If eye surgeons did you how barbers do.

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I had a barber forget he was cutting my hair, that phone conversation musta be immaculate.
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29 oct 2019






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Luke Warm
Luke Warm Hace 23 horas
"I don't have to wear something on my face all the time" damnit man
HoldShiftt2Run Hace un día
Back in the day, barbers were actually surgeons as well.
Dan Yak
Dan Yak Hace un día
Just leaves the country
BigBoys21 Hace un día
The real question is... Why is he awake during surgery LOL
PhoenixHashira Hace un día
0:03 I thought he was going to say interview.
Akuma Hace 2 días
I messed up we gotta go bald
KingBooBrian Boo
KingBooBrian Boo Hace 2 días
*Snipping noises* Is using box cutter
Warrior Supreme
Warrior Supreme Hace 2 días
As a person with a great fear of going blind, this traumatized me.😭
Sen Zen
Sen Zen Hace 2 días
How does he know he lost his eyes when he can't see them.
Æilert Argenthorne
Æilert Argenthorne Hace 2 días
These eyes came out like Sharingans!
DAViDm Hace 3 días
This a nightmare 😂😂😂
Azeara Azymoto
Azeara Azymoto Hace 4 días
0/10 he didn't say "it's all good" and ask for a tip
Ace Deane
Ace Deane Hace 4 días
I can’t watch this again
JawKnee86 Hace 5 días
Damn I wish my barber cared that much if he messed up.
george lopes
george lopes Hace 6 días
Eye doctor: *Literally Blinds me.* Me: It looks great, doc. Thank you.
Brzi Ananas
Brzi Ananas Hace 6 días
the ,,oh no i messed up i gotta cut the other part so nobody notices" is the most real barber thing ever
amongyou Try
amongyou Try Hace 7 días
Rey mistiryo it grows him thats kayfabe here its reall
mono Hace 8 días
I’m just wondering how he didn’t even feel those wounds lol
Candy Gore
Candy Gore Hace 8 días
imagine this being your next dream
the g nn
the g nn Hace 10 días
LOL The classic I can fix this line yet It always ends up worse he lost a eye (chunk of hair) barber wanted to even it out cut another eye (chunk of hair ) you either blind or bold now
Red Hace 10 días
This is why i cut my own hair
Rah'tel Jackson
Rah'tel Jackson Hace 11 días
The fact that he left it dark in there is HILARIOUS
Keerthi Chandra
Keerthi Chandra Hace 11 días
The funniest thing about it is he used ping pong balls for eyes and they even bounced off the ground and made noise but it's all relevant according to the skit 😅😅
Alex - Unity
Alex - Unity Hace 12 días
Its not lasik, its razik
Tobechukwu Alozie
Tobechukwu Alozie Hace 12 días
I’ve rewatched this so many times that I just saw a comment I liked but apparently I had already liked it
Elite_Ace Hace 13 días
i keep forgetting that he’s talking to himself
andria quest
andria quest Hace 13 días
those screams tho lmao "no aaaahhhhhh ....i messed uuuppp!" lololol
DuyTheClosetweeb Hace 13 días
More eyes for the blind I guess
Verified Youtuber
Verified Youtuber Hace 13 días
Oh i messed up we gotta go blind Someone beat me to it lol
Śhäđøw 333
Śhäđøw 333 Hace 13 días
*Ohhh noo i made it worst* i felt that
Tranzmo2992 Hace 14 días
Fun fact: a few years ago barbers would be the ones who would do the surgerys
Drippy Boy Mark
Drippy Boy Mark Hace 16 días
oh no i made it worse🤣🤣🤣
First name Last name
First name Last name Hace 16 días
Doctor has razor blade. Scissors noises
Hippity Hoppity All The Way To The Birdie Boiler
This what heart surgeons do when the patient doesn’t wake up before they gotta tell the family
Gold Sheep
Gold Sheep Hace 17 días
"oh i messed up we gotta go blind"
Martinez’s Martinez
Martinez’s Martinez Hace 18 días
Turn to Jesus and be saved!
RoastedDuck Hace 20 días
ShineDark Hace 22 días
I’m starting to get brain damage from the title
Bryan from 56th st
Bryan from 56th st Hace 24 días
This is so unrealistic. A barber never has regrets about fuckin ya up
Empathy Tobacco
Empathy Tobacco Hace 25 días
And that's why they're barbers and not surgeons
sauercrowder Hace 25 días
I'm just trying to _look_ good
The Jingo
The Jingo Hace 27 días
The surgeon using a box cutter yet the sound it made sound like scissors
p c
p c Hace 27 días
0:29 "I'm just trynna LOOK good" LMAO. He's literally trying to look, good
FadeUG Hace 27 días
purple tea
purple tea Hace 29 días
Mohsin Canadian
Mohsin Canadian Hace 29 días
The fact that he's wearing a mask triggers me
David Putra
David Putra Hace 29 días
Alex Sam
Alex Sam Hace 29 días
Gracias sinior
BlueX Hace 29 días
"Whenever you feel annoyed, just remember that BlueX is here" -BlueX
Caleb Hace 29 días
I know he’s in a room by himself...yet reaching around with that blade still has me nervous
FlavoredPoet Animations
Why do They use razors and not lasers...
