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7 ene 2019






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Fira sfr
Fira sfr Hace 14 minutos
20 jt views wow 😍😍🤩🤩
BTS IS COMING ,0T7 Hace 17 minutos
So this is ikon??? Hmmm not bad ig?!
Cleo Patra
Cleo Patra Hace un hora
Keep streaming
fans are paparazzi
fans are paparazzi Hace un hora
Sayangnya di mv video ini gak ada dance nya , jd kurang menarik , tp aku suka bgt lagungaaa. Emg sih klo pndengar pertama kurang bisa nikmatin lagunya , hrus berkali2 baru enak... IKON the best , hwaitiing
tomei sokmo
tomei sokmo Hace 2 horas
lagu dari ikon memang daebak
Kim Julie Cotton
Kim Julie Cotton Hace 3 horas
EXO-Ls are here to help Ikonics🤙 Fighting guys we need 30 millionsss🎉
Khoy Anchoice
Khoy Anchoice Hace 4 horas
Fatimah Azzahra
Fatimah Azzahra Hace 5 horas
Good vocals, good visuals, good rapper, good choreography, good outfits, good songs. All of iKON is good! Keep spirit for u guysss 💕 #International
Fatimah Azzahra
Fatimah Azzahra Hace 5 horas
Hello, I'm from Indonesia 🇮🇩 and i really love all song of iKON! They are soooo talented!! Please i'm ok m/v must get more than 50m views. 😥 keep watching this. #iKONIC
Elisa Dwi wardani
Elisa Dwi wardani Hace 6 horas
Junhoe😘very good
Yo yo
Yo yo Hace 6 horas
Alexa MG
Alexa MG Hace 6 horas
I love you iKON ❤️😍❤️😘💕💞
Selfira Inayati
Selfira Inayati Hace 7 horas
20M uwaaa 🙌 I'm Okk❤❤
찰Charlotte Hace 7 horas
There is quite a mess in YG ent so please keep supporting our boys ;) Let's give them the love they deserve Let's make them walk on the flower road HWAITING!!
__Hanbin Stan__
__Hanbin Stan__ Hace 6 horas
Hming -a
Hming -a Hace 7 horas
All my friend are ARMY but I'm Ikonic...I try to change their mind these day😁😁
__Hanbin Stan__
__Hanbin Stan__ Hace 6 horas
Push 😂
Rika Nandhi
Rika Nandhi Hace 7 horas
Ikonic indonesia??? ✋✋ .. ❤ bobby
bomi hwang
bomi hwang Hace 8 horas
salsabila nur thifalia
hwaitiinggggggg iKONIC 50M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Min Holly
Min Holly Hace 9 horas
Regina putri
Regina putri Hace 9 horas
bjvip ICikonic
bjvip ICikonic Hace 9 horas
iKonics please if you see any comments that doesn't reflect the good aspects of being an ikonic please educate them. tY
Yaituy P
Yaituy P Hace 11 horas
Waiting for new album. Pls comeback soon iKON
zZz tv
zZz tv Hace 11 horas
iKONIC stream harder 💪🔥
Ninja Sock Tran
Ninja Sock Tran Hace 11 horas
What’s better ikon or bots my opinion is ikon
stream I'M OK
stream I'M OK Hace 3 horas
what is bots 😂
Hanbin Kim
Hanbin Kim Hace 12 horas
I really like this song so much 😭
Rania Shérine
Rania Shérine Hace 12 horas
I stan.
Nicolas Rosati
Nicolas Rosati Hace 14 horas
Wow this is a kind of cover of BIGBANG loser
zen Hace 13 horas
Nope... Different melody. Just the concept . Turn the Captions / CC on for English lyrics if you haven't yet
Alina Kadyraljeva
Alina Kadyraljeva Hace 15 horas
Paulina Díaz
Paulina Díaz Hace 16 horas
Realmente me encanta. ♡
Cypher Coconut
Cypher Coconut Hace 18 horas
Who else gets B.A.P vibes from this? 🔥
AHANDRADE Hace 18 horas
My favorite is the one who has a face
Army forever
Army forever Hace 19 horas
ok the ones who sleep on this do not have AN ALARM CLOCK
Rica Montano
Rica Montano Hace 19 horas
Fifi Byl
Fifi Byl Hace 19 horas
So lit🔥🔥 ikon
Aríyä Théng
Aríyä Théng Hace 19 horas
I luv u all my cute idols ikon🥰❤️
Eva Maelani
Eva Maelani Hace 19 horas
Velisa Jean Diggory
Velisa Jean Diggory Hace 20 horas
potterhead here loves iKON !
