Identical Twin Wears a WIG in Public to See if Her Twin Sister Notices!

Brooklyn and Bailey
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Today, I'll attempt to PRANK my identical #twin sister, Brooklyn! I wore a wig and hat around her in public just to see if she would even notice me! We are twins, right? She knows me SO WELL... do you think Brooklyn will notice me?? 🤔
Before filming this video, I had been out of town visiting my boyfriend. I told Brooklyn that I was planning on just staying an extra day in Louisiana, so she really had NO IDEA that I was in town and wouldn't expect to see me anywhere! She went into the office alone that day, thinking that I was still out of town! Little did she know... I was hiding out at Target just waiting for her to show up! 😂
We know y'all loved our #twinswap and #drivethru videos, so Iin order to successfully prank Brooklyn, and since we are #twins, I knew that I was going to need a little help! I asked everyone on our team to send Brooklyn on different errands throughout the day so that I would know exactly where she was going to be. My goal was to plant my camera on the aisle where I knew Brooklyn was going to be, and then walk past her while wearing a wig to see if she would notice me!
This video was actually really hard to film! There were times when I would just straight up be in the wrong aisle so I would totally miss Brooklyn, and then my GoPro even broke at one point! It was really difficult, but eventually I successfully captured me walking all around her without her even noticing once! This twin #pranks situation for me was seriously SO HARD to not just bust out laughing, y’all! Especially when I literally said "Hi!" to her and she STILL didn’t know it was me!! 😂
How priceless was her reaction when she finally saw my face?? Be sure to watch until the VERY END to see the entire prank unfold!
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You can check out the inspiration for this video by Jatie Vlogs HERE: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-N5hWgi1Gl0Y.html
We would love the see the Dolan Twins, Dobre Twins, Rybka Twins, Niki and Gabi, and the Merrell Twins try this! Comment down below if you think YOU could PRANK your best friend by wearing a wig out in public!
💋's - Bailey
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Brooklyn and Bailey
Did y’all think that Brooklyn would notice me in my WIGS?? Comment below! 💋's - Bailey
Rena Jones
Rena Jones Hace 5 días
I don't think she will
Junior  Sabo
Junior Sabo Hace 6 días
@Socoolari are u saying I watch jatie Vlogs
Muriel  Mullen
Muriel Mullen Hace 11 días
Love u gorls
Mead Bean
Mead Bean Hace 15 días
I love your video😘
Lil Rain
Lil Rain Hace 15 días
Hannah Wright
Hannah Wright Hace 24 minutos
I love jatie vlogs
angie lmao
angie lmao Hace 53 minutos
Brooklyn’s face when she saw Bailey said, OvO
Alice Lantz
Alice Lantz Hace 2 horas
The last digit of your like is what set of twins is like you❤️❤️❤️❤️ 0- Brooklyn and Bailey 1- Dolan twins 2- Merrell twins 3- Niki and Gabi 4- Rybka twins 5- Lucas and Marcus 6- Olson twins 7- Twin melody 8- Herbert twins 9- Martinez twins
ëboñy höwëll
ëboñy höwëll Hace 2 horas
Oh if u guys wanna watch the video that she saw this concept in its on Maddie and Elijah's channel
Kiki Tonggapy
Kiki Tonggapy Hace 5 horas
kiki nabil
mustabshirah hanif
mustabshirah hanif Hace 7 horas
AviTigs Lime
AviTigs Lime Hace 19 horas
At 0:32 a boy ran past in the corner
Meggy Vids
Meggy Vids Hace un día
At 5:14 it is sooo funny
Briahna Jensen
Briahna Jensen Hace un día
When bailey said that wigs are uncomfortable they feel better the more you wear them trust me I have to wear them in public
