Identical Twin Wears a WIG in Public to See if Her Twin Sister Notices!

Brooklyn and Bailey
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Today, I'll attempt to PRANK my identical #twin sister, Brooklyn! I wore a wig and hat around her in public just to see if she would even notice me! We are twins, right? She knows me SO WELL... do you think Brooklyn will notice me?? 🤔
Before filming this video, I had been out of town visiting my boyfriend. I told Brooklyn that I was planning on just staying an extra day in Louisiana, so she really had NO IDEA that I was in town and wouldn't expect to see me anywhere! She went into the office alone that day, thinking that I was still out of town! Little did she know... I was hiding out at Target just waiting for her to show up! 😂
We know y'all loved our #twinswap and #drivethru videos, so Iin order to successfully prank Brooklyn, and since we are #twins, I knew that I was going to need a little help! I asked everyone on our team to send Brooklyn on different errands throughout the day so that I would know exactly where she was going to be. My goal was to plant my camera on the aisle where I knew Brooklyn was going to be, and then walk past her while wearing a wig to see if she would notice me!
This video was actually really hard to film! There were times when I would just straight up be in the wrong aisle so I would totally miss Brooklyn, and then my GoPro even broke at one point! It was really difficult, but eventually I successfully captured me walking all around her without her even noticing once! This twin #pranks situation for me was seriously SO HARD to not just bust out laughing, y’all! Especially when I literally said "Hi!" to her and she STILL didn’t know it was me!! 😂
How priceless was her reaction when she finally saw my face?? Be sure to watch until the VERY END to see the entire prank unfold!
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You can check out the inspiration for this video by Jatie Vlogs HERE: esvid.net/video/vídeo-N5hWgi1Gl0Y.html
We would love the see the Dolan Twins, Dobre Twins, Rybka Twins, Niki and Gabi, and the Merrell Twins try this! Comment down below if you think YOU could PRANK your best friend by wearing a wig out in public!
💋's - Bailey
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Brooklyn and Bailey
Brooklyn and Bailey Hace 5 meses
Did y’all think that Brooklyn would notice me in my WIGS?? Comment below! 💋's - Bailey
Mich’s and Mall’s maniacs
I thought that she’d notice right away I’m Texian and go to your church but I’m not in your ward
Hi It’s Xaina
Hi It’s Xaina Hace un mes
Qaisaraz🌸💫 Hace un mes
Brooklyn and Bailey yaa
Ashley Worley
Ashley Worley Hace un mes
I do think she will not notice but idk 😃
Ashley Worley
Ashley Worley Hace un mes
Bailey you actually look kinda cute with blond hair p.s I love your videos 😊😄
Ally Mattern
Ally Mattern Hace un día
I tried to text you but the messages were green and it did not send. Do you know what I can do to??
Hope In Christ
Hope In Christ Hace un día
Brooklyn: don’t look at me! That’s scary, stop, that’s scary I don’t like it go EWW! 8:42
Sienna Macalinao
Sienna Macalinao Hace 4 días
Brooklyn’s face!! Lol 8:30
Mike King
Mike King Hace 5 días
Baileys beautiful
Rayleigh Wright
Rayleigh Wright Hace 8 días
BROOKLYN’S FACE THO!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nathan Reichle
Nathan Reichle Hace 8 días
N I c e e y es
Classic Claire
Classic Claire Hace 9 días
That reaction tho
GG2K7AU05 Hace 9 días
Every identical twins have connected GPS built in so they can sense their other twin, yours is just broken.
Saidy Salcedo
Saidy Salcedo Hace 11 días
Nati Zo
Nati Zo Hace 11 días
Lia Romano
Lia Romano Hace 12 días
Selling replays: 8:27 8:27 8:27 8:27 8:27 8:27 8:27 8:27
Maddy's Gaming
Maddy's Gaming Hace 14 días
Which is that song ?
The Vanilla Gorilla
The Vanilla Gorilla Hace 16 días
What's the song?
