Idealism - Rainy Evening [Full BeatTape]

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0:00 controlla
1:48 how many stars are there
4:09 tsuyu
5:39 hishitsu
7:09 monster gambling in tokyo
8:26 nagashi
10:16 waon to ame

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14 sep 2016

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Derek Gavit
Derek Gavit Hace 3 días
Nagashi (8:26) reminds me of Dark Souls, the character creation theme
Jester Logic
Jester Logic Hace 10 días
did anybody at 5:39 remember the song this was off of and feel the ever evolving tide of change and developement of life itself?
Mrlandy Hace 13 días
Im curious , wyd while listening ?
Arooshay Chaudhry
Arooshay Chaudhry Hace 14 días
Can someone talk wimmeh? Nopes?? Okay :| lol i just listen idealism late night while read the comments and get totally dissolved away in another place where i aint in the previous one and when i sort of returrn im like:if this is reality,im not intrested lol ik makes no sense just enjoy n hav a blessed day pardon my wierdness
J. Biz Beats
J. Biz Beats Hace 23 días
I love this tape one of my favorites so far the track @8:26 Nagashi reminds me of Omarion - Ice Box. Slowed down
Roxas Spyderfingers
yo what beat or Insturmental is over mf doom, with the heavy piano and bAss, I can't find it anywhere yo. keep up that dope work though
Jair Fabián Vasquez
Cold, rainy, thunderous night 🌧 + eating steaming ramen 🍜 + this album 🎶 = Perfect 👌🏽
Lo Baphom3t
Lo Baphom3t Hace 2 meses
monster gambling in Tokyo & it’s raining today. Wish I was away from here.
skinny boi
skinny boi Hace 2 meses
Nagashi is from Evangelion 3.33, aNd it's a very cool song
Juan Pablo Moreno
Juan Pablo Moreno Hace 2 meses
This shit is fire
Yannis chelabi
Yannis chelabi Hace 2 meses
Meeeeen ! This is why i love idealism. Pls god take Kanye West before idealism.
Jip Schaap
Jip Schaap Hace 3 meses
Dude... welcome home. :(
James Bonnick
James Bonnick Hace 3 meses
The music and artwork reflect each other perfectly. Looks just like the backstreets of Nakano.
mava lukope
mava lukope Hace 3 meses
I feel you
Red-Son Hace 3 meses
O U**J /"\
Weird. .Movies1110111
time to chill
Rufus Parenti
Rufus Parenti Hace 3 meses
We need people to play jazz over these types of beats
carlos briezak
carlos briezak Hace 4 meses
carlos briezak
carlos briezak Hace 4 meses
Teelio Hace 4 meses
Ahhhhhh yiiiiss!!! This is where it at!
Tyler Wcislo
Tyler Wcislo Hace 5 meses
Going to bed in thunderstorms are so romantic, romantic in a me with nature kinda way, you know?
George Chirayil
George Chirayil Hace 5 meses
To those who were promised the world; promised that a certain pain so distant, yet so agonizingly familiar would never come back to haunt you. Any promise made to you by someone you loved with all your heart that is now shattered and disbanded in the wind; keep your head up. All we can do as humans is stay true to our words and inspire the people we love to do the same. Don't ever forget your battles, retain the strength you gained from each of them. Instead of running from your demons, turn around and keep them company. Maybe they are just feeling lonely, too. Stay strong everyone, life unravels in seasons. Survive and keep moving forward, your purpose may be around the corner.
Hee Jin Kim
Hee Jin Kim Hace 6 meses
Where is this spot? I think I've been there before. It's kobe?
Fran0Ran0 Hace 6 meses
just samples and fucking loops, so goddamn boring. hate this kinda shit.
Mustafa SANSAR
Mustafa SANSAR Hace 6 meses
Very good
Gustavo Ferreira
Gustavo Ferreira Hace 6 meses
I used to listen to this going to my college classes My auntum of 2017 is marked with this beat tape All those rainy evenings
Isael é meu nome é Isael
Algum lugar que eu encontre esses beats com o korg minilogue em ondas?