Zahra Annisha
Zahra Annisha Hace 21 un hora
A good song
Gab Neve
Gab Neve Hace 21 un hora
I'm a big fan of ikon, It sounds like "I miss you so bad"
Ali Shayan
Ali Shayan Hace 21 un hora
By watching there videos
NewKPOPstans Trash
NewKPOPstans Trash Hace 22 horas
Seems lot of kpop stans don't have taste on music.. This song deserves Millions of vi3w
JongdaeKim21 Hace 22 horas
june voice is so manly lol he is my bias in ikon :3
JongdaeKim21 Hace 22 horas
every song that wrote by B.I really dope LOVES FROM EXO-L
SapphireBxby msp
SapphireBxby msp Hace 22 horas
Lmao if they don’t get more recognition. I will kill ESvid 😂 I literally started listening to their songs 2 days ago and I’m already in love
Lag My
Lag My Hace 23 horas
Will it be had 100m views ? 😊 Hey iKONICs :))
Umaru Doma
Umaru Doma Hace un día
This should be as famous as Love scenario and killing me, its so good😭
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
we should double our game let's get at least 100k every day please
bomi hwang
bomi hwang Hace un día
칼몬드 Hace un día
아이콘 없으면 못살아
Jupiter Rasberry
Jupiter Rasberry Hace un día
EXO-L here to stream for Ikon ahhh💕
Jupiter Rasberry
Jupiter Rasberry Hace 4 horas
+casualchatgirl aw that's so nice💕 I think we need a little bit help on Love Shot and Tempo! Btw Love Scenario is my faveee fighting guys 💪
casualchatgirl Hace 6 horas
thank you. any exo song you need us to stream?
akira mira
akira mira Hace 18 horas
Thank u😊
Indra Lestari
Indra Lestari Hace un día
I love ikon love kim hanbin love ko june❤❤❤❤
Rezel Mangco
Rezel Mangco Hace un día
Hanbin.... My love..... Fighting...
Rezel Mangco
Rezel Mangco Hace un día
I really miss this song that's why I'm here again. Ikon and ikonic fighting .....
宋林英 Hace un día
Faris Idzwan
Faris Idzwan Hace un día
This is the first song of iKON that I listened to. Need some new suggestion(s). Someone pls help me!
Faris Idzwan
Faris Idzwan Hace 8 horas
Ayy thank you guys!
ma Baduria
ma Baduria Hace 9 horas
and dont forget to turn on the captions for the english sub😊
casualchatgirl Hace 12 horas
Goodbye Road Love Scenario Rhythm Ta Today My Type Killing Me Best Friend Rubberband One and Only (if you love F word) there are so many good songs by iKon you can't rank them lol
Faris Idzwan
Faris Idzwan Hace 17 horas
elaine koo Alright. Been listened to them for the whole day today and I could tell that I love their vibes! 🙆🏻‍♀️
elaine koo
elaine koo Hace un día
All of their songs are good. Just check their channel for the mvs or just type 'iKON album' on youtube and enjoy the playlist.
Ali Shayan
Ali Shayan Hace un día
We should be ikonic army
casualchatgirl Hace 6 horas
we are already ikonic that's enough
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
Ali Shayan how?
Ali Shayan
Ali Shayan Hace un día
You guys our the best
gaynani jin
gaynani jin Hace un día
iKON will join a Dance compe something. Please co-iKONICS lets support our babies. because we already know they really are a great dancer 😊😊
Marcia C.
Marcia C. Hace un día
I am a new fan of Ikon, and recently, I saw their MVs with English subtitle; I realized they are poets. It is pure poetry.
