If This Doesn't Make You a Believer.. I Doubt Anything Will!

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If This Doesn't Make You a Believer.. I Doubt Anything Will!
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Ciencia y tecnología

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13 jul 2019






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Anonymous Official
Anonymous Official Hace un mes
If This Doesn't Make You a Believer.. I Doubt Anything Will! *Help by spreading this message, leave a like and subscribe if you haven't done so already.*
Cynthia Davis
Cynthia Davis Hace 17 días
US is a corporation it doesn't have any feelings about humanity. It want people to be robots
MKS Hace 24 días
Obummer is a jerk and a disappointment.
Shane Keir
Shane Keir Hace 27 días
4:06 anyone else see the freemason symbol?
J3m51mct Hace un mes
Anonymous Official “real power is people” 💞🧠💞
@Michael Hart Finally somebody said it...
Diane Neill
Diane Neill Hace 50 minutos
Nothing new to me, glad I'm not the only one who figured it out. What you don't mention is the powerful volatility of zero point. One false move and this solar system might have another asteroid belt?
Joshua Weickum
Joshua Weickum Hace 22 horas
Dumb AF
Marie GotInk
Marie GotInk Hace un día
As people we have to be ok with not knowing everything p, why because not everything is our business
K M Hace 2 días
Please tell us how we can get in touch with these people especially the gentleman with the numbers in the first of the video
Leliu Swann
Leliu Swann Hace 5 días
Trump brought Dark into the Light for all of us to see, to awaken the American people and people from around the world who are watching us. Even though he will only serve another term in 2020, we will never forget what he did for us, he opened our eyes and exposed us to all the EVIL in our world. God Bless Trump!
Leliu Swann
Leliu Swann Hace 5 días
Obama lied to US!
malakai252001 Hace 5 días
Toroidal vortices..
iera Hace 5 días
11:00 Now Elon Musk is going to wrap the entire planet in 5G
ausgewuchtet Hace 6 días
@Anonymous Official > check your thumb-up counter on your videos... YT manipulates them since days to exact round numbers down.... on many many channels ^^
Apollyon6660 Hace 15 días
End of the Day: Money = That's the Huge Problem,
Susie L
Susie L Hace 16 días
I want FREE ENERGY !!!!!
Andy Gee
Andy Gee Hace 16 días
They did invent it and y'all killed them!!!
eduu klee
eduu klee Hace 16 días
ofcourse its real, because everything human dream of become real one day. The Problem is, certain organisation are preventing it from happening, for stupid greedy reasons. But i have no worries at all, because utopia for everyone is just a matter of time. But i also belive we dont have utopia allrdy, is because people truly dont want utopia. they still desire drama and chaos, because utopia is fuking boring.
The Infamous Mad Masked Rapper
Has it ever occurred to any of you that you are already using "free energy" and that fact is being hidden from you through the implementation of corporations that provide energy to you for a price?................
Cynthia Davis
Cynthia Davis Hace 17 días
US is a corporation and the government is a
memilogist banna
memilogist banna Hace 17 días
OHHHH YEAHHHHH BOIS I am coming out with a Ben ten watch from area 51
dominique dupouy
dominique dupouy Hace 18 días
They have the alternative and are putting huge amount of money in it and it is Fussion Energy that they have been building in France called ITER ,The sun in a magnetic bottle.
Rhys Wong
Rhys Wong Hace 18 días
Where can I find more videos of that women making that device and presentation? And that man who said it can be done? I love to know more
Rafael Silva
Rafael Silva Hace 18 días
yah that coil dont work m8 its just a prety coil unless theres something more atached also why does anonymus post dumb shit
Todd Weber
Todd Weber Hace 18 días
Nikola tesla had the tesla coil . Its been supressed for decades . The earth has electricty in the air . Tesla figured out how to harness it . Whatch the tesla files . Very interesting . The gov stole teslas inventions .
j G
j G Hace 18 días
Wowwwwwwwww wow!! Well Done!!
jason morgan
jason morgan Hace 18 días
Bwahahahahahaha. 😄😄😎
Lisa Farrell
Lisa Farrell Hace 18 días
Thank you for your amazing work... How can we support you now?
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Hace 18 días
Golden Ratio is the key to life and everything
it's on
it's on Hace 19 días
So what's the point of this? We all know very well that nobody ain't gonna do nothing.
