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Basically a mukbang.
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7 nov 2018

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Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna Hace un mes
this was so fun to do 馃槶馃槶 every time i go back home, i always visit pizza joes. kasey was an incredible manager and an even better karaoke partner, and i鈥檓 so happy that we kept in touch all these years 馃枻 steph was one of my best friends in high school and is now an incredibly hard working and loving mother who i also feel lucky to have kept in touch with all these years 馃檶馃徏 can鈥檛 wait for the next time i鈥檓 home to go visit and get yummy pizza and hugs, as always! also for those asking: no, we didn鈥檛 pay, we tried (and went in 10000% intending to even if i joked about not) but katie absolutely would t accept a dollar and instructed all the cashiers not to let us. she鈥檚 a lovely person and was just excited to have us there :)
Chyeanne Lee
Chyeanne Lee Hace 8 d铆as
Wait your From Newcastle ? Oof London ;-;
Jenifer Hasychak
Jenifer Hasychak Hace 11 d铆as
Also I went to Wilmington so we loved our pizza Joe's!!
Jenifer Hasychak
Jenifer Hasychak Hace 11 d铆as
I live in New Castle PA! I know people that knew you!
3CraftySisters Kaity
3CraftySisters Kaity Hace 14 d铆as
That's really kind of them idk if the girl you didn't make a piece of pizza hated you because she was acting so serious though!
ventilationsystem 05
ventilationsystem 05 Hace 22 d铆as
Gabbie So i dont have instagram or twitter or anything like that I cant dm u on anything Im so sad now
I鈥檓 Jonathan
I鈥檓 Jonathan Hace un hora
someone count down how many times gabbie said *bomb* . Love ya Gabbs.
Hanna Richards
Hanna Richards Hace 3 horas
That鈥檚 cute that steph still works there.
bullu gummy
bullu gummy Hace 7 horas
"iv been waiting...how old am I?" can't even remember ur own age I love it
S酶ren Jeppesen
S酶ren Jeppesen Hace 14 horas
wow that guy (the boss) was soooooooooooooooooooo chill.... !!!!!!
Jessika Irwin
Jessika Irwin Hace un d铆a
You're from New Castle? I'm from Ellwood City and graduated in '09. Nice to see someone from the area doing cool things. Also Pizza Joe's is where it's at lol
Fayth Heeren
Fayth Heeren Hace un d铆a
I don't get how everyone you meet doesn't fall in love with you.
Amanda Hace 2 d铆as
Stop eating pizza Gabbie: I don't wanna I felt that. Same Gabbie, same馃槀 never enough pizza for me.
avery fitzpatrick
avery fitzpatrick Hace 2 d铆as
i honestly don鈥檛 understand why this got so much hate it was just gabbie having a nostalgic moment that she was very excited for and trying to make pizza bc she never got to make the pizzas when she worked there
Alondra Gutierrez
Alondra Gutierrez Hace 2 d铆as
鈥淲hy are you still here鈥 馃槀馃槀馃槀 same
Megan OConnor
Megan OConnor Hace 2 d铆as
Take a shot every time she says 鈥渂omb鈥 馃槀
Shadow Paws
Shadow Paws Hace 2 d铆as
All I can think of through this whole video (I'm sorry): *She's stealing all the food*
Sirin Al Busaidi
Sirin Al Busaidi Hace 3 d铆as
Can gabbie speak arabic ? 馃憖
Marissa Mcnair0x0
Marissa Mcnair0x0 Hace 3 d铆as
There鈥檚 that one chick that is just fed up with your shit and it鈥檚 so funny cuz gabby and that chick are literally me is they were Put together
Daddy 101
Daddy 101 Hace 3 d铆as
Wow seriously what is the point in hating her we all are going to die no point complaining
Bridline's World
Bridline's World Hace 5 d铆as
I got pizza ads during this...
desidoesdeals Hace 6 d铆as
They have the BEST veggie pizza. I worked there when I was younger also (Salem, OH.)
AngelaRyzner1 Hace 6 d铆as
mgk reference absolutely killed me
Simply Chlo毛
Simply Chlo毛 Hace 8 d铆as
Pizza joes ahhhh I love that place I鈥檓 from pa
minty Heart
minty Heart Hace 8 d铆as
I guess you could say Gabbie Panicked! At The Pizza Place 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
white southern gamer
white southern gamer Hace 8 d铆as
I love her personality, she seems like she would be so fun
Cristy  Lee
Cristy Lee Hace 8 d铆as
this is only 40 mins away from me! would you consider planning a fan meet up next time you're in town? 馃憖 that'd be dope
Emmaline Hocker
Emmaline Hocker Hace 8 d铆as
This is so cool I鈥檓 from Harrisburg, PA! I never see any ESvidrs from PA (except for Mykie)
Hi _Mcq
Hi _Mcq Hace 8 d铆as
Omg I wish I knew I would come meet you I鈥檓 in Pittsburgh
mike jordan cryface
mike jordan cryface Hace 8 d铆as
I feel like all of them dont really liker her cus she got famous and probably just stopped talking to them lol
Incredible World
Incredible World Hace 9 d铆as
Fine video! Persevere with producing high-quality content and you can expect to build up really fast! Subscribe to our channel and then we are going to subscribe to your channel!
