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After growing up in painful, abusive conditions, Aaron Stark was on his way to an atrocity, until simple acts of kindness changed his life forever. What is causing the rise of violence and are our current fears and solutions just making it worse? My name is Aaron stark. I am 39 years old with 4 children, 2 cats, one dog, and a beautiful wife. I am a stay at home dad; my wife is the breadwinner of the family. I am a comic book fan, a pop culture junkie, and a lover of the sciences. I have more knowledge about superheros, pro wrestling, and comedy than anyone really has a right to. After growing up in very abusive and violent circumstances followed by over a decade if personal recovery, I am now a happy family man. I recently shred a very personal story of my triumph over my past, and it has changed my life forever. My mission is to let people know that no matter how dark it may seem, there is light coming. We really are not alone. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx






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Erica Smith
Erica Smith Hace 9 horas
This is why I'm terrified of sending my kids to school when they are school age.
lorenzo Maino
lorenzo Maino Hace 12 horas
This made me cry.
Nathaniel Eric
Nathaniel Eric Hace 13 horas
Gucci Queen
Gucci Queen Hace 16 horas
Mh the part from minute 5 I agree to kind of disagree.. I mean I don’t know, people shouldn’t have guns period. But love cant stop someone from doing a massacre unfortunately it’s a very naive point of view. Safety just has to come before feelings sorry..
Yitzchak Notowitz
Yitzchak Notowitz Hace un día
What I say to this is that there is always time for him to still do it.
Dank Meme Master
Dank Meme Master Hace un día
Just imagine if he didnt meet Aaron
Jameson McCluskey
Jameson McCluskey Hace un día
like my life a little bit not really
twitch sickslurpie
twitch sickslurpie Hace un día
Great Video Seriously.
Namokus Hace un día
Pray for others like this ✌🏾🖤
Is anyone going to talk about how he died in a school shooting?
Jane Doh
Jane Doh Hace un día
There's an "almost school shooter" who's facing life in prison now. He will never get out. And he didnt kill 1 person.
Noorthern Hace un día
I want to be friends with him.
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S r b No , I would've never// by that time I met Arthur/ I was past it/ but no I wasing about killing ///
potawatadingdong Hace 3 días
I would've been his friend. I was in the same situation, moving from school to school. But mine was because of the military. I can't imagine what it'd be like having parents like that.
Astrid Macdonald
Astrid Macdonald Hace 3 días
'now im a happy family man im a father of 4 my wife and my daughter in the audience that almost made me cry and im really cold
Dusty Nottingham
Dusty Nottingham Hace 3 días
Him: I was almost school shooter Also him: *pulls out gun shoots ever one*
ducki on bread
ducki on bread Hace 3 días
woah man chill
a random kid
a random kid Hace 3 días
That is so sad
valkire jensen
valkire jensen Hace 3 días
7:19 my man stood up even doe he broke hes legs, respect
Martin Zhang
Martin Zhang Hace 3 días
Imagine if at the end he was like SIKE BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM
P1nkRosez Hace 4 días
Leland Kinsella
Leland Kinsella Hace 4 días
I grew up in Lakewood Colorado not far from North Denver. I got out of school on '95 and I can honestly say he's NOT kidding about how rough and gang infested North Denver was in those days! I'm happy he got through all those tough times.
LSConcerts Hace 4 días
Have respect for people that have mental health issues. They are not any less human regardless of what they say or how they behave. Correct them but never judge them. If we judge them or even worse, bully them we just make them spiral more downward and drive them to do even worse actions. Have empathy. We are all to blame. Never look down on a person unless you help them up. Being judgmental wont make you a better person but instead feeds the chemical imbalance in the depressed person's brain and it has the effect that YOU, the person who judges bullies or laughs about them, contributes to more negativity.
Jay Louden
Jay Louden Hace 4 días
They all immediately stopped clapping 👏 the moment he said and I quote “ I was almost a school shooter”
a random kid
a random kid Hace 3 días
Sad man
Paradox The antaganist
Great value Wedge from the mana source? is that you?
