I Was Able To Make It!!! The Marines!

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Congratulations guys. So proud of your accomplishments and thank you so much for what you stand for and what you will do for our country.
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11 feb 2019

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K Ship
K Ship Hace un día
That brought back memories of my husband's boot camp graduation october 2001. Gave me chills.
Colton Marten
Colton Marten Hace 5 días
He was standing at parade rest lol
Ed Der
Ed Der Hace 5 días
Really awesome what you did! You have no idea what that meant to those marines! I’ll be honest, I like some of your videos, but I was never a big fan. But what you did for these guys put lump in my throat. My basic was only 6 weeks, ( wasn’t really big deal for me, until I saw my mom and nephew. I got a little emotional. For the kids that are straight from high school, this is the most difficult thing they’ve ever endured. Now that they made it, Having a celebrity, or someone else I look up to being there to congratulate me.... that would’ve been over the top. You may not think it was a big deal, but trust me, you kept your promise. That’s HUGE to us, ESPECIALLY a Marine! Thank you for what you did! Subscribed!
The Gonzo Fam
The Gonzo Fam Hace 6 días
Wish you went to my graduation :( lol
Scott Mac Kenzie
Scott Mac Kenzie Hace 6 días
WHAT?! that man speaking was my senior drill instructor Ssgt Zahorak. What a legend! The man is a damn animal. He put the fear of god in us. Awesome times
Brent Ford
Brent Ford Hace 8 días
Everyone gets stuck in Dallas :(
Andrew Breese
Andrew Breese Hace 9 días
As a Marine I can say that you going to family day was huge for those guys, BUT I will say that the graduation the fallowing day was one hell of a show to miss. But I understand you got a schedule to Keep as well.
Randy Glover
Randy Glover Hace 10 días
Love this video it doesn’t get any more American than that
Miles Hennis
Miles Hennis Hace 10 días
6 weeks? I was in the Marines and boot camp is 3 months more like 12 weeks! Wow the USMC has changed! They graduate in shorts now? We were in full uniform.
isaiah martindale
isaiah martindale Hace 10 días
Miles Hennis it’s still 13 weeks
Snipersrule 8532
Snipersrule 8532 Hace 11 días
I was at that recruit depot for a program called devil pups
Bonnie Marron
Bonnie Marron Hace 12 días
Thank you for attending the Marine Corps "Friends and Family Day" Graduation Matt, you made several Marines very Happy! Navy Mom🇺🇸
Brandon Pruitt
Brandon Pruitt Hace 14 días
I'm dying, I love how they just default to parade rest haha
Brandon Pruitt
Brandon Pruitt Hace 14 días
This is the most ridiculous things I've seen, super random video cool though
Annika the Amputee
Annika the Amputee Hace 15 días
Its awesome that you took time to go to family day to some guys you met at the airport. I remember keeping my head down and not making eye contact with anyone when I was leaving for bootcamp back in 2017. Btw, Parris Island graduations (South Carolina) is 3x the size because it is males and females.
XFS AngelOfDeath
XFS AngelOfDeath Hace 16 días
Felt like I was just marching across the parade deck graduating yesterday. Memories watching this
XFS AngelOfDeath
XFS AngelOfDeath Hace 16 días
Logan Czarnota
Logan Czarnota Hace 16 días
My dream is to be a pilot in the marine Corp and my dad was a marine plane captain but I have a long time to go before I can go in
Paul Auten
Paul Auten Hace 17 días
This brought back memories, I graduated june 2011 Still feels like yesturday lol
duenge Hace 17 días
Seeing you make the special effort to see these guys brought tears to my eyes...You, Dr., are a good man....
DDog852 Hace 17 días
Damnit I was the next company from 2nd battalion to graduate I would have loved to meet you in person I'm currently at mcrd right now damnit Matt!!!! Haha but thank you for your support of the us military I am also glad to be apart of your demolitia oorah!
Scottie Barnes
Scottie Barnes Hace 17 días
First off love the channel. I’m, 17 from Oregon, going to MEPS in 16 days and then USMC BC 8/19/20. Anybody got any advice.
Jason Rideout
Jason Rideout Hace 15 días
Just be the best man you can be for your brother's in arms. As they will give you the best they are to you..its not about you it's all about the man by your side..
Mahesvara Hace 17 días
Here I'am still tryna talk to my family joining the Army. At 17 but they send me to the church to clean.