e c
e c Hace 9 d铆as
She鈥檚 being so obnoxious, I would be annoyed with her if I worked there.... I like you Gabbie.... just seems like your trying too hard to be funny. Reminds me of how I used to be in high school when I wanted to seem funny or like I had a good personality when in reality I just embarrassed my obnoxious self and was cringey....
Hope Wortman
Hope Wortman Hace 10 d铆as
we have a pizza joe's right across the street from my college in beaver falls, pa. it's one of my FAVORITE places to eat, for sure!!!
Yeet Yoink
Yeet Yoink Hace 10 d铆as
let鈥檚 count how many times Gabbie said 鈥減izza鈥
LigeiaResurrected Hace 10 d铆as
"California food sucks.." WTF are you talking about? Bitch we dont want you here anyway, go back to your shitty town and eat GMO wheat and processed cheese, you're borderline obese as it is anyway.
LigeiaResurrected Hace 10 d铆as
Gonzo Nosed, flabby CUNT.
E Green
E Green Hace 6 d铆as
y'all can stop 馃槵
a really loud sunflower
*thumbnail was the ugliest shit i've seen*
Linda Leijten
Linda Leijten Hace 10 d铆as
Halfway through this video I remembered I still had left-over pizza in my fridge so I had to pause it and now I'm backk to eat and watch this 馃挭
E Green
E Green Hace 6 d铆as
Hell yeahhhhh
Emily Kristyak
Emily Kristyak Hace 11 d铆as
Wow just figuring out you lived pretty freaking close to me... kinda living
e va
e va Hace 11 d铆as
great video:)
Catalina Rodriguez
Catalina Rodriguez Hace 11 d铆as
1:57 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槉
Mary Dorra
Mary Dorra Hace 11 d铆as
Jessica Laanstra
Jessica Laanstra Hace 11 d铆as
7:21 that bleep worked well馃槀馃憣馃徎
MaKayla Martin
MaKayla Martin Hace 11 d铆as
*Gabbie eating pizza for 11 minuets *
McKenna Fiess
McKenna Fiess Hace 11 d铆as
Omg I loved this
knessi ng
knessi ng Hace 11 d铆as
Man, it must be so annoying to work or worked with this gabbie girl .... i guess gabbie isn't just a clever name.
MacKinley Luke
MacKinley Luke Hace 11 d铆as
was the stephanie working there the one she folded all the boxes with
Stephanie  Reisker
Stephanie Reisker Hace 10 d铆as
MacKinley Luke no that was jill
Jenifer Hasychak
Jenifer Hasychak Hace 11 d铆as
I live in New Castle!! I know people that knew you! I went to Wilmington so we know all about pizza Joe's 鉂わ笍
AM A Hace 12 d铆as
Why did I love this video so much? It was so fun to watch!
Izzy Spare
Izzy Spare Hace 12 d铆as
You totaly copied the Dolan鈥檚 twins Dude literally
+Sophie K and she filmed it like 2 weeks before uploading
Sophie K
Sophie K Hace 9 d铆as
Izzy Spare she literally uploaded it 2 weeks or so before them ? No hate just saying
Cali Hinojosa
Cali Hinojosa Hace 12 d铆as
Pizza Joe鈥檚 is so damn delicious.
Dog/cats 4 l!ve :3
Dog/cats 4 l!ve :3 Hace 12 d铆as
Why the hell are ppl getting angry over Gabbie making a pizza???