Howie S
Howie S Hace 19 días
I’m numerically challenged and have no religious faith yet I truly believe math is god 🛒
Jason Omar
Jason Omar Hace 19 días
Man I knew “BACK2 THE FUTURE” wasn’t sci-fi comedy ...but some serious real life shit
Aidan Cuff
Aidan Cuff Hace 19 días
I love Anonymous, but this channel has become more and more like a bullshit conspiracy channel. I’m seriously considering unsubscribing because this is just getting stupid. Chem-Trails don’t poison the air. Big-Pharma isn’t hiding the cure for cancer. So on and so forth. *Change My Mind.*
Brandon Ford
Brandon Ford Hace 20 días
What do want this to serve as proof of?
some weird asian cunt
some weird asian cunt Hace 20 días
I dont get it
j p
j p Hace 20 días
Until its time to us the real things
Jamal Elfallah
Jamal Elfallah Hace 20 días
He didn't make that tesla did but he couldn't get it finished even after death this man don't get what he deserves
R Absalem
R Absalem Hace 20 días
All This evil exist because people have believe in the wrong things. No magic no science. The evil forces who are controlling the world works together with the jin. They drink the blood of children and make other horrible sacrifices so that the jin give them technology , fame and money. We just keep believing and following their life standards and their instructions. We need to work day in and day out only for food and housing. That is ridiculous. They tell us what we do with the money and what we can’t. We need to work hard for bread and they just print money and buy everything up. No chances for honest and smart people to be successful in businesses because they are the business and we their slaves. They are playing for God with controlling the wind , earthquakes , rain etc. We can only beat them when we go back to ALLAH. Peace be upon you and may ALLAH softens your hearts and lighten your paths.
Keiichi Hace 20 días
Pssst be quite please!, all comments here are monitored by Other Government...
bernie jenkins
bernie jenkins Hace 20 días
tesla was not murdered he died of old age
Cheeto Residue
Cheeto Residue Hace 20 días
Some how all these guys in this video mysteriously commit suicide.
Dexxrey DrY
Dexxrey DrY Hace 20 días
Just A Dude
Just A Dude Hace 20 días
Time to get Thunderf00t to debunk this
Bobble HatGaming
Bobble HatGaming Hace 20 días
can't remember it exactly but these 2 inventors were on their way to present a form of renewable clean energy to the un and their plane blew up lol... jp morgan scooped up nicola teslas blueprints
NSilencer Hace 21 un día
When we'll understand the code of how to present these truths, belief and action will be taken. Society needs drama. We lose interest at something that isn't exciting, scary, surprising etc. Give the world this knowledge and information in a better format. It's all about the format. The video and the presenters. Peace and grace.
George Amador
George Amador Hace 21 un día
Clinton's seized the patents
3EyedRebel Hace 21 un día
Who else clicked to see the thumbnail.
Uncle Dice
Uncle Dice Hace 21 un día
thanks to fucking bankers..they killed our dreams of free energy..because is free..because generates no income...fking demons
Ally Said
Ally Said Hace 21 un día
The Illuminati wants to keep us down.
Lil Brim
Lil Brim Hace 21 un día
This will get bought out by the gov or these inventors will go missing, thank god they made this video and showed the power of 9. This is crazy because just the other week I was showing Nikolai Tesla’s quote on 9 and a video describing the plane for 3,6, and 9 to my friend and showing him, and then not even a couple days later this video came out. If we could all understand the plane and if they could teach us how to make these coils, we could all create our own perpetual energy sources.
Renaldo Nortje
Renaldo Nortje Hace 22 días
This is amazing
Al Capone
Al Capone Hace 22 días
They know that you know is that you bro
MoonNinja Hace 22 días
Love the fact that the image of the video is from the series Timeless with a red arrow indicating that this is groundbreaking new dirt on the gov. When in reality its some bullshit that happened like what? 40yrs ago.
Fried Mule
Fried Mule Hace 22 días
If anyone did invent any form of cheaper or free energy they could just spreed the word and be the most famous person ever. But everyone who claim to have invented anything is either not willing to show how or don't wont to, maybe because they themselves wants money?
TY.Bambi Hace 22 días
We gonna do some wrong that ends the world and that’s trynna break physics
Mizzlizza777 Hace 23 días
Its all about Big Money, Government become a world super power and Dictatorship! No One But Government can solve all the world's issues but in turn, it'll always be Government that will deteriorate the world with everything it does!
Nellie Price
Nellie Price Hace 23 días
Ain't never going to be free,this world does not know how to cope without all these things yet!
RedemptionSoS Hace 23 días
Believer in what? Fukkin idiot
ThirstyBoots Hace 24 días
Is it possible to become more stupid than the people that believe this video? Go study some physics and be ashamed of yourself for the rest of Your life.
