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Following a near-collision between Russian and U.S. naval ships in the Philippine Sea, Vladimir Putin cozies up to Chinese leader Xi Jinping, leaving Donald Trump in the cold.
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12 jun 2019






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Fine, China won’t give u crap.Good luck on making 80% of the stuff u have
chrischralph2222 Hace 2 días
hey mate USA has done far far worse than any other nation on earth.
Justin .!
Justin .! Hace 3 días
China's Ex is bit jealous 😁😂
CYNtiedan Hace 4 días
Ji or Xi?
曹博涵 Hace 4 días
oh man . i love ur show. i am Chinese i usually watch ur show in bilibili . it help me to learn English
KING VICTOR Hace 5 días
You killed 3 of mine at birth
The Gamer
The Gamer Hace 5 días
Imagine if China and Russia combined armies it will be like fallout 4 's red Chinese
•Viking Wolf•
•Viking Wolf• Hace 3 días
The Gamer *So Fkin True*
Samson Raj
Samson Raj Hace 5 días
Americans feel so entitled. :/
张文轩 Hace 5 días
Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
Anyone notice how unfunny this guy is
Ryan lex
Ryan lex Hace 7 días
liberal,marxist are fucked yo AHHAHHAHAAH
galapagoensis Hace 7 días
Do you really think Russia is an ally to anyone? They are just a distraction if you don’t get it then you never will. Let me give a you a simple clear example you may not be familiar with. Russia and the other western colonialist of the past that remains still pulling the strings, once upon a time came together to bring down China. As a matter of fact they attacked all together at the same time from different fronts. Because China wouldn’t be subdued so easily. Now, do you think that these French educated Chinese “liberators” that gave China its current body of politics is actually about Chinese identity, patriotism? They will be used once again, when the time comes to start the next world war to distract us all and send all our youth to die so they may turn the clock back once again. They will be the enemy. And billions will die. The worlds instability is no coincidence; the power structure of China is becoming faulty and that is what is becoming apparent because they can no longer afford to fool their people and their economic “miracles” driven by western investments are just going to see them colapse and war will be the only way out not for them but as an excuse for the west. And there will be blood. Mark my words.
Tharindu Krishan
Tharindu Krishan Hace 8 días
"Dimitri take off your shirt" 😂😂
qin mike
qin mike Hace 8 días
Thunder Ball
Thunder Ball Hace 8 días
China and Russia join together feels like Golden State Warriors after KD Joined
爸爸 Hace 10 días
dongwan zhang
dongwan zhang Hace 7 días
Jordan Eggerman
Jordan Eggerman Hace 10 días
There's another bear that China seems to care a lot about..... his name is Winnie...
Cộng Đảng Bán Nước Giết Dân
China owns pandas since ancient time.
Zexia Li
Zexia Li Hace 11 días
Atlanta has 4 pandas
Lexus Gre Ramirez
Lexus Gre Ramirez Hace 11 días
Trumps,so desperate to be friends with Xi and Putin
Wang Xu
Wang Xu Hace 12 días
爸爸 Hace 10 días
Wang Xu 我可听不懂他说的
NoMoreTribute 2Rome
NoMoreTribute 2Rome Hace 12 días
Holy shit, China doesnt fuck around with their pandas
Dizunn Hew
Dizunn Hew Hace 13 días
I think is the US destroyer who get close to Russian destroyer, I don't believe US..
Dabbing Flight
Dabbing Flight Hace 16 días
Who else ships them Wtf is wrong with me
Don’t eat Yellow snow
7 minutes of SUCK
Jet Brown
Jet Brown Hace 18 días
It is not zxi It is just xi which sounds totally the same as ‘she ‘ in English, so next time u can just call it ‘she’, the president of China, she is great friend with Putin.. I am not joking about the pronunciation , u can take my words for it, the correct way of saying it is xi=‘she’.
Scott Dormani
Scott Dormani Hace 19 días
Noble Wolf
Noble Wolf Hace 20 días
That's just how Russian cruise ships look like
Drama Freak
Drama Freak Hace 21 un día
feuille santal
feuille santal Hace 22 días
You can't deny that Putin is really charismatic.
Drew Smith
Drew Smith Hace 22 días
Trevor’s show is so funny had to watch multiple times and still can’t get enough of it lol😄
enfekted13 Hace 22 días
You are shit. Get sick!