찰Charlotte Hace 7 horas
welcome :)
Mostly their songs that released last year had a Eng trans..they just dont give a easy listening beat but also a beautiful lyrics that can relatable...this group is a Gem😊😊
제가박 Hace un día
Welcome 🤗
Aisyah Febi
Aisyah Febi Hace un día
Samantha Irving
Samantha Irving Hace un día
This song really comforts me
Adriano Moreno
Adriano Moreno Hace un día
El único que habla español? "eh"
ann crisel arceo
ann crisel arceo Hace un día
S t r e a m GUYS!!
halwa syahideyar
halwa syahideyar Hace un día
Any fanboy here? Ikon is SICK!! 🔥
Quốc Tuấn Trần
very nice so ikon can same BLACKPINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1000 Subscribers With No Videos
Lol Sub to me to complete my challenge
Rizma primose
Rizma primose Hace un día
Ini kenapa lagu bagusssssss banget si :'(
Marly ꧁༺사랑하는༻꧂
Athena Queen
Athena Queen Hace un día
Love B.I
FARHAH FARZANA - Hace un día
Are you sure your ok
Hanbin Kim
Hanbin Kim Hace un día
I Miss Hanbin so much ...
Athyna 12
Athyna 12 Hace un día
I contemplate it, but every time I come around to it, I chose ikon over bts
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
Athyna 12 welcome
bjvip ICikonic
bjvip ICikonic Hace un día
Otaku Manga
Otaku Manga Hace un día
Ruvylyn Cauilan
Ruvylyn Cauilan Hace un día
iKON blessing us again with beautiful music. ❤️ Visual on point. ❤️
random person
random person Hace un día
Just came here after listening "love scenario" and damn their lyrics are so much telling about my life like bts. But hey don't kill me by saying that I'm comparing. Nope I'm not. They are literally awesome. I wanna listen more of their songs now. Their voice is so sweet and with the sad lyrics it's making me cry and touched my heart. *Entering the fandom*
casualchatgirl Hace 6 horas
try My Type next so you can see iKON as babies 👶
logastellus Hace un día
welcome watch ikon tv
Shin Hye
Shin Hye Hace un día
Welcome to the family ♡ iKONIC is the name of the fandom (check their other songs , iKON tv , WIN, MIX and MATCH it will help u to know them better ) ♡♡
Arap_Army Hace un día
Arap_Army Hace 11 minutos
+BTS IS COMING ,0T7 Nothing 💛
BTS IS COMING ,0T7 Hace 19 minutos
Duminic Awie
Duminic Awie Hace un día
Im Jisoo,im okay
Soso Halaweh
Soso Halaweh Hace un día
ikon I Love you songs
みくちゃん Hace un día
最近同じ曲調ばっかな気がする、、、 デビュー当時のガチャガチャした曲みたいな感じでカムバしてくんないかなぁ
Ali Shayan
Ali Shayan Hace un día
Thanx for liking it
Ali Shayan
Ali Shayan Hace un día
As u can see the ikonic skin in fortnite and dont forget the emote scenario
Ali Shayan
Ali Shayan Hace un día
They are better than bts
amanda ferreira
amanda ferreira Hace un día
talentosos pena que são homofóbicos
proud iKONIC right here
STREAM Rhythm TA❤🤘🏻
Lalisa Hace un día
Their songs need to be heard! YG please promote them just as much as how you do it with BP :(
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
Lalisa I hope so because yg is a coward
Lalisa Hace 15 horas
They’ll have their biggest break soon and there will be no stopping after that. So iKonics should be ready :) These guys will eventually conquer the world stage. 💞
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
Lalisa thanks for giving them a chance
Lalisa Hace 18 horas
I could never thank Hanlice shippers enough-They brought me here to know more about B.I but ended up being caught by their music. Their songs pierce through the heart!
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
Lalisa finally someone said it, I know yg treat all his artirsts like shit but bp is somehow lucky, and blackpink doesn't have losts of comebacks is because they don't write their songs and it's really hard to compose a song and teddy needs to earn money.well I hope iKON gets what they deserve one day
Abi Perying
Abi Perying Hace un día
Go ikon you can do it!!!!!!!!❤❤❤ our blessings and prayers are always with you.