Alison Lardieri
Alison Lardieri Hace 17 días
when bailey kept messing up, it was giving me anxiety 😂
destiny lentz
destiny lentz Hace 17 días
Omg she did not notice and I would not stop laughing
Angel Hace 18 días
8:48 best shot ever
Muhsina Mohamedihsanullah
0:31 daxton just runnin past (idk name teh last time I watched this channel was 2 years ago I got banned from yt by my sis)
Awesome Girl
Awesome Girl Hace 18 días
Omgggg you guys are hilarious...and just make my day♥️♥️♥️
Victoria Washington
Victoria Washington Hace 19 días
Yeah 👍🏿👍🏿
Survivors Fan
Survivors Fan Hace 21 un día
"Eww your so scary! I don't like go eww."😁 Gets me every time
Lil John
Lil John Hace 26 días
Did anyone notice that black kid in the background
Chandrika Raghuvanshi
Chandrika Raghuvanshi Hace 26 días
Why does bailey look like Ellen?
natalia grace
natalia grace Hace 29 días
That was so crazy people that didn’t see Brooklyn’s reaction need to see it now
Natalie Reich
Natalie Reich Hace un mes
brooklyn was shopping for clothes for the baby doll in kamri's vid that just came out! and maybe for their own baby vid with asa and bailey
Mrah420 Hace un mes
Did anyone notice that little black kid running around her house who is that 😂😂
the vampire diaries
i was cracking up i chokced on some water and it came out of my nose 😂
Hi It’s Xaina
Hi It’s Xaina Hace un mes
Ok first its Sana now there’s a Dana 😑
VscoSister Fam
VscoSister Fam Hace un mes
I knew it was jatie vlogs I love them 😍
Javier Suárez
Javier Suárez Hace un mes
Siyona Pathak
Siyona Pathak Hace un mes
2:24-that's Thumbs by Sabrina Carpenter!! Sorry, that was off topic. But, I love u guys so much!!
Madison Lobato
Madison Lobato Hace un mes
👍👍👍👍 baliey with blonde
Book of shadows contributor Brian
HI there 💘🏴🖊
Manisha Mishra
Manisha Mishra Hace un mes
With those long blonds bailey looked exactly like Brooklyn
Ladarius Little
Ladarius Little Hace un mes
Shes so cute her eyes are awsome they green in the cam but blue when she looks away cool
Rad Con
Rad Con Hace un mes
You chicks are gorgeous
Nur Adiva Zahira Fachni Marpaung
08:31 the real jumpscare in real life 😂😂
TheLifeOfSophia Hace un mes
i’m back again watching this video and the way Dana imitated Brooklyn is spot on lol.
Henry Films
Henry Films Hace un mes
0:30 who was that kid in the background
Braden Norris
Braden Norris Hace un mes
Henry Films it was Joe
Lucilo Cawaling
Lucilo Cawaling Hace un mes
i like the one who has no boyfriend hahaha 😂 idunno if bailey or brooklyn 😁
5:29 🤞😯😃
tigers9879 Hace un mes
Can’t you put a camera on you that’s small enough? So no one sees it
Carly K
Carly K Hace un mes
0:54 dog there, 0:55 dog disappeared
THE BEAST Hace un mes
Hi i am new here and already like it
Qaisaraz🌸💫 Hace un mes
Hey , brooklyn and bailey can i have a giveaway or shoutout or pinned pleaseee…!i love u guys…!u guys are so so so pretty…!i subscribe ur channel and like
Angela Igogo. Soul Food
That employee that was so funny.
Stephen Rogers
Stephen Rogers Hace un mes
You guys have AMAZING eyes!
Davin Garcia
Davin Garcia Hace un mes
New to this channel... WHO TF IS THAT LIL BLACK BOY😂😂
Mo Hawk
Mo Hawk Hace un mes
Star S at 5:52
Jess Hace un mes
Lol how did she not notice? I have an identical twin sis, and we definitely would have noticed each other. Also, when the video popped up over the clothes & Brooklyn was RIGHT THERE, it scared me 🤣
Madeline Wood
Madeline Wood Hace un mes
omg! I love watching y'all's videos! you are hilarious and funny! I wish I had a twin... like if you do too!
Maureen Fisichella
Maureen Fisichella Hace un mes
Why did she bought some baby clothes?
rebekah martin
rebekah martin Hace un mes
Brooklyn’s face is alllll red when she finds out! lol love you Brooklyn and bailey!
rebekah martin
rebekah martin Hace un mes
Just curious, how tall are you guys?
Lovely Antoinette Abella Dorde
The shirt tho is from kamris back to school video
Khensani Lebohang
Khensani Lebohang Hace un mes
I love u guys
Alexandra Rollins
Alexandra Rollins Hace un mes
Tell Hannah DLT I said hiiiiiiiii
Jiajian Hou
Jiajian Hou Hace un mes
8:32 the reaction is priceless.
Ginger Spice
Ginger Spice Hace un mes
those employees seemed so sweet!! like I would've thought if I went to an employee telling them I was playing a prank on my twin sister, I feel like they'd get mad or annoyed and I'd be hella embarrassed. >_
Karen Henshaw
Karen Henshaw Hace un mes
murphys law i say. MURPHYS LAW!!!!!!!
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