was a teenaged bride (19), it was 1990, a horrible time for bridal fashion. I wore my great-grandmother's pearl choker, my grandmother's own wedding shoes from her 1946 wedding to my grandfather (they were the most beautiful shoes, silk cream kitten-heeled size 6, we have small feet), my other grandmother lent me her hair clip that she was given by her own mother who was given the jeweled clip by her own parents as a wedding gift (my paternal grandma had 4 older sisters who all wore the clip, as did the majority of their own daughters, my grandmother was the youngest so she became next holder of the clip, my aunts & cousins all wore it, as my daughter will when she marries next summer), the clip was placed on the back of my head & my mother's veil was attached to it, my future mother-in-law lent me diamond earrings that were passed down from her grandmother & mother. I also wore a small pin that my father bought my mother for their first Valentine's Day together, weren't even married yet. Finally, the morning of my wedding, my soon-to-be sister-in-law & bridesmaid, knocked on my bedroom door as I put last minute items in a bag before heading to the church for the wedding. She handed me a small box that was the famous Tiffany blue & tied with sheer white ribbon edged in satin, the box was small, flat & from Tiffany's. A wedding gift from my groom from the store I always stop & look in all the windows, but never go inside (I only go in when a very important gift is required). My future husband gave me a stunning diamond tennis bracelet to wear for the first time of many, at our wedding. I put a penny in my shoe & my bridal lingerie was of the palest blue, it was such an amazing collaboration of heirlooms worn with new items, all making it one of the most memorable days of my life.
mini mei
mini mei Hace 5 días
I love the 20s and 60s fashion in general. They seem much more lively to me. When I look around nowadays, I see jeans with a t-shirt and/or hoodie with sneakers (men and women) and the occasional dress in summer. It just seems kinda bland to me compared to those pictures from the 60s. But I'm wearing the same stuff, so I can hardly complain.
Firebrand Hace 5 días
The 1960's looks like Winona Ryder 😭💕
KMF Hace 5 días
You need a different color background
KMF Hace 5 días
The second one looks really good on you
comet1227 Hace 6 días
What a lovely video!
sharon tisherman
sharon tisherman Hace 6 días
Pooja Bommireddipalli
Elizabeth Taylor's side profile kinds looks like Safiya. Pause at 1:15
Aria Shaw
Aria Shaw Hace 6 días
In my opinion the best part of the wedding is *the cake*
Anne Tran
Anne Tran Hace 6 días
Dresses:old Virus:Corona Hotel:Trivago I’m late :/
Fennec moonlight Fox
I love the 1920 wedding dress
sandra scanlan
sandra scanlan Hace 7 días
I love the 60’s
T Meeten
T Meeten Hace 8 días
Loved you in the 1940's war time dress. Really suited you.
ABBY DUVALL Hace 8 días
Saf just got that dress in the previous video I watched. I clicked here and was shook
Sarah Fredericks
Sarah Fredericks Hace 8 días
I loved the Dwight line :D
Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson Hace 8 días
Has Saf included a pic of Cilla Black in the 60’s mini dresses?!?
Linda Zelepugas
Linda Zelepugas Hace 8 días
My favorite dress on you is the 40's dress
Alyssa Martin
Alyssa Martin Hace 8 días
Safiya can be a good history teacher. Just sayin
Rebecca Hicks
Rebecca Hicks Hace 8 días
Diana's 80's wedding dress worked. The rest of them didn't.
Rebecca Hicks
Rebecca Hicks Hace 8 días
If I can be nitpicky...you said in the 20s women started walking themselves down the aisle "for the first time." The Catholic tradition never was for the woman to be walked down by the father. (Although many Catholics do it this way especially in the USA due to influence from the surrounding culture).
Ruthanne Phillips
Ruthanne Phillips Hace 8 días
Sorry to sound bizarre. You are too Adorable !
Erhajelllll Hace 8 días
Reminds me of the Sherlock episode “abominable bride”
Jasmine Dubois
Jasmine Dubois Hace 9 días
I can HEAR the 80s wedding dress.