Natalia Manoukian
Natalia Manoukian Hace 13 d铆as
Artistic View
Artistic View Hace 13 d铆as
The mountain Dew on the right at 10:09 is sexy af 馃憣馃槈
Khya Hace 13 d铆as
I missed you ahh I could have met you
Mehmehmeh XX
Mehmehmeh XX Hace 14 d铆as
Manager: 鈥測ou were...crazy xD鈥 Gabbie: 鈥測ea, still am鈥 Love this xD
Dina Maxwell
Dina Maxwell Hace 14 d铆as
I live soooooo close to sandcastle
umm sandcastle?
wendigoats Hace 14 d铆as
Imagine working your minimum wage fast food job and she walks in
wendigoats Hace 14 d铆as
I see you鈥檙e a hard worker
Ren膩 Adventures
Ren膩 Adventures Hace 14 d铆as
鈥渦 butiful, u my butifool aunt jojdo鈥
Randalyn Kyle
Randalyn Kyle Hace 14 d铆as
Loved the little snippet of MGK 鉂
Estrella Segura
Estrella Segura Hace 14 d铆as
Fangirling because she鈥檚 drinking out of a getgo cup 馃槀
Erin鈥檚 Aesthetic
Erin鈥檚 Aesthetic Hace 15 d铆as
That is so me!! Me: my tummy hurts Friend: then stop eating Me: I don鈥檛 want to
Monique Padilla
Monique Padilla Hace 15 d铆as
She isn't even working.
Chyeanne Lee
Chyeanne Lee Hace 8 d铆as
Would working at a pizza place for a video be good content?
a really loud sunflower
shes probably ass
Denise BearBear
Denise BearBear Hace 13 d铆as
Monique Padilla so
BraXy Hace 15 d铆as
Gabbie:makes pizza Haters:omgggg she is racisttt
Lego games pro
Lego games pro Hace 15 d铆as
Cabbies word of the day: BOMB
鈥 uwugoo
鈥 uwugoo Hace 15 d铆as
sjsjs what an absolute queen, don鈥檛 let the haters get to you hun
iMysticPerfection Hace 15 d铆as
It's just 馃崟.....
but honestly, no
but honestly, no Hace 15 d铆as
Wtf why does this video get hate, loved the video and I love you Gabbie! XOXO 馃槝
DawiT Hace 16 d铆as
95% of the comments - pls stop the hate comments. 5% of the comments - OMG! This was so fun and cringing!
zulekha miah
zulekha miah Hace 16 d铆as
Omg I never knew Gabbie could speak Arabic!!! Ooohh eeemmmmm geeeeee 馃槑馃槑馃槑馃槑馃槑馃槑馃槑
no no
no no Hace 16 d铆as
Alternate Title: Gabbie goes to her old job and eats all their food
E Green
E Green Hace 6 d铆as
A more accurate one 馃槀
Anna Brooks
Anna Brooks Hace 17 d铆as
The manager literally asked her why are you still here... I died. This is an entire 11 minute video that let鈥檚 be honest she probably atleast filmed an hour of footage and spent probably 2 or more hours there just constantly EATING FOOD SHE DIDNT INTENDED TO PAY FOR AND ANNOY AND DISTRACT OTHER WORKERS WHILE THEYRE JUST TRYING TO DO THERE JOB 馃槱馃檮and for those saying 鈥渞ead her comment she said it was on the house鈥 REGARDLESS YOU SHOULD STILL HAVE SOME MANNERS NOT TO EAT ALL THAT FOOD OBNOXIOUSLY FOR A CAMERA, like sis got super greedy in such a rude way, a decent person wouldn鈥檛 lack this much respect when going to a place that 鈥渕eans a lot to them鈥 and where a lot of people you used to work with are. To just walk in there and treat it like it鈥檚 her uncles pizza shop or some shit with that level of comfortability baffles me. She鈥檚 being extra for content and like this whole video is just an uncomfortable mess. I can鈥檛 imagine how the customers felt seeing this whacko in the kitchen running around with food and screaming at her old coworkers. On top of that there鈥檚 so many cringy moments like when gab said her stomach hurts and her coworker said stop eating and she said SHE DIDNT WANT TO?! 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檧锔廌o better sis
they were obviously all her good friends. no one has manners when they're surrounded by good friends
E Green
E Green Hace 6 d铆as
She's known them forever! They were obviously happy she was there- if they asked her to stop, then she would have. And yeah, she intended to pay for it. Have a nice day all
Kathleen Barton
Kathleen Barton Hace 17 d铆as
Supposedly there were a bunch of mean comments... BUT the only thing I noticed was how I feel like I met my soul mate best friend when she said buffalo pizza!!! Girl if youre ever in TN then HMU! Ill treat you to a dinner lol!
hangie Hace 17 d铆as
This bitch like 28 鈥渇irst job鈥 wtf
Peppa2thicc Hace 14 d铆as
You're probably like 90 and still haven't got a job you unsucessful rat
Ella Strauss
Ella Strauss Hace 17 d铆as
Meanwhile a 26 yr old is competing in a cooking competition. @TheFinalTable
Krissi Hill
Krissi Hill Hace 17 d铆as
I didn鈥檛 see any gloves
Oh_Drea Hace 17 d铆as
Wow u cant even make a pizza lmao just delete ur chanel and ur danceing is cringey
Oh_Drea Hace 13 d铆as
Peppa2thicc Obviously it was joke. I mean come on, she has so many fans, and I'm not trying to get bashed. Plus the incorrect spelling...how did you not get the hint 馃槀
Peppa2thicc Hace 14 d铆as
Gurl. You cringey too but you dont see her talking. Delete ur channel cause i know for a fact gabbie is more sucessful than you!
