If This Doesn't Make You a Believer.. I Doubt Anything Will!

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If This Doesn't Make You a Believer.. I Doubt Anything Will!
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Ciencia y tecnología

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13 jul 2019






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Anonymous Official
Anonymous Official Hace 5 meses
If This Doesn't Make You a Believer.. I Doubt Anything Will! *Help by spreading this message, leave a like and subscribe if you haven't done so already.*
Cynthia Davis
Cynthia Davis Hace 4 meses
US is a corporation it doesn't have any feelings about humanity. It want people to be robots
MKS Hace 4 meses
Obummer is a jerk and a disappointment.
Shane Keir
Shane Keir Hace 4 meses
4:06 anyone else see the freemason symbol?
J3m51mct Hace 4 meses
Anonymous Official “real power is people” 💞🧠💞
Tyler 3
Tyler 3 Hace 10 días
what the heck is going on weve been set up by r own..i 4 one refuse 2 have my own cell phone as i norrow this one..if i have a phone it just gets hacked by bastard army n nsa
Michael Sparks
Michael Sparks Hace 14 días
If only TESLA was listened too the world today would be more beautiful and without pollution but instead J.Penis Morgan couldn't see passed his greedy nose enough to allow himself and especially Nikola TESLA the chance to create a almost utopian society with no one to cold or to hot and no wars ever fought over oil! What a shameful legacy you have Mr J P Morgan and all of your followers! Fucking Bankers and Greed!
Bring Australia back
Bring Australia back Hace 18 días
Life is a lie, WHY!!! Because GRUBS run the world. No more lies for me. I know the TRUTH. I advise everybody to do there own HOME WORK. It’s not HARD👍
jonathon schott
jonathon schott Hace 18 días
I will not refute anything in this video, especially any of the Nicola tesla information, but that guy at the end talking about power grids. 'On these military emblems and no one knows where they come from', that is the stupidest thing i have heard in some time. Read history, dude, it helps sometimes. Power grids? Maybe. But THE GEOMETRIC MEAN GRID OF A SPHERE doesn't even look anything like the grid he had up, idiot.......
Barry Campion
Barry Campion Hace un mes
Carbon dioxide battery is cool
Barry Campion
Barry Campion Hace un mes
I produced free electricity in middle school. It's simple , government don't want to know
Barry Campion
Barry Campion Hace un mes
Nuculer fusion reactor Electro magnetism Hydrogen generation Solar and water turbine Atomic battery for viechles
David Bey
David Bey Hace un mes
Are the power generator plans available? If so, where can I get started.
Billy Taboada
Billy Taboada Hace un mes
Don't patent anything just make it available to everyone without revealing yourself by the time someone finds out it will be too late and the technology will be widespread.
dickylobster Hace un mes
Coil power ! Free power ! Banned by the government !
Marcia Wood
Marcia Wood Hace un mes
I already know first hand about stolen art,music ,science, tech.They stole my intellectual property from a domestic violence robbery and put it out to the public as belonging to themselves and their installed puppets. Sick communist greed.
Bring Australia back
Ultra Zionist buying up everything
Bessy Bessy
Bessy Bessy Hace 2 meses
Some see this, some wonder what is true some want a change, but most have fear they dont want to know, fear controls humanity, all goverments love fear its control, more people have to stop being in fear, they aint gods and we let them think they are, every time, Fear, mony, newsmart phones, and you control the world,
Arseburger Fanginforone
We are the ones who have to change for the greater good,we have the power to reduce their edgenda to nothing and take back the control of our lives and rid them of the power that binds us to them
Arseburger Fanginforone
Pyramids and the upper ionosphere. Tesla knew that you can transfer energy wirelessly
Arseburger Fanginforone
So that is what they were doing on the iss, with the coldest point in the universe test !!
