Identical Twins Switch Places | Will Bailey’s Boyfriend Notice?

Brooklyn and Bailey
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In today’s video, you’ll watch us #SWITCHPLACES and try to trick our friends, including Bailey’s boyfriend, Asa! Do you think they will fall for it??
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We told all of our friends that we needed them to help us film a video all about making friends in #college, but little did they know...we were about to trick them! We set the whole thing up to look like they were just going to be filming a video with me (Brooklyn), because Bailey was “at a meeting”. 😂
Bailey was hiding out in the bathroom as I started the video, and a couple of minutes in, I went back to the bathroom and we SWITCHED PLACES! We went all out too, I even gave her all of my jewelry AND she wore hair extensions to look as much like me as possible… It was kind of scary how much she looked like me!! 😂 what do you think???
We even asked Asa (Bailey’s #boyfriend) to be a part of it, and y’all will never believe what happened during the video with him… 🙈We were so laughing SO HARD!!
You can’t help but feel so bad for him… but don’t blame Asa for not noticing, he got Bailey back a few days later and she didn’t notice he switched with one of our friends who looks a lot like him, during a photo shoot! What can they say??? They’ve been dating long distance for over 2 years and don’t spend a lot of time physically together!
Who were you the MOST surprised by that didn’t notice we switched places? Could you tell??? Comment below!
💋's - Brooklyn
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15 may 2019

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Brooklyn and Bailey
WE ARE NOW SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY!! ❤️CLICK HERE TO SHOP: brooklynandbaileyshop.com/ 💋's - Brooklyn
Jadyn Berg
Jadyn Berg Hace un día
Brooklyn and Bailey you are so cute Brooklyn and Bailey y’all are awesome and the best ESvid
Edric Graf
Edric Graf Hace 5 días
I love you
Edric Graf
Edric Graf Hace 5 días
Sadie Kissell
Sadie Kissell Hace 12 días
Are u from Tim tok?! :):)
Kstallings Hace 13 días
Amazing videos
Gemma Joikhun
Gemma Joikhun Hace 59 minutos
Asa comeback was savage
Gemma Joikhun
Gemma Joikhun Hace un hora
I can tell them apart by their voice
Gemma Joikhun
Gemma Joikhun Hace un hora
When she said “Brooklyn and I” I literally lost it I thought they lost it but then she went silent And was surprised she didn’t notice
Marianna Waldroup
Marianna Waldroup Hace un hora
He s like this is shady hmmm
Blue Purple
Blue Purple Hace 2 horas
They talk the same....and say the same things at the same time wow... love them
All Things Feminine
All Things Feminine Hace 4 horas
Wow, you really look identical. Very pretty. 💗
santiago mejia
santiago mejia Hace 4 horas
Dani Daniels?
S& D nation
S& D nation Hace 6 horas
I am suprised asa didnt notice
Joy Biyi Daniels
Joy Biyi Daniels Hace 7 horas
In 5:37, why did she say eww🤨🤨
Rebel Channel Without a Cause
It's easy. Bailey has a crooked nose.
Faith Bell
Faith Bell Hace 8 horas
Booklynes voice is a little deaper so I would probably notice but I might not if I was there and had no idea
Kyshanna Newkirk
Kyshanna Newkirk Hace 9 horas
One had a skinnier face
Riley Pelzer
Riley Pelzer Hace 11 horas
Angelique Flores
Angelique Flores Hace 14 horas
There face shape is very different, Brooklyn´s voice is a bit deeper, Brooklyn (longer name longer hair) Bailey (shorter name shorter hair)
Lin. Bonbon
Lin. Bonbon Hace 16 horas
Thumbs down
Lin. Bonbon
Lin. Bonbon Hace 16 horas
The girl with the red hair is so gross and fat ew wtf
Lin. Bonbon
Lin. Bonbon Hace 16 horas
Lin. Bonbon
Lin. Bonbon Hace 16 horas
Theyre short and it looks gross
Lin. Bonbon
Lin. Bonbon Hace 16 horas
They lashes look like spiders 🕷
Lin. Bonbon
Lin. Bonbon Hace 16 horas
Ew they look like dolls
Pandora Hace 17 horas
Why is she saying ew ew ew ew ew
kathryn n
kathryn n Hace 17 horas
Bailey’s nose is more crooked
Katie Pienaar
Katie Pienaar Hace 18 horas
I love you
Romanian Memes
Romanian Memes Hace 22 horas
U are not identical
umaamah sajjad
umaamah sajjad Hace un día
ME: AWW they are soooo cute and the outfits aaa love them HANNA: EWW EWWW EWW ME: 🤦‍♀️
Sage Hace un día
13:27 he was like “am I hugging the right person” like he hand was hesitant 😂
M L Hace un día
Will he notice the difference.....not if she 'gives it up'!