Jeramie Barker
Jeramie Barker Hace 4 días
Imagine if this guy had actually lived a rough life. ‘People were mean to me’ and ‘I didn’t have things’ isn’t real hardship. FOH.
KyTaco IReMiiiXeD
KyTaco IReMiiiXeD Hace 5 días
I'm still wondering what happened to the gun he bought..
Anna M
Anna M Hace 5 días
this made me so emotional. give the love to those who you think deserve it the least.
Anthony Stevenson
Anthony Stevenson Hace 5 días
Jack Dunning
Jack Dunning Hace 5 días
The people who disliked this were to busy crying to realise what they were doing
G uh CNBC GB Thanks
G uh CNBC GB Thanks Hace 5 días
Instead of turning the kids in why dont we turn the parents in and get that kid help 🤔
Awesome Alice
Awesome Alice Hace 5 días
You almost became a news star
Hello! I am tired
Hello! I am tired Hace 6 días
Aaron Stark I always give people the most respect I can, but up until this year, a lot of people hated me. I have a feeling the only reason they treat me nicely is because I lost 30 pounds as worked very hard over the summer to lose weight healthily (I used to have anorexia but it ended up making me gain weight). I’ve gotten to know more people and they are really nice to me now. There are only a few I really trust though. 1. The best friend I’ve had for years 2. Close friends who liked me just for me 3. The bully who used to torment me and my friends, but since I was nice to him, he has been so nice back to me. I’ve come to forgive him and we are good friends now. Not to mention, he is now one of the nicest people I know.
Joshua Shortt Herrera
this guy sounds like he could be the joker
a random kid
a random kid Hace 3 días
It would give him PTSD
Perun Hace 6 días
God bless him that’s all I can say his come such a far way in life.
chaniqua smith
chaniqua smith Hace 6 días
I hate white people.
crosscables Hace 6 días
Patricia Phillips
Patricia Phillips Hace 6 días
What is wrong with society that this can be a near miss ? I understand that it’s a way of trying to take back your sense of control over the uncontrollable. But if people could be given the space and recognition they so desperately need to feel like a a valuable human being, worthy of love and respect perhaps we could stop this horrendous catalogue of mayhem and deaths. As an afterthought: beware of damaged people they can be dangerous; as our speaker articulates so well.
Wolf Lord Edvard
Wolf Lord Edvard Hace 6 días
I'll find this guy. I'll find this guy, to give him a nice, long, warm HUG.
Aaron Stark
Aaron Stark Hace 6 días
Hello🙂 I'm the guy from the video. I'm not hard to find😃
Simon Grinde Drivdal
This talk is so amazing it's difficult to describe it.
Ryan W
Ryan W Hace 6 días
No matter what abuse, no matter what situation, no matter what else happens to you, SHOULDNT EVER CONSIDER A MASS SHOOTING ANYWAY
Da ri
Da ri Hace 6 días
A big big respect for this man, who has found strength to share his painful life story
Orion Pollux
Orion Pollux Hace 7 días
This guy should've had a grey direwolf on his shirt, for his namesake
Таинственная Матрёшка
"Love the ones you feel deserve it the least because they need it the most. It will help just as much as it helps them." Aaron Stark. Very very deep and powerful. Thank you Aaron
Juan Espinoza
Juan Espinoza Hace 7 días
Damn. I felt that. To an extent I can relate. We are the few who made it.
Таинственная Матрёшка
ur speech gave me chills its so real and it speaks to us all. Bro stay strong God loves you. You inspire many thank you for your beautiful speech. All my respect man.
Angry Bird
Angry Bird Hace 7 días
This guy is smart. I hate how people see neglected kids as threats instead of someone who needs a helping hand.
Angry Bird
Angry Bird Hace 7 días
It annoys me how people see these depressed, bullied, suicidal and neglected kids as threats instead of someone who needs help.