Connor Hoovler
Connor Hoovler Hace 17 días
Wish he came to my grad back in the day :(
Teufel Hund
Teufel Hund Hace 17 días
6 weeks!?! Did boot camp get shorter? I was there from October 18, 1993 to January 7, 1994. That's 11 weeks.
Devil Dog
Devil Dog Hace 17 días
Wow this is so cool for you to do Sir ! This is a special day for these young Marines ! Simper Fi
David Walstrom
David Walstrom Hace 18 días
Kilton Korthank
Kilton Korthank Hace 18 días
I’ve stayed in that hotel before lol
YetiAnimations Hace 18 días
He said his main demographic is 18 year old boys, try 7 years younger Matt
ronald berari
ronald berari Hace 18 días
6:32 the drill instructor was my senior drill instructor for a while since our original senior drill instructor had family issues
Sawyer Ryks
Sawyer Ryks Hace 18 días
My brother is in listed he graduated 1 year before this he graduated from this boot camp
J.P. King
J.P. King Hace 19 días
Maggot missed a belt loop 13:30... needs an ass chewin
Gregory Yovane
Gregory Yovane Hace 19 días
This is literally the most kind and inspiring man in the world I aspire to be like him some day ❤️
Ksweezy96 Hace 19 días
demo ranch at a graduation? Shit... I wish... almost 5 years ago
Samantha Simental
Samantha Simental Hace 19 días
Did you serve in the military.
Cassandra White
Cassandra White Hace 19 días
Ok I’m bawling. Talk about a flash back. My Son is a Marine. Remember his graduation as if it were yesterday. Been over 10 yrs and he is no long in the Corps, sadly. He misses it a lot. Have tried convincing him to re-enlist while he still has that option. Thank you for showing up to support theses outstanding young men. Sometimes there are young Marines who have no family or some reason they can’t attend. We all made sure to include those at my Son’s family and friends day. There is nothing like those 2 days. Again Thank You Matt and Meredith. From a Devil Dawg Momma.
Bryson D. Glass
Bryson D. Glass Hace 19 días
I am 20 from Oklahoma leaving for Air Force BMT in October 1, 2019. Wish me luck
Alexander Greco
Alexander Greco Hace 14 horas
Training for the USAF is easier than most, you'll do good I assure you
Bryson D. Glass
Bryson D. Glass Hace 7 días
Tim Crenshaw security forces gonna hopefully become an MP then get my bachelors in law enforcement
Tristan Hales
Tristan Hales Hace 7 días
Reagan Lincoln thank you. My first drill went really good. I think I’m going to like it.
Reagan Lincoln
Reagan Lincoln Hace 7 días
Good Luck. And thank you ALL for your service.
Reagan Lincoln
Reagan Lincoln Hace 7 días
@Tristan Hales good luck
Sri Yantra
Sri Yantra Hace 19 días
One of the best surprise bombs that I like to use is Rolling a can of Chunky soup into a camp fire! You want to see a fire get blown apart and a massive bang! Beans work well too, however ppl get a little pissed off when they are covered in burning hot beans!
James Murphy
James Murphy Hace 20 días
I'm so glad you got to do that for the Marines I'm an ex-navy man myself
Jared Unger
Jared Unger Hace 20 días
Brought back so many memories. 1028/ Charlie Co.
grant johnson
grant johnson Hace 20 días
I graduated July 24, 1992. That brought back some memories.
Chase Golubski
Chase Golubski Hace 21 un día
That's cool. I'm going to boot camp myself this August 12.
Njm Hace 17 días
AY im leaving August 5th to MCRD San Diego
Gargantuan Moist
Gargantuan Moist Hace 19 días
Dan Dominski
Dan Dominski Hace 21 un día
This is awesome!! Glad I was able to see you at my graduation, I was Platoon 2142/G, and I remember looking over and seeing you there on family day, but I was with my family that I hadn’t seen in 13 weeks, so I didn’t go up to, but it was awesome nonetheless!!
Roy Paul Carter
Roy Paul Carter Hace 21 un día
Very cool of you brother. I know that meant a lot to those devil pups. I was a Marine for 27 years.
chilli bunghole
chilli bunghole Hace 19 días
Thank you for your service
Jared Matthew
Jared Matthew Hace 21 un día
MCRD San Diego same place i trained
Deb/Mike DelFrari
Deb/Mike DelFrari Hace 21 un día
Please delete the music so a person can hear what is happening,please!
