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Alex Demir
Alex Demir Hace 14 horas
i am having fun
Alex Demir
Alex Demir Hace 14 horas
u are all ugly
Karter Jacobs
Karter Jacobs Hace 6 días
Channel was best with it being about more than one person so what if you get a few more people in the videos
AstonGoesOut Hace 14 días
Who else got a crush on Sarah Asaly? Comment below.
I thought this was a porn movie. No happy ending though
Danny Farias
Danny Farias Hace 21 un día
Beverly Hills? What is that? I LIVE IN BEVERLY PARK. Also, what's with those basic interiors? Those are 500k interiors down in Texas lol
Kostas Fanourakis
Kostas Fanourakis Hace 21 un día
Bro u been super ripped off $25m for a mini mansion. It be cheaper to build one at 1/4 to 1/2 the cost
alindbmx Hace 23 días
Bruh ur a car channel and you didn't even show the garage/ driveway? The garage is the best part most of us don't care to see every room but no garage?
Jane Beresford
Jane Beresford Hace 25 días
Hope it doesn't catch fire that would be terrible stay safe out there
Sergej Tomažič
Sergej Tomažič Hace 27 días
24 minute real estate click bait commercial. Really miss those old videos when he had 100k subs and he was trying to push quality content. 👎
babake marcus J.
babake marcus J. Hace 27 días
That "submarine window" is called a porthole or side scuttle in a ship.That actual shape and design has inspired many current&contemporary high-end watch face designs.love from Kenya
Armindo Lopes
Armindo Lopes Hace 29 días
Gerardo Urvina
Gerardo Urvina Hace un mes
Crazy part Owner paid $2.9 million in the 90s
Joel Patrick Sarmiento
I used to watch a similar show just like this, Real Property something..
Joseph Echaure
Joseph Echaure Hace un mes
Hi sir alejandro... Im dreaming about owning a car... Im always watching ur chanel... Specially supercars epi.. Can you buy me a car for my birthday this coming march... 😊
Kwok K Lui
Kwok K Lui Hace un mes
youtube keep reminds me that I am poor
Clyde Dean Henderson
Richie rich from the homie Alec monopoly 🔥💪🏼
Oliver G.M
Oliver G.M Hace un mes
I don't see a garage............
Ted Dibiase
Ted Dibiase Hace un mes
Needed a bigger house to fit his wife’s nose
eemeeke Hace un mes
19:43 That hurts my OCD. A LOT! xD
Janusha Hace un mes
There is this weird american thing of having more bathrooms than bedrooms. As if a house's value is counted in bathrooms. As if its a mark of quality.
X-Plane Emergencies
I bet they had sex in the room right after the video
Forty Hace un mes
Thought it must be location because that house doesn't scream 25m to me.
Tim Rogers
Tim Rogers Hace un mes
All Salomondrin's "businesses" are fronts, in an attempt to hide away where his money really came from - from the blood and suffering of others. (Corrupt drug dealing family) F this guy. www.reddit.com/r/Salomondrin/comments/dvjd08/the_hidden_past_of_alejandro_salomon_fraud/
Antonio Collie
Antonio Collie Hace un mes
That house is super ugly
Isaac Osuoha
Isaac Osuoha Hace un mes
The designer of this house is a crazy person with the highest I.Q in this world. Please who did this? This is the best designed house I've seen..# personal opinon"
Joe Lang
Joe Lang Hace un mes
Alejandro in the doghouse after this upload...😂
MAD MIKE Hace un mes
So where is that garage???No garage, i would not buy it then
Eddie Gutierrez
Eddie Gutierrez Hace un mes
Finally catching up on vids but dude that last part when I see really nice houses "I wonder if they adopt Mexicans" factsss 🤣🤣
Rinas Ali
Rinas Ali Hace un mes
Rafael Cabral
Rafael Cabral Hace un mes
Boring house IMO
LouisLoother Hace un mes
Not worth 25 at all. I dabble in real estate in LA and that is over priced
Wendy Jeannoel
Wendy Jeannoel Hace un mes
2:22 soo you lied about the $25 million house?? Soo clickbait?
Josh Hace un mes
Jesus loves you.
Left on third base holding a catcher's mitt
Attack Roflchopter
Attack Roflchopter Hace un mes
I guess....