Joe South
Joe South Hace 3 meses
Liar we do have the know how he lies we know a lot of ways to get free energy but it free and they can’t make money so the screw us over and when you do anything invent anything they take it from you we can take h2o take out the h then you have one of the most combustible substance on the planet hydrogen and one who has half a brain can work it out wake up world the government are nothing but evil wankers that keep everything for themselves and want to keep your souls, as a kid I alway knew this world was wrong I have ideas and I won’t shear them coz they will kill you if you get caught fcuk you mr Obama are a big liar, everyone needs to wake up stop believing in the reality they lay in front of you step to the side and look into the world keeping and open mind the trouble is people don’t like the beliefs being challenged as it scares them to find out that there wrong and also people can’t let go of the years that they lose to the system , I challenge you the government to say I’m wrong or kill me off coz this world is shit 🖕
lion heart
lion heart Hace 3 meses
Anonymous, EVERYONE HAS SEEN THIS. Your channel sucks
Grigor Petrov
Grigor Petrov Hace 3 meses
If you're all about free energy put the instructions how to build the sources online . You wait for someone to come pay or take it by force. Fuckin hypocrites
Joe OConnor
Joe OConnor Hace 3 meses
Hello our idea of controlling everything is the problem
Joe OConnor
Joe OConnor Hace 3 meses
Numbers are a belief like religion Both wield the power of distribution and transformation
Shubh Mishra
Shubh Mishra Hace 3 meses
Who are they? Can anyone let me know who had discovered this revolutionary things that can change the whole world with in a year if anyone knows who are they please let me know i am dying out of curiosity
Wendy Noto
Wendy Noto Hace 3 meses
I still don't belive all based on a lie
Diane Neill
Diane Neill Hace 3 meses
Nothing new to me, glad I'm not the only one who figured it out. What you don't mention is the powerful volatility of zero point. One false move and this solar system might have another asteroid belt?
Marie GotInk
Marie GotInk Hace 4 meses
As people we have to be ok with not knowing everything p, why because not everything is our business
K M Hace 4 meses
Please tell us how we can get in touch with these people especially the gentleman with the numbers in the first of the video
Leliu Swann
Leliu Swann Hace 4 meses
Trump brought Dark into the Light for all of us to see, to awaken the American people and people from around the world who are watching us. Even though he will only serve another term in 2020, we will never forget what he did for us, he opened our eyes and exposed us to all the EVIL in our world. God Bless Trump!
Leliu Swann
Leliu Swann Hace 4 meses
Obama lied to US!
malakai252001 Hace 4 meses
Toroidal vortices..
iera Hace 4 meses
11:00 Now Elon Musk is going to wrap the entire planet in 5G
ausgewuchtet Hace 4 meses
@Anonymous Official > check your thumb-up counter on your videos... YT manipulates them since days to exact round numbers down.... on many many channels ^^
Apollyon6660 Hace 4 meses
End of the Day: Money = That's the Huge Problem,
Susie L
Susie L Hace 4 meses
I want FREE ENERGY !!!!!
Andy Gee
Andy Gee Hace 4 meses
They did invent it and y'all killed them!!!
eduu klee
eduu klee Hace 4 meses
ofcourse its real, because everything human dream of become real one day. The Problem is, certain organisation are preventing it from happening, for stupid greedy reasons. But i have no worries at all, because utopia for everyone is just a matter of time. But i also belive we dont have utopia allrdy, is because people truly dont want utopia. they still desire drama and chaos, because utopia is fuking boring.
The Infamous Mad Masked Rapper
Has it ever occurred to any of you that you are already using "free energy" and that fact is being hidden from you through the implementation of corporations that provide energy to you for a price?................
Cynthia Davis
Cynthia Davis Hace 4 meses
US is a corporation and the government is a
memilogist banna
memilogist banna Hace 4 meses
OHHHH YEAHHHHH BOIS I am coming out with a Ben ten watch from area 51
dominique dupouy
dominique dupouy Hace 4 meses
They have the alternative and are putting huge amount of money in it and it is Fussion Energy that they have been building in France called ITER ,The sun in a magnetic bottle.
Rhys Wong
Rhys Wong Hace 4 meses
Where can I find more videos of that women making that device and presentation? And that man who said it can be done? I love to know more
Ugly Ass
Ugly Ass Hace 4 meses
yah that coil dont work m8 its just a prety coil unless theres something more atached also why does anonymus post dumb shit
Todd Weber
Todd Weber Hace 4 meses
Nikola tesla had the tesla coil . Its been supressed for decades . The earth has electricty in the air . Tesla figured out how to harness it . Whatch the tesla files . Very interesting . The gov stole teslas inventions .