Universum Hace 24 días
Lets raid area 51 to discover the truth, and get a pet alian as well of course.
simon Collis
simon Collis Hace 24 días
Cus everyone has a vortex coil lol. Oil is plentiful. The earth is flat and cooling. These inc anonymous are liars. It's all a money making con to keep us in bondage Stop viewing this crap and enjoy your family
pomegranat2000 Hace 24 días
large sigh with hands holding forehead, so many crackpots.
pomegranat2000 Hace 24 días
"I know how to harness dark power" lol priceless, that's even better than the guy selling bro-water hahahhahahhaha
don't trespass
don't trespass Hace 24 días
owwwwwaww ic UC anonymouse
lazergod04 Hace 25 días
i want to join anonymous i’m a decent hacker and if u want to dm me fell free
Tammoy Sharpe
Tammoy Sharpe Hace 25 días
So your telling me anonymous is telling us the truth of everyday life and the government and politics even NASA is being exposed so I know what there doing they are after anonymous because they don't Want to get exposed the government is trying to prevent that I should learn more about this
Submissive Subscriber
Submissive Subscriber Hace 25 días
if body is mikrokosmos so the grid also can be found within our body
Kurtis sandbergen
Kurtis sandbergen Hace 25 días
I had the last video saved to my youtube playlist. The playlist is still there. The video though...
Leshley Pile
Leshley Pile Hace 25 días
Thank you
MatheusFlex Hace 25 días
Que louco eu não sabia que vocês tinham um canal parabéns pelo trabalho anonymous ;)
Pat Baron
Pat Baron Hace 25 días
Didn’t Tesla have similar ideas?
Boss Ricketts
Boss Ricketts Hace 26 días
See flying saucers daily
Eric Lieber
Eric Lieber Hace 26 días
Show us how to build one!
Infamous Yash Show
Infamous Yash Show Hace 26 días
the amazing thing about the world and the course its in, is nobody can stop it. not even anon
Rythblaqk Hace 26 días
They have us fighting each other, in this left right/good bad paradigm, When in reality, we should be fighting them. We are many, they are few.
Diane Neill
Diane Neill Hace 59 minutos
They are not few, there are 5 billion of them living on the moon. Check Bruce Sees All channel, he has them under surveillance. The 13 families and the 7 ET species have all the money. Money rules. We are their slaves and they keep us dumbed down with religions.
Mizzlizza777 Hace 23 días
Truth Straight Up and such is a measure that people REALLY need to be awakened to! Amen 🙏 friend!
ZeXaL Hace 26 días
How didn't this channel get deleted from youtube if it spreads the truth ???
johnny kev
johnny kev Hace 22 días
If they're telling the truth then it's the truth plus they're the best hacking group out there they can just fuck up youtube
Virtual Buick
Virtual Buick Hace 26 días
The word " government " translates to " mind control ". When you control minds you also control bodies. Free thinkers or anybody who thinks outside the " acceptable box " are considered " unknown quantities " and considered a threat the to established power base. Our government will do anything to keep people from becoming unified or equal or free in any way.
Andrew Wildlund
Andrew Wildlund Hace 27 días
talk talk, just fucking start building smal scale and sell on E-bay home delivery...You know how it work, regular way will be blocked work around it. So smart to invent but to stupid to spread the knowledge 20th century bitch please...
cflowers69 Hace 27 días
Well, if you solve the energy crisis, pollution, food shortage, cure cancer, etc....then everyone LIVES and lives well. Why then, would the 1% want any of that to take place? They work to keep the world and humankind in a constant downward spiral. Really begin to believe that living the rest of the days in the wilderness is the way to go.
Agent Jane
Agent Jane Hace 27 días
Doubling : Flux Fields -Gravitons Baby!!!
Mark A
Mark A Hace 27 días
it's funny that I have seen this on lsd
Light Owl
Light Owl Hace 27 días
-1 0 1+ I see it, the code hidden within nature.
Light Owl
Light Owl Hace 25 días
It's not until you understand geometry as the math and science of it all, and 0.0000000000000000 is infinity, but learn to look at circles as cycles and spheres(3D). You might just unlock true enlightenment.
Light Owl
Light Owl Hace 25 días
Riley Greenhalgh nope, just pure wisdom learned by observing nature for 33 years. Same class room our ancient ancestors learned the truth from.
Riles Green
Riles Green Hace 25 días
Light Owl guessing you've done a bit of dmt
Light Owl
Light Owl Hace 26 días
Riley Greenhalgh 👍🏻 The binary of equal opposites throughout everything, good and evil, light n dark, positive and negative, visible and invisible, hot n cold etc etc etc connecting the 3rd dimension All direction and to why the fibonacci spiral is. When you find balance, you see the light/centre/source of life. Stay Positive✌🏻
Riles Green
Riles Green Hace 26 días
Light Owl 🦉
Khalvynnov Selevonnovsky
As long as stupid rules, then it'll be along time before anything happens. That goes for greed & power as well.
Joe Mummerth
Joe Mummerth Hace 27 días
major scam aimed at idiots !
5unglassZFG Gaming
5unglassZFG Gaming Hace 28 días
tesla used underground water for power without wires
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