zenna miranda
zenna miranda Hace un día
Storie Presents:
Storie Presents: Hace un día
Omg...why does Hanna keep saying 'ew'???
kaylia coomer
kaylia coomer Hace un día
The one on the left has chubbier cheeks. And a rounder face.
Tazha Benedito
Tazha Benedito Hace un día
asa is dead!!!
Riley D.
Riley D. Hace un día
How did Asa not know 😆
Paopao Saman
Paopao Saman Hace un día
Have any of you walked up to a mirror and thought that your reflection was the other twin? XD
safa abidi
safa abidi Hace un día
to me i swear to god they look so diffrent .. especially their mouths .. a little bit in the jaw area and face shape ..let alone their voices . i can say i can tell them apart easily
kira Sanders
kira Sanders Hace un día
Ash Linz
Ash Linz Hace un día
“he’s in trouble.” 😂😂
Sydney08 Hace un día
Asa is so cute 💕
Glacie duncan
Glacie duncan Hace un día
Paula Cordova
Paula Cordova Hace un día
fsoon yoog
fsoon yoog Hace un día
Well, your tone of voice is pretty different, though.
Fede Magalotti
Fede Magalotti Hace un día
13:20: "and you can do that?" "Yeah" "That's funny" "No, you can't" I'm dying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maria Aparicio
Maria Aparicio Hace 2 días
Shreya Casasola
Shreya Casasola Hace 2 días
the only reason Asa didn't get it was that he's loyal and wasn't "looking" at brooklyn. after the switch, he didn't say anything and just went on with the questions, not really paying attention to Bailey, because he thought it was brooklyn.
Hannah Cook
Hannah Cook Hace 2 días
Mackenzie Maestas
Mackenzie Maestas Hace 2 días
The necklace you guys forgot to switch
Elli Nunez
Elli Nunez Hace 2 días
KingOfTh3LionsYT Hace 2 días
Ha ha, typical Asa! Ya'll are awesome. Can't wait for your next vid.
Asa L.
Asa L. Hace 2 días
They lookef lke the rybka twins on the thumbnail
Bernie Burciaga
Bernie Burciaga Hace 2 días
You guys adorable.
Jessica Black
Jessica Black Hace 2 días
Hanna. Just Hanna. 😂🤣 Does she have her own ESvid channel?
N T Hace 2 días
Both of you are too adorable your video was so funny and entertaining!! Haha :D
skiesquad3 Hace 2 días
Baileys nose is different
R.c Hace 2 días
I can notice the difference from their nose actually
Surya Panayil
Surya Panayil Hace 2 días
Why hanna is saying eww every time they see brooklyn and bailey. Its so annoying😡😤😤😤
Courtney Haigh
Courtney Haigh Hace 3 días
One has a freckle below her nose and one is more tan. The buns both look different too
Faten Amireh
Faten Amireh Hace 3 días
Hey guys what state do u live in Texas or California
sy Hace 3 días
Well, your tone of voice is pretty different, though.
Giselle Alvarez
Giselle Alvarez Hace 3 días
Montana Fesenmaier
Montana Fesenmaier Hace 3 días
Bailey should have kissed Asa when they switched.