Danny Ruiz
Danny Ruiz Hace 7 meses
-Think. Take the wheel, drive. Let the thoughts and emotions pass like the mile markers in the night sky. A gentle rhythmic rain glazes your windshield while washing away all your troubles. -Think. A kick and a snare to keep you moving, under a graceful piano lick that keeps you grooving. -Think. What settles in? What crowds your mind? What can't you let go like the sight of an incredible star-shine. All can be conquered if you just... -
167 39
167 39 Hace 7 meses
R.I.P X❤️
Alex A.G
Alex A.G Hace 7 meses
Wrote to Nagashi soundcloud.com/704_x_rose/going-nowhere-fast
Green Gogo
Green Gogo Hace 8 meses
Swag Pikachu
Swag Pikachu Hace 8 meses
Listening to all of these songs and looking at the pictures - I just zone out. Something happens that I can't explain with any word. Something beautiful, away from the world; away from my worries; forget about everything for once in a while and just take a moment to think.
Seba Jun
Seba Jun Hace 8 meses
Monster gambling in Tokyo makes me feel very very great, for unknown reasons
Adan Ramirez
Adan Ramirez Hace 8 meses
What's the first beat?
Im Batman Bitch
Im Batman Bitch Hace 9 meses
I listen to this music while I stare at the dark and think whilst smoking my blunt.
suicidial Poet
suicidial Poet Hace 11 meses
Night is my cloak, night is my rain, night is my soul.
mono nokke
mono nokke Hace 11 meses
8:26 nagashi
Mercy Hace 11 meses
this has to be my favorite tape, its so smooth and unique
Levi Hace 11 meses
ADankPancake Hace 10 meses
can you send me a link to the shirt like if its on amazon or whatever
Zach Bloomquist
Zach Bloomquist Hace un año
Fantastic piano on this one. Thanks Idealism.
deslauriers Hace un año
Great track. I like to listen to this whenever im tired or need to study.
Adrian The Rose
Adrian The Rose Hace un año
Looking 👀 for the right 😔 ppl to check out the music🚶 i create, been described my sound by others as 📼MODERN-DAY NOSTALGIA 🌿, I just like making pure honest art. Got a few music 📹 videos out feel free to check them out on my 👌 channel. - PROPH·ET
ImSivio Hace un año
5:39 is the lunacy instrumental by xxxtentacion
jorge119999 Hace un mes
Very good ears
Shortecia Edwards
Shortecia Edwards Hace un año
Nagashi 😍😍😍
ADankPancake Hace un año
Waon to Ame, Controlla
Shortecia Edwards
Shortecia Edwards Hace un año
I listen to you while typing these books #upcomingauthor
ADankPancake Hace un año
I listen to these songs on my way into school, it really feels like life is good even though I'm depressed and constantly think about things.
Boo Spooks!
Boo Spooks! Hace un año
"What if, you had a specific number of stars? Ive always wanted this. But, to no avail. i dont think its possible. But i wont stop trying, To me. I cant give up anyone, on my journey to find just a simple answer as this one, Finding a friend for the first time. and actually hanging out with them is cool, They are one specific special star, And. thats you, Whoever is reading this."
KaughtonKam Hace un año
Nice. Very Nice. S/O to Idealism.
Cristian StyleZz
Cristian StyleZz Hace un año
The quality is soo good
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Hace un año
I love the piece, "Nagashi".
Gloria Xu
Gloria Xu Hace un año
dis a good one
Hoàng.A Hace un año
có ai là người việt ở đây k :(
arcton kusuma
arcton kusuma Hace un año
omg, this shit is dragging me back to the 80s when i was young
LouiseThatMarra Hace un año
Tammy Hace un año
god bless
wet tent
wet tent Hace un año
5:39 damn
Least_Square Hace un año
first and last track my favourite
j_b0gie Hace un año
Roland Hace un año
4am can't sleep. This playlist soothes
Gatlin Shadd
Gatlin Shadd Hace un año
Can someone help me pls! Im trying to an amv, unfortunately idr the name of the video.. But i do remember it was raining, there was a city tram in the video and at one point a young lady was drawing under a pavillion or something similiar.. I think she may have dropped her eraser..
Flair Hace un año
This was the first Lo-fi album I ever heard in my life. I listened to it a year ago and instantly fell in love with the entire genre. I get an emotional nostalgic feeling whenever I hear it. Thank you so much Idealism.
Max Day
Max Day Hace un año
I want to die
Jazmine Warrick
Jazmine Warrick Hace un año
Controlla melody in the first minute of the song
nwswisher 02
nwswisher 02 Hace un año
after finding lofi i think i might make it through school this year :)
AzAMOuS Hace un año
0:00 I literally was thinking of Drake's song, then I checked the songlist.
red foreman
red foreman Hace un año
weed is tight.