Bts Taehkim
Bts Taehkim Hace un día
Damnnn i really can’t stop listen this song 🙃💖
OopsIlostMy Jams
OopsIlostMy Jams Hace un día
Why the hell does this only have 20 million views
iKON Global Productions
iKON's I'm Okay views is getting slower. This is one of their most inspirational and very unique music. iKONics let's help the MV achieve it's deserving success. Don't forget to vote them on Soompi. Let's create another iKONIK year for iKON 💗💗 Join our group on Facebook: iKON Global Fan Group Subscribe to our Channel: iKON Global Productions
mary army
mary army Hace un día
김보경/12녀 Hace un día
이노래 스트레스 받을때 이어폰끼고 소리 겁나키고 들으면 스트레스 해소되고 노래 공감됨
bomi hwang
bomi hwang Hace un día
I'M OK는 정말 노래, 안무, 뮤비까지 다 좋다😍
Khiesh Felicia
Khiesh Felicia Hace un día
This song of iKON is so underrated ... I really love the vocals, lyrics, Music Video especially the Emotion 😊 this song is a Bop 🔥 Ikon deserves more recognition 💞
Man Huynh
Man Huynh Hace un día
Linh Phuong
Linh Phuong Hace un día
enjoy good songs of iKON, dont put too much thought into the views😛🌊🌊❤️❤️❤️👋👋👋
Adel Liantika
Adel Liantika Hace un día
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Princessa ike
Princessa ike Hace un día
Hellu,lets support Ikon ❤️
Ragnarok Hace un día
I am an ARMY but i like ikon's song and the only thing i hate about B.I is his line distribution i feel so bad for chan, Song and DK they hardly get any lines.
iKON-nic kim YUMbin
iKON-nic kim YUMbin Hace 9 horas
+Ragnarok i know what you're saying but it's not just in iKON. i mean all of singers in a group wouldn't have the same amount of line distribution that you would want. just like westlife, i love nicky but he barely has lines.
Yu nic
Yu nic Hace 16 horas
+Ragnarok Try Rhtym Ta (rock remix), Dumb & Dumber, Freedom, Anthem, Bling Bling, and Sinosijak Bobby have a lot of hype songs from SMTM like YGGR, Bounce, Go, ill, and Looking 4 luv Holup, Hit Me, Full House, Body from MOBB subunit (Bobby & Mino from Winner)
Yu nic
Yu nic Hace 16 horas
Well what is the purpose of main vocal if the sub vocal can get the same amount line as them. Mostly It's depend on what type of songs, in some songs Donghyuk and Yunhyeong lines stand out the most. Tbh, It's hard for Chanwoo to get a longer lines in their own songs bcuz he's the weakest among iKON members. His role in the group is not so much in musical talent. Just like in most kpop groups there must be one member that was added for visual/personality and etc. Some people complaint why not Hanbin make a song that suit Chanwoo voices ? A good singer should have a compability to suit his voices in any type of songs given. That's why June and Jinhwan can get many lines. For iKON songs, the one that distribute the lines is Hanbin bcuz he know which part suit the members better. Even other iKON members said that he know how to make their voices stand out. The quantity of the parts is not important here instead the sound quality of the song. Hanbin said before that make a better song is more important. Chanwoo can get more line if he's improving
Ragnarok Hace 17 horas
+iKON-nic kim YUMbin Even i know that if the voice doesnt match he/she cant sing that song but my point was something else........Anyway leave it i stan BTS but i love ikon as much as BTS so guys are there any other songs which have really good beat like B-DAY?? Because in car i always blast IKONS songs at full volume so i need a song like B-DAY to blast even more.
iKON-nic kim YUMbin
iKON-nic kim YUMbin Hace un día
+Ragnarok just as chanwoo said. he will work harder. have you seen heroes of remix? since chanwoo is good in chinese and his voice suits the song he have lines there. my point is, for example, in a competition will you sing a song that doesn't suit your voice?
Enrico Nguilanda
Enrico Nguilanda Hace un día
Ikon june please remix song gerand oh monster
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