Sophia Macdonald
Sophia Macdonald Hace 3 días
this was posted 2 days before my birthday WHY?!! idc honestly
J Nation
J Nation Hace 3 días
Bethany:how am I your best friend and you expect me not too notice Bailey:hahahahahahahahahahaha
Tina_ SlayQueen
Tina_ SlayQueen Hace 3 días
Ayeee my name is Tina! But I want people to called me piper
bunniistarr Hace 3 días
you girls are the cutest twins ever
Happiness 101
Happiness 101 Hace 3 días
One of you is taller aka Brooklyn is taller then Bailey
Sassy Slimes with P and C
You guys are my favorite youtubers !!! I love you guys so much!! You guys should do a giveaway with your makeup line and/or scrunchies!! Love you guys!!!’😋🥰❤️❤️❤️
T. Pooh!!!
T. Pooh!!! Hace 3 días
No One: Not a single soul: Hannah:ew ew ew ew ew ew ew
Diane Artemis
Diane Artemis Hace 3 días
Bruh this is the first video I ever watch of them and I can tell them apart easily so like. Guys 😂
Alexandra Kaminski
Alexandra Kaminski Hace 3 días
Tina wont
Ram and Teags
Ram and Teags Hace 3 días
Nooooo there nekllse
Venus Venus
Venus Venus Hace 3 días
Hi im Adriana Musallam i subscribed to you and i relly want a shou out
Deanie Harris
Deanie Harris Hace 3 días
New to the channel
fdoctor Hace 3 días
Friend: I'm I white!?! Me: Hmmmm....yeah! LITERALLY! LOL
Kelly Chan
Kelly Chan Hace 3 días
To be fair, Asa wasnt really looking at "fake brooklyn"
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah Hace 3 días
How do they recognize wow wtf
Gontse Kenoshi
Gontse Kenoshi Hace 4 días
Not to be rude but it’s super annoying when Hanna says EW the whole time
Maila Sarkar
Maila Sarkar Hace 4 días
Why did the first girl keep saying ew I was cringing
Melissa Quintanilla
Melissa Quintanilla Hace 4 días
bex and mumble
bex and mumble Hace 4 días
I made a mistake I thought you were the rybka twins
Kristina Leira
Kristina Leira Hace 4 días
i make videos btw
Gracie Brazier
Gracie Brazier Hace 4 días
Their face shapes are different
A Coo
A Coo Hace 4 días
This is messing with my brain
Leah Browne
Leah Browne Hace 4 días
So the same
A Coo
A Coo Hace 4 días
how do you tell each other apart lmaoo
isabelle hardwick
isabelle hardwick Hace 4 días
Do u think they ever get confused with who they are, like Bailey ever thinks shes Brooklyn? Like if u agree
Jonny Stannard
Jonny Stannard Hace 4 días
hai im your biggest fan!!!!!!!
elayna mendez
elayna mendez Hace 4 días
i wish me and my twin was close like y’all 🥺
Tay Lee
Tay Lee Hace 4 días
Alexa Abrica
Alexa Abrica Hace 4 días
just ameerah
just ameerah Hace 4 días
When you asked us if your sister should go more blonde I was like one is which
Lo’s Music
Lo’s Music Hace 4 días
Pinkity drinkity
youngjae's mole
youngjae's mole Hace 4 días
brooklyn & bailey: how did you know?? their friends: it's obvious!!! ewww me: *trying to figure out who's who throughout the video*
Maasiai Sales
Maasiai Sales Hace 4 días
They have different noses
Pdx_ artist_
Pdx_ artist_ Hace 4 días
This is why I’m thankful my two bestfriends that are twins are Faternal and not identical twins 😂😂😂😂
Maddi the Unicorn
Maddi the Unicorn Hace 4 días
Telling them apart for me is their lashes. Brooklyn has more lashes to me and bailey has less.
Maddi the Unicorn
Maddi the Unicorn Hace 4 días
That girl said ew 9 times
Johanna _045
Johanna _045 Hace 4 días
Ew ew you look like bailey😂😂
Phoebe Jones
Phoebe Jones Hace 4 días
I thought Brooklyn and Bailey were boys 😂😂😂
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