Drogon’s Slave
Drogon’s Slave Hace 7 días
Dang, for the woman who gave you life to tell you that she will help you get rid of it, has to be painful. I’m so sorry and so happy you survived and got through everything you went through.
Duye Hace 7 días
I have been doing this thing now where I watch stand-up comedy, and since this was the first video that ESvid recommended after watching one I go like: "Hmm. Dark humor, I like it". Then as he phrases the first sentence I realize this is not comedy, but I am going to watch it.
vesper y.
vesper y. Hace 7 días
I'm studying to be a teacher and I'm very interested in this topic. One of my first lessons was that violent environments cultivate violence. The actual school system is one that strives over kids being despersonalised, values the lack of personal expression and stimulates over competitive actions, which is source of exclusion and judgment. Imagine if schools became places of shelter, comfort and validation, that could've at least soothed MANY kids ( since family problems are a huge problem on it's own.) Schools are our first society.
Samin M
Samin M Hace 7 días
When is Ted gonna come and talk ??????
Eric Harris
Eric Harris Hace 7 días
And i was school shooter
Dylan Klebold
Dylan Klebold Hace 7 días
Oh that´s sad
Makhaya Maqeda
Makhaya Maqeda Hace 7 días
This guy actually almost killed alot of people on Tuesday...man
Captain Kennedy
Captain Kennedy Hace 7 días
These are lies I would make up when I use to get high
Ghostreaperlord Hace 8 días
this friend is an angel
MrGrape Hace 8 días
”I had a weight problem”
Drew Hace 8 días
i always come back to this video whenever im feeling depressed and worthless, its the only way i can express how sad i am as im so use to repressing just how depressed i am. its the only thing that lets me cry i love this story and its happy outcome
DaddyPimp Hace 8 días
No Russian
andy bauer
andy bauer Hace 8 días
This is a very brave man. He has heart.
Orlando Bustamante
Orlando Bustamante Hace 9 días
God Usa sucks
Panturbo Fanger
Panturbo Fanger Hace 9 días
Society-media double edged sword/labels stereotypes...fear, addiction, depression, anxiety, apathy, toxicity. Real Education only, please.
peachykeen08 Hace 10 días
Omg he made this speech infront of his wife and kids. Well I’m happy that he was even able to start a family after he had such a hard life. I’m also glad that his only friend was in the audience too.
b0n3l3ss Hace 11 días
DAmn he thicc
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Hace 9 días
DIO Hace 11 días
If he wore light-up sketchers, then we all know he was the only real chad at school.
Nikolai S. Svendsen
Nikolai S. Svendsen Hace 11 días
chrys Hace 11 días
Love the ones you feel deserve it the least, because they need it the most.
Da emo trinity Xheartxfingers
Sry i kinda went on a tangent.
Caelan Serrano
Caelan Serrano Hace 12 días
this was probably one of the best TED talks, I've ever seen. you can hear it came from his heart and that it was all real.
xartsy kpopx
xartsy kpopx Hace 12 días
he stuttered so much :( he’s suffered so much..
ItzzzMoxxxi X
ItzzzMoxxxi X Hace 13 días
Unrelated I want a Big Mac
Lee Bishop
Lee Bishop Hace 13 días
Total respect to you Aaron for telling your story
Identity Hace 13 días
Look at 7:16 even the guy with a crutch stood up and applauded
Kevin Morales
Kevin Morales Hace 13 días
4:00 that's terrifying. Please spread positivity and Awareness.
Lordkey51 Hace 13 días
So sad
Klerburt Hace 13 días
Execute order 66
Most Powerful Jedi Ever.
We must give love to everyone always first, as God loved us first. Thanks for such a beautiful and brave talk. God bless you.
kitdacraze Philly the Kraze
That's the reason why innocents being bully turn into a new breed Every person need a voice .....reach out for God ppl
Ixion Music
Ixion Music Hace 14 días
Thanks America, for criminalizing mental illness and creating school shooters
Fatou Mounzeo
Fatou Mounzeo Hace 14 días
"Love the person you think deserves it the least because he is the one that needs it the most" that one hit me
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