Alba Hace 9 días
That 1940's dress was gorgeous!!
sweetea’ Hace 9 días
16:02 - 16:06 Does anyone know where this clip comes from, because I have seen it before but I am unable to remember where
Ruby Hobbit
Ruby Hobbit Hace 10 días
this helps me with trying to find my wedding dress. However my wedding isnt for another 2 years but this was still very helpful thanks
Marlena thorvald
Marlena thorvald Hace 10 días
I don't like any of them
John Tough
John Tough Hace 10 días
The 1940's aprony thing is called a peplum.
Ann Menzzasalma
Ann Menzzasalma Hace 10 días
My mother married 1941 and wore a beautiful long wedding gown and huge bouquet. They were poor wonder where they got the money for the wedding and gown. Anyway loved the video, you and your boyfriend.
Salt Marie
Salt Marie Hace 10 días
Seduui Hace 11 días
18:01 Oh my god she looks just like Billie Catherine Lourd from AHS season 9
Jazzy Gurl!
Jazzy Gurl! Hace 11 días
you would have been an amazing silent screen star....you had the expressions down pat!
Fiona Hilt
Fiona Hilt Hace 11 días
The funny thing about her Irish dance comment is that the 20s headpiece looks a lot like modern Irish dance headpieces
Chloe Maxwell
Chloe Maxwell Hace 11 días
Alternate title: Safiya and Tyler laughing about and making references that 11 yrs old me wouldn't ever understand. ( btw I'm still 11. Phrasing it like that makes it sound like I'm older now.)
Chloe Maxwell
Chloe Maxwell Hace 11 días
"Catch me outside, how 'bout dat? Wrong trend hon.
*Chefs Kiss*
*Chefs Kiss* Hace 12 días
“Sears said no” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Victoria Jean-Pierre
Victoria Jean-Pierre Hace 12 días
Do you have part 2?
Alicia Gervaise
Alicia Gervaise Hace 12 días
My grandmother was a nurse and when she married in 1947 one of her patients offered to let her borrow her dress.
Rachael Kirkland
Rachael Kirkland Hace 13 días
17:23 Safiya suddenly looks like the mean lady on the bike in The Wizard of Oz
Im Christina Duhh
Im Christina Duhh Hace 13 días
then the Queen of England was young: 8:05
Elena IllyDragonfly
Elena IllyDragonfly Hace 13 días
'There was affinity for fur'... missed opportunity to say 'there was furaffinity' (which is literally a website for people who like also furry XD)
D. V.
D. V. Hace 13 días
22:17 where's the promissed sitcom?!
marsha domingo
marsha domingo Hace 14 días
Ang Gaganda ng mga Damit dati❤️Pti Hairstyle 😍👌
Neha Gupta
Neha Gupta Hace 14 días
Where is indian 🙄😒
Balaji Reddy
Balaji Reddy Hace 9 días
She said in the beginning.. That she is focusing on American wedding dresses... Please watch and comment
Esmerelda Peabody Jones
I was a professional bridal gown designer and seamstress back in the 80s and I can't tell you how many huge poufy headpieces / veils I made! You hit the nail on the head! But I will take issue with "leg of mutton" sleeves. Have only ever heard/seen it as "leg o' mutton".
Sunflower Plays
Sunflower Plays Hace 15 días
Petition to bring back throwing shoes at newlyweds Let’s make it interesting
Loost jams Stans
Loost jams Stans Hace 15 días
Susan Cole
Susan Cole Hace 15 días
Just happened across this video.....SUCH FUN! Are all your videos this great? !
Balaji Reddy
Balaji Reddy Hace 9 días
Cyn McCollum
Cyn McCollum Hace 15 días
The 40's dress, and the 60's dress, both need to be in your wardrobe. You looked awesome in them. And already saw the wedding dress(es), which I loved.
Robert Stevenson
Robert Stevenson Hace 16 días
I noticed not once did you ask your fiancée what he would like
Robert Stevenson
Robert Stevenson Hace 16 días
40s dress is beautiful, elegant and sexy, Most bridal gowns throughout history are curiously ugly, no attention paid to what the the groom might like
Valerie Smolsky
Valerie Smolsky Hace 16 días
History class, LiTeRlLy!
T Rob
T Rob Hace 17 días
Hey new sub here. Great video!
Maureen Callahan
Maureen Callahan Hace 17 días
That 80s dress and headgear is ugly. Poor 80s brides.
