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Following a near-collision between Russian and U.S. naval ships in the Philippine Sea, Vladimir Putin cozies up to Chinese leader Xi Jinping, leaving Donald Trump in the cold.
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12 jun 2019






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Comentarios 3 375
james nday
james nday Hace 3 horas
U good man
Ali Hazrat
Ali Hazrat Hace 5 horas
That’s why I like Russian army
Spiriev Peter Alain
Spiriev Peter Alain Hace 5 horas
RUSSIA IS GREAT panda are greats panda and Russians are friends
lets watch
lets watch Hace 16 horas
Americans are so jealous they can't stand other county succeeding
WolfyIsACat YT
WolfyIsACat YT Hace 20 horas
Im moving back to Spain if it missed 2 world wars Im pretty sure its gonna miss this
Abbasalt Afridi
Abbasalt Afridi Hace un día
hahahaha impressive bro
Tony Sno
Tony Sno Hace 2 días
Like the extremist groups are teaming up - Russia, China, North Korea, and the U.S. vs everyone else.
Wen Hong
Wen Hong Hace 2 días
It's funny how America just assumes every meeting between two countries is about plotting against the US. I wonder why do these countries are on the opposite side of US in the first place
Tye Miller
Tye Miller Hace 2 días
Why show the USSR flag? Lol
solmoman Hace 2 días
So no sun tan = pasty bitch? Are you making racist jokes against whites, you pale 5% cacao candy-ass bitch?
cyclopamine Hace 2 días
My investments are doing great, so tarifs seem to work just fine 😂
christian macri
christian macri Hace 2 días
Gotta love the russians... they dont drop millions of bombs all over the place... but they could! Like china! :)
Xendrius Hace 2 días
There was no Russian meddling, it's a debunked conspiracy theory and the UK was behind it. Look up "integrity initiative".
5K subscribers with no video !
Yo , I didn't know you watch comedy central too xD
Ryan North
Ryan North Hace 2 días
This idiocracy has driven me to contemplation
Ryan North
Ryan North Hace 2 días
What's truly disturbing, you think of this as "news".
Ryan North
Ryan North Hace 2 días
Do you realize what you are doing to our children? Zombification should be condemned
Ryan North
Ryan North Hace 2 días
So now y'all think the Russians tried to ram a us ship. Ummmm....that's NOT hard. It is much harder to parallel park a destroyer. You are all idiots, if you eat the spin.
dämliche hoes
SB \-_-/
SB \-_-/ Hace 3 días
Say no to the EARNIN app
My notifications ? - don't werk.
и|ggeг п0ah, эше Đ0И'Т 'kη0ш' ل@çҞ$НlT aطout ®υટىia and ₵hiлa !!!
Johnson Moje
Johnson Moje Hace 3 días
Shawon Rahman
Shawon Rahman Hace 3 días
hahahahahaha nice 1 brother,u will always be the best Trevor :D :D :D
Fddese Vveedfu
Fddese Vveedfu Hace 3 días
Isn't Trevor scared of President Trump or Russians to tell all this. I actually like his news😁
Jake Tom
Jake Tom Hace 3 días
check where the fuck us invading ship is fuck off usa pigs
Adnan Khalifeh
Adnan Khalifeh Hace 4 días
give it up for TARIFF IT TRUMP
Konstantin from Russia
The Russian economy is moving to hell! The Russian government has no choice but to go under China.
Yoshimitsu Keke
Yoshimitsu Keke Hace 2 días
only in western dreams. also, as Russian i prefer China than anglo-jewish terrorist regime in usa and uk
Farimang Jawara
Farimang Jawara Hace 4 días
love this guy.. intelligent comedy wow.. this is what real news looks like
solmoman Hace 2 días
Are you dense? You want propaganda with a laugh track. Do you think this is news? Do you think Jay Lenos "News talk" is news? Americans..
Tintin Supz
Tintin Supz Hace 5 días
Is Putin watching this.. He has to control his barbaric army
Sjs Lioner
Sjs Lioner Hace 5 días
Double meaning dialogue
Xingyao Chen
Xingyao Chen Hace 5 días
Oh god, love u so much, u r telling everything super correct but in a funny way!
Jeshal Adame
Jeshal Adame Hace 6 días
Except Mexico’s pandas
Justin Donaton
Justin Donaton Hace 6 días
All this happening To AMERICANS are because of Russia and China Thinks People of Americans are Idiots. They are 100% right. look at all the Idiots representing American Media. How America has become we deserve everything coming to us and it will be very soon and I hope the people that are laughing now can laugh later. IM a disabled army vet and I have no more remorse for Americans. Greed and ignorance will end America.
Mercy Undie
Mercy Undie Hace 6 días
China is definitely teaming up with Against U.S.A,and i dont like this.
Geniusminds Hausa
Geniusminds Hausa Hace 7 días
Trevor really crushes the Russian ascent
SeKai KimOh
SeKai KimOh Hace 7 días
It wasn't on purpose.... it's just that the Russian captain was the one sunbathing 🤟
Summer Stuart
Summer Stuart Hace 7 días
What!! xiputin!! What a collaboration!🙄
California Girl
California Girl Hace 7 días
China is indeed taking over. But we are concerned about Russians while Chinese are eating our lunch.
anonym Hace 8 días
The Cuban crisis happened because of the US placing missiles in Turkey
Langa Hace 8 días
Feels like I just watched another episode of big bang theory- Howard goes to space
Lg Steelo
Lg Steelo Hace 9 días
It's pretty clear that tariffs are the only thing trump has learned about since being president.
intuitiv.me Hace 9 días
Hasn't the US been teaming up with the European countries for more than half a century? It's called NATO
Stannis Hace 7 días
@intuitiv.me You tell me.
intuitiv.me Hace 7 días
@Stannis So why is Russia not allowed to team-up with another country?
Stannis Hace 7 días
intuitiv.me Hace 9 días
Who says that it was not the US ship that did the close pass by? The Russians were sunbathing on the aft deck... Doesn't this tell you something? is this again a false flag/ The US favorite way to get the public support for yet another war?
Mrjorge Paris
Mrjorge Paris Hace 9 días
Lord Kami-sama
Lord Kami-sama Hace 9 días
I’m mad no one yelled “You sunk my battleship”
杨家锡 Hace 9 días
ват W ниk
ват W ниk Hace 8 días
Отлично сказано мой друг! Не в бровь а в глаз!
Elijah Mestes
Elijah Mestes Hace 10 días
Well would you look at that. What's happened since then? Asking for a friend
Borderland Films
Borderland Films Hace 10 días
thank god a force exists to keep the US in check.
Tony78454 Hace 8 días
You think they are a check and not just another pair of bastards with honestly a shittier government. Do you want a individual rating system or to have bribes be basically a normal way to get things done
Rachel Benali
Rachel Benali Hace 10 días
Trees Pretty
Trees Pretty Hace 10 días
You F* idiot stupid jokes, you have no clue how much you have hurt our country by using the f* media platforms to dirty our President
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