Alyssa N Harris
Alyssa N Harris Hace un día
I rewatched Brooklyn's reaction a million times... it was sooo funny
Unicornlover Amy
Unicornlover Amy Hace un día
brooklyn should look good in long wavy long blonde hair
Anna Coury
Anna Coury Hace 2 días
I watch jatie vlogs
Molly Halvorson
Molly Halvorson Hace 2 días
I thinks she will not notice
Madison Nicole
Madison Nicole Hace 2 días
Love how you prank everyone and now each other. 😂💕 you two are lovely
james harpergbb
james harpergbb Hace 3 días
I love you guys so much 😘
Darcy Lindley_2009
Darcy Lindley_2009 Hace 3 días
And I oop
Ghostkiller25190 Hace 3 días
So are we not gonna talk about the the Lil kid coming outta no where in the beginning of the video
Twilight Queen
Twilight Queen Hace 3 días
That face expression cracked me up so hard!!!😲 8:34
Jeremy Zigler
Jeremy Zigler Hace 3 días
We just gonna ignore the little black kid that ran away in the back of the house
John Johnson
John Johnson Hace 3 días
F****** spastics
Livia Guzda
Livia Guzda Hace 4 días
She will laugh then give you a hug or a high five
Gaming with Samantha
I know Jatie Vlogs, I LOVE THEM
Mathew Tso
Mathew Tso Hace 4 días
DellyBelly 06
DellyBelly 06 Hace 4 días
Pause at 8:32 for reaction. 😂
TOTᗩᒪᒪY Tᑌᗷᑌᒪᗩᖇ
The twins, Kat Graham, & Logan Laurice all look sorta alike
Rena Jones
Rena Jones Hace 5 días
I would just wear the shirt it's pretty
Genesïs's Beauty
Genesïs's Beauty Hace 5 días
Omg I was screaming when I saw Brooklyn's face after she noticed it was Bailey tbh it was kinda scary but funny
Nina Hace 6 días
Isn’t the GoPro supposed to be everything proof? 😂
Cole Sprouse
Cole Sprouse Hace 7 días
when brooklyn stared at her when she figured out that she was following her that scared me
Michelle Dobbins
Michelle Dobbins Hace 7 días
What mascara do they use?!!!??
Michelle Dobbins
Michelle Dobbins Hace 6 días
L Rod thanks!
L Rod
L Rod Hace 6 días
Michelle Dobbins they use their own called the lash next door
Chisom Theo-Emegano
Chisom Theo-Emegano Hace 7 días
I don't know
Heartbreak Ocean
Heartbreak Ocean Hace 8 días
Wait who was that in the beginning of the vid
Nevaeh Ingram
Nevaeh Ingram Hace 9 días
I think she will be shoked
Nevaeh Ingram
Nevaeh Ingram Hace 9 días
I don’t think she will notice
Sarah Omar
Sarah Omar Hace 9 días
The fakest video on ESvid
gabriela soares
gabriela soares Hace 10 días
How do you have so much maskara on???
maddy Hace 10 días
Vero C
Vero C Hace 10 días
I was laughing the whole time when the employer picked up the camera😂😂😂
Estrada Sisters
Estrada Sisters Hace 10 días
"you look... so SCARY" im dying XDDD
Olivia Christensen
Olivia Christensen Hace 10 días
Like actually lol
Sarah Molseed
Sarah Molseed Hace 10 días
Brooklyn should do this but instead do a full face transformation and say she is a huge fan of bailey
DARIUS and CYRUS 4 Life, Christina and Ivanita
At.... 6:28 why do youtubers have the background music SSOOOOO loud!!!!?????!!!! Like you can hardly hear what they are saying Like what the heck
Phoebe Ann TV
Phoebe Ann TV Hace 11 días
Her reaction though its so cute
0:31 who is that in the back?
Eli Dolderer
Eli Dolderer Hace 12 días
If you notice when they go to target the second time you can see bras.
Torqed Banna
Torqed Banna Hace 12 días
At 0:31 some black kid ran past on the right
Erica Morgentaler
Erica Morgentaler Hace 12 días
Brooklyn u should do this back on Bailey give this a like it I think Brooklyn should do this
Riley Petersen
Riley Petersen Hace 12 días
0:31 I saw a black kid running past
L Rod
L Rod Hace 6 días
Riley Petersen that was there adopted brother!