Kuckie Vlogs
Kuckie Vlogs Hace 21 un día
I leave for boot camp August 12. 18 years old from South Dakota
JuniorGyrene Hace 9 días
u leave today
Kuckie Vlogs
Kuckie Vlogs Hace 18 días
Despain thank you! Ik i can do it, ik it will be challenging, but i am up for it! Semper fi
Despain Hace 18 días
You will be fine. I am an old Marine. Just focus...the mind games are the bad part. Go For It!
Kirb Hace 19 días
Honk Honk
Honk Honk Hace 21 un día
How can their School of infantry and MOS training not be a set amount of time. In my country there are specific things you need to learn to be able to graduate and basic training is 4 months while the SoI/MOS is 8 months afterwards, so you HAVE to spend 1 year before going to a standing company
Poodle Man
Poodle Man Hace 22 días
Mad respect for all these guys and to you Matt for support
Jake Carvalho
Jake Carvalho Hace 22 días
Semper Fidelis!
Mountianman Hace 22 días
You made the effort, which probably means more to those guys you met than actually getting to see them. You would have made a great Marine Matt. Semper Fi.
Allen lee
Allen lee Hace 22 días
Matt , Thanks for being there for our young Americans , Marines be careful ..love you all!
wvboy0311 Hace 23 días
Thats so much different frim when I graduated parris island in 2004
wvboy0311 Hace 23 días
They are recruits ntill they get the ega placed in their hand by their di,s then they are a marine and once a marine always marine semper fidelis
J Hace 24 días
Good form Matt!!
Dennis Brennan
Dennis Brennan Hace 27 días
Graduated Lima company 3093 in 2004 from San Diego
Jacob Beem
Jacob Beem Hace un mes
My brother graduated there a month later
Joshua Robbins
Joshua Robbins Hace un mes
I really wish his shows were actually longer. Half hour intervals would be great. Not too long but not so short.
okpyles Hace un mes
Andres Drayton
Andres Drayton Hace un mes
I'm joining the Marines.
john whitesnake
john whitesnake Hace un mes
your pants are lose and your boots are tight your balls are swinging from left to right sound off!
G3tSmurf3dUSMC Hace 2 meses
Semper Fi recruits! Way to support those young men Matt!!
Myron Mott
Myron Mott Hace 2 meses
joel orozco
joel orozco Hace 2 meses
Con Joe
Con Joe Hace 2 meses
I'm a farmer, i really don't get it when people say cow shite is smelly😂 cool you went to that graduation
Daniel Wilczak
Daniel Wilczak Hace 2 meses
Semper Fi Matt
MesserAaron13 Hace 2 meses
Honestly, i would be pissed to find out you were there to see me, then didnt 😂
Ryan Ramirez
Ryan Ramirez Hace 2 meses
love the music editing. Go marines
Garrick Taenzer
Garrick Taenzer Hace 2 meses
Matt bad ass video love ur support for our armed services but.. if u want a house on solar power come to Minnesota north shore ..... hoo rahh Marines M'fn badasses
freeda Hace 2 meses
2 long
The Sirmaddog
The Sirmaddog Hace 3 meses
Thanks for filming this... Brought back memories I graduated from there in Dec. 1989... I served until Aug. 1993... Now my oldest is serving in the Air Force
Justin Armstrong
Justin Armstrong Hace 3 meses
Watching this brought back memories I graduated from Great Lakes Training Center United States Navy in 1994 Semper Fi Marines by the way Matt that was awesome what you did from the bottom of my heart thank you
Sgt. Peanut
Sgt. Peanut Hace 3 meses
So awesome!!! Brings back so many memories from '96.
Sudhanshu Singh
Sudhanshu Singh Hace 3 meses
luv u sir .. huge respect from indian fan
koolinkid tech
koolinkid tech Hace 3 meses
paris island 2013 semper fi
Th3 r3al Polo
Th3 r3al Polo Hace 3 meses
Hell yah Matt I also graduated in early February but I graduated from mcrd Paris island! Ooooooorrrrrrrraaaaaawwww!!!🤙
Keith Melton
Keith Melton Hace 4 meses
Matt, you really are the best You-tuber!
Rickey Jones
Rickey Jones Hace 4 meses
My cousin was in that
Isaac Torres
Isaac Torres Hace 4 meses
My bro was in the class of the marine wen you were there. I saw you but I didn't know you that time
Donna Stowe
Donna Stowe Hace 4 meses
Matt got me in happy tears that he made it to see some of the boys!!!
Eric Zepeda
Eric Zepeda Hace 4 meses
That was awesome Matt...respect.
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