angl03grl Hace 18 d铆as
I've eaten at this pizza joes before!
lil kxd
lil kxd Hace 18 d铆as
Big nose
lil kxd
lil kxd Hace 13 d铆as
+Peppa2thicc no u
Peppa2thicc Hace 14 d铆as
You have a big ego
Vlogs And Dogs
Vlogs And Dogs Hace 18 d铆as
work it 馃槀馃枛馃枛
Lydia Stanton
Lydia Stanton Hace 18 d铆as
I love you Gabbie you are my idol keep up the good work!馃コ馃グ P.S I love your vids
Alba Garcia
Alba Garcia Hace 18 d铆as
My tummy huts lol love it 鉂
*who came from the hater vid*
Emma Hardenburg
Emma Hardenburg Hace 18 d铆as
I live in new castle and I can aggre that pizza Joe's is the best
Willow Summers
Willow Summers Hace 18 d铆as
Is there a Pizza Joe's in Ohio? Lol
DAN DAN Hace 18 d铆as
She should be arrested for eating all their food
Roxy Reading
Roxy Reading Hace 18 d铆as
literally love this video, love u gabbie
Lisa Park
Lisa Park Hace 19 d铆as
does so well but sets off the smoke alarm everything she cooks at home
Amelia Castillo
Amelia Castillo Hace 19 d铆as
Kirsten Williams
Kirsten Williams Hace 19 d铆as
This is literally the worst video I鈥檝e ever watched.
a really loud sunflower
her existing made it worse
Peppa2thicc Hace 14 d铆as
Look at the mirror so then you can also say 'this is literally the worst face and body i have ever seen
Jessica S.
Jessica S. Hace 19 d铆as
Gabbie is absolutely adorable in this omg!!
CrazySadSauce21 Hace 19 d铆as
I鈥檓 eating pizza rn lol
Kaitlyn Morris
Kaitlyn Morris Hace 19 d铆as
鈥淚 want to food silverware like I used to鈥 *my brain* how the eff do you fold *silverware*
Klevin 105
Klevin 105 Hace 19 d铆as
Wow, This is so fun to watch!! but i felt like you ate more than you sctually "worked" hahahahaha this is so me when at work 馃槀馃槀
Lindsey Birkholz
Lindsey Birkholz Hace 19 d铆as
I love this it鈥檚 so pure
Famous TV
Famous TV Hace 19 d铆as
Excellent video! Keep making high-quality content and you are going to get bigger quickly! Subscribe to our channel and so we are going to subscribe to your channel!
chey chch
chey chch Hace 19 d铆as
Arrogant asshole
a really loud sunflower
+chey chch clap they ass lmaooo
chey chch
chey chch Hace 13 d铆as
Who gonna troll who
chey chch
chey chch Hace 13 d铆as
+Peppa2thicc you are my dad u piece of trash
Peppa2thicc Hace 13 d铆as
exactly what your dad said to you
chey chch
chey chch Hace 13 d铆as
+Peppa2thicc what a moron lmaoooo
Sophia LIKE APP Hace 20 d铆as
6:66 when your mom asks you to do something but you want to say no nicely so she doesn鈥檛 beat your ass
Chelsie Yaroscavitch
Chelsie Yaroscavitch Hace 20 d铆as
# gabbie working at her first job Realalady dose nothing but eat there food
Hashslingingslasher Hace 20 d铆as
This is how you dab on your people with your status, take notes people
AllieRedCat Hace 20 d铆as
Omg you鈥檙e a mess...鈥漨y stomach hurts鈥 鈥渃ontinues to eat pizza and leave It everywhere for everyone else to clean up. Lmao
Misterlivs Hace 21 un d铆a
My first job was a pizzeria too 馃槶馃槶 it was HORRIBLE lol
Li. A.
Li. A. Hace 21 un d铆a
All the comments: OMG don鈥檛 listen to the haters Gabbie. I was literally scrolling through the comments for 5 minutes. Where is the tea!? Seriously though I love you gab 馃枻
Li. A.
Li. A. Hace 19 d铆as
Abby Palumbo oh okay
Abby Palumbo
Abby Palumbo Hace 20 d铆as
she said she was deleting them cause people were saying horrible things about her friends
Poly Bius
Poly Bius Hace 22 d铆as
Que hermosa que sosssssss
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Bye-Bye Bertha
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