MoneyGod vG
MoneyGod vG Hace un mes
The government stole the nazi Germany inventions nazis had the best tech back then they just didnt use it the best way they were being run by a mad man and the scientists were the smartest and America took it or our own The nazis had a long range rail gun theres a copy of it in one of the call of duty games I cant remember which one it was a recent one the recent remastered one I was a map with a huge structure with a huge long cannon on it that was the nazis tech
Todd Weber
Todd Weber Hace 3 meses
@Rj Levesque, Jr. its all good mate . Yep im 50 . If you want to trip yourself out . Look up ancient aliens and hunting hitler . Yes poor nicola invented lots of things and got discredited because he didnt suck up peoples arses jp morgan was an arshole to nicola . The gov doesnt play fair . Imagine free electricity . In Australia we have the most expensive electricity in the world .
Rj Levesque, Jr.
Rj Levesque, Jr. Hace 3 meses
wasn't picking a fight or trolling I promise, just enjoying some discussion. =)
Rj Levesque, Jr.
Rj Levesque, Jr. Hace 3 meses
@Todd Weber yeah I'm a 52 year old fact fanatic, I love researching stuff like that too. =) - What I was talking about was the tesla coil, it was not suppressed for "decades" and many of his ideas were and are impractical although genius. However, he holds many patents. Once you dig a little deeper the plot thickens, in fact it's not that his inventions were stolen, per say, they were stolen by way of imitation and espionage. Most of the inventions we use today and give credit to people like Bell and Edison were actually invented by people like tesla. They stole the ideas, put them out of business, etc. then did what they wanted with their technologies. Either profit from it or bury it if you can't. That was all...which is why I said only slightly. Otherwise you were spot on. Have a good one. Here's another interesting history tidbit for you. Did you know in George Washingtons time it was customary to wear a powdered wig at special events and while in congress or court...but George Washington wore his wig anytime he went out in public, because he lost his hair due to VD.
Todd Weber
Todd Weber Hace 3 meses
@Rj Levesque, Jr. well inform me whats wrong . Dont just say its a little messed up . Typical people . The gov took teslas cases and didnt return them all . I think it was 4 or 5 cases of inventions wernt returned . The gov stole the lot . He invented lots of things . Wirless transfer of enery through the air was one . The tesla files is an interesting show .
j G
j G Hace 4 meses
Wowwwwwwwww wow!! Well Done!!
jason morgan
jason morgan Hace 4 meses
Bwahahahahahaha. 😄😄😎
Lisa Farrell
Lisa Farrell Hace 4 meses
Thank you for your amazing work... How can we support you now?
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Hace 4 meses
Golden Ratio is the key to life and everything
it's on
it's on Hace 4 meses
So what's the point of this? We all know very well that nobody ain't gonna do nothing.
Howie S
Howie S Hace 4 meses
I’m numerically challenged and have no religious faith yet I truly believe math is god 🛒
Jason Omar
Jason Omar Hace 4 meses
Man I knew “BACK2 THE FUTURE” wasn’t sci-fi comedy ...but some serious real life shit
Aidan Cuff
Aidan Cuff Hace 4 meses
I love Anonymous, but this channel has become more and more like a bullshit conspiracy channel. I’m seriously considering unsubscribing because this is just getting stupid. Chem-Trails don’t poison the air. Big-Pharma isn’t hiding the cure for cancer. So on and so forth. *Change My Mind.*
Brandon Ford
Brandon Ford Hace 4 meses
What do want this to serve as proof of?
Fuck you.
Fuck you. Hace 4 meses
I dont get it
j p
j p Hace 4 meses
Until its time to us the real things
Jamal Elfallah
Jamal Elfallah Hace 4 meses
He didn't make that tesla did but he couldn't get it finished even after death this man don't get what he deserves
R Absalem
R Absalem Hace 4 meses
All This evil exist because people have believe in the wrong things. No magic no science. The evil forces who are controlling the world works together with the jin. They drink the blood of children and make other horrible sacrifices so that the jin give them technology , fame and money. We just keep believing and following their life standards and their instructions. We need to work day in and day out only for food and housing. That is ridiculous. They tell us what we do with the money and what we can’t. We need to work hard for bread and they just print money and buy everything up. No chances for honest and smart people to be successful in businesses because they are the business and we their slaves. They are playing for God with controlling the wind , earthquakes , rain etc. We can only beat them when we go back to ALLAH. Peace be upon you and may ALLAH softens your hearts and lighten your paths.
Keiichi Hace 4 meses
Pssst be quite please!, all comments here are monitored by Other Government...
bernie jenkins
bernie jenkins Hace 4 meses
tesla was not murdered he died of old age
M Navarro
M Navarro Hace 4 meses
Some how all these guys in this video mysteriously commit suicide.
Dexxrey DrY
Dexxrey DrY Hace 4 meses
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