Nelson Costa
Nelson Costa Hace un año
Monster gambling in Tokyo was sickkk
I Am Geezus
I Am Geezus Hace un año
5:39 Is the best one on the EP. I remember hearing X and ENZO! sample the track and I had to find it.
Grognak the repairman Attorney at law
Can't hearmy tinnitus
Eddy Gonzalez
Eddy Gonzalez Hace un año
Good material for studying.... And make stories
Omgitm10 Hace un año
I'm listening to this while chilling in my armchair, knowing it's my first day of my summer holidays, smoking some pott and having the balkony door to my right left open, so i can hear the raindrops on my little table outside.. it's wonderful
m Hace un año
vroom vroom, mid night moon(:
Space Goat
Space Goat Hace un año
Pink Flamingo
Nicole Spektor
Nicole Spektor Hace un año
Love it. The perfect way to end the day.
Max Volume
Max Volume Hace un año
im gonna be a successful musician someday and then im gonna drop out of the scene and make my own beat tapes
Some1Named FriedChickenLemon
Excellent music for when I'm drawing and painting, driving late at night, chillin with a friend talking about life, thinking about life, and enjoying the time I spend doing simple tasks. This is good background music of just living in a moment.
Tachi Aru
Tachi Aru Hace un año
Lunacy xxxtentacion
M A Я S H A L L Hace un año
7.5 2017 11:36 pm 1 of 3 albums that I bump from beginning to end
Missinvisibleful Hace un año
feel like i can fall and stuck into those melody. So smoothy, softly and gently . Great recommend.
TheLoyalShadow Hace un año
anyone know the sample at 4:09 ?
SillyMillyyy Hace un año
doooope sounds
Daffa V
Daffa V Hace un año
I wish I could drive so I could go downtown on a rainy evening and vibe to this
HairyHog Hace un año
what genre is this
Maxine Gaw
Maxine Gaw Hace un año
Playing this while it's actually raining right now. As the beats play, time to time, thunder comes here and there. The thunder and rain combined just gives this nice feel to the beats playing. Thank you for making such a cool mix, I needed this.
catinabat Hace un año
Why am I such a introvert?
Andy Chen
Andy Chen Hace un año
haha Hishitsu's a sample of Mary et Jeff by Cortex :)
JNK Productions
JNK Productions Hace un año
I liked this before watching it cause I knew I was gonna fucking love it
Frope Hace un año
my favourite lofi artist
Pili Pina
Pili Pina Hace un año
which one is the first one
ZOPY Hace un año
Amazing. Listening to this when walking in the rain.
sukiyo :/
sukiyo :/ Hace un año
It was 8:35 pm. I finished eating dinner. Went to my room,got on my bed,turned off the light, blindfolded myself with a soft cloth, hugged a pillow and sat up straight and listened to this and meditate. I heard my heard and my mind.
BunnyTrailPro Hace un año
5:39 hishitsu doe
Cyral Hace un año
0:00 Drake's controlla melody, 1:48 Nujabe's Counting Stars melody, maybe I'm missing some, good recreation though!
RunNeSh3 VEVO Hace un año
HoneLty I just went to the comment section and liked almost every comment I saw ;))))))))))) love the positivity, reminiscent of my old town #Baejing
kev in
kev in Hace un año
i bet you guys who love this music also love rainy calm nights we all here are kinda the same mentally
J. Biz Beats
J. Biz Beats Hace 23 días
+Frej Liljenroth There's always a smart ass lol
Fix it Felix
Fix it Felix Hace un mes
how can you read peoples mind??? its amazing
Name Name
Name Name Hace un mes
Haha so true
SYNR Productions
SYNR Productions Hace un mes
Not gonna lie this blew my mind on how true that statement is
MordGotHorde Hace 2 meses
BLACK smoke
BLACK smoke Hace un año
Good muzic can you make more of this
Victor Verhaegen
Victor Verhaegen Hace un año
Y'all would never guess how many people I've put to sleep with this bomb ass beattape!
Dark Insomnia
Dark Insomnia Hace un año
I wish i could like this more then once. This going to be on repeat for a long while
KurdishStoryTeller Hace un año
cant wait to get a car and just drive downtown at night until this song is finished
ilan8882 Hace un año
Am I the only one who noticed the track at 1:48 sounds exactly like Nujabes - Counting Stars? Idealism is probably inspired from Nujabes
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