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Basically a mukbang.
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Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna Hace 6 meses
this was so fun to do 😭😭 every time i go back home, i always visit pizza joes. kasey was an incredible manager and an even better karaoke partner, and i’m so happy that we kept in touch all these years 🖤 steph was one of my best friends in high school and is now an incredibly hard working and loving mother who i also feel lucky to have kept in touch with all these years 🙌🏼 can’t wait for the next time i’m home to go visit and get yummy pizza and hugs, as always! also for those asking: no, we didn’t pay, we tried (and went in 10000% intending to even if i joked about not) but katie absolutely would t accept a dollar and instructed all the cashiers not to let us. she’s a lovely person and was just excited to have us there :)
Razer mix Ray
Razer mix Ray Hace 27 días
Gabbie Hanna Camera man?
Shanna Moxley
Shanna Moxley Hace 2 meses
Girl I just went to that pizza joes the other day they have the best veggie pizza plus they r the only one in this shit town that opens at 630a.m.
marie rosenfeldt khelet
is it just me who really wants that "im cheesy" t-shirt. Gabbie I need one
Familyfriendly PGclean
Wait your From Newcastle ? Oof London ;-;
Jenifer Hasychak
Jenifer Hasychak Hace 5 meses
Also I went to Wilmington so we loved our pizza Joe's!!
Kristen Younger
Kristen Younger Hace 3 días
I live in New Castle! It was so cool to see you come back! Pizza Joe's is the best pizza hands down 😍😍
Lenaee Hace 4 días
Challange: count how often she said pizza
DevilsDaughterr 778
DevilsDaughterr 778 Hace 5 días
So funny how every employee looks so uncomfortable bc oh her beeing there and filming 🙈
Sammie Merucci
Sammie Merucci Hace 5 días
where’s her sweater from!!!
Felicity Collins
Felicity Collins Hace 6 días
Maria Pineda
Maria Pineda Hace 7 días
Count how many times gabbie says pizza
Lyxavier Rydell
Lyxavier Rydell Hace 9 días
She's saying pizza loke the leaning tower of pisa
Sara Heckenlively
Sara Heckenlively Hace 9 días
Your job looks so fun
Mackenzie Hardy
Mackenzie Hardy Hace 11 días
Good on pizza joes for hiring someone with down syndrome she was folding boxes with Gabbie
Mimi Richards
Mimi Richards Hace 12 días
She ate the pizza with a fork
Zoi Waite
Zoi Waite Hace 12 días
I wish I woulda went and got pizza while you were there
Yazoi Almehairi
Yazoi Almehairi Hace 14 días
Arabic is my first language!
Paige Kotera
Paige Kotera Hace 16 días
He sounds like the best boss because you never probly got in big big trouble
Stephanie Bowers
Stephanie Bowers Hace 18 días
Gab.. What is a poor mans pizza?
Brooke Hutcheon
Brooke Hutcheon Hace 19 días
I’m so sad there aren’t any Pizza Joe’s in the west!!!😓🤧
X_RaeRae Hace 19 días
What did Stephanie say at around 4:29? Edit: 4:28
The tall SISTERS
The tall SISTERS Hace 19 días
When she smiles it makes me happy.
Johnny C
Johnny C Hace 19 días
Moonlight Hace 20 días
That dude behind your very first manager he's takin a little peak at your booty am I the only one who noticed?
Annoying Subscriber
Annoying Subscriber Hace 20 días
I really hope she paid
crazy 2345
crazy 2345 Hace 23 días
gabbie just eating good for 11 mins
Pookie The Gacha nugget
Take a shot every time gabby says bomb. Wait wait wait don't actually do it you would die.
Lily Fielding
Lily Fielding Hace 25 días
I watched 3 minute add before this video and I’m happy about my community work 👍
Hope Sniopes
Hope Sniopes Hace 25 días
She said not sponsored but they definitely sponsored all three of her meals that day +1 lol
YamiVlogs Hace 25 días
12 minutes of Gabbie eating free food
Kjana Deklerck
Kjana Deklerck Hace 25 días
i feel like stephanie does not like gab anymore lol
Emily Krofcheck
Emily Krofcheck Hace 26 días
I love this, my mom grew up in New Castle and I am interning at a company there now, so we're always around Pizza Joe's! Honestly the best buffalo chicken pizza in the world- don't get me started on their meatball subs... So cool to see someone from New Castle make it big, so rare 🤗
Kyra Lee
Kyra Lee Hace 27 días
She worked hahahaha love you gabbie but you ate and I’m living for it.