Riley Petersen
Riley Petersen Hace 12 días
Carleymiralexi xXMidnightGirlXx
8:32 when i saw my grades 😂😂 Sorry Brooklyn🤣😂🤣😹💖😆
Hali Mills
Hali Mills Hace 12 días
Bailey with blonde hair kinda looks like Savannah LaBrant
C.C. Melling
C.C. Melling Hace 12 días
I live in Louisiana
queenlove cool girl
queenlove cool girl Hace 12 días
Why Do you have a black sister And a black brother
L Rod
L Rod Hace 6 días
queenlove cool girl because they are adopted!
The Treeo
The Treeo Hace 13 días
Sub to Treeo
Addie Foster
Addie Foster Hace 13 días
8:33 Is me when I figure out that its Monday
Ardyan Riski
Ardyan Riski Hace 13 días
Her face was soooooo red
RFJ 15
RFJ 15 Hace 13 días
I love Brooklyn with blonde hair soo cute
Manar Hamici
Manar Hamici Hace 13 días
Lmao Brooklyn’s face when she saw Bailey 😂😂😂😂😂
Rianne Koning
Rianne Koning Hace 14 días
How are ur eyelashes so long and natural!?
Sienna Espinosa
Sienna Espinosa Hace 14 días
Who else watched both jaitie fam and this channel ⬇
Tropical Willow
Tropical Willow Hace 14 días
Use this as an ''I want Brooklyn and Bailey's eye colour'' button! Edit: OMG thx for all the likes! I have never had so many! I even have more likes than Brooklyn and Bailey's comment :o Thx again!
Dr Yasmeen Zadi Chaman shaik
U dint edit ur comment!
Tessa Potts
Tessa Potts Hace 10 días
Tropical Willow uummmm you only got 3 likes
GachaCringe 123
GachaCringe 123 Hace 14 días
Keisha The Banana Princess
When it got to 8:32 I was like woah
Lana Keys
Lana Keys Hace 14 días
You guys should go to Target wearing different clothes and buy the same items and stand in the same line but behind different ppl (I hope that makes sense) to play a little prank on the cashier. Idk 😂
ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴍᴇ
ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴍᴇ Hace 14 días
It would have worked better if you wore colored lenses
Amy1728 Hace 15 días
Like for instant replay of Brooklyn’s face when she realized it was bailey 8:32 8:32 8:32 8:32 8:32 8:32
Icha Cicilia
Icha Cicilia Hace 15 días
you kinda look like paris jackson with that blond wig
Mead Bean
Mead Bean Hace 15 días
Mead Bean
Mead Bean Hace 15 días
Love your blonde hair
soccer_chug411 Hace 15 días
Stephanie Paz Rizo
Stephanie Paz Rizo Hace 15 días
Omg 😮 is it just me but when I clicked the video I thought it was Brooklyn in the wig 😂😱😱 But it’s bailey 😱😱🤦🏻‍♀️ The thing is I been watching there channel for years now how would I not know who is which 😂😂😱🤦🏻‍♀️🥺
Melanie Henrie
Melanie Henrie Hace 15 días
Thumbnail in a boy wig with your full makeup that you always do. Yes. Completely realistically unrecognizable.
Oumie Laye
Oumie Laye Hace 15 días
How older you guys
Oumie Laye
Oumie Laye Hace 15 días
you guys look like your mom
Sandra Gnodle
Sandra Gnodle Hace 16 días
Brooklyn will be surprised
Keelie Lewis
Keelie Lewis Hace 16 días
Haven’t watched the video yet but I think Brooklyn won’t notice
# Animalloverfurlife
# Animalloverfurlife Hace 16 días
Yasss I love u and Jatie vlogs so much ❤️😊👍🏻
Kendall Falconer
Kendall Falconer Hace 16 días
brooklyn’s so sweet to the “stranger” tho aww
Zea De Wet
Zea De Wet Hace 16 días
Aaaaaaahhhhh you're in the Jatie fam. I love them.❤❤😁
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