Hussain Virk
Hussain Virk Hace 17 días
7:16 Saf is a vampire
Jessica Hace 17 días
OMG. The bouquet for the 1920s is gorgeous!
Scarletticus Enstrom
Scarletticus Enstrom Hace 17 días
Safiya : "Nothing wrong with mullet vibes" Me : *unsubscribes at the speed of sound*
S_Mai Hace 18 días
i just noticed how much safiya looks like mom in this video wtf
Dee Hace 18 días
the headpiece is a no though .. I was married in 1988 .. the bell sleeves.. and huge hoop .. I am feeling it
Donna Bailey
Donna Bailey Hace 18 días
Yatta yatta yatta. DAMIT! Get to the gowns and shut up!
Lauren Page
Lauren Page Hace 19 días
I wanted a ballroom gown...product of the 80's baby!
Sue Cox
Sue Cox Hace 19 días
A lot of fun--beautiful and educational, too! (And that 40s style looks great on you.)
jmsjackie Hace 19 días
I was one of those millions who watched the royal wedding and I HATED her dress with those humongous bows and all that frou frou. The train, the veil, the romance, that I loved. Her sleeves, not at all. I had a dress I had found I forget when, had to be before her wedding, that was simply gorgeous, with lots of lace, and the bottom hem was about four to five inches of lace. I don't recall the rest of the dress, but that was my favorite. Had I ever gotten married, I'd have looked for something like that.
Nadia The Randomizer
Nadia The Randomizer Hace 19 días
OMG at 12:16 that silent film looks animated!
AJ Nagle
AJ Nagle Hace 21 un día
Safiya, Love your videos.....have to make "stuffy" point Re: White fabric availability though. White has always been available in most every textile form---silks, linens were bleached. When you get to the dark end of the spectrum dyes became unstable, but WOW----you could wrap the globe a thousand times with the amount of white fabrics women used in just their undergarments in the 18th/19th century :-) White could be boiled and thus was easily cleaned and more durable than dyed fabrics that may NEVER see laundering in the life of the garment. I'd venture to say the if the 19th century gown you look so stunning in was original----it would most likely never have been cleaned in it's original lifetime! Modern dry-clean techniques would suit, but silks were spot cleaned, powdered for "food/grease" stains and hung out to freshen between wearings. Ladies relied on care for the outside of their garments and layers of clean white undergarments to wick away moisture/sweat/body grime from the inside.
flo chalmers
flo chalmers Hace 21 un día
The sixties one reminds me of Amy Winehouse... like if you agree
Sarmistha Goswami
Sarmistha Goswami Hace 21 un día
I love the 1940s dress
Desire Cloete
Desire Cloete Hace 21 un día
That last one you look like the daughter of Michael Corleone from the godfather 😀😉
Cricket H
Cricket H Hace 21 un día
When she said “iTs NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe” I wondered if simplynailogical aka cristine had possessed safiya
Yeya Music
Yeya Music Hace 21 un día
I see ya including people of color in the vintage pics I like that Safiya 💖
Yeya Music
Yeya Music Hace 21 un día
The 40s hair looks so flattering on you!
Lily Liu
Lily Liu Hace 21 un día
I swear I learn more in your videos than I do in school
Macy Bowles
Macy Bowles Hace 22 días
Priscilla Presley and Sharon Tate had some of the most iconic wedding looks of the 60s.
Sierra Hace 23 días
The first dress’ sleeves remind me of my second costume when I did my first play. I was the Queen of Hearts and had poofy sleeves and a hat (her hair with a little hat on top) stuffed with plastic bags to keep it from flopping. I loved that dress (says me who hates dresses 😂) and I had a little choker with it. (Loved that too)
Hussain Virk
Hussain Virk Hace 25 días
I honestly want her to make this a series and in each episode follow the trends of different cultures ( after the COVID stuff is over of course)
Paris_Dragøn Hace 25 días
When she was in the wedding dress for the 40,s she looked like Peggy Carter
Kamila Gesing
Kamila Gesing Hace 26 días
19:38 this dress look more like a tampon... 😂
Cheryl Gray
Cheryl Gray Hace 26 días
This was fantastic!
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