L. A. Gothro
L. A. Gothro Hace 25 días
Ah, these were the days, eh? esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-kKQcZYTZVmI.html
L. A. Gothro
L. A. Gothro Hace 25 días
China and Russia hitting it off? Who the bloody heck'd you think introduced "Communism" to the Chinese in the first place?
Sir Jhonson
Sir Jhonson Hace 25 días
They just make a show out of it all .Its all fake . Make a good thing out of it.
Вадим N.
Вадим N. Hace 26 días
Hi everyone, I'm russian and almost all of us hate putin. This hound sold our people who leave in far east regions to comunist chinese unhumans, who torture uygurs, there is a handful of cities in the whole country where one can hardly make 700$. we've lost 70000 manufacturies since 2000 and we've got insane death rate while nurses in regions gain 200$ a month. Can't say i love America, but you'd better apreciate the prosperity you have.
Lepoon Monomotapa
Lepoon Monomotapa Hace 26 días
"dimitri take off your shirt... we don't want to meet jesus as a pasty bitch" lol
abhishek jack
abhishek jack Hace 27 días
Russia and China No Rocky V haha yes ur right America ass in danger
Arhan Solo
Arhan Solo Hace 28 días
Am I the only one who thinks president Xi looks like a cute panda bear? 🐻😅😇
jakeith22 Hace 29 días
Why does anyone listen to this guy about Geo-Politics? The show is on the "Comedy Channel" and this dude doesn't have two brain cells to rub together. I never thought I would miss John Stewart...
Stefon Hace 29 días
They should have made the panda have a bad tan! lol
Alter Schwede
Alter Schwede Hace 29 días
USA is soon toast, the POTUS45 is already bought from both of them
皂滑弄人 Hace 29 días
ReadTheMusic Hace un mes
China give panda to philippines yet ph rejected it
evan pan
evan pan Hace un mes
Eevo Gao
Eevo Gao Hace 28 días
evan pan 大概说了啥啊?英语听力太烂😅😅
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete Hace un mes
The Russians getting a Sun tan. Lol
philip van
philip van Hace un mes
G.I. JOE RO Hace un mes
I fucking cannot believe people like this drap
G.I. JOE RO Hace un mes
This is trash bro
I am a Chinese. To be honest, President Xi's cover is really funny, hahahaha.🤣
膜力蛤蛤 Hace 28 días
John De Prendergast
John De Prendergast Hace 28 días
@刘俊伟 Agreed.... Panda's are really Cute! Probably Xi didn't give the US one because he figured...but they already have an orange and white Panda (Trump) .... lol
刘俊伟 Hace 29 días
Cloud Search
Cloud Search Hace un mes
You’re right in bout the Panda’s. San Diego Zoo had to send back the last two Pandas. So I guess Donny boy did get kicked to the curb.
Zatoichiable Hace un mes
Sad day for US becoming irrelevant in world politics . . .
a Ram
a Ram Hace un mes
who says that it wasn t the american ship to approach the ship with sunbathing russians
a Ram
a Ram Hace 28 días
@John De Prendergast you didn t understand the question "lol"
John De Prendergast
John De Prendergast Hace 28 días
ummm .... look at the clip! Look like an American ship to you?? Do you think that the Russians sent an American news channel the clip to get the US Sailors in trouble for sunbathing when they should have been scrubbing the decks ?? LoL
Håkan Lindgren
Håkan Lindgren Hace un mes
Jag känner mig dålig för den stackars Donald; Xi stjäl sin bästa vän.
John De Prendergast
John De Prendergast Hace 28 días
Donald har inte vänner
tapiwaah jos
tapiwaah jos Hace un mes
Don't you think the West's Power in the world is fading?
Maylan Jow
Maylan Jow Hace un mes
Xi sent pandas to Russia, sent his daughter to US, means Trump is Xi's true love 😂
John De Prendergast
John De Prendergast Hace 28 días
@Angel Chou You wanna bet?
Johan Terimakasih
Johan Terimakasih Hace un mes
😄 😄 😄
Dorito Chips
Dorito Chips Hace un mes
And Mongolia is just in the middle of this......literally
Faraaz Hussain
Faraaz Hussain Hace 13 días
Again One day they will just stand up and say bye bye to China
Infinite Being
Infinite Being Hace un mes
With just 2m people
Chandler Bing
Chandler Bing Hace un mes
哈哈哈jack chen也来了哈哈哈
Chandler Bing
Chandler Bing Hace un mes
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