Nishchaiy Dakhane
Nishchaiy Dakhane Hace un mes
Wat a Mansion. Great tour bro👍🏻💯
Nishchaiy Dakhane
Nishchaiy Dakhane Hace un mes
Miss you bro 👍🏻
RueMilli Hace un mes
House isn’t worth it less bang for your buck
Johan Hiemstra
Johan Hiemstra Hace un mes
This guy is almost broke first selling his cars and now his house
A420N AARON Hace un mes
Damn... I’d be happy with a closet in that house
mark Khaled ghorayeb 05
You should do a gold digger test
Akshay Kallesh
Akshay Kallesh Hace un mes
Property S3X that’s all I could think of this whole video
Jack LaBianca
Jack LaBianca Hace un mes
The wine is Cakebread Cellars my favorite wine
The Alcohologist
The Alcohologist Hace un mes
At 5:35 - did Ale really just say,”that’s so huge” and not follow up with,” that’s what she said” joke? Guess he’s an adult now
Jay D
Jay D Hace un mes
Alejandro hitting that off tops
BrosBeVlogging Hace un mes
Alejandro hermano, estás engordando, ¿qué pasó? no se caiga de la pista y llegue cómodo
Richard Morris
Richard Morris Hace un mes
These are cool,you've worked hard for your $$ now build you a custom home to your standards.
waitwuttt Hace un mes
23 million for that tiny back yard? no thanks
Crypto Pirate
Crypto Pirate Hace un mes
Pero k haces para ganar $$$?
Lynessa Copeland
Lynessa Copeland Hace un mes
wow, that master bedroom is as big as my whole condo. wtf.
Squirrel_McNuts Hace un mes
Girls Bathroom -Toilet seat up What???
Aditya Saldanha
Aditya Saldanha Hace un mes
The wine is called where d mufuckin cars wine!
Was it related to cars in any way ??? Moving from a rental house to a leasing house...
Jack Hace un mes
14:19 the kinect says "xbox 360" HAHH losers
Tech News
Tech News Hace un mes
house value just fell
Tech News
Tech News Hace un mes
side note RENTED HOUSE
Anthony Adams
Anthony Adams Hace un mes
Osomanu Halterman
Osomanu Halterman Hace un mes
When you wish you had 1 million dollars
nighttrain7404 Hace un mes
You are a public figure. It’s ironic that you’re looking for privacy
tenucine Hace un mes
for the obvious reason, makes me sad hearing the words Calabasas and Beans... RIP Kobe
Sheran Voogd
Sheran Voogd Hace un mes
I like your current house more Alejandro
Kaleb Relich
Kaleb Relich Hace un mes
25 million dollar home. No 4k video.
Byron Linares
Byron Linares Hace un mes
I saw that the floors had white marble and dark wood flooring, I wanted to ask is the floor real hardwood floor or the luxury porcelain floor that looks like wood? Obviously not the cheap porcelain because of the price of the home, but they have some luxury porcelain floors that look like wood and are expensive too. Just wondering which way they went on this beautiful home.
CarlosV_89 Hace un mes
Cakebread Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Benchland Select De napa valley mi estimado
R C Hace un mes
All this people putting negative comments and saying tgis and that if YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT WATCH TROLLS
Ju Ju
Ju Ju Hace un mes
House porn
random person scrolling the comments
Thinking about stealing some ideas I don't live anywhere near Beverly hills so that knocks 22million off the price
paul staunton
paul staunton Hace un mes
you never showed us the Garage very important
TheWORLDisMine77 Hace un mes
I wonder if they adopt Mexicans! loooooooooool
LaterG Hace un mes
Anyone catch the ballin ass coke mirror on the kitchen island
Me Hace un mes
The whole time I was waiting for her to take her clothes off and make him an offer he couldn’t refuse. I came to the wrong website
Chris DF
Chris DF Hace un mes
Wow he said almost the same words on the spanish video thats dope.
Melvin Freeman
Melvin Freeman Hace un mes
Were has Salomondrin’s better half been? They did it awesome 👏🏾 💐🏠🤗🇺🇸!!
fly-for-a-whiteguy Hace un mes
I missed some honorable mensions in the old place
Michael W.
Michael W. Hace un mes
Where can i get those gold penguins ?!
Alex MkvTurbo
Alex MkvTurbo Hace un mes
Sara is so hot!!
Humberto Rodriguez
Humberto Rodriguez Hace un mes
This another rental property
Randy Yandek
Randy Yandek Hace un mes
This house is a Restoration Hardware commercial. Literally all the couches, beds, chairs , tables are RH.
Bigred911s 911GTS
Bigred911s 911GTS Hace un mes
Dude move the Fck out of Cali already! You got a rock star Gov who’s destroying Cali faster than your Sena goes 0-60 mph!
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