Sarah Lorena
Sarah Lorena Hace 27 días
This video was so fun to watch. Literally need to be your friend. Love you, Gabbie.❤️
ClosetHeadCase Hace 27 días
I feel like this was kind of sponsored, they just payed you in a days worth of pizza. 😂 You’re adorable.
Carys Hyland
Carys Hyland Hace 29 días
Chucky cheese could never
Charmynox Hace 29 días
do they not wear gloves when handling food or..............
Charmynox Hace 29 días
half these comments are "dont listen to the haters", the other half is "where are these haters"
Charmynox Hace 29 días
"Every slice is a different pizza" you at chuck e cheese, fam?
Vaamika Sharma
Vaamika Sharma Hace 29 días
50% comments: Don't listen to the haters The other 50% comments: where are the haters *LMAO*
Lindsay Wallace
Lindsay Wallace Hace 29 días
How did I never know she was from new castle. I seriously live 15 minutes away from there in ellwood. Actually crying*
Macie_ 2011
Macie_ 2011 Hace 29 días
Luv u💘💘💘💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕
GachaLuna Unicorn123
GachaLuna Unicorn123 Hace 29 días
kitcait xox
kitcait xox Hace un mes
I that gabbie just walks around like she owns the place
unicorngirl201094 d
My mom's name is Stephanie
unicorngirl201094 d
My mom has a job at a pizza José
maria raya
maria raya Hace un mes
they look so annoyed jsjsjs
Lmohad Hace un mes
i’m arabic
Øcto Hace un mes
Remember when people where annoyed she visited here That was a weird time
Sarah Peake
Sarah Peake Hace un mes
Shane's pizza ranch
Jolie StClair
Jolie StClair Hace un mes
gab stealing food for a day
Aliyah Binette
Aliyah Binette Hace un mes
Omg your so pretty and curvy stop being so negative to your self your amazing
Lizzie Barra
Lizzie Barra Hace un mes
it’s 4 am and i cant stop watching ur videos
archeyangel1 Hace un mes
I didn’t know you were Arabic and then I looked at your last name after and I looked at your face and I’m like “trueeeee!” I’m Iraqi too :) but man all that good looks so gooooood
Kimee R
Kimee R Hace un mes
Anyone else from PA that knows exactly where this pizza Joe's is?
Esmeralda Betances
Esmeralda Betances Hace un mes
I wanna work in a pizza shop i would probably eat everything lml especially the zepposles
Alana Webster
Alana Webster Hace un mes
“If You was a cookie dough, where would you be?”
Sophie Hernandez
Sophie Hernandez Hace un mes
Gabbie: My tummy hurts. Them: Stop eating! Gabbie: I don’t want to. #ME
Olivia Stone
Olivia Stone Hace un mes
who else thought everyone felt awkward around gabby?
Karinza Honeyman
Karinza Honeyman Hace un mes
Folding boxes as I am watching this.
Omfg they all hate you lol
Smith, Emma
Smith, Emma Hace un mes
It is sponsored not in cash but in “dough”
lamegirl899 Kirkpatrick
back in the great lakes region yeah!!!
I want to doki doki Die
Okay so hii I’m new-ish to your channel and honestly I would have never expected you to be arabic (not in a bad way, since I’m arabic too!)
Smith Wesson
Smith Wesson Hace un mes
In the title, by "WORKED" do you measn "ATE ALL THE FOOD THEY HAVE"?!
Amy Miles
Amy Miles Hace un mes
Her relationship with the owner is like when you go back to high school to see your favorite teacher and you stay the whole day during their classes and just sit there like a kind bc you were the favorite ever😂
Brahim Ben
Brahim Ben Hace un mes
U look sooo much like Sid's girlfriend from Ice Age, especially with that cap on!😂😂
Raimy Roams
Raimy Roams Hace un mes
Awe so cute!!!
C Lucifer W
C Lucifer W Hace un mes
I love you 👑
Ebony Jade
Ebony Jade Hace un mes
The manager is low key a prick haha
Marwah Abouali
Marwah Abouali Hace un mes
WAIT.. why is no one talking about the fact that gabbie knows arabic!?!?!?
floraë Hace un día
+Ed4lee Gx okay thank you
Ed4lee Gx
Ed4lee Gx Hace un día
+floraë gabbie and her family is actually middle eastern but she is American cuz she was born in Pittsburgh so she's not Lebanon
floraë Hace un día
+Ed4lee Gx maybe her roots?, idk. I heard her say once she is from an Arabic family/ancestry
Ed4lee Gx
Ed4lee Gx Hace un día
+floraë she's born in Pittsburgh , usa so idk what you're talking about
floraë Hace 6 días
Isn't she from Lebanon
Kim Oates
Kim Oates Hace un mes
Take a shot every time gab says pizza
hailey jess
hailey jess Hace un mes
roses are red sharks are blue someone tell me if you saw the thumbnail and thought she was working at chucky cheese too
LLJ forever
LLJ forever Hace un mes
i fucking hate the vibes steph is giving off lmao, whys she so mad for?