Toxic Hace un mes
reminds me of my dentist
a Hace un mes
i’m confused but i kinda understand the video
Inkwyvern Hace un mes
British NHS surgeon tbh. Only whenever they cripple or kill someone the hospital threatens you to stay quiet
achmad yasa
achmad yasa Hace un mes
this is too gore
King white The Great white shark
"An eye for an eye"
Pratham Gidwani
Pratham Gidwani Hace un mes
Best of all time😂
HeZhenZhen Hace un mes
Before: 👁 👄 👁 ✂️ *Cuts* After: X 👄 X what was that noise? 💀💀💀💀💀💀
Moe Hace un mes
still my favourite video
Eren’s basement
Eren’s basement Hace un mes
I like how he totally messed up and the guy didn’t even know his eye was out 👁👄👁
M01st Hace un mes
Why this one actually got me stressed lmao
Ca Spa
Ca Spa Hace un mes
"Doctors use the most percise tools" *doctor pulls out pocket knife*
Toge Inumaki
Toge Inumaki Hace un mes
That moment when you realize your eye surgeon wears glasses
Anonymous Hace un mes
the eye surgeon pulled a 'Shisui Uchiha'
DTF riendship
DTF riendship Hace un mes
᭙iꪶꪶꪮ᭙ Hace un mes
Caleb: I’m here for the.. Me: interview Caleb: 6 o’clock appointment Me: 𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕘𝕘𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕕
Stoic Studios
Stoic Studios Hace un mes
At my school I messed up so bad I said I’ll be right back I ran to the bathroom until he forgot and wondered why I took so long
Scidoofle Banoodle
Scidoofle Banoodle Hace un mes
Aw shit I messed up, we gotta go bald
Alex Sam
Alex Sam Hace un mes
So guys who did the laser eye surgery? And was it painful
The Strangler
The Strangler Hace un mes
"Oops I messed up we gotta go bald now"
Paxi Hace un mes
when they mess up ur cut 1:05
SENSE EOD! Hace un mes
ngl when i peeped the box cutter i died
THECARLS 15 Hace un mes
Alternate title : If ex barber becomes an eye surgeon
Bakuretsu Hace un mes
Am i good? Y-y-yea-yeah you're good lmaoo
Giannecarlo B
Giannecarlo B Hace un mes
I just realized the surgeon's shirt had a wink on it. Is it just one eye missing 😂
__________ Hace un mes
You should’ve added them checking in a new customer/patient during your surgery
Plasma toky
Plasma toky Hace un mes
xCCflierx Hace un mes
"I'm just trying to LOOK GOOD" "EYE SEEE" "Gotta cut the other side so it LOOK the same"
Ninja Bro's
Ninja Bro's Hace un mes
Fav vid😼😼
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson Hace un mes
Me: Clicks video The ad: *People be asking me what I got on*
kango on the piano
kango on the piano Hace un mes
Moral of story: don’t use phones while doing surgery
Zukuto Hace un mes
If you listen, there's a lot of puns and I find it hilarious
Tony_Ruiz97 Hace un mes
A video about eye surgery and the video is in 60fps 👀😂
Noloveent Hace un mes
Billy_La_ Bufanda
Billy_La_ Bufanda Hace un mes
The unsubscribe button should just not exist on this guy
Yanko Hayden
Yanko Hayden Hace un mes
The adhesive amount certainly moan because farmer architecturally alert at a certain wrench. animated, reminiscent banana
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Hace un mes
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Smoker Hace un mes
i like the fact that he is using his gaming chair as a medical chair
Fried Rice119
Fried Rice119 Hace un mes
An eye for an eye
Playerman Hace un mes
Ara Torosyan
Ara Torosyan Hace un mes
Nithish PB
Nithish PB Hace un mes
I'm not getting an eye surgery 😲
Gangsta GRAPES
Gangsta GRAPES Hace un mes
How didn't He feel pain lmao
Underlaw41 Hace un mes
When a barber starts his first day as an eye surgeon.
Ryokkeno Hace un mes
If an eye doctor produces a box cutter for work please flee via the nearest exit.
Rice Plays
Rice Plays Hace un mes
0:33 2020 did him bad
Uki Hace un mes
"i messed up" " *eye messed up* "
snap shot
snap shot Hace un mes
Just say u don’t like the cut
Agent N
Agent N Hace un mes
I love how he reacts normal like nothing happened
Justyourtypical Gamer
Dang his eye bouncy as hell 😂
Vibze Hace un mes
CalebCity is one of the few people I know that looks good with and without glasses oms lol
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