Marni Meyers
Marni Meyers Hace un mes
Margaret Abbott
Margaret Abbott Hace un mes
How many times did she say "Pizza" in this vidio
Nili Batya
Nili Batya Hace un mes
Take a shot every time she says pizza
Kd Mensah
Kd Mensah Hace un mes
Bernadette Caron
Bernadette Caron Hace un mes
Gabbie recreates her whole high school
JessicaSloan Hace un mes
I cant believe you worked at that pizza joes!! I lived two minutes from there!! I probably saw you and never even knew it!!!
Hadley Davis
Hadley Davis Hace un mes
I live in Pittsburgh
Breauna Rayne
Breauna Rayne Hace un mes
my grandma is from new castle pennsylvania and i live an hour away
Valeria Quijano Urzua
I love how she said she’ll be WORKING at her first job but she’s eating in the whole video... honestly if I was her I probably do the same 😂
bembi Hace un mes
someone send this to chuck e cheese
Lex Parker
Lex Parker Hace un mes
I have actually drove to pizza Joe’s to get pizza but I live 3 hours away
Tigerpaw101 Hace un mes
I dint know she was Arabic
Shu Buns
Shu Buns Hace un mes
Stephanie: Bacon with Double cheese Gabbie: *Lists all of the pizza types she made but not hers* Me: WAIT NO-
Mathilde Williams
Mathilde Williams Hace un mes
“If you was a cookie dough where would you be?” 😂😂😂😂
ishitha rehan
ishitha rehan Hace un mes
The other girl worker are so like...snobbish to her
ishitha rehan
ishitha rehan Hace un mes
2:49 Gabbie eating 😂😂😂 Gabbie: " I'm not paying for this... " Owner: " Oh yes you are...if she orders, I'll just add it " I'll just give it to her for freeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
LPS SugarCakes
LPS SugarCakes Hace un mes
905 when Gabbie starts carrying the pizza everyone stands in the cornerBecause they’re afraid of her
Łøńē Bøÿ
Łøńē Bøÿ Hace un mes
Gabbie:this food is delicious Coworker:idc
Loupis Hace un mes
0:55 that guy was looking at the goods 👀👀
Maddie Carney
Maddie Carney Hace un mes
Gabbie: he’s not cute anymore? *shakes head* Gabbie: *whips*
No one Important
No one Important Hace un mes
Dammit now I want pizza
P Nut
P Nut Hace un mes
This is one of my favorite videos from Gabbie because she just looks so happy and like she was really enjoying herself ❤️
Kylie Mae
Kylie Mae Hace un mes
"If you was a cookie dough where would you be?"
Im feeling sad af
Im feeling sad af Hace 2 meses
All she did was eat and talk
abigail faith
abigail faith Hace 2 meses
why did i think you were at chuck e. cheese until 7:10
abigail faith
abigail faith Hace 2 meses
😂😂i was wondering why a grown man was a regular at chuck e. cheese
The tall SISTERS
The tall SISTERS Hace 2 meses
Gabbie makes me happy 😊
Giggles 101
Giggles 101 Hace 2 meses
I’m dying 😂 “cuz of my good looks” “no”
Melissa Borkowski
Melissa Borkowski Hace 2 meses
Hey gabbie I have wanted to tell you this for a year I live very close to Pittsburg I live in erie pa
sootje19987 Hace 2 meses
why is steph (?) so rusw/made all the time Edit: I have no idea what I was trying to say here. Feel free to figure it out, but please do let me know what I meant 🤔😂 note to self: stay away from the internet when you're drunk.
sootje19987 Hace un mes
+Stephanie Reisker lmao I don't even understand what I was saying 😂 this is bad.. really bad 😂 I literally have no idea what I was trying to say.. I need to keep away from the internet when I'm drunk 🙄
Stephanie Reisker
Stephanie Reisker Hace un mes
sootje19987 if I could read gibberish maybe I could answer that for you 🤔😉
Princess Ashley
Princess Ashley Hace 2 meses
ughh! this was ONE month after i moved from New Castle. i LOVED pizza